Red Shirt Compiliation(s)

The KvP script contest is now over (final script here). Wil Wheaton and KvP team have put together one their last vlogs…a great compilation of Red Shirt deaths.

It will be interesting to see if Abrams keeps the red shirt tradition for his new Star Trek…I vote for his best friend Greg Grunberg to be the first red shirt to bite it.

More red shirt fun

Found this very strange video on Youtube…they call this kind of thing ‘filk

and other recommended by "woulfe"

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There’s a great music video on YouTube about ‘Red Shirts’ set to Queen’s “Anther One Bites The Dust”…..

You can imagine how it goes ;)

– W –
* Another One Bites The Dust (clip of dieing redshirt) *

“I vote for his best friend Greg Grunberg to be the first red shirt to bite it.”

LOL! What an honor that would be. I second the motion!

Didn’t Split Enz have a song called “I See Red”?

Now that’s what Trek’s really all about!

I’m not worthy! These are great, i’d really love to see a nod to the Redshirt. maybe a memorial at Starfleet Command “Tomb of the unknown Redshirt”

Gee. I’m astonished… All these hardcore Trekkerrs, and they don’t even know what Filk means? I’m shocked.

Yeah, right.

Red shirt?

Oh, good grief…

I like what Will Wheaton said about red shirt death and Hamlet. People suddenly getting killed were a ‘device’ to let us know that people could die on other worlds: “Captain! Mr. Kelaway is gone, burned alive! I’m so shocked cause he smelled like great barbeque, too!”

And we feel the danger to our beloved characters. And later the red shirt thing became a cliché for some great comedy bits. (As the one in the preceding paragraph should never be).

I do think there were some serious doctorial dissertations on this subject as well as on analysis of crew deployment for the Starship Enterprise.

So lots of red shirt guys died and McCoy always said, “he’s dead Jim”, too many times as well.

But the original trek isn’t perfect: it never was or will be. It’s not the point. But it’s still a cool show.

Good job Will Wheaton….

Filk? What the hell is that?

Sounds like the name of a new Vulcan folk tune or something.
Something you wrote perhaps?

“Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, where is my Jim Beam?”

#1 and #2

Grunberg was the first “red shirt” to bite it on Lost!

I never noticed before… but many of the redshirts died more than once… Perhaps Dr. McCoy was really that goo afterall, haha.

I was wondering when someone would post a link to Wikipedia.. What a bunch’a so-called “Trekkers” who don’t even know what “Filking” is for Pete’s sake. If you’ve got to look it up, you’re looking for action in the wrong place in the first place.


#s 8, 9 13 & 14

I guess no one noticed my attempt at writing Filk lyrics then (#9) ???


yeah very funny ,it only became cliché becouse it was done if it had not been done something else wound have been like why dont people every die whan on mission that are deadly(ie the a-team), if you want to see more red shirts die and funny then checks this site out Click here:

What does Filk have to do with Red shirts? I didn’t see any lyrics. All you people harassing those that don’t need to get a clue yourselves.

All you need to know is if you hear the word “filk” at a convention you are to run the nearest direction that is away.

I had hoped the phrase filk singer was gone. (shudders)