Comic Con: Abrams Confirms Nimoy and Quinto – Still Wants Shatner + New Poster [UPDATED + Photos]

Highlights from Comic Con panel on  (2008):

  • All producers attended (Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman, Lindelof, Burk, and Leopold)
  • Poster revealed (right)
  • Zachary Quinto introduced as new Spock
  • Leonard Nimoy introduced to be in the film (playingSpock)
  • Abrams says they are ‘desperately’ trying to find a way to get William Shatner into the film, but will not just ‘shove him in’
  • No Kirk has been cast
  • Quinto will be influenced by Nimoy’s take, but will put own spin. Honored to be working with Nimoy.
  • Nimoy says script is ‘fabulous’ and predicts "this is going to be a great movie"

UPDATE: Watch the video

More quotes from Abrams, Quinto and Nimoy below

Abrams opening remarks on franchise, script, and why he chose to direct:

It is an amazing honor to be here talking about Star Trek. We go into production in November. It is an incredible thing. Obviously this is a series that I loved as a kid. While I was always, sort of honestly, more of a Star Wars kid than a Star Trek kid…I love Trek. The excitement for us is the ability for us to take this amazing world that Gene Roddenberry created – which is remarkable – and these incredible characters and show them in a way you haven’t seen them. It’s tricky because this matters to so many people and you can’t screw this up and it is sort of a tightrope on the one hand, but I was producing this movie and not directing it. But when I read the script I realized I was going to be so damn jealous of anyone directing this movie. It wasn’t the movie because I drank the Kool-aid and loved Star Trek, it is because the script was great. It was because characters were amazing and it was alive and funny and scary and an adventure. I showed it to my wife who is the last person who would be into Trek and she read it and said ‘you should direct this movie.’ So we went to Paramount and we said this is what we wanted to do and we are just honored to be here and do this. We are obviously a long way away…there is another comic con plus six months before the movie comes out.

Abrams on Shatner and new Kirk casting:

The thing about casting Trek is how do you possibly top or even match the cast of The Original Series…and that is really where this film takes place. William Shatner…I have met him a number of times and he is the greatest. We are desperately trying to find a way to put him in this movie. The truth is: it needs to be worthy of him – it needs to be worthy of you – it needs to be worthy to the movie. We cannot just shove him in. It would be a disaster. You would hate it, he wouldn’t like it…it would be bad. So we are on that. And we are looking for a Kirk, cause that’s tough too. So Kirks?…any ideas for Kirks? We are taking Kirk names.

Abrams introducing Nimoy

It it going to be an amazing honor to get to say action and cut to this gentlemen. He is going to put the pointed ears on one more time for Star Trek. Ladies and gentlemen Leonard Nimoy

Quinto (on if his performance will be influenced by Nimoy)

As much as he wants it to be I supposed. It is pretty incredible to be part of something so iconic and to be doing with the support and involvement of the man who created the role is a true honor. I certainly intend to bring my own spin on it and working with these guys I am sure we will find that. But it is really nice to know that he is behind it himself.

Nimoy on Quinto and Script

People are asking me why I am doing this movie and think the answer is pretty simple. We have a great director and a wonderful actor playing the young Spock. The answer is that it was logical. By the way I should mention this is a fabulous script…this is going to be a great movie. And I mean that, I don’t say these things lightly. It is a wonderful script and great team putting it together.


Director JJ Abrams w/ his Spocks (Quinto and Nimoy)

Exec. producers: Bryan Burk, Stratton Leopold, Roberto Orci (co-writer), Alex Kurtzman (writer) and producer Damon Lindelof


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No Kirk cast yet? Well that’s disappointing.

Oh well, Nimoy and Qunito confirmed and a new poster. Awesome! :)

Excellent! We may yet see elder Kirk one last time! There are always possibilities…

Shatner to return? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Oh come on folks back me up!!!


I was expecting… more. Well, at least we gots our Spock nailed down.

Nimoy as Spock, eh? Now I’m more interested in Shatner returning than ever. If we’re getting any of the original cast as their original character, I’d like to see Kirk’s death put right.

I was hoping for a bit more too, but it’s still early days. They can make all the casting announcements they want – I’m not going to get overwrought about it until it’s in the theatres.
I got seriously excited about Enterprise based on it’s pre-launch publicity – “TOS Prequel Yahoo!”. And it sucked wind uphill.

Excellent news. I was not big on Quinto at first, but the more I see him the more I think he’s the right choice for young Spock.

I think…I hope…JJ has this thing on the right track!

yeah me to i wound love to see kirk brought back from the dead, im very pleased the qunito is playing spock i bloody good choice and its nice to hear jj ask us the fans who shound play young kirk

It would be cool having Shatner in the movie but how can they still get him in the movie if the script is already writen? I guess they could still do some revisions? What about Shatner playing Kirk’s father, George Kirk? Also this movie doesn’t have anything to do with Shatner’s “The Return” series?

Oh, to be there!

this early to production, and they don’t have the two lead roles cast yet?? what’s the holdup with Shatner? Somehow I doubt that Abrams wanted to make this “major casing announcement” without Kirk in hand — something is definitely not good here.

Hey, Jamie Bamber is an awesome suggestion!!! He could easily fill the roll!

BSG is rumored to end after this season as well. Would he be available?

Quinto is a good choice. Nimoy as Spock is a bonus!

Half midnight, so happy! Another whisky!!!! :)

#7 Roadblock — I agree.

I was hoping Abrams would give us some totally new information that was not already being bandied about as a rumor…I guess the fact that Abrams confirmed he wants Shatner could be considered new.

But having said that, I suppose the confirmation of the rumors about Quinto and Nimoy is still pretty cool.

oops, role….

Yo diggity check it…. Dat Kurt Russell and dem blokes bettah find a way to gets me main geezah Shatner into dis joint, aiiiiight!

Good news overall, though. I’m excited.



He’s no salami!!!

I love Star Trek, I think people want something new. I just hope this movie has something to bring in new viewers. Kirk has had his time. I’m just worried that it’s going to look like a fancy TOS episode and they would then really struggle to bring in new viewers that they want. Don’t get me wrong I’m not picking on TOS but I want Star Trek to go on forever and I think you need totally new stuff to make non-trek people interested

Kirk and Spock just before Generations – a bit of CGI smoothing and easy.

Okay, so they’ve pretty much just confirmed everything I already pretty much thought. Though the fact that they are trying to find a way to bring Shatner in is great news to me. I didn’t expect young Kirk to be cast yet. There’s been no rumors yet (since Damon) and as we have seen, it’s difficult to keep a secret when it comes to these kinds of things. The trick is weeding out all the crap.

I was still hoping to hear more about the direction they plan on going with the look and what not.

I still think the fact that they’re not going to do a full on reboot is very promising.

BTW, there isn’t enough bandwith to keep up with all the people who’ve come here to find out.

With Abrams and his team looking to revise the script to include Shatner I would think that suggests the framework of this film taking place before the events of Generations. At a point where they could rather easily drop in Shats next to Nimoy.

To include a rescue and resurrection would, I think ,probably be a major rewrite at this point.

Nimoy back. Shatner possibly… things are looking good.

That new poster… M Very meh. Looks like an ad from a 1967 TV Guide.


The fact of the matter is that a sure home run for these guys would be to get Shatner. In that scenario, I see this being the biggest Trek movie, ever, hands down. Shatner of course knows this, so they are going to have to PAY to PLAY. Literally, they are going to get what they pay for in this instance. Shatner is the difference between the franchise living and dying, as he always was.

Nah dudes, I’m just bullshitting, I don’t anything about this sort of thing. But its what I feel in my heart. And I am ALWAYS right that way.



Spock and Zpock in the same flick. I’m happy. Can’t wait for the next nugget.
Jamie Bamber is a fine actor with a bright future. Could be… but, there are lots of good ones on the table.

Any news on other characters (McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, etc.)? Are they even being cast?


Nimoy is in !!!

Shatner may be in!!!

This is the best day in the ST universe in 16 years.

My interest in this film just went up 1000%

J.J. get the Shat back in ST.

I have some hope yet!! Shatner back as Kirk and Kirk no longer dead. They could be working out how to fix the grave wrongs of “Generations”. Maybe my Star Trek is coming back!! Maybe I will no longer have to pretend that Kirk is alive! Please let this happen.

I’m not sold on Jamie Bamber– but you know what? I really don’t have any better ideas. Surprise us, J.J.! (Oh, wait, that’s what today was for… : )

That sounded snide; sorry. Of course this is all great news so far!!
I want to know about the look and production design — what are they doing to OUR ship?

How about Jensen Ackles for Kirk?

Shot of Quinto and Nimoy over at Ain’t It Cool….also….Karen Allen is in Indy IV!

21: Agreed. This is a huge opportunity to refresh the franchise and make it meaningful for new generations. I hope this isn’t a sign that the movie will be pandering to the hardcore fans at the expense of the future. I’m hoping that J.J.A. and the others involved know better than to do this, but I’m a bit more worried now than I was yesterday.

Glad to see J.J. is still working on getting Shatner back in it as Kirk. My feeling is that Nimoy is being quite the cheerleader in this respect. I also think the Web fever over this issue has definitely gotten back to Abrams. You have to think it’s difficult enough to get old Spock into this. Hopefully they’ll figure something out. I also think they are more concerned with writing old Kirk in to the script and make it interesting and worthwhile to Shatner and the fans, than simply getting around Generations continuity. Again, this is hollywood, and to tell a bunch of film makers they can’t add something cool into a movie because of some canon, they aren’t going to be swayed off that easily. Good luck to J.J. and team.

Just got home and saw the news. Good news, though how weird is that, 2 Spocks! Great news that they hope to get Shatner in the film. I hope they succeed.

I like the new logo, very retro.

So in which time period do you think the Nimoy-as-Spock parts of this movie will take place…Post-Nemesis?

Nimoy as Spock, what’s the deal here then, not a reboot afterall?

As an old TOSer (ha ha), I’m very pleased with the way everything’s been handled so far. You get a feel for these things via the casting, and Quinto felt right. Including Nimoy and trying to include Shatner is beyond classy, and the ultra-retro poster art shows an embracing of what people loved before and not an attempt to hold it at arm’s length *ahem*Berman*ahem* So, I approve, J.J. I know you were holding your breath awaiting my approval :-)

Love the news !

Love the poster !

Poster is on desktop right now ;)

– W –
* Retro is in, didn’t you get the memo ? *

That poster is great,now we need the movie to back it up!

22 – Al, I could be wrong, but I’m not sure that Nimoy would go for being CGI’d into a younger look. And to do both he and Shatner, might be a bit costly. The DirecTV add was cool, but pretty goofy looking. In terms of the time period for the old Spock (and possibly Kirk), much of that depends on how they will interact with the younger versions. You have to assume this will happen, right? Would it not be a waste to get Nimoy and possibly Shatner just for a flashback?

32 – Jensen Ackles is a favorite of mine as well, love Supernatural. Not sure if they’d be able to squeeze him in with that show’s schedule, as they already have to work around Quinto. Shatner’s schedule is an issue if he gets the part written in, but you’d have to think it would be much less screen time. I would submit Justin Chatwin (a Canadian), from War of the Worlds, and had a powerful guest role on Lost in a John Locke flashback.

#38 Sean Graff:

Who, except the press and some disgruntled fanboys, ever stated that this would be a reboot? Everything Abrams, Kurtzman, and Orci have said has indicated this would fit in with established Trek history, although some of the asthetic — the ‘look’ — would be re-imagined.

No one ever stated it would be, I just kinda hoped it would be, now I just gotta cross my fingers and hope they can wedge more prequel into the existing continuity and do it better than the terrible two did.

I’m not surprised there wasn’t a young Kirk announcement. It almost certainly would have been leaked already like Quinto’s was.

And if they are going to bring Kirk back, I’d rather they just COMPLETELY IGNORE Generations rather than attempt a convoluted explanation for his return.

I’m a little bit disappointed — this is just more or less what we already knew or suspected. I really, really wanted to see some production artwork — specifically the Enterprise design (even if it’s still provisional at this point).

Still, I’m tentatively optimistic about the project. A lot of it will come down to how good the script is.

JAMIE BAMBER is not a bad suggestion.

While I would prefer to see Matt Damon instead of Jamie Bamber as Kirk, I think JJ is more likely to go with Bamber.

I found this picture of Bamber floating weightless in a golden tunic. Don’t tell me you can’t picture him in the Captain’s chair already:

“I don’t believe in the no win scenario.”
This is a great day in Star Trek and the hope for the return of Shatner at least tells us that JJ’s heart is in the right place!
Casting Kirk though, may require an unknown, I can’t come up with anyone well-known under 35. The part requires some gravitas.
I would submit Christian Bale, if he wasn’t Batman already, I don’t knnow, Shatner casts a long shadow.
Has Shatner made any suggestions?

45 – Exactly DavidJ. My assumption is they are trying to work Shatner in as a meaningful part of the story, as they likely already have with Nimoy. A matter of putting old Kirk in without breaking the script. Very commonplace in screen writing. If I were them, the more important how is how to get old Spock and possibly Kirk into this story, and interact with the younger versions potentially, not how to get around Generations. Because Berman, Braga and Moore thoughtfully put Kirk’s Enterprise-B mishap immediately after ST VI, it would require extensive CGI work on both actors to keep Generations continuity. The easiest and IMO only way to bring Shatner back, as Kirk, is to ignore Generations (possibly offering an explanation in the form of a comic book or something or other down the road). I’m also not sensing Shatner would be written in as George Kirk, Sr. These guys seem too excited at the thought of working with Nimoy and Shatner as their original roles to do that.

5. MP – July 26, 2007 I’ll back you up!