Rumor: Garner as Spock’s Love Interest?

Well the latest rumor comes from Star Magazine, so bear that in mind as you read it. And here it is:

Star has learned exclusively that in the new Star Trek film, which is a prequel to the original hit series, the outwardly emotionless vulcan Mr. Spock has a love interest! Not only would Jen, 34, "be just the right person for Star Trek because she’s a chameleon," an insider says, but the film’s director, J.J. Abrams, cast her on Alias and has a history of giving jobs to people he worked with before! Beam her up! has not been able to get confirmation or denial on this one. However we have long noted that there is likely to be a romantic element of the film if you just look back at how Abrams, Orci and Kurtzman have strong female characters and romance in most of their work. In M:I:3 they even got Tom Cruise’s Ethen Hunt married. The surprise here is that it is Spock and not Kirk getting the lady. Garner does seem to have a gap in her schedule between the movie she is currently filming and another slated for 2009 release so that part is at least plausible, and we know JJ has her number.

UPDATE: Here is a scan…


Regardless of the truth, this (and other recent rumors) shows how the new team behindTrek XI and the return to classic characters has moved the buzz machine Hollywood up a level from recent Trek films.

UPDATE: Latest on Trek XI Pre-Production & Casting





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Would she be the lovely Leila Kalomi?

Well, if a Vulcan’s going to fall for someone, Jennifer Garner could fit the bill.

Boy, who can blame Spock for wanting to “butter her muffin”! What a waste that a gorgeous and talented woman like Garner is wasting her time with a no-talent flake like Ben Affleck!

Oh… Matt Damon as Kirk, Jen Garner as Spock’s love interest…

PLEASE don’t let this mean that Ben Affleck is going to be Spock. I cannot fathom this insanity! What’s next? Is Robin Williams going to play Admiral Nogura? How do you like ‘dem apples?!

jesus what kind of movie is this

Ms Garner? I see a kick-boxing nurse Chappel in the works here…

#5 – an action movie directed towards the mainstream masses… at least that’s what Beavis & Butthead said recently ;)

So of course there needs to be sex in it too! Isn’t it curious how EVERYONE has tried to “fix” Trek by including more action and sexing it up, desparately hoping to attract “the mainstream”? Everyone since 1997, including the infamous KillerBees (R.I.P.) So it’s clearly a fresh and new recipe! :p

1. Denny

If she’s a love interest for Spock, Leila Kalomi would be a logical conclusion, captain.
But, I would hypothesize she would look good in pointed ears, too.

Well, here’s the thing…it IS gonna be different, there is no denying it. Does that mean I can’t swallow it, as a fan who grew up watching those Trek reruns in the early 70’s???? Hmmm…so, far I PLAN to give it the benefit of the doubt and buy into it hook, line, and sinker. I feel this HAS to happen if Trek is going to survive. If it dies because of this, then let it die! Frankly, if it tanks, we STILL have all the Trek’s created up to this point. It’ll just be the prospect of anything new will be dead. THIS MOVIE will define where I go with any future Trek’s attempted. If this bombs, I’m done. I’ll be a crusty old geezer sitting in a wheelchair someday with a dvd remote and my original Treks.

I like the idea of Garner being in it if she plays Leila Kalomi. A nice nod to Trek history and a great way to see what makes Spock tick!!!! Maybe we’ll find out that Spock “inspired” Kirk to become a womanizer. LOL

Star and its’ related rags should never be read by anybody. It’s garbage.

Is JJ’s mom going to play Spock’s mother? Wow this guy loves to hand out free money to his friends….worse than Kevin Smith for casting friends.

I place no stock in this rumor at all.

At least many of his friends have some talent.

its very possible she could be playing the love interest that new him back at the academy from This Side of Paradise. She was in love with Spock not vice versa, obviously

Pllpppthh. I just don’t believe there are going to be this many big name stars in a Star Trek film. I mean, how many were in Mission Impossible III? Just Cruise, Rhames, and Kerri Russell from Felicity. Yet somehow Brody, Affleck, Damon, Garner AND Senise are all lined up for this one? Why, soon we’ll hear rumors that Peter O’ Toole is lined up to play Old Jonathan Archer, while Will Smith will play Uhura’s older brother. And Naomi Watts will play Nurse Chapel. And on and on…

Re: 16–Oops. Obviously I forgot about Phillip Seymour Hoffman as a big star in MI:III.

You know, of all the actors mentioned to play SPOCK, I hate to admit it, but the one who looks the most like him is Ben Affleck. He is a good actor and was great in Hollywoodland. Plus, him and Damon are close friends, so the Kirk / Spock chemistry would work well on screen.

#16 & 17:

You also forgot Laurence Fishburne.

Laurence Fishburne as Daystrom
Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Blalock
Naomi Watts as anything in a mini and go go boots

Affleck as Spock:

Alright, I know I may receive a deluge of shoes, oranges, apples and assorted other things people throw, but… would Ben Affleck as Spock really be that bad?

Whoa, whoa, allow me to state my case first – hold the deluge, please! Put that down, man. Just wait.

Okay, has anyone seen Hollywoodland? If you have, try to tell me Ben didn’t own his role as George Reeves. He was brilliant! And believe me I normally hate his movies, really hate them. His annoying, cocky, hammy performances, and his wisecrack-laden dialogue get under my skin, causing me to abstain from most his films – if not all of them. However, in Hollywoodland, Ben blew me away at how un-Affleck-like he was. As I said, he owned the role. He carried recorded voice clips of George Reeves with him and listened between every take! Judiciously studying the voice, the mannerisms. Not one hint of hamminess at all. He nailed each aspect of Mr. Reeves, in my opinion!

Now if he were to be as methodical in a study of Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock – meet with him, watch every episode of TOS, the movies – I think, really think, he can pull it off. Or maybe not. Though what I stated above is your proof that he has the ability.

Ben Affleck as Spock – it can happen!

(Hopefully none of you are wearing cleats or spurred cowboy boots!)

Re: 19. Oops again! But _that’s it_ in terms of the celebrities MI:III had! And most of them are lower tier than the names being thrown around for Trek XI.

I agree, that *ahem* — news item — looks about as reliable as “Bat Boy found Living in White House Basement.”

But that said, Jen would be awesome in anything she does, including Trek. And I’m pretty sure that a post-Gigli Affleck is smart enough to avoid appearing opposite his main squeeze.

I’d might buy him as Gary Mitchell though…


I think the original already came out “sexed up” so to speak. I mean really no Star Trek captain ever got to use their…umm, captain’s log as much as Kirk did. So, I just don’t see the logic in your remark.

21 – I find it disconcerting that in the majority of old tv shows blown up into movies, at least one actor feels compelled to ‘ape’ the original characterization. Gary Oldman is a good actor… uh, used to be a good actor. He Jonathan Harris impression wore thin… uh, almost as thin as the entire rest of Lost in Space. The Beverly Hillbillies and Brady Bunch movies were comedies (or so I’m told) and lent themselves to parody.
PLEASE don’t make, release or acknowledge any movie in which actors are playing William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy playing Kirk and Spock. They are originals and need to be left with their accomplishments. Let’s see a NEW interpretation of the characters themselves.

ps- oop. meant balock

Even though its all rumor at this point, I’m definitely not excited over all of these casting rumors. I’m just not a fan of these actors that are being considered/rumored, with the exception being Gary Sinise as Bones.

Sorry 21, but here comes a shoe. I can and will try to tell you he did NOT own his role as Reeves. Was it an adequate performance? Sure. Did he have the presence, voice, dignity of Reeves? Hell no. I don’t care how many tapes he listened to. And I’ve liked Affleck in many things. But clearly you did not grow up watching “Adventures of Superman” wearing a towel around your neck and eating sugary snack treats.

And as Spock? Um, no. Not even close.

Spock having a love intrest is stupid, end of story!

#24 “captain’s log”, I love it! That gives me an idea! You know, Kirk wasn’t the only womanizer back during the production of TOS, the Shat himself was no slouch in that department either back then….hmmm, maybe when we heard the voice-over, “Captain’s log, star date 1321.4” it was the Shat’s “secret code”, bragging to the fan’s out there as to how many bimbo’s he had dated and bagged so far that year! Yeah, you betcha! Long live the Shat!

#24 – The difference is, TOS had the depth and mature content to balance any frivolities. Today too many so-called producers believe it should be the prime centre of good fiction and (unfortunately) science fiction.

To cite some very wise words… “Good science fiction is about ideas” Not about tech gadgets and weird creatures. And not about spaceship battles and soap opera trivialities either.


Spock having a love interest is totally stupid. What’s next? A love triangle with another Vulcan? Some lame “fight to the death” over her, too?

Oh, wait…

Would Ben Affleck as Spock be that bad? Yes.

Ben Affleck shouldn’t be allowed in the theater with a ticket.

I HATE Ben Affleck and don’t want to see him as Spock, but if they insist on giving him the role then they should also DEMAND he lose at least 40 pounds of weight before filming the movie! A young Spock was lean and right now Affleck looks like a blowfish with a thyroid condition! My God, if Affleck gained six more pounds he’d deserve his own zip code!

She looks more like a Nurse Chapel to me.

Garner would be good casting.

Affleck wouldn’t be bad, either.

I swear, this place is beginning to be like the AICN talkbacks – people seem to climb on top of each other to be the first to post dismissive, insulting and mean remarks of the most personal kind about performers and artists they never have (or will) meet. Affleck’s abilities as an actor, after all, have no bearing whatever on his and Garner’s private relationship.

There’s somewhat less profanity here than at AICN, that’s about it.

NOOOOOO!!! One of the most unlike-able women in Hollyweird! Please NOOOOOO!!!

OF COURSE a performer’s personal life will impact their demand at the ticket office. They wish that wasn’t true, but wishing doesn’t make it so. Michael Jackson likes to play the wrong way with children, he can’t get a concert gig to save his life. Tom Cruise wants to behave like a crazy loon by jumping on Oprah’s couch, his career diminishes. Ben Affleck gives off a very bad vibe to most of us and has an arrogant sneer pasted on his face (in real life) to hide a lack of talent, we don’t want to go see his movies. See how it works?

The Star…?
The Star is a source now?


I thought that the whole “Spock get’s the chick” news is going to sweep like a tornado here and that I would find 300 comments about it. 38 is not bad, but after #9 or 10 the discussion continues on Affleck playing Spock. Hell.. That’s why I love this place. :)

I think that Antony made an interesting statement that it should not be ignored in my opinion.

28. Anthony Pascale

I have said it before…Affleck is perfect as Gary Mitchell

…i am not saying I have heard that…just a suggestion

Garner ok, Ben NO!!!!!!!

Garner will have to be a blonde.

I don’t know what it is, but Spock always got the hot blondes.

#12: If Abrams casts friends and associates, he certainly wouldn’t be the first producer/director to do so, even within ST. Look at Roddenberry himself – if it hadn’t been for him, Majel Barrett and Nichelle Nichols wouldn’t have gotten their roles (especially Barrett, whom NBC thought was a lousy actress), and it’s likely De Kelley wouldn’t have gotten his role had it not been for his prior collaboration with Roddenberry.

As for AFLAC – sorry, I meant Affleck – I agree with Anthony, I could see him as Mitchell if that character were in the script. I’m still struggling with Damon as Kirk, though; I just don’t see the charisma. Sinise would have been ok as McCoy years ago but I think his age is wrong for a prequel.

Can you honestly imagine Adrian Brody, schnazoola and all, kissing…even touching this woman?

This is rather bogus and not worth the electrons it’s printed on. At least the people in line at the grocery store reading the Star are hearing that there will be a new Trek.

“ya hear that, Bubba….. they’re gonna make a new Star Track movie…”

“nah…. you’re sh*ttin’ me… Cap’n Kirk and that pointy ear guy…er… Doctor Spock?”

“yep… but I heard that the Cap’n Kirk guy done exploded from overeating… or maybe he was just too full of himself… wasn’t he on some nudie dancing game show?”

“Ya… Momma liked that one. The Spock Guy does nudie pictures too now. ”

And so it goes for the major demographic of Star readers.

Anthony…thanks for the site.


Does this mean she’s being cast as nurse Chapel?

Hey I like the idea expecially if she plays LK.

lol @ #4.

Hey, I’m just excited that they’re actually considering really talented actors for the main roles!

I don’t want to jinx it, but it actually appears that Abrams et al are giving Trek the quality and serious consideration that it, without a doubt, merits.

P.S. – I love Jennifer Garner. They’d be lucky to get her for any role in Trek XI.