New Art for ST Online + Screenshots from Conquest

Recently new artwork has been revealed for the only two Star Trek games currently in development. First up Perpetual has put up out their second ‘DevBlog’ for their upcoming MMORPG game "Star Trek Online." This one is written by one of their QA testers describing playing an early build of the game and taking on a "real, blinking, breathing, snarling Gorn, who apparently happened to enjoy brandishing energy weapons." Unfortunately there is no screenshot of the Gorn, but the the blog has a small (concept art) Gorn image. Plus there is also new large concept art image of a Vulcan village.

New Conquest Screens
Bethesda has released three new screenshots from the PS2 version of the new strategy game Star Trek Conquest.


"Star Trek Conquest" is being made for both the Wii and the PS2. The game ships this holiday season and the Wii version is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $29.99.[PS2 version retail price is $19.99]

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Right ON… LOVE me some more Trek video games… I REALLY hope these are better than the ones in the past…

Not real sure about conquest but that Vulcan village looks awesome! Really looking forward to playing this game when it finally comes out.

the only Trek video game i ever owned (and still have) was this:

it came out in 1991 (25th anniversary) and the first level was based on the Ent/bird of prey battle in Trek VI (well i always thought so anyway)

Nice nice FX on it..

Just found out my friend Mike is the composer for all the in-game music. This is a *very* good thing; he’s completely awesome.

(the music for Conquest, not the MMORPG, that is.)

I’m still keeping an eye on Conquest. However, I don’t know what to think of the galaxy map screenshot. Well at least we know we won’t be getting another Birth of the Federation…
It also reminds me of Star Wars Battlefront’s Galactic Conquest mode map, which is not a good sign.
This game still has great potential. If they get the space battles right, allow you to build more than 7 ships and get just enough complexity involved to make it lasting, it could just be the game we want.
Anyway, for 30 Bucks, if it’s not total crap I’ll get it.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I mean,
1. It’s on the PS2
2. It’ll retail for about 20.00
BoTF 2 it won’t be (sadly, but I’d rather play that on a computer anyway)

Also, with reminds me of the old Star Control game….where planets were connected with node points (i.e. you had to follow the lines connecting the systems, ) and you had some planets that could build ships, some that would heal them. You tried to obtain those planets while moving your ships along the nodes, trying to get the lynch pin systems to prevent the enemy from having access to your space.

In any case, some of those old games had some pretty solid game mechanics for what they lacked in graphics. Sometimes less is more, and if Conquest is just a fancier version of Star Control 1, then I’ll be happy. No all games need to be micromangement fests.

Right now I’m playing a game that utilizes this concept of doing an old system style with todays graphics. Sword Of The Stars. It’s 4X, but it eshews the overly complicated micromangement elements of most 4X, prefering instead to utilize a series of simple sliders for Empire management. Much in the vein of the 4X game that orignally set the genre standard, Master of Orion 1.

Now if someone would apply this logic and do a Star Control 2 or Starflight type game with modern graphics, well that’d be just too cool!

What really angers me is that, with the success of the wii, there is STILL no Star Trek FPS announced.
The wii remote is the perfect phaser, dammit!
Also, the familiar “swoosh” coming out of the controller together with a gentle rumble effect would instantly put a smile on every Trekker’s face.
Not to mention the potential for awesome Bat’telth/Lirpa combat.

They just NEED to do this. And a SW lightsaber game too.

Love the Vulcan village. I want to design my new home based on the concept. My home theater would be the building just beyond the IDIC monolith. Of course, I would need gutters.


The Vulcan village image is fantastic.

The last Trek computer game I really enjoyed was DS9 Harbinger. Bring back the adventure game genre ;)

I just wanna hear that a ‘LEGO Star Trek’ game is being made…

The village image is pretty, but what era of Vulcan history is it supposed to represent? It certainly doesn’t look like what I’d expect 23rd century Vulcan to look like.

Haven’t you heard of “County Living”?

there must be more GOOD trek games on the market. As someone said before a Trek FPS would be great too, specially because no matter what we say against shooters, star trek games blend quite well into that genre

Let’s hope the concept art for JJ’s flick is Pon Farr…I mean, on par with this art!

I really do wonder how Star Trek Online’s gameplay mechanics are going to work out. I mean most MMORPG’s involve a lot of mindless running to places to kill stuff and collect loot. I would hope that a Star trek themed game would be a little more high brow than that and actually have real rpg elements.

If it ends up following up on the exact same formula of other rpgs, well, I’d probably lose interest pretty quickly.

It does beg the question. Star Trek has a long history of RP games and gamers for it. I wonder if the proportion of actual roleplayers for this game will be higher than that of other games.

when will the game creators get away from games that rely on one ship blowing another one to peices. There is at least five or six various diffrent forms of this concept already on the ST game market. Star Trek allows for so many other possibilities. What I would like to see is a Star Trek mystery. Something has happened, or something is happening and the point is for the player to find certain clues that will get him from point to point to point. This format could allow from some ship to ship battle, some 1st-person hand to hand, and.,,,etc. The player would have to go through certain obsticles to set up secret meetings or gain information. Or maybe help some one break out of prison.

Hey, hey. What about this type of game, based on the ENTERPRISE Zindi story. I think it would work very well.