William Shatner: Still Not In New ‘Star Trek’ Movie

In case you were wondering if anything had changed since his website put up the ‘I am not in the movie‘ video last week…it hasn’t. In a new interview William Shatner tells the National Ledger he has not ‘been invited’ to join in on J.J. Abrams new Star Trek. Shatner seems resolved to his fate saying that he "will watch from the wings." The original captain Kirk says that he didn’t have any idea who the new young Kirk would be, but joked that his fictional alter ego Denny Crane would be a good choice. Shatner will still get his crack at the early years of Kirk and Spock with his novel "Star Trek: The Academy–Collision Course, " due out next month.   

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this is all to get media attention… shatner, his big nose, and his girdle WILL be in the firm.

1ST OMG I feel so special atm I’d just like to thank my broadband internet Umm also anthony, all the other posters on trekmovie.com for not posting 1st LMAO.

GRR this movie can’t happen without WAIT FOR IT tha SHAAATTTTT
put our homeboy shat in the film yo :P

SHIT BAD TIMING i shooda typed faster GRR now i look stupid

If Mr Shatner is going to play his part with his good old pal Spock once more,, and put right the hole “Kirk death mistake”,,and ride off into the sunset then this movie will be the biggest sci fi event since Star Wars came out in 1977

Bottom line is this–it doesn’t sound like any effort is being made on the part of the people running the show to get Shatner in the movie, and JJ only paid lip service at Comic Con.

It’s hard to make every effort to get the guy in the movie if you don’t bother inviting him.

If they want to write him in, they will. If not, they should have had the guts to say so rather than give a false hope.

If the producers are reading this thread, then please show some guts and address it. You can see the will he or won’t he question is getting old. I haven’t given up hope yet, but the lack of change really stinks.

#4 Yeah it is…especially if there is all this hype about him not being in the film and then he turns up. You won’t be able to hear the film over all the fans cheering :)

Once again we see that all this “talk” by Abrams to get Shatner in the film was nothing more than a lie. I truly hope this movie bombs.

Recasting Kirk is like recasting Seinfeld

RIP Star Trek.

Thanks God he is not in it… the only positive aspect about this whole mess…

For heaven sake, William Shatner is not the messiah. Have an open mind. Wait until the final product comes out and then judge.

Why do I feel that Shatner is going to have an unannounced cameo at the end of ST11?

Premonition, perhaps?

#6 If he indeed is not in it, then it certainly was b.s. However I would wait for an “official” announcement from jj and team.

StillKirok HANG IN THERE!!!

It looks bleak but not done just yet

I want to see the Shat turn up SANS SHIRT whilst fighting someone.

Its gonna happen….

You know,…..don’t you

It’s not that he’s the messiah. No one is saying that. But Generations is an abomination. And Star Trek hasn’t been right since Generations.

Shatner WANTS to be in the movie. And like it or not, he is the biggest story. Shatner as Kirk is legend.

The character deserves a happy ending–a chance to ride off into the sunset.

Who cares about young Kirk if we know that older Kirk gets thrown against a mountain?

It makes me not care about this movie at all, and I know I’m not alone.

The producers all claimed they wanted Shatner in the film, but don’t seem to want to address it.

How can you want Shatner in the movie, and not write him in?


They will gain audience if Shatner is in the movie. They will lose audience if he is not.

For many fans and the general public, recasting Kirk with someone else is like recasting Robert Conrad’s James West with Will Smith. It just won’t do. They like Shatner. They like Kirk, because of the way Shatner played him. They like Star Trek, because they like Kirk….because they like the way Shatner played him. He was the star the central focus of the show, so I can understand it. A different personality can change the whole dynamic. Those types that avoided the Wild Wild West move will avoid this. They are very real and they are out there. Just because some here may not feel the same way, won’t change that fact.

Having said that, I have concerns and have to wonder if anyone can “click” like the original crew did, but I really like Abrahm’s style and I’ll be there with bells on Xmas day, Shat or no Shat.

i read today in a paper that Matt Damon said although he wont be Kirk he still wants to have some role in the movie…

Matt Damon would make a very good Gary Mitchell.

It was(pause) fun.

15 – yes Mitchell is possibly another role that could have a big star (in addition to the Villian and Pike)

so long as whoever it is dosnt mind being bossed about by whoever plays young Kirk

I used to believe I wanted Shatner in the movie.
This all getting ridiculous!

The only real problem is that Damon is a little old for Mitchell too. But if Mitchell is the villain, it could still work. Dead or not, the guy was a god. Gods are not easy to kill.

#3: “SHIT BAD TIMING i shooda typed faster GRR now i look stupid”

As opposed to successfully posting “FIrst!” :lol:

I have to assume that reporters keep asking Shatner this question and he’s answering gracefully. Because if he’s continuing to bring this up on his own that’s pretty sad…

ENOUGH about Shatner

We should start asking the one question no one has dared to ask cause if the answer is no it’ll cause the universe to explode.


he’s better be – I aint seeing it unless the legedary Ruck returns…and they put right what happened. -i.e. he is a HEROIC starship captain – not some wimp who shits his pants and cries to Kirk when the going gets tough.

#14: What paper, SNAKE? I’d like to read the article myself where Matt Damon says that he’d like to have a role in “Star Trek”.

its the Metro (free London paper) – on the Gossip section…

Snake–Shatner is the biggest legend in Star Trek. There’s a reason that his absence from this movie is causing so much discussion and disappointment.

Anyone who is tired about Shatner and the disappointment should probably avoid these articles.

StillKirok – I’d actually say its Nimoy who is the (very slightly) bigger legend in Star Trek…like 0.0001% of a bigger legend.

They bothe pretty much on an even keel but I think Nimoy just takes it.

And no i aint tired of hearing about The Shatner Incident…

just passing through…

Why can’t he play George Kirk? Kirks uncle or father?? does he have to be Captain Kirk????????

#20 “I have to assume that reporters keep asking Shatner this question and he’s answering gracefully. Because if he’s continuing to bring this up on his own that’s pretty sad…”

That’s been the way it’s worked for my entire life – the reporters ask the celebrities the questions! I think Shatner has better things to do than call local papers and ask if they’ll allow him to talk about Trek.

As far as the movie bombing, I want it to succeeed, Shat or no Shat. But you never know. The general public hasn’t made a Star Trek film a hit in over 10 years, and the recent remake of Bewitched boasted 2 of the biggest A-listers of today – Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell. It flopped.

Does anyone still read the Shatner novels? I tuned out after The Return…

Ashes of Eden was ok.

Theres been LOADS

Snake, judging by the fact that Shatner is still on top, a current Emmy nominee, and the guy that generates the most buzz, it’s safe to say that Shatner’s legend and star power outshine Nimoy’s, and Nimoy is an icon.

There was never a demand for Nimoy’s return. It’s just a nice thing.

But with Shatner, there’s unfinished business.

Thinking about it, it’s kind of hard to compare the two because they aren’t on an even keel. That unfinished business will continue to give Shatner that push.

I think the worst part has been the producers. They don’t comment nearly enough on it, and when they do, they seem to be paying lip service. They say they want him in the movie, yet didn’t write him a part.

But at the same time, we don’t know what’s truly going on because they don’t say anything. Filming is in 2 months and they haven’t cast Kirk yet.

To keep the fanbase hanging this long is terrible. It’s one thing to protect your plot. It’s another to see a problem and not address it.

I wonder what Nimoys getting for being in the movie? about $5 million?

dont Shatner and Nimoy have like the same contract where by they have to pay the same to the other one?

Nimoys and Abrams have said that Spocks (old Spocks) role in this is sizable – beyond a cameo….

If Shatner were to be in it briefly (as this film isnt The Search for Kirk) as Kirk or Kirks pops or whatever – wopuldnt they have to pay him exactly the same as what Nimoys getting?

Maybe thats why they arent having him in it – as much fun as it would be for him to be in it briefly – maybe Abrams etc have decied it isnt worth 5 million or whatever to have him appear.

Anyway having Nimoy as Spock meet Shatner as Kirks old man would be a bit off putting wouldnt it? a jokey gimmick surely – sorta like that scene in Maverick where Gibson meets Danny Glover…

Mr. Abrams, take your one golden chance to make this movie work. Do not allow that the actor who MADE one of the core characters without whom there wouldn’t be this thing called TOS and, thus, you wouldn’t have this new movie in the pipeline, will have to “watch from the wings”. The only people who are supposed to watch from the wings are us, the people who go and see the film. And I promise you, you won’t lose a single ticket buyer by showing your respect, but you will lose many by not doing so.

Shatner not being in this film really sucks (if it is true)

While I agree that the SHAT spin is getting ridiculous, I have to agree with Iowagirl. Perhaps it’s because I’m a native Iowan (birthplace of James T. Kirk) or perhaps because the SHAT is still quite popular…it just woudn’t feel right without him (especially with Nimoy in it now). I’ll go to the movie either way, but if SHAT is in it, I KNOW I’ll go back more often just to see him play Kirk one last time. It’s the ONLY reason I saw Generations more than once, because frankly, other than seeing SHAT, Jimmy, and Walter, that movie did NOTHING for me.

And yeah, the ending was awful! Thanks R. Moore and B. Braga. When you head out the door, make sure it hits Berman, too!

we should all have a whip round – each Trek fan (who wants Shatner in the film) pays 5 bucks each – that should pay for his fee.

Abrams etc can figure out where to slot him in.

To have a Star Trek film without Shatner is like having a car without wheels…(or was that Nimoy??)

Recenty I talked to a friend of mine. He is a casual Star Trek-viewer. He liked TOS, TNG and the TOS movies. We watched the TNG-movies (except Nemesis) together in the cinemas. He wasn’t impressed by them that much (neither was I).
I told him that there was a new Star Trek movie in developement with Leonard Nimoy as Spock, but I also said the William Shatner won’t be in the movie.
He said: “Without Shatner it isn’t Star Trek anymore…”

#35–they’ll get it in movie grosses.

#34–I wasn’t even factoring in repeat viewings. At this point, I’m not even sure I’ll see the movie without Shatner–too much teasing for too long. I feel as if the producers are just handling this so poorly.

IowaGirl is right about one thing–having Shatner will not cost them sales. NOT having him will. But I still say they will gain significant sales by putting him in the movie.

People love nostalgia. And Shatner as Kirk is nostalgia. Stallone stepped back into the Rocky and Rambo roles. Harrison Ford is playing Indy again. And there is room for Shatner as Kirk.

The producers said they wanted to get Shatner in the film. That means they should put forth a good faith effort. Right now, it doesn’t sound like they have done a thing since Comic Con to try to make this happen.

Stillkirok – just chill man – announcments will be coming this month i bet – i.e the cast and if The Shat is in it or not for definate

5 million for Shatner to appear would be CHICKENFEED compared to the buzz and box office return it would generate! As to Snake’s suggestion in post #11″I want to see the Shat turn up SANS SHIRT”
Oh, God, please, no…..no….that would be wrong on so many levels…..urp….stomach starting to heave……can’t hold it down……RALPH!!!

38–Logically, you’re right. But you have to admit, it’s been such a long tease, and the fact that the producers aren’t talking when they clearly know what an issue this is, is a problem. The only news is coming from Shatner himself, and it’s all bad.

They have the potential to have the greatest comeback story in Trek history. They want to bring back the audience. It’s not going to happen by making them mad.

I hope they don’t actually believe the diehards will go no matter what. That was a fatal mistake which caused Trek’s decline.

They need to reach out to not just the diehards, but to everyone, and Shatner is the man that would show that yes, they want their audience back.

There is NO evidence that Abrams has lifted a finger since ComicCon to get Shatner in the movie.

And it’s frustrating that the producers, who read this board and see all these threads, do nothing to deal with this issue.

If Shatner is not in the movie, they will be dealing with a disappointed audience BEFORE the first footage is even shot.

But if he IS in the movie, then that same audience will be chomping at the bit to get to the theater.

It’s such a no brainer.

Unless, fundamentally, Shatner appearing in the movie would somehow diminish, or take away from, the story. Then, it would make sense as to why they aren’t eager for his involvement. Nostalgia is one thing, great storytelling quite another! Sometimes it’s hard to have both!

I have to say if shatner WAS CONFIRMED as being in the film (in an undiscolsed role) i too would “be chomping at the bit to get to the theater.”

in fact i’d probably run red lights at 70mph to get there…and engage in a fire fight with the cops .45 in each hand blastin away

It seems Abrams and co. simply don’t want him in the movie.

If this film i indeed about alternate timelines there are many ways to bring him back. Perhaps in another timeline where older Kirk is alive.

Leonard Nimoy being in the film is truly wonderfull,but the film will not seem complete without Shatner. Espically when you consider that he wants to be in the film.

If Shatner is not asked back ST XI will be very bitter sweet.

If the rumours are indeed true and this film involves time travel and an alternate timeline; the mind boggles as to how they would find difficulty in figuring out a logical way to involve Captain Kirk as played by Shatner lol

The producers read these boards. Maybe one of them can enlighten us. Yes, No or Maybe? But give us a sign. Something. Please! :) All we hear from Shatner is status quo. And all we’ve heard from JJ is “we’re working on it” but that was ages ago now.

#25: “StillKirok – I’d actually say its Nimoy who is the (very slightly) bigger legend in Star Trek…like 0.0001% of a bigger legend.”

Rather than Nimoy it’s *Spock* who’s the “bigger legend in ‘Star Trek'” when you move beyond the tight confines of hard core fandom. One of the producer/writers observed recently that he’s become a figure of myth that may be bigger than Trek itself – despite the fact that so many folks in the world at large confuse his name with a baby doctor’s. :lol:

The relative success/renown of the actors who play them is to a great degree a separate thing from the fame of the characters themselves. There’s not much doubt that Shatner is a more current, famous and commercially successful actor and spokesman than Nimoy…and just as little question that Spock is the more quintessential ‘Star Trek’ character. This is a large part of why he’s central to a movie that the studio hopes will rekindle public interest in their Trek franchise.

#33 Well said, my man.

#35 I had a very similar experience recently. When I told my “casual fan” friend that there was another Trek on the way (he had no idea) and Nimoy was going to be in it, he replied, “What about Shatner?? He’s gotta be in there!” And I know a lot of my non-Trekkie friends and family members feel that way.

To me it just makes sense for a lot of reasons to include him:

1) Nimoy is returning as Spock.
2) Shatner is “hot” right now.
3) Few in the general ticket-buying public remember or care about Generations, and many of those who do would be happier seeing Shatner play Kirk than worrying about adherence to that movie’s plot.
4) Alternate timelines are reportedly already part of the story.
5) Shatner wants in and Nimoy feels it’d be a better film with him.
6) Most Trek fans, as well as Braga and Moore themselves, feel that Kirk’s death was badly handled and a mistake.

Not long ago Kirk was voted the 9th greatest tv character of all time! (Spock was 21st.) The character is an icon and the actor is as viable as ever. I still think we could be surprised. It’s not too late.

maybe Paramount will INSIST Abrams put Shatner in the movie

I would say Kirk is the bigger legend. Although I would agree it is close.

I would hardly say that there is “little question that Spock is the more quintessential ST character”

They are both legendary/iconic characters that are bigger than Star Trek.

“Star Trek XI would be a better film with William Shatner in it”
-Leonard Nimoy-

It’s beside the point to argue whether Kirk or Spock are more popular. The simple fact is, thanks to the chemistry of Shatner and Nimoy, the 2 characters work best as a team!

#28 I unfortunately bought another two books of him and was really disappointed.

But I maybe could accept another guys playing Kirk and Spock and all the others if there will be a good connection between the new and the old. Connections like:
– every new actor gets syncronized by their old pandans, except Scotty and Bones (RIP buddies!)
-they agree to let Spock AND Kirk have an cameo-appearance, but it should match with Generations and the chronology
-They keep all the original uniform- and Enterprise-designs from The Cage or from Where No Man Has Gone Before