First Images from ‘Where No Man Has Gone Before’ Remastered

CBS has just sent over these amazing images of the Galactic Barrier and Delta Vega station. Enjoy.

Although everyone is waiting for the big event of Doomsday coming up next month, this weekend’s episode looks to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

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That’s indeed a great depiction of the Galactic Barrier, and even better than the one they used in Star Trek V. A movie that also needs the remastered treatment, in my opinion.

That’s by far the best work I’ve seen from CBS Digital.

Love this episode.

I’ll have to double, if not tripple check to make sure my tivo works this week — unlike last week.

And yes, Star Trek V should absolutely get a touch-up or a redo, because the special effects there, suck.

I like that barrier shot, as well as the vega station but is it changed? Is it done like the castle in menagerie where it wasn’t changed too much, looks like it did in the original?

Uhg. That barrier. It doesnt even look like a barrier. It looks like a cloud. It looks like a cheap TV version of the Praxis blast (which is almost 20 years old for christsake). I’d expect this kind of CGI looking particle effects for Babylon 5, but not here.

I’d also like to point out something else the CBS digital team don’t get: Scale. Here, along with “Corbomite Maneuver” you originally had a tiny ship against a large obstacle. It looked menacing no matter how dated or cheap. The CBS team insist on making the ship much large in their compositions reducing the implied difference in size and hence the danger.

Allright, looked over at trekcore…nice subtle improvements! :)

I dunno. Delta Vega looks good, but I am not convinced by the Barrier and I don’t know yet what I think of the 2nd Pilot Enterprise. It looks too, well, animated.


Well, the barrier in Star Trek V was at the CENTER of the galaxy. The one shown here, in WNMHGB is at the EDGE of the galaxy. Why would anyone be so silly as to compare the FX of the two anyway? One’s a movie from 17 years ago, the other is a CG remastered TV episode.

I can’t wait to see these shots in motion. So far, CBS-D has done fantastic work, I give them a lot of credit for being ambitious with this epic episode.

I LOVE IT! Looks like a dangerous energy storm.

I think those look fantastic! This is one of my favorite episodes.

As for redoing the fx in ST:V…. ummmm… no, I think we should just forget that film ever happened.

Meh…I was hoping for more work with the Delta Vega Ore Cracking Station. This just looks like the original matte painting with some little lights added.

This looks like a case where CBS Digital listened to the fans a bit too much and kept the painting as-is for the most part. Compared to the remastered Janus IV station from Devil in the Dark, this is lacking.

This is not macinthepants.

#10 Agree, Star Trek V stinks no matter what they do to it.

But, I have to say that the galactic barrier in this photo looks fantastic. The original galactic barrier didn’t look like something that could happen naturally in space as where this new shot looks much more believable. I have a theory that the galactic barrier is a massive magnetic/gravitational field that draws you in towards it the closer you get, that is why you simply cannot “fly over it”. Does that work for everyone??? ;-)

I had a feeling they would only tweak the Lithium Cracking station in this episode, the original was just fine.

To me, it looks too much like a painting. Either make ALL the planetscapes realistic or leave them all fake. I don’t like mixing it up.

10, 12 – Okay, Trek V was flawed. But the movie still deserves better special efects than it got. And changing the finale back to Kirk fighting the rock monsters would be cool, as opposed to the god head zapping him with death beams from its eyes.

The new cracking station photo has the set in the upper right hand corner. I have a feeling we may Mr. Kelso or somebody else walking around up there through the windows??

Weighing in with the negative. Man, I HATE being negative! ;-)

I’m thinking the galactic barrier should look more like the aurora borealis than a nebula. At least that’s what it reminded me of in the original version. Lines of corruscading energy versus fibrous candy floss.

Did they do a bottom-up CGI re-do of the station on Delta Vega, or did they just tweak the original painting? It looks like a tweak job. I love that original painting, but it might have been nice for it to get the digital matte treatment, with its better perspective and suchlike. The perspective on this image is wanky. I really enjoyed the job they did on Starbase 11 and Scalos.

Change this! Don’t change that! Boy, what is it with us hard-to-please fanboys?! I hate being a hard-to-please fanboy! Won’t somebody help me?

Carry on, CBS Digital; you’re doing a wonderful job despite my needling.

Scott B. out.

#1 & # 8—yeah, i was gonna say, the one in Star Trek V was the GREAT Barrier whereas this is the GALACTIC Barrier
also, the Great Barrier was blue and the Galactic Barrier is like pink-ish

and yeah, as subtle as the matte painting changes are, they’re great
and i agree about the lack of scale
but other than that, CBS Digital is doing a great job
i only hope they fix the scale problem for “Doomsday Machine”

17 – Mea culpa. I guess I can only remember one totally nonexistent galactic barrier at a time.

Star Trek V’s effects still deserve updating, though.

I’m going to post this over here since it seems to have gotten lost in all the other stuff that’s happening in the original thread I posted it.

This is NOT Star Trek XI official art but it is a very good example of what kind of changes an updated Enterprise might have in the new movie.

I think these new shots look pretty good.

#19 the problem I have with that design is that it looks a helluva lot like the Enterprise-E. Or perhaps I should say the Enterprise-E designers borrowed a lot from the classic Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C or D). The deflector dish really reminds me of the E’s, I keep seeing Worf and Picard in space suits with Borg crawling over it.

I think you guys are right. Delta Vega looks like it only has lights added and a few more subtle changes,
See for yourself…

I can’t damn CBS DIGITAL for their loyalty though.

I think it’s pretty hard to judge scale without a common frame of reference. How can you know how big the barrier is? It’s not fair to judge CBS by this image. The barrier dosen’t have an object in it to tell you how big it is.

Give CBS a break till we see this this weekend! I think it looks quite good. Whose to know also what a Galactic Barrier is suppose to look like. Spock says the sensors don’t sense energy or matter, negative density and no radiation. It could look like anything!

By the way, I have a theory to explain why the Barrier looks like a thin band. When you look at a Galaxy on edge, it looks like a thin long elliptical object. Perhaps the matter or photons of the barrier just looks like a thin band as it wraps around the edge.

I think the Delta Vega Cracking station looks terrific. It’s a cleaned up verison of the original. In keeping with the past effort of the Starbase seen in Mengerie, they are maintaining the basic design and style of the original and adding a lot more detailing and lighting.

hmmm… I never saw the alternate ending. I do know that the original script called for them using the galactic barrier featured in this episode. Which I probably would have much prefered. I did enjoy the begining at Yosemite though.

As for the matte, I think it will look better on screen.

#12 I don’t know. There would have to be a reason for this gravitational distortion. It is true this thing appears to be just a ring around the edge of the galaxy so one wonders why not simply take the ship around it. There would have to be some kind of mass involved to create any kind of pull. I seem to recall that ship’s sensors registered nothing of the sort (it has been awhile since I saw this episode which is for some reason not working on my dvd’s). Maybe if this was where much of the galaxy’s elusive dark matter was…. dunno.

Has anyone else noticed that USA Network plays Star Trek V with all of the continuity gaffs and the fart jokes removed? Even then, it’s a weak movie. And it’s not because the special effects weren’t special enough. It was because they insisted on a plot that left you with a “Who cares?” feeling. Find God on just one planet? Galactic Barrier or no, that’s just so dull. ST XI (yes, there is a point to my tirade) MUST focus on relationships and cool stuff, but NOT try to resolve eternal struggles of mankind. Trek is at its best when it’s about people, not BEMs, sfx, or Salt Vampires.

ps- If the Barrier were that bright, we’d see it from Earth. We can see quazars a buhzillion light years away. It’s fun fiction, but it hardly matters which direction they take the art. We’ll only believe it when Kirk and company react to it.

And if we had the internet forty years ago, would the comments be any different?

I have been impressed and excited by most of the CBS team’s work, but I am disappointed by these two shots from “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” The Delta-Vega painting looks like a painting. I always thought the original was embarassing because it looks like a painting, but told myself “They didn’t have the budget.” Now in 2007 it still looks like a painting, not like a realistic setting.
The Galactic barrier is pretty but looks like a cloud, and I agree it looks beautiful but not menacing. The original actually was more dramatic with its sparks of energy emanating from it (at least until one realizes you can go over or under the thing). And I agree with the post that in “The Corbomite Maneuver” and this episode that a big opportunity is lost without a sense of scale. The normally big Enterprise being dwarfed by the larger Fesarius or Galactic barrier would make a much bigger dramatic impact.
Don’t want to be critical -I am grateful for the remastered episodes and generally pleased with the work (including the new Enterprise model) but I want to point out my disappointments in the spirit of constructive criticism.

It’s the same painting with color correction, some VERY minor digital enhancements…like the lights. They didn’t put much into this one. You can see in the comparison shot posted a couple posts up.

You can’t compare this effort to what was done for the Starbase in The Menagerie. That was pretty much a complete cgi redo….and was done very well I might add. The lithium cracking station should have gotten the same treatment. I am not trying to be a malcontent whiner here…but c’mon. The honest and fair criticism is that CBS D’s work has been inconsistent. You never know from one week to the next what the quality is going to be. When it’s good…it’s REAL good. When it’s bad…it makes you ask “why did they bother?”. Well, with the lithium cracking station, for me at least…it’s why bother?

As for Star Trek V….sure, redo the visuals…why not? It would at least make the film bearable to watch. Right now…it’s just beyond bad in nearly every conceivable way. The only thing good about it are the characterizations — and that part was a no-brainer.

The original Starbase painting in “Menagerie” was pretty weak and needed replacing, and it WAS replaced. Delta Vega was a cool painting to begin with and only needed a little touchup.

The painting here is great…just like the matte on Rigel, if t aint broke, don’t fix it. I totaly appreciate the CBS team’s appreciation of the original and applaud their decision to go low key here. The barrier looks great too. I think it’s funny how some people are saying it doesn’t look like a “great barrier”. Show me a photo of a real outer space energy barrier sometime and then maybe we can argue that point. Until then, the barrier above is as good a “barrier” as I’ll ever see.

And Trek 5 rocked…closest to the series in my opinion…so many really good character moments. Really beautiful score as well. And just like the series it was all about the characters and not so much about the eye candy. Nothing wrong with that.

Cool is one thing…fake is another. Let’s face it…all the matte paintings in TOS were great…AS PAINTINGS.

But when trying to make things (at least I assume that’s the goal with CBS D) more realistic — why not replace them all?

That’s all I am saying.

#29, you miss the point.

The remastered barrier looks not much different from The Mutara Nebula in ST2. The original barrier effects were more unique and cool! If anything should have been remained true to, I would say that was more deserving than the lithium cracking station. The ideal thing would have been to have the original fx for the nebula and just digitally composite a new cgi Enterprise into the existing barrier footage (I am not sure those background plates exist as separate elements anymore, but I am speaking of a “perfect world” solution).

I’m happy to know that since this is a first season episode, the title theme music won’t be having the annoying opera singer above the fray. Also it should have a different musical orchestration from other first season episodes for the titles.

I just won a STV re-edit DVD on ebay which is supposed to cut out parts and redo the movie to make it better. We’ll see.

Does it have new CGI effects? LOL!! For me to buy it, it would have to have a ravenous horde of killer Rockmen in the gut-wrenching finale. LOL

and they’d have to change the whole 100 decks on the Enterprise thing

Why, of course! They would have to digitally RE-LABEL every one of those decks…otherwise no takers here! LOL

Forgot to say, they should cgi Leonard Nimoy’s head on the Spock Baby (Like they did with Wayans in Little Man) and when Sarek says “so human…” Spock should clock him in the head! LMAO!!!!

Now THAT would be worth buying! LOL

I have to agree.
The original Scalosian city was total crap and SCREAMED for replacement, whereas Delta Vega has a FEEL to it, a mood. Very desolate and grim. The dark clouds really give a sense of impending doom.
The only thing I would have done would have been to perhaps replace those giant oval bins with a CG model with exactly the same look but less “paintingish”
However, I’m sure TIME was a factor in only “TWIKKING” it.

I actually LIKE the galactic barrier but I’m more interested in how the Big E moves through it.
What bothers me the most is the fact that(according to the preview anyway)when Mitchell zaps Kirk and Spock it still has that painful electrical charge effect. No I know for a fact that 20 minutes with the “Illusion” program could have created something much better, if only to ENHANCE the electrical charge.

I’m very happy though that Trek is being re-done like this. If it weren’t I never would have met any of YOU fine folks…..; )

Anyway guys, I’m pleased to bring you a pic (beautifully restored by Curtsmedia) of what Delta Vega REALLY looked like….

Meant to clarify….BABY Spock would clock Sarek in the head…LMAO!!

I really don’t know what’s going to be in this STV re-edit DVD. I actually think the rockman scene will be in it. But it was inexpensive so I thought I’d give it a try. But to get the movie where it needs to be, it’ll probably be the 5 minute version :)

Both images look good to me! I always liked the original Delta Vega station, and am glad they refrained from needless alterations and instead just went for enhancements. As for the Barrier, it makes no more scientific sense than ESP does, but that need not detract too much from enjoying the episode.

We all know the really big challenge is Doomsday Machine – here’s hoping they’ve had time to invest in those pixels.

Still with all this work how hard would have been to fix the tombstone?

Even using MSPaint this only takes like one minute.

Can’t wait to see the show though.

I made an edit of Trek 5 once replacing some fx and trying to fix glitches like the deck numbers. What I actually did there was to edit it so they actually climb the ladder the whole way and come to the observation room/transmitter. It worked pretty well and removed the thruster boots which I didn’t really care for, especially in the opening scene where he flies straight down and then is floating horizontally. I also edited that out and changed McCoy’s line from “You should have been killed when you fell of that mountain” to “You should have fell off that mountain”.

I wanted to go back and redo it better but haven’t yet.

Um, it’s not the effects that need to be overhauled in Trek V.

#41: Cool. But can MS Paint do it on shots where the camera moves?

I do wish they had fixed it, though.

43- You have a point, but in a way doesn’t that make Star Trek V a perfect candidate for a retouch? If it were a classic film there’d be a ton of fans saying don’t alter a thing.

Star Trek V’s effects were terrible even on the day it premiered. Changing them and doing a few other alterations might help make it watchable.

I agree it isn’t the best of the movies but there are a few parts I actually like. I was also really hoping with the Directors Editions/Special Editions they would try and fix some of them. :( There is also an edit that makes it like a TOS episode and with some of the original series music cues.

I am fine with the matte… it was never wrong. And although I don’t really see what CBS-D will or won’t “fix” by rule… I think they have hit their stride.
The barrier is far better and if you dislike it… what should it be then? Brick? A Q-like grid? Shiny and reflective? I always considered it as the Shock-wave from the movement of the galaxy through intergalactic space… sounds romantic anyway. And if it were all-encompassing… it WOULD be visible from earth and blot out our view of other galaxies. I guess I am not as easily offended as some.

enough with the dam tombstone already…
R is for Remastered

I have a feeling we will see bolts of lightning or huge flahes of energy while the E goes through it. The picture tells only part of the story.

CBS-Digital is going to surprise us here. When it’s all said and done the barrier will have death written all over it.