Travel Back To ‘Tomorrow Is Yesterday’ Preview have put up the preview for next weekend’s "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" Remastered.

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Lovely, lovely. But I hope that they keep some of the long shots of the Big E, as seen from the pilot’s vantage. (Or, at least re-make them to match)

And…dare I say…first? (Please don’t hate me, Anthony!)

wow i cant wait see Enterprise though clouds.

Wow! That looks frackin awesome!!!

I love this episode, but one of the things that really hurt it were the special effects. Nearly all of the original TOS opticals were great throughout the series, but this one had some flawed ones. A shot with the Enterprise warping away from Earth with large chunks missing (due to problems with the matte) and the bad effects (which also made no sense) of the Enterprise sling-shot effect. To see this classic episode with state of the art effects is gonna be awesome and really add to my enjoyment….

The Enterprise is glorious as usual.

It looks fantastic! If you look closely you can see John Christopher plane behind the Enterprise in the clouds, in the lower left hand corner.

I wonder if CBS will show the slingshot effect around the Sun. I can’t remember if there is any exterior footage in the original of the Enterprise approaching the sun to replace with some new footage. Was it just depicted with the crew being thrown about?

It will be a shame if CBS don’t at least show something of the slingshot. Maybe cut out some of the crew being throw about or even dare I say it add a few seconds of footage to make room and that way nothing is lost of the original.

Anyway really looking forward to see what they do with this one.

CBS-Digital have done an excellent “point of view” sequence (see above photo) where the Enterprise near Earth is concerned. I have longed to see this old effects shot updated, and the team have done this one justice.


This was the episode that got me hooked on TOS when I was a kid. I really hope they do it justice.

One of my favorite episodes, aside from two minor complaints…

Apparently, they later did something (by the time of Assignment: Earth) to the transporter’s initial programming that took people who were in a sitting position (in an ejection seat, in this case), and rematerialized them in a standing, facing the back of the chamber, position. LOL

The food conveyor to the transporter room (I believe that I read that D.C. Fontana wasn’t happy about that little mod).

But, there were some great lines…

“I’m going to lock you up for three hundred years!”
(paraphrasing) “That should just about be right…”


I’m guessing (hoping) that we’ll see the CGI-inserted revised chronometer at the helm/nav console.

When I was very little, I remember trying to grasp why in the world my precious Enterprise was being seen in the clouds. In later viewings I was quite disappointed by the appearance of the ship, which was too dark and poorly matted as it struggled to gain altitude. So this one is going to be great fun indeed, with what promises to be a more dramatic chase. I hope they lose some of the lousy low-quality stock footage used in the original so as to expand the new sequences of the Enterprise being pursued. It will be fun to watch an episode book-ended by new spectacular effects sequences.

Do I recall correctly that, in at least one of the F-104 POV scenes, a small portion of the E’s (the model) filming-stage support point was (inadvertently) visible on the bottom of the secondary hull?


It would be easy to insert Christopher getting off a shot of a Sidewinder… since F-104s were armed with them, Spock mentioned that the ‘interceptors’ were armed (potentially with an AIR-2 “Genie” — although the line simply referenced the generic “nuclear”), and Christopher had been given clearance to force “the UFO” down.

This looks awesome. As others have said, there’s always been something about that atmosphere shot that just captures your imagination. The new angle here looks terrific and ‘m sure the jet’s POV shot will follow suit. Nice touch adding the moon to the orbital shot. Gives it that extra Earthy-goodness.


Yes I agree,
As a kid the image of the Enterprise in the sky was burned into my brain.
I too hope they get rid of that AWFUL stock footage.
Looks like it might be a winner!

: )

FlyingTigress, you are correct. You could see some of the support nubbin near the front of the underside of the secondary hull in the Christopher POV shot.

#16 which was then later dubbed the tractor beam emitter. :)

Anyway this is one of my favorite episodes. The shot of the F104 chasing the Enterprise looks interesting. I just hope they duplicated some of the shots from the original. I liked the shots of Enterprise from the fighter’s pov.

I also wonder if they will use the slingshot effect shot used for Star Trek 4, where we say the Bop go around the sun, with contrails behind it? I kind of hope not.

Would be cool to see the other planets, which Spock calls off in the script. It’ll mostly be cool to see the some of the Pentagon stock footage replaced with CBS-D’s finest. I wonder whether that will include the exterior shot of the base at night. All of it is so grainy compared to what Trek used. (high grain 35mm someone said?)
Good ep. I’ll be losing sleep again for this one.

# 17: Actually….weren’t all the shots of the Enterprise while it was gaining altitude and being chased by the jet very poor? None of the shots of what
they had – have are worth retaining for this updated version IF you ask me.
Its like asking someone how moldy bread is when you know beyond a doubt that its just that….moldy (very poor) and not worth keeping or in this case worth retaining some of the original footage for the updated version.

This episode is great and I can´t wait to see the remastered version! :)
Just one thing ever bugged me, it´s very unlikely that a Constitution class starship could be so low on a planet´s atmosphere, specially is this situation where the Enterprise were essentially thrown on that location… :)

This has potential…by the way, the chair that the USAF captain is sitting in is exactally the same as the one I am sitting in right now!!! I hope they don’t remaster it ;)

I look forward to this episode.

Lord, let’s hope they have loosened up enough to give us an exciting solar-breakway scene. We didn’t see it in the original, just the ship hanging in space. If they don’t show it slingshot around the sun (similar to The Voyage Home) I will be VERY disappointed.

#4 i totally agree – great episode, but this one where the original effects just flat out sucked…i keep thinking of the “slingshot” effect where the enterprise is very clumsily rocking back and forth….some of the worst episodes of the series. i think i may be looking forwar to this one even more than “the doomsday machine,” because this is probably the best example of a good episode not being a GREAT one b/c of piss-poor effects.

#23 hell yeah, i want a TVH slingshot effect, too….

Actually in the original breakaway sequence it was a shot of the 11 foot model sitting there being rocked by someone, then there’s the same shot again with the ship optically shaken around.
It was awful. I hope they do something that matched the CHAOS going on inside the ship.
I’m very disappointed that they didn’t do something about the krinkled carboard screens on this one.
It was NEVER so obvious than in this episode.
Even as a kid it totally distracted me, but I still love the episode.

actually, rather than replacing, or entirely getting rid of the stock footage(which always bugged me too btw) isnt it at all possible for them to “remaster” that footage? read: clean it up?

Wonderful job CBS! Wonderful. As an above poster said, the image of the Enterprise in the clouds was burned into my brain too. Sort of “brings it home.” Makes it real. I am so glad they remastered it.
In One of my first posts, in 2006, I said that I had hoped they got rid of the stock footage of the plane taking off. Still hope that, it looks, well, like stock footage and detracts from the episode.
An even bigger thing to me is the breakaway sling shot effect, as people have said. I remember watching it in college with a big group of people and everyone laughing. Also they keep talking about approaching the sun, on course to the sun, and they show just space dead ahead. Someone said “where’s the sun?” and laughed. I hope they put in the sun.
But the preview looks like a dream come true, moon, clouds on the earth, and the ship in the clouds, most of all. It is dream-like, dreamy, and a dream come true to me.
Can’t wait.

The Big E…in the clouds..above Nebraska..chased by an F-104..this is the one I’ve been waiting for. The still is mesmerizing.
PLEASE CBS-D get rid of the cheesy stock footage others have mentioned. Especially the viewscreen image shown when Spock notes that the Big E is in the Earth’s atmosphere. In an image totally out of proportion, the viewscreen shows a (cloudless) globe, which looks painfully like a huge globe taken from a geography class. Furthermore, it is shot from an angle that would suggest an orbit of several thousand miles high. Replacing that should be a no brainer!

I’m sure they’ll replace the globe. They replaced a similar (if not the same) effect in Miri. Only this effect should be more of a high altitude shot where you can see patches of fields, lakes, rivers, etc.

I’m not expecting them to get to heavily into replacing the stock footage. Even if they decided to re-do the base effects, they would probably stand out as incredibly cartoonish.

I love the original shot of th Enterprise from the pilot’s view–I hope they remaster that but keep the angle.

Too bad they couldn’t remaster Capt. Christopher sitting down when transported rather than standing up ( when he first beams aboard E).

the enterprise in broad daylight.A real challenge.Idon’t think they met it with this shot.looks a little too like a AMT model kit .lack of detail and mass.

Why does Kirk’s face look distorted when he tell’s Christopher, “We’re from your future.” ???

Great job CBS-D. I love the between the nacelles shot, when they’re leaving Earth orbit.

re: post #11- I think you are referring to a famous still image that was popular in the 70’s, especially on postcards.

This is one of the other episodes I was waiting to see. I did a screencap of the DVD to compare with one shot of the fighter aircraft as it takes off from the airfield. It’s the same shot in the new remastered trailer, excepted reversed. So I am betting that they left all the live action real USAF shots on the ground, but did a CGI jet in the air as we can barely see in the shot above. Very cool!

This remastering looks intriguing….

The effects shots of the Enterprise in Earth’s atmosphere were not very good (understandably) in the original.

I liked this episode. However, there are always inherent problems with time travel themes.

– The Enterprise was headed in the general direction of Earth in the 23rd Century. However, the Earth was not in the same position back in the 20th Century.

– Why beam Captain Christopher aboard the ship? Why not just beam him down directly to the surface to avoid exposure ?

– How much could Christopher have learned when Spock mentioned the danger of his exposure to the 23rd Century? Why tell him anything? Why not keep him sedated or confined?

– Why give Christopher a Starfleet uniform?

– Why go after the films and tapes at the Air Force base? The history records would have shown they would have been given little credence or covered up by the government.

– Why not try to go back to the 23rd Century first? If successful, they won’t have had to risk getting caught at the Air Force base.

– If any of the preceding had been thought of first, then there wouldn’t have been an episode… I know..

re: post 32- because they reversed the shot, his hair is going the wrong way!

Great CGI shoots.

After looking more closely at that trailer, I have a feeling that there will be some people who will not like how the big E is lit while in the atmosphere. It might look a tad over bright. But I can’t wait to see it broadcast where we can really appreciate the work.

The paradoxes created in this episode always gave me a headache. Beaming him back into the jet as they passed that point in time, before it was destroyed the first time, then it’s not destroyed because they weren’t there this time to use the tractor beam, meant it never happened, ugh. Bad writing, but a good episode.

All I can say I’m very impressed so far. As far as the CG effects go it doesn’t look sloppy A man out of his time is a interesting story. Its been one of my faves too. I always wondered what happened to John Christopher after this story (besides having a son that goes to Saturn). He always seemed like a charismatic character to me.

#9 Re: The Sitting down Beam ups. At least I don’t feel alone on this. lol That’s always annoyed me a bit too Someone who has been beamed up from a sitting position should fall flat on their butt. I remember when a episode of Stargate did the same thing . They are beamed up from a sitting position but it was funnier in a episode in that show when magically that shows transporters heals people too…

IIRC this episode was supposed to tie in from the end of the Naked Time when the Enterprise broke away from Psi 2000. But the idea was abandoned

I think the main problem in the original about the stock footage is the fact that it cuts from the plane’s takeoff to the rather…well, awful shot of the Enterprise. Of course it would follow that since CBS-D has created a CG version of the plane anyway, they will replace the whole sequence including the takeoff IF they have the time to do so. Either way I bet they get it right. In the original the timing of the transition was a bit unsettling. I think the opening shot of the base may be best left alone. This is an episode that can only be improved by the new effects IMO. Even though the logic of the story’s resolution is a little weird, this is one of my favorite episodes and I can’t wait to see the new version. AWESOME!

Can’t wait to see this (Don’t Turn it into TAS) Episode!

There’s a real, physical, Enterprise model being built here.

WHOOT! Can’t wait to see it done!

“Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away…”

#38: Exactly! The line of reasoning used by the writer is flawed because if this theory of time travel were correct it would mean the Enterprise could not travel back in time to a point before it was constructed anyway! Still a good show…

Hey… CBS-D took the advice I made on a post some time ago and did a two-shot of the E and the approaching jet. I accept Visa, MC, AMEX or money order…. LOL

Man the E looks great when bathed in light… CBS-D has nailed it. I wonder if they’re using the same animation software and modeling for the jet that they use for the History Channel show “Dogfight”.

While I’ve been steadfast against adding SFX footage or extending sfx shots… I think CBS-D could have taken a liberty or two and added a few seconds of exteriors of the E in the atmosphere.

There has to be some corrective thingy, in the transporter buffer, that rematerializes you in the standing position. Not exactly the biggest leap of faith one has to take watching Star Trek.

It would be nice if they could find the original Air Force film used and restore it, or substitute equivalent footage in better condition, or best yet shoot new scenes with an F-104 (there are still a few flown by civilians) but I expect none of that happened. The New York City stock footage wasn’t changed in “The City on the Edge of Forever”.

However, the New York footage was fine. The old Air Force footage is very grainy, dirty, and scratched.

I agree that actual footage of a real F-104 should be used to replace the old. On the takeoff CGI probably would look just fake enough to be distracting in this case. Its also possible that the new version may have something other than an F-104.

In the preview it looked like some of the original footage of the plane was still there. It was very grainy in the old ep, but they probably cleaned it up. I really cant wait to see the shots of the Enterprise from the ground. They looked cool in the original show, but you can really see where the bluescreen was matted out around the edges.

34. FredCFO – April 28, 2007

– Why give Christopher a Starfleet uniform?

Seems to me that when you compromise a person of the past in Star Trek’s universe, you try to integrate them into 23rd Century society. This was so in Star Trek IV with Dr. Gillian Taylor. They probably intened to make Capt Christopher a 23rd Century officer upon returning to the 23rd Century.

They should have gotten rid of the stock footage completely. It would be so easy to redo the footage using a CG model of the plane…and it would look a million times better (if done right).

I don’t see any way to make that old stock footage look good.