TOSR on HD DVD?, Movies on iTunes? Trek Doc, and Shatner Making Moves In A Welcome Home News Roundup

There have been some reports that Trek Remastered may be released on HD DVD as early as this year. Last we heard they wouldn’t be finished with all the episodes until next year. TrekMovie is looking into this and will report back when we get it all sorted out. Of course HD versions of TOS-R are showing up on XBox Live already if you cannot wait.   

Babylon 5’s Claudia Christian claims that William Shatner made some unwanted advances on her when she was a guest star on T.J. Hooker. In an interview with retroCRUSH the actress says the Shat tried to ‘shove his tongue’ down her throat. She also says she wished she punched him in his corset. has some details on the upcoming History Channel Star Trek documentary "Star Trek: Beyond the Final Frontier". The doc will be narrated by Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy and will include footage shot during the Christies auction. The Hstory Channel also has a Trek version of one of their series, "Star Trek Tech" premieres Jan 15th. 

TrekMovie has got a tip that Richard Arnold had said (at last weekend’s London Con) that Trek XI will be out in July 2008, and he was citing an exec at Paramount. Originally we reported that the film would be in the summer, but just recently we have reported that this had moved to the winter of 2008 (based on a number of sources). The Arnold comment has not yet been confirmed, but we are looking into it. Regardless these things do tend to move around this far out.

In a new interview, Alan Ruck talks about bringing back Star Trek Generations Captain Harriman in Of Gods And Men. He is happy to give the hapless character another go, and just seems happy to be working. Starburst Interview excerpts at TrekWebThere

There is a rumor that Steve Jobs may announce the availability of the Star Trek films (along with other Paramount titles) on iTunes. The Original Series has already started showing up, as we reported earlier. 

Spike’s Star Trek Uniform site has added a page for the possible web-based animated series first reported here on They have got a bit more detail behind the different uniforms for the show, check it out. The Memory Alpha-ites can’t seem to decide if the show deserves a page or not, and have kind of shoe-horned it into a page on undeveloped projects. TrekMovie says…give them a page! 

For those missing Star Trek: Enterprise since The Original Series Remastered replaced it in syndication, the SciFi channel has started airing the show. They ran their first block of 4 shows yesterday, and will do a 4 hour Enterprise block every Monday starting at 7pm. 

Last but not least, I am back in LA. This morning I walked right by JJ Abrams today at LAX…didn’t get a chance to chat, not cool to bother a man on his way to a plane 

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lots of trek news… lots going on…. being in the headlines sure don’t hurt

btw… FIRST!

Wait…. 2007 release?

Reasons that Shat™ is THE MAN:

1 .”I was never going to tell anyone that he tried to kiss me because he goes on TV and says, “I’ve been happily married for 35 years.” Yeah, well he tried to boff every one of his co-stars. ”

2. “Why does he do conventions when he hates fans? Why does he do that? You have to pay $300 dollars to stand next to him and take a picture, but he despises the fans. He won’t even look at you. He won’t personalize anything so why does he do it? It’s horrible, horrible and the fans don’t like it either. I mean come on. He’s got plenty of money. There’s no reason for him to show up and make people feel embarrassed and awful about themselves.”


Bill Shatner is very very very mac mercedes of macinthepants™!!

Shatner’s pants have been declared a holey relic by the Vatican.

Our Captain liketh the punetang

You know, I’ve read and heard all these years now ALL the stuff that the former castmates of TOS have said badmouthing Shatner because he was a line hog and all that. And it always comes back to one thing to me. Shatner was the LEAD in that series. That was his role, it wasn’t an ensemble piece. And any one of those actors A. should have known this being in the business; and B. would have done the same thing given the opportunity to be a lead in a series. At the end of the day, success or failure always falls on the lead. It’s an awesome responsibility. Shatner worked his way up doing supporting parts and then he got a lead. He then proceded to act like the best lead actor there ever was. So where’s the freaking problem????

Shatner rules. forever.


Can’t blame him for putting the moves on Claudia! Heh, I would too!

*Thumbs up*


Well, it matters to his *coworkers* for the same reason that it matters to you or me when we have to go in to work every day and deal with an @sshole – particularly if that character in some sense outranks us there and *especially* if he/she harrasses and behaves unprofessionally toward us.

Maybe that wouldn’t bother some people…such people are welcome to their lack of self-respect.

These stories are either true or they’re not. If they’re true, the folks telling them as participants have every right to tell them and the subject of the story simply better suck it up and accept it as a consequence of their own behavior. If the stories aren’t true, then there are means of redress if it matters to the subject – and if it doesn’t, then c’est la guerre.

This just in!!!! In a recent interview Claudia Christain reveals that while gueststarring on a little known BBC drama in the late 1980’s, Patrick Stewart forced Claudia to drink tea and listen to him recite James Joyce, the randy Stewart then told her he wanted to play the flute in front of her and she was shocked to find out that it was an actual pan flute . The horrified Claudia ran in tears from The English thespian’s trailer. Mr. Stewart was unavailable for coment.

God, people get uncomfortable and defensive when their idol is plausibly accused of molesting someone. :lol:

Like Christian is the first “co-star” who’s reported this kind of thing.

DB, what world are you living in my friend? Tell you what, I live in the one where people are intrinsically evil and greedy and have a little thing called “self-preservation” happening. It’s not as bad as the oprah show would tell us though. In fact, its the very thing that gets skyscapers built and men on the moon and whatnot.

I refer you no further than the TOS episode “The Enemy Within”. Were you one of the folks that thought the bad Kirk should have been destroyed? Well, as Shat himself said, he NEEDS that half to be a MAN. In fact, the nice Kirk was very much like a woman all indecisive and meek and passive and whatnot. He couldn’t lead like a Captain should. GREAT EPISODE, and I make the girlfriend watch it all the time to get an understanding of why I act like such a jerk sometimes.

Basically she wants a MAN to wear the pants and make the decisions and mow the yard and fix her car so she can do the mommying and caretaking but doesnt want to deal with what makes the MAN capable of these things. I am hearing alot of that in your comment as well.

It’s not poopypants, but it’s pretty darn close. SO let’s do the Sulu Dance®, in france in our underpants, ok? No poopypants!



I could do without gossip on this site, whether true or untrue.

Hot off the press!!! BaBaBooey seen in tears and running with pants around his ankles from George Takei’s Howard Stern Show dressing room !!!

Also hot offf the press!!! Mirina Sirtis claims she wished Shatner tried to grope her so she and other has been actresses of the 1990’s could have something to bitch about and get some press.

p.s. – I was fibbing, wifey refuses to watch Star Trek in any form whatsoever. But I would have her watch that episode if she could condescend to my level if for only an instant.

BalloonKnot®, Oh My!!



As one of the “Memory Alpha-ite” you referred to, allow me to say that we are in the process of moving the information for the developing animated series from the Undeveloped Star Trek projects page to its own page. The problem is that, since the series is unnamed, we’re trying to figure out where to move it — we’re not sure what to name the article. The two possibilities are the Star Trek projects in development page I suggested, or a “proposed Star Trek Animated Series” or “Unnamed Animated Series” page. We have finally gotten a reply on the subject, as you will see on the Undeveloped projects talk page (, to which I just replied, but nothing beyond that. In any case, if there is no further development in that discussion soon, I will just move the info to one page or another. Don’t know which yet, though.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Live long and prosper and what-not. :)

Chuck, I liked the way that you mocked old hitch1969© with the whatnot and whatnot. Very macinthepants™. I also like the site, too. Officer thinking.



I’m sure she led him on. It was her fault. She’s just bitter that she couldn’t ride the Captain’s log.

Now that’s a SHAT-ATTACK! You da man Bill!

Don’t forget HDNet as another source of Star Trek: Enterprise. In addition to the episodes, there are new retrospectives not found on the DVDs.

Shatner an ass? Whuh?!?!?!
I agree the gossip should be kept separate. It’s fun but distracting.
Besides, what actor doesn’t have an overdeveloped ego, if not libido?

“Well, it matters to his *coworkers* for the same reason that it matters to you or me when we have to go in to work every day and deal with an @sshole – particularly if that character in some sense outranks us there and *especially* if he/she harrasses and behaves unprofessionally toward us.”

There’s an easy solution to that…just say “no”. And if it persists…and you can’t work in the environment quit and get a new job!

I swear….we live in a planet of victims and wussies these days.



Will we have as much fun with the new Captain Kirk? Alas, I think not. ‘Tis a pity.

I hope they do not rush out the Remastered DVDs. Take a little more time and do it right. The most important thing to me with purchasing any DVD product is what extras are included. On a project like this it would be interesting to me to see how they decide what to change in an episode and the process they go through to bring it to the screen. I am not a computer graphics guy, so I would like to see how they go about creating a digital model and ‘make it go’, etc. Seems like there could be a lot in the way of extras.

real commentary has fled and has left this thread to become the “restroom wall” of the site.

#24, I totaly agree. When I first came across the news I e-mail Anthony right away to see if we couldn’t confirm this more solidily. 2007 is too soon for TOS Remastered, all 79 eps aren’t even scheduled to be done, and lord knows I don’t think anyone wants the CBS Digital team more rushed then they already are. I want them to have time to go back and redo the early CG with the newer Enterprise model, etc. So I’m willing to wait.

Everyone seems to be making the assumption that TOSR can’t hit DVD (or HD-DVD, etc.) until all 79 episodes have been remastered.

Remember, though, that TOSR will essentially have two “seasons” worth of episodes. If this rumor turns out to be true, I don’t think it’d be that unreasonable to get a “Star Trek: Remastered–Volume I” set later this year, in time for Christmas.

However, as others have said, I’d also prefer a non-rushed release–allowing them to go back and touch-up previous episodes as they learn more (the biggest so far being replacing the 1st CGI “Enterprise” with the newer one, of course).

Its simple enough to figure out as far as DVD releases go. Look at the airdate schedule. Will the entire first season be complet e anytime in 2007? If that’s the case, look for the 1st season to be available 90 days after that final episode airs in syndication.

Its not rocket science.

You have the information you need on this site and to figure it out.

If you look at the schedule, the episodes aren’t in season order (they are in random “favorites” order). So my point is that even with one complete TOS Remastered season’s worth of shows, no one whole original season is complete. Hence the confusion, and no it’s not rocket science.

Since this sort of the misc. news post, I just noticed the Wink of an Eye teaser is up on

It looks like they really changed some things for “Wink of an Eye”, outstanding effect used to demonstrate the sped up time.

The phasers look nice too.


#17 hitch1969©

Hitch who? :-P Glad you like the site, btw. But wasn’t it “GIVE ME THE BRANDY”? ;-)

To no one in particular, in reply to the report:

I’m not against the TOS Remastered (although I haven’t bothered watching it due to all the cuts that are made) and would actually like to have it on DVD — assuming the episodes were uncut. But first on my list are Seasons 2 and 3 or the original original series, and after spending over $100 on those, I ain’t spending more money on the same thing just because they have better sound and niftier special effects. Also, don’t ya need a different DVD player for HD DVDs? Yeah, that’s out, too. Needless to say I can live without TOSR.

ChuckAmuck, Bring.. Give.. Take.. ah man, I defer to your call. While I feel pretty subject matter expert on Trek with the laymen of the day, of course this is why I L~O~V~E you internet dudes that live, breathe, and poop the Trek in a way that I cannot. I do not say that with sarcasm or condescension in any way. There was a time, in my younger days, when I would RUN to the bookstore in the foothills fashion mall in fort collins.. it was a major chain in the 80s but forgive me, i cannot recall the name now but I think them defunct… I digress and whatnot as you so love me to say. Anyway dude, thats where I special ordered each TOS episode on VHS at $14.99 a shot – that was 1980s money, dude. MANY OF US AT THIS SITE did the very same thing.

I remember this show from when I was very little… I think the fact that KCNC in Denver used to run it at 4:00pm after school in the late 70s – these are my developmental years that Kurt Cobain so fondly referred to missing, in his suicide note – anyway, what I am getting to is that some time long ago, I used to know and retain WAY WAY WAY more than I do now about Trek. This DOES suck for me, and I DO depend on dudes like you with the info when I need a crutch. Hell, to be honest with you in my post #12, when i was getting poopypants on DB there, I had to actually Google “The Enemy Within” to make sure that I had the title correct. That like, bummed me out, man.

But I’m really happy that I have FINALLY found a Star Trek site that I can post at and really contribute. Dude you’ve probably seen my site, and what I post here you would probably admit that compared to mine, I am really showing a great deal of respect for the decorum here. YES> because I have found it so difficult in the past for people to get past that WHATEVER IT IS about me to really listen to what I say and consider what I bring to the table. I’m not talking about your site at all when I say this, I only found it through THIS site. I digress and whatnot™. Anyway dude, I have found over time, that universally, I rub people the wrong way initially. I don’t mean to at all… I have a very weird, contrarian, and usually socially unacceptable way of communicating. THIS permeates every area of my life, not just the interweb.

When AdCo™ said that I was this site’s mascot, and then called me a “gentle soul”… dude, honestly, I was touched. That made me feel very good about myself . I’ve FINALLY found a place in the Star Trek interweb community. That feels grate, mate.



ps – to everyone reading this RE: my post #5, I had to remove the link that I posted to Shatner’s commercial that they played on Howard Stern due to bandwidth issues. Please contact me at if you are interested in hearing this, if you haven’t. And maybe I will upload it to a megaupload site or something too. Sorry about that. It’s a Very Very ___ in the _____ clip. Everyone should EAR it.

and OH YEAH…

about TOS remastered on HOME VIDEO, ie dvd…

ChuckAmuck brings a good point to the table. Personally, I hope that it IS 2008, or even 2009. Maybe even Buck Rogers in 2010 or 32 or whatever the grate Gil Gerard show was. Because, my friends, the BLUE RAY vs HD DVD debate needs to go the way of VHS vs beta. BUT not like the way of mac vs windowze.

= this post powered by Budweiser® – Budweiser®: The King of Beers™. For All You Do, This Bud’s For You© =


Ah, turns out Shatner’s biggest fans applaud sexual harrassment and tend to babble nonsensically in general. Why am I not surprised?

Shatner’s not really Kirk. He may not really be a hero in real life. Get over your need to worship this person. You’re grownups now, you shouldn’t need a father figure this badly and desperately.

Dear TrekWeb™ Forever:

A flame by any other name is just poopypants in France doing the Sulu Dance™ in the underpants all the same.

Correctamundo, we father figure Shat™ badly and desperately. Denny EFFING Crane™, pal! What’s your problem with it?

Surprise yourself, as Spock said in Star Trek 6. Or maybe it was “arrest yourselves”? Watch h69 throw in the red flag as hitchWORLD does a coach’s challenge on the replay review, ChuckAmuck UP IN DA BOOF.

“After further review, TrekWeb Forever is a poopypants. His Teste Satchel covered in Shat™. Please reset the game clock to wipey his dipey. Gustavo Leo PoopyPee-O™ is charged with a TIMEOUT!!!”

I don’t throw down too often, and without cause. YOU leave this site, and never return. Consider it your Talos IV.



Anthony – You are correct… of course all the 1st season episodes are not complete. But as demonstrated by iTunes and XBox live, people are willing to buy episodes individually for download. And considering you can’t even save them to permenant media on XBox, CBS/Paramount is getting all the information they need to position themselves for individual episodes or two per disc releases again.

the RUMOR MILL indicates that sources are pointing to a 2007 release of TOS:R release. In what form is not indicated, as it is a rumor, but theie rumor mill section is rerely wrong as most of their scoops come from industry insiders from the DVD world, or retailers getting advance notice from marketing departments at the studios. When it appears listed on its pretty much written in stone by that time.

The episodes still awaiting the touch from the Rematering team are:

004 – Mudd’s Women
005 – The Enemy Within
010 – What Are Little Girls Made Of?
011 – Dagger of the Mind
013 – The Conscience of the King
014 – The Galileo Seven
015 – Court Martial
020 – The Alternative Factor
022 – The Return of the Archons
023 – A Taste of Armageddon
029 – Operation: Annihilate!

and possibly

001 – The Cage

In yesterday’s CES report on was this posting from Bill Hunt who is at the show getting the scoop on new electronics and upcoming DVDs.

“Warner indicated that it would be much more aggressive with Blu-ray in 2007. Not surprisingly, it announced that all of the titles it’s releasing on HD-DVD will also be on Blu-ray, including the Matrix trilogy, the Harry Potter films, Oceans 11, 12 and 13, Bullit, Alexander Revisited: The Unrated Final Cut, Blade Runner, Blood Diamond, Happy Feet and We Are Marshall. First quarter titles will reportedly include Goodfellas, The Dirty Dozen and Enter the Dragon.

Paramount also revealed that their few newly-announced HD-DVD releases will also be Blu-ray releases, including Babel (on 2/20), Flags of Our Fathers, Face/Off and Payback: Straight Up. I also confirmed that Star Trek: The Original Series is definitely being planned, but that CBS is making the decisions on the release.”

His post is written in reference to 2007 releases… while he does not notate STTOS:R specifically as a 2007 release.

A possible way to release remarsted eps before all are completed would be to simply bring 4 or 5 eps out on a dvd every few months.

I hope they dont rush the new remastered epsiodes out on DVD. It will be a shame if they don’t go back and tweak their work a little more before its set in stone as a final copy on DVD.

#41 Holo J speaks for me as well. I absolutely do not want the Remastered episodes released before the earlier efforts have been “updated” — and who knows by the time this project is complete what further enhancements the CBS team will have mastered — Cycloramas? Transporters? Bad applications of Mr. Nimoy’s ears?
I Vote a Solid NO to rushing Trek Remastered to DVD/DVD-HD/Blu-Ray. Give us those DVD extras to boot! (I’m sure Paramount values my opinion — lol)

#37 – For shame, hitch. Not to mention that that was just weak. WEAK!!

#34, 35, 37

I am speechless. I wish I could reply, but… there are no words…

btw, the name of the show is Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. A “grate” show, indeed. ;-)

I believe Shat’s exact words were, “Bathe her, and bring her to me…”

“I believe Shat’s exact words were, “Bathe her, and bring her to me…” ”

ROTFLMAO!!! Hell yeah!!

I would have a hard time resisting putting my tongue in Claudia’s mouth too! I still say…WAY TO GO SHAT!!!

Oh…and TJ Hooker hasn’t been in production since the 80’s right? Why is she JUST NOW talking about this? Especially if it was such a “Traumatic” experience for her?



anybody else seen “Enterprise” on HDNet channel?
I noticed it airs quite often in HD.

“Anyway dude, thats where I special ordered each TOS episode on VHS at $14.99 a shot – that was 1980s money, dude.”

I had to pay $35 for those back in the ’80s, when they first came out!

hitch1969 is a-okay in my book! A little wierd, yeah. Maybe a little chemically challenged even. Hitch dude, what I like about you is that you are straight-up. You call a spade a spade. And you’re not prissy like the stick-in-their-**** (other flavors of Star Trek) crowds who would, given the chance, implement their visions of reality Gulag style. In your own way, you’re one of the last men from perhaps the last generations of men.

As to The Shat putting the moves on some beaudacious babe: It’s normal for men to put the moves on women. Only in the world of emmasculated, soy-estrogened, ultra women’s lib world of 2007 New York do we pretend that reproductive instinct is dirty.

Now do I have a problem with the immorality of a married man doing that? You betcha. But I’m gonna support testosterone before feminist-judicial castration every day of the week. Heck, at the rate we’re going, there won’t be any Americans in America by the time our ficiton USS Enterprise launches because the Y chromosome will be outlawed and eliminated through gene therapy worthy of TNG techno-babble.

Olde Timey 1964 fan

Now why do I get the sense the Shat-brigade members here talking about how ya gotta be all “masculine” and force yourself on unwilling women are, in real life, still single and living with their parents?

I’ll bet your real-life experience with women is probably limited to $2 hookers… ;-)