Shatner & Lindelof Nominated For Emmys

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the nominees for the 59th annual Emmy Awards and there are a few Trek connections. William Shatner (TOS: Kirk) was again nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Dramatic Series (for Boston Legal). This is Shatner’s fourth year in a row being nominated (he now has a total of five nominations and two wins: 2004 & 2005). Shatner will be going up against Masi Oka who plays the Star Trek fan Hiro Nakamura on Heroes (Oku’s father is played by George Takei) as well as Lost’s Terry O’Quinn who had a guest spot on TNG. Heroes picked up a total of eight nominations(including Best Dramatic Series), but no nomations for Zachary Quinto (potential new Spock), George Takei (TOS: Sulu) or Greg Grunberg (J.J.Abrams best friend and almost certain Star Trek 2008 cameo). Although he is not nominated for it, the "The Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner" was nominated for Outstanding Variety, Music Or Comedy Special.

Lindelof v Moore
For the third year in a row Star Trek (2008) producer Damon Lindelof has been nominated for Outstanding Writing in A Dramatic Series (for Lost). Lost, which Lindelof co-created with Star Trek director J.J. Abrams received a total of six nominations, but that is less than the first two seasons (and this year is the first time the show was not nominated for Best Dramatic Series). Lindelof and Abrams shared the Emmy for Outstanding Dramatic Series for the Lost’s first season. Lindelof will be going up against Trek alum and Battlestar Galactica co-creator Ron Moore for the Best Writing Emmy. BSG picked up a total of four nominations, including visual effects nods for Trek vets Doug Drexler and Gary Hutzel,

The 59th annual Emmy Awards will be broadcast Sunday September 16th on Fox.

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That seems like a pretty impressive number of noms for sci-fi/fantasy related shows in one year… a record maybe? Anybody?

Another reason to bring back SHATNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shatner should get the Emmy for Most Acting.

Congrats to the BsG guys for getting a writing nomination. That’s no easy feat for a cable sci-fi series.

It’s important to get Greg Grunberg in there. But hell, let’s not bring in the biggest Trek icon ever. Write him out and lie about it.

Can anyone hear that sound? It sounds like the same ol’ train a comin’.

I think it’s great that “the Shat” is again nominated for his role on Boston Legal. Denny Crane is arguably his best role since playing Capt. Kirk in TOS.

But I’m actually quite surprised that the “Shatner Roast” was nominated for anything! I didn’t find the roast to be all that funny, and many of the jokes were quite vulgar and tasteless IMHO. And what was with all those gay “Sulu jokes”? Who was being roasted, Shatner or Takei??

Mike :o

It’s good to see Shatner get another nod this year. This is arguably the best period of his career; he stars in an Emmy-winning role on a well-written, well-performed TV show, and he has become a cultural icon. I hope he is in the new movie, because no matter what anyone has said (even Shatner himself), we still do not know with any certainty that he has been intentionally excluded from it.

This doesn’t really fit here (won’t really fit anywhere), but I thought I would mention Bob Sarlatte will be a guest on Letterman next week. Sarlatte played the waiter in Trek IV (“Who gets the bad news?”)

I emailed the show ( and asked them if Dave could mention it and ask him a question about his appearance in the film. I also warned them I would mention this on a Trek website and they might get flooded with mail re Sarlatte. It’s not that big of a deal, but it would be cool if it was mentioned. Sarlatte is pretty funny, and I’m sure he has some anecdote about his brief appearance with Shatner he could mention. If you are so inclined, send them a mail.

As Emily Litella used to say, “Never mind.” My email to The Late Show just came back – mailbox full. If someone wants to call them or something, I’m still taking credit for the idea it if it’s mentioned.