Made Trailer for ‘Star Trek’ (2008)

Since everyone else is doing it…

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You may notice that this uses the cgi from community member Buckaroohawk…with his permission. I have been talking about doing a trailer for a long time along with Paul and Rick and when Buckaroo sent me his I was suprised at how close it was to the visuals I had in mind already. I decided to use it along with the music, script and clips we had planned out. I want to thank Buckaroohawk for providing me with a high res version. Also wanted to thank both Rick Kelvington and Spockboy Paul for their advice, help and Vegas Video tips. 


If you like the video…spread it around. This is both to promote the movie and of course this site. 


For those interested here are the sources for the video:

CGI Effects: Buckaroohawk

Video Clips: from Star Trek "This Side of Paradise," "Arena," "Amok Time," and "Corbomite Maneuver"

Audio Clips: from Star Trek "The Ultimate Computer," "Mirror Mirror"

Sound Effects: from Star Trek: The Motion Picture & ‘Large Spaceship Pass’ (by Matt G at Free Sound Project)

Music: ‘Main Theme- Star Trek Generations’ by Dennis McCarthy

Editing: Sony Vegas 7.0


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well done, folks!!


Cool Trailer! I wonder how the music of Trek XI will be? Will they try to do similar Trek music?

cool trailer and well done

Now THAT is a trailer folks!!!!!!

Chills. Just… chills. Well done.

they need good star trek music in the new movies, they can add new stuff , but i think they should rework the some of the old stuff too , just so it will feel like star trek . oh and that trailier was really cool , good work. i bet the first real trailiers will be pure teasers , i would expect to actually see one , soon , cause you dont need actors for most teasers , just something like that , some cgi and the new enterprise , and then the date . i say when i see the full real tailer for the new movie , that will it finally sink in that star trek is back !

Best of the fan trailers I’ve seen so far.

Great job. I liked how you used the music to really make it dramatic and all. That is definitely a trailer! I can’t wait for the real teaser to come out. I think I’ll become giddy like a school girl. LOL

Already giving me goosebumps… well done!

Brought a tear to me eye!

Now THAT’S a great trailer. A lot of the other stuff I’ve seen on YouTube has been total crap.

Nicely done!

Such kind words from everyone! I’m both touched and honored to have been a small part of this project. I’d like to thank Anthony for the invitation to help, and Rick and Spockboy for their assistance and advice.

So glad you’re all enjoying it. Now spread it around. Let’s get the word out!

Thank you all!




Care to share some of the technical details of how you put this together–software used, time involved, etc.? I’d be very interested, and I think others would as well.

Very nice job.

Major Joe Ely Carrales, CAP

It looks good, the ambiguous images and Enterprise works for thsi stage of the project.

Inifintely better than anything similar I have seen before. Huzzah and kudos to everyone.

Love it!!

Very nice… nicely restrained but still evocative. :)

Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space

That was fantastic! I’ve always loved the Generations score.

Nice except for the use of crappy TNG music.

Is there some kind of symbolism between how the Enterprise fades in from the glare of the sun, as a counterpoint to how it departs at the end of Undiscovered Country?

If so… Nice. :)

Awesome…had the chills as well.
(Must see a doctor about that)

yeah, it’s fan made but it still got me excited!!

You da man! Simple and to the point.

I hope that the first trailer that we see is as half as good as this one is. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By far the best yet. Explains where you’ve been hiding the last day or so, Tony. :P

Josh T. ( The tall request for the the tall ship by the tall star ) Kirk Esquire'

I think as far as music we are in good hands, the guy doing the score did a host of Medal of Honor games, and Spielberg reffered to him as a “young Johnny Williams”, as his themes are truly evocative of Williams style.

Josh T. ( The tall request for the the tall ship by the tall star ) Kirk Esquire'


I challenge anyone to look up and find , listen to “Arknam Knights” on the Medal of Honor Frontline soundtrack and not get choked up, it’s haunting.

If anyone wants to hear a taste of Michael Giacchino (probably spelled wrong), he did the music for Ratatouille. I personally thought that it was well done.

Josh T. ( The tall request for the the tall ship by the tall star ) Kirk Esquire'

scroll down and listen to track 11.


Josh T. ( The tall request for the the tall ship by the tall star ) Kirk Esquire'

Of course it also helps to visualize while you listen yourself as a dough boy linked to a british regiment defending a burned out town against German regiments with a constant tat tat tat tat Boom, Tat tat Boom and people screaming bloody murder for backup

I rarely post here but I have to say that was pretty damn cool and sent a chill through me. Great job. Made Trailer Enjoyed

a falta de uno oficial, este trailer esta estupendo, yuuuuuhuuuuuuu:)

enhorabuena trekmovie

*25, agree with you there. If that wasn’t intentional then it worked for me!

Really really great work. Hopefully, the official promotion will be as emotional and Trek-like…doubtful though since it’s not a fan movie…

Not bad, although the ‘Generations’ music sligtly puts me off because it reminds me of Generations…

very nice

Wow! Just, WOW!

Anthony, that is the best Star Trek movie teaser I have seen since the one for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country featuring clips from TOS and the TOS movies projected onto the Enterprise.

J.J. Abrams and Paramount would be remiss to not contact you about using that trailer for their initial promotion.

The only legal difficulty I can think of that could prevent that from happening is the fact that the text is similar to the initial trailers for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Anthony, I seriously suggest that you make this trailer the flash intro to your site, at least up until the premiere of the movie. What a way to make an impression on new visitors to your site.

Will they still using the same opening theme music or an updated version of? You know the Da, Da, Da? I think that’s how it goes. :)

Kirk: The Jack Bauer Of Space

44 – I sure hope so. I remember that was missing from TMP, and as great as the score was for TMP (it was eventually used for TNG), it suffered a little (more) from not having that at the beginning. Then it was brought back for TWOK. I remember seeing TWOK in the theater, and when that music hit, the crowd stood and cheered! Following that opening came James Horner’s score, which is arguably the best score written for Trek.

not bad

Lord Garth Formerly of Izar

Marta dances for your efforts

If the trailer is likethat ill do the shat funk in the theatre – Whoooo!

Well Done!

“45. I remember that was missing from TMP, and as great as the score was for TMP (it was eventually used for TNG), it suffered a little (more) from not having that at the beginning.”

The main title score for Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country did not have the fanfare at the beginning either, but that was still a great score and a great movie. But it did have the fanfare at the end of the movie and in the end credits.

The real transgression of the TMP score was that it did not have the fanfare at all anywhere in the movie. It did have strains of the main original series theme in the movie, but no iconic fanfare.

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