Variety: ‘Star Trek’ Starts Shooting November 5th – Abrams Sells Another Film Project To Paramount

In an article about a new film project being set up at Paramount by J.J. Abrams company Bad Robot, Variety states shooting will start on the new Star Trek feature on November 5th. This is the first time I have seen a specific date, but it is in line with other recent reports both in the media and from sources at the studio. So assuming this all pans out, we are 89 days away cameras rolling. This would make it exactly 32 months since the last time any Star Trek was shot at Paramount (principle photography on Star Trek Enterprise ceased on March 5th, 2005).

The new project Abrams has lined up at Paramount is an ‘ untitled supernatural thriller.’ from writer/director Josh Marston (Maria Fullof Grace). As per usual…no other details were available.According to Variety this will be the seventh project set up under Abrams multi-picture deal with Paramount and it is expected that Abrams’ production company will deliver at least two films per year for the next 5 years for Paramount. With all the projects (on both TV and Film) that Abrams has going as a producer, it is a big endorsement that he still decided to direct the Star Trek feature. 

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November 5th… I’m thinking they’ve got to have preliminary designs for the Enterprise, sets, and uniforms by now!

When will we get the leaks? :-)

Remember, remember, the 5th of November…

No doubt there will be leaks, pictures of sets and so on, pictures of extras on their cigarette break in makeup and uniform.

My godness … 2 films a year? That’s quite a challenge.

The final shooting draft of the script is probably pretty much locked by now which means…..

No older Kirk/Shatner.

May the pillars of heaven quake.

#5 What does that have to do with the shooting schedule or Abrams? Stay on topic, people! :P

Since the topic’s been brought up, though, I wouldn’t give up on the possibility of Shatner appearing just yet. There’s nearly three months left, quite enough time for some rewrites. I have a theory, though, that this whole “Shatner’s not in it” thing is actually just a ruse – it’s possible Shatner’s already part of the deal, they’re just waiting until they cast the young Kirk so they can announce them both at the same time, like they did with Nimoy/Quinto.

Hey, it’s possible… Hollywood folk can be very sneaky people. ;)

They will crank this out in a manner that is a bit above a miniseries. With that said, a minseries can easily be better than a common feature film with the amazing CGI and digital 24p cameras.

any word on the location?

#8 Several sets at Paramount, and Iceland was mentioned here.

89 days until cameras start rolling… Lots of casting, contracts to sign, sets to build. Time’s a wasting.

The fat lady is gargling

505 dtst

Hope he keeps all his focus on this little Star Trek Movie in the meantime… ;)

August 8th, September, October, November 5th, hmm not long to complete casting. Hopefully it means it wont be that long and all the rumors about the cast will be over atleast.

I Wonder how long the shoot will last.

I want a high definition shot of ILM’s digital Enterprise. Or I want to wake up one morning and hear that the glass case at the Air and Space Museum’s gift shop is empty.

I’d prefer everything to be digital, but I wouldn’t mind them using the model since it would silence some of you naysayers around here…

“Or I want to wake up one morning and hear that the glass case at the Air and Space Museum’s gift shop is empty.”

LMAO: someone’s stealing the Enterprise

£50 says it’s Shatner :)


*big laugh*
At least it would explain why Kirk wouldn’t be in the new movie:

Bill, you do this, you’ll never sit in the Captain’s chair again! :)


I didn’t mean it like that, but that’d be great if Shatner held the model hostage for a role.

14. Lol!!

Then Paramount would just laugh and say “Ha ha, Bill, the joke’s on you… this movie is based on the adventures of the S.S. Faerie Queen, so we doan need no stinkin’ Enterprise!”


how does holding a model hostage work then??

“gimme a part or the nacelle gets it”


#18 “adventures of the S.S. Faerie Queen”
So, Cruise HAS been cast in the movie, then?

Let the leaking begin!!!! Set photos, cast pics, costume!!!! Our new mission is to be ever vigillante, ever searching the web for any tidbits. And then spilling the beans right here amongst our little family.

Can’t wait to see some costume, props, and set shots.

#21 “right here amongst our little family”
Well put! I’d say this group is about as dysfunctional as most families!

#22… OMG, me either! I wanna see what the ship exterior is gonna look like, at least! Bring it on!

(at the same time, I don’t want to see too much… I remember my excitement level being so much lower when Spider-Man came out, due to my lack of self control when it comes to too much info, spy photos, spoilers…)

I hope the running time is ridiculously excessive. In the 3 hours plus range. It could be truly expansive in the huge Trekverse and be like getting a few movies at once!

How does one get to be an extra on this anyway? I haven’t found anything online.

2 hours 43 minutes would be ideal!

come on why no timer yet for movie countdown!!!

Aaron R.

How about Eric Johnson ( Flash Gordon, Smallville) or Justin Hartly ( The Green arrow Smallville) for the Young Kirk?

Justin Hartly is a shitty actor, his Green Arrow was the worst!!

A couple articles In HollywoodReporter and about the new Checkov are saying it is about the Enterprise and their Academy days. That’s not true right? I hope it’s when Kirk first gets command of the 1701. That would be cool if they showed Pike handing over command of the 1701 to Kirk.

I still can’t believe this is all happening, only a year and a bit ago Trek was dead, down, out, gone, a laughing stock – cancelled! Now its one of the most anticipated movies of 2008. Tentpole, big budget, recasting TOS – holy shit!

#29 Eric Johnson is a musician, I don’t know the name if we’re talking about actors…

Does anybody remember the art concept of Star Trek Phase 2? The ship looked new, but it was clearly the Enterprise, the interiors were a mixture of Classic and TMP and the uniforms were just upgraded. That’s how they’re suppost to do it now!

#31 I don’t trust that rumor about the Enterprise in the accademy-years. The NCC-1701 refit was the accedemy flagship between 2276 and 2286 (Star Trek 3). The Crew was already old in those years, they wouldn’t cast young actors it it would be otherwise…

Dammit Jim! This whole 20-something, “Stardate 90210” (I just came up with that on the fly) just won’t work! Nobody puts a 25 year old in charge of a capital warship.

Here’s a ship interior from Phase II (I think this is McCoy’s office):

and the RARELY seen Phase II concept art for V’ger
(which is not even in the book written by
Garfield and Reeves — for SHAME!!!
Instead, the Abel studio’s artwork by Richard Taylor
is mistakenly identified as the P2 V’ger.
It is not! See below!):

All artwork was created by the late Mike Minor, who worked on the original series and was the production artist for Phase II.

The above is a kind of followup to post #33….just FYI…;-)

WOW I’ve never seen that V’ger photo! But That’s the way I expect ST XI to be: fresh, modern, but still traditionalistic enough to recognice the Enterprise interiors. The outlook should maybe stay how it is, maybe except the deflector…

agreeing with #32 , a year it was dark dark days for trek , no new movie , no new tv esp , people where saying trek was dead . it was weird for me , i am only 20 , so i have never not had star trek , and have alot of respect for the fans who where around from the end of the tv show and had to wait on the first moive , but yay star trek is back , and its going to be great ! or at least it better be or else !

Star Trek will never die.

Remember that. ;)

I wish some people would get over the age thing. Acting and a little makeup is all it takes.

(sung to Gilligan’s Island tune)

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from a starship port
Aboard this mighty ship

The first mate was a Vulcan man,
The captain brave and thin
430 crew set sail that day
For a 5 year mission, a 5 year mission

The weather started getting rough,
The mighty ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Enterprise would be lost, the Enterprise would be lost

The ship achieved orbit of this uncharted desert planet
With Spock
The Captain too,
The Doctor and his Nurse,
The Chief Engineer
The Navigator and Chekhov,
Here on some unknown planet!

(this is what comes from drinking too much Romulan Ale! Urrrpp!!)

#43 Drink as much Ale as you want, as long as you save peace between Klingons and the Federation or as long as you produce such wonderfull poems like that :)

#43 The last part would go better with the actual Gilligan’s theme if it went something like:

“The ship achieved orbit of this uncharted desert world
With Kirk and Spock
The Doctor, too
The engineer and his scotch
That Russian guy
Sulu and Uhura
Here on a strange new world!”

Just a thought :P

Sounds like Abrams is spreading himself awfully thin.

Directing a film is an intensive, more-than-full-time job, during the 3 months, or, so, of shooting. And, even after that, there’s editing, ADR and re-shoots to be done.

Is he going to be able to give “Star Trek” the attention that it deserves, when he’s directing yet another film, and producing a few TV shows?

How many other projects was Nick Meyer working on, when he did TWOK?