Take A Pledge To ‘The Omega Glory’ Remastered Preview

StarTrek.com have the preview for this weekend’s "The Omega Glory" Remastered

click image to play in WMP or Click Here for QT

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Excellent opening shot with both starships in orbit!! Too bad the rest of the episode is light on the effects. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the massive phaser attacks on the people as mentioned in the script, hence the exhausting of the phaser power packs.

Still the opening shot is a beauty.

Who woulda thought I got in a “first” there? LOL… I know I certainly didn’t aim it to be… but it’s a very cool thing nonetheless.

Rather conspicuous by its absence in the preview is any mention whatsoever of the “Yangs” and “Kohms” nonsense.

That preview makes it look like a pretty good episode, but I know better.

Awsome beauty passes of the two ships. It was actually a pretty decent episode. Can’t wait for Ultimate Computer with all those Starships!!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone… lets all enjoy the most sickeningly patriotic Trek ep of them all!

Nice shot of the Exeter though.

I was ready the Star Trek wiki (memory alpha) for this episode. One effect that wa planned, but never produced, was the Exeter medical officer actually dissolving during his log entry. If this were true, perhaps we’ll see that

One of my all time favorites.

Crusade2267: Ewww! That’s one effect I don’t need to see. And really, if you think about it, how could CBS Digital possibly do that… the effect would be so grotesque that it might make “The Omega Glory” unsuitable for children to watch.

I think “the shat” is a great actor, but in this episode he really, really “hams it up” at the end of this episode!

The finals scenes were so melodramatic and I remember as a kid “rolling my eyes” as I watched it.

Not the worst epeisode in TOS, but definately one of my least favorties!

Mike :o

The clever holiday scheduling almost makes me happy to watch this. Almost. Actually, it’s not too bad until the flag enters and any suspension of disbelief or illusion of Roddenberry as a science-fiction writer is destroyed. From then on, the only way to enjoy the show is to chuckle at the Canadian actor hyperactively selling the US Constitution to aliens, and to give Roddenberry points for being well-intentioned and sincerely patriotic. The message that the words of the Constitution must apply to everyone is never a bad message, after all, and is certainly lost on certain people who currently hold constitutional offices and should know better.

All I can say is, for your sake considering how angry past posts have been in the past on this place on political matters, I recommend you raise shields ASAP. Let’s hope raising shields is not necessary, but I fear it may be.

Post above (#11) is in regard to #10- Magic Al.

I guess they aren’t using NCC1706 for the registry. I see 16 for the first two numbers.

I for one am looking forward to reciting the Eplebnista. Hail to the Chief!


Now…technically, I’m not a full time employee of any ‘one’ branch of government as outlined in the Constitution. I don’t think that message was meant for me!

Gary Seven, my phaser’s on stun, and I don’t think I even fired it. I could not have tweaked unidentified officials any less specifically. Anyone who would blast me for criticizing “their” side must already know something I didn’t say!

Come on people, can we please leave the political garbage and jabs at the Bush administration out of this? It just gets really old. *sigh*

As for the episode, I’ve always enjoyed it for its cool fight scenes with Kirk and Morgan.

The Yangs kept coming and coming. Yikes!

The lighting in the scene with the ships looks flat.
Needs more contrast. Planet could use more atmosphere on the edge. Do any of these folk look at NASA images?
Id swear they use a photoshop plugin that makes planets, cuz they all look like the ones I make.

#10–definitely agreed.

I’ll definitely be interested in reading Dennis Bailey’s thoughts on the FX, since he got to the Exeter first . (And while you’re at it, Dennis, when do we get to see the next act of “The Tressaurian Intersection,” anyway?) This preview itself is a nice shot, and I have no problem with the look of the two ships in orbit per se, but think that the opening shot in the original, with the Enterprise in the foreground and the Exter off in the distance, was actually more dramatic.

FishDS9 called it before I could. Yes, the NCC registry for the Exeter is… wrong.

(This is where we heap tons of praise on Dennis Bailey and his awesome AWESOME CG work for Starship Exeter. NCC-1706 lives on!)

Back to this remastered “The Omega Glory” episode from CBS-Digital: I find myself in a love-hate thing with the opening shot with Enterprise and Exeter orbiting side-by-side. In the original, the distance between the ship positions added to the stigma about the Exeter. Now that the ships are close to one another, the viewer loses what the original episode FX conveyed.

On the flipside, the shot of these two Constitution-class vessels together is an incredible shot: Beautiful lighting, awesome camera work, and near-perfect positioning. Exception work. I’m looking forward to seeing what else has been cleaned up/changed within this episode.

Michael Hall, you playing mind reader? (Since we typed similar posts — and posted at the same time.) :-)

#21 + Dennis Bailey:
I’m sure you are sick of hearing us ask, but it’s because the episode itself so far is excellent and your effects are top notch. I WANT TO SEE IT COMPLETED. Too good to let it die! Please, anything we can look forward to on “The Tressaurian Intersection”???

I’m psyched for the Exeter and Enterprise in orbit and more fun things about this show, even if THE SHAT does go way over the top. he had to outdo Morgan W.’s “He was…..CAST OUT!!!!!!!”

When you have two HAMS like Bill and Morgan sweating it up in a fight, is that known as a PIG ROAST?

I never noticed until now, but anyone remember the first episode of Red Dwarf…and what happened to the crew (except for Lister)?

I love this eppisode! Always was one of my favs…..

Some may remember a TV movie in the early seventies called “Where Have All The People Gone?” with Peter Graves. The idea of people reduced to thier chemical components was lifted straight from “The Omega Glory”, though in WHATPG? it was due to a solar flare while Graves and kids were spelunking. Haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but it had definite creep appeal.

I am always torn about this episode; love the ideas and drama from the first 2 acts and Morgan is great (though not quite the scenery gnasher that Van Gelder was), yet as Magic_Al says, as soon as Old Glory makes his entrance, it’s all over. Love me some flag, but no parallel development is that close (as discussions of Miri brought up last week). As a writer, though, as soon as you decide you can’t hew that closely, you lose the ability to have Kirk recognize the stuff, and you have to re-break the denoument.

The opening shot of TOG was always one I wanted fixed since I was a kid, since they couldn’t have both ships move they had Exeter move, then park, then E comes in, one of TOS’ more obvious FX failures.

Don’t assume the shot in the trailer is the opener for the ep, folks… I have a suspicion we’ll get a closer redo of the old opener. Agree about the flat lighting, but recall some of the “too dark” complaints from earlier eps.

Registry is a puzzler. A minor detail to be sure, yet just the kind of thing that I would expect Okuda to have religion on. Perhaps the thinking was that the similarity to 1701 was a byproduct of reusing a physical model and minimizing the retool, so the original desire would have been more variety if the budget had allowed.

I used to have Shat’s entire WE THE PEOPLE speech on my answering tape. Appropo of nothing.

Can’t they come up with sme more interesting planets?? It’s looks like they’ve been using the same one over and over again. And it appears that the atmosphere is missing also??

We’ve seen far more spectacular planets on Voyager and Enterprise…

The two ships look great though.

Why is the image flipped at 13 seconds into the promo?

As far as Paramount is concerned, the Ex’s registry is NCC 1672

“Ex’s registry is”-used to be-” NCC 1672″ Oh well, they must have changed it when they gave it to Garovick.

Didn’t the first officer fall out of the chair after his dire warning on the recording? then whats’s all this nonsense about showing him disolving? I think if you are willing to send Cbs-D a few thousand dollars, they just might do it. Otherwise I’m not expecting such an effect. :)

#20 (Roger)
Exactly what I thought on seeing it. The planet doesn’t look real. They rarely seem to add any atmosphere and the orbits are usually too far away. If anything, I’d say they’ve successfully created the look of a couple of models in front of a painted disc. I can’t see a single star either.
I think they’re getting tired of it now and are just doing as little as is necessary to get it done.

I think most of that is the low resolution of the screencaptures. You can hardly see the atmosphere from that height.

Seeing the two ships together has whetted my appetite for “Ultimate Computer”. As Joe would say on Family Guy, “BRING IT OOOONNNNN!”

I think Starfleet needs more psych exams for their captains. Both Tracey and Decker in their respective episodes went half-mad. Maybe it’s the “I’ve lost my whole crew” thing, but these guys don’t seem to generally perform well under stress.

I cannot believe how many people like this rubbish episode! The last 15 mins are intolerable rubbish the distorted playing of the Star Spangled Banner and Shatners stammering rendition of the Constitution.

Add to that it is racist; “Americans” are all portrayed as ethnically white Anglo-Saxon in appearance in contrast to the Yangs.

I cannot believe how many people like this rubbish episode! The last 15 mins are intolerable rubbish the distorted playing of the Star Spangled Banner and Shatners stammering rendition of the Constitution.

Add to that it is racist; “Americans” are all portrayed as ethnically white Anglo-Saxon in appearance in contrast to the Yangs.

Not to mention Kirk’s playing fast and loose with the Prime Directive. I say only the eyes of a chief may see the Eplebnista!

38 and 39: ‘Add to that it is racist; “Americans” are all portrayed as ethnically white Anglo-Saxon in appearance in contrast to the Yangs.’

Actually, the Yangs ARE the “Americans”. Yangs = yankees.

The Khoms are depicted as all asian. Khom = communist.

The preview stops, at least on my browser, on the shot of the remains of the crewman on the floor of the bridge next to the captain’s chair.
Perhaps he died as a result of too much Paris Hilton????

Generally agreed that the episode throws any shred of credibility out the window when the flag and the Constitution (complete with identical calligraphy) is brought in. But at the same time it is nice to see Kirk address those artifacts with a degree of reverence – I shudder to think of how this scene would have been written in the Hollywood of today.

#17: Right on! Couldn’t agree more.

#29: It kind of makes sense that many planets in TOS would look the same. You know, Hodgkin’s Law and all. Also there’s only a very limited environmental range that humans can really live comfortably in (must be the correct distance from the sun, must have similar atmospheric chemistry, must have a similar quantity of water available), so it’s at least superficially logical that planets providing that environmental range would look similar. And I suppose superficial logic is better than no logic, right?

#37: The story device of other Starfleet officers going whacko for one reason or another was overdone, but it did make for a few good stories, Doomsday Machine chief among them.

You know, my 11th grade history class began by watching a documentary about the American Dream, and it used a lot of clips from this episode (And bizzarly, Voyager’s “Caretaker”), and interspersed with Shatners constitution reading and debates with Captain Tracy were interviews about what America means. I love America, and despite the country’s problems today (or in the 1960s), the framers of the constitution meant well. Hats off to Roddenberry for keeping alive the spirit of America, even in the midst of so much turmoil.

That said, I don’t like the way the episode hits you over the head with the message. Other TOS eps are much more subtle… even “A Private Little War,” with its discussion of Vietnam is more subtle.

So it doesn’t all make sense. It has Morgan Woodward in all his craggy glory.

And written by the Great Bird, himself.

I wonder if there might be any end-of-episode shots of the Enterprise leaving with the Exeter in tow? Obviously at some point Starfleet recovered the vessel and it would make sense that the Enterprise would bring the ship back with them. Was that ever covered in the “Starship Exeter” Internet based stories?

In any event, it would make for a nice departure shot and I am pretty sure the original episode effects included an end of episode departure shot as most of them did.

5. Crusade2267 – June 27, 2007
Happy 4th of July everyone… lets all enjoy the most sickeningly patriotic Trek ep of them all!

Ingrates are free to leave any time you like — no one has put a “phaser” gun to your head to make you stay.

Unlike the Soviet Union and the Maoist People’s Republic of China.

Frankly, the idea of “Eeb pebnista” sends chills down my spine, even now, just thinking of the blood sacrifice of my forefathers. And it’ll be a cold in (you-know-where) before I apologize for being an American.

38. ENGLISH TREKKER – June 28, 2007
I cannot believe how many people like this rubbish episode! The last 15 mins are intolerable rubbish the distorted playing of the Star Spangled Banner and Shatners stammering rendition of the Constitution.

Add to that it is racist; “Americans” are all portrayed as ethnically white Anglo-Saxon in appearance in contrast to the Yangs.


Ah yes, when all else fails, call the hated honky a “racist”. God deliver us from those such as you.

And remember, “anti-racism”, “internationalism” and “The New Soviet Man” are COMMUNIST/BOLSHEVIK/Frankfurt School propaganda. As an Englishman, you should be ashamed to mindlessly spout such insulting pablum.

(Next thing, you’ll have “The Star Spangled Banner” will be overdubbed by “The Internaionale”.)

Sign me:


Gotta problem with that? Come meet me in Philadelphia any time you’ve got the backbone.

E-Plabnista, that’s cool!