Vegas Con Video: Shatner On Not Being In Movie & More

The fine folks at ShatnerVision have put up five videos from William Shatner’s appearance at the recent Creation Las Vegas Star Trek Convention (reported here earlier). In the first Shatner jokes around about not being in the new Star Trek movie and in other videos (below) he recounts some funny stories including a recent ‘roadrage’ incident.





By the way…it was this appearance that got distorted by a New York Tabloid and turned into their ‘red faced angry Shatner’ BS.

check out Shatnervision for more videos of Bill in Vegas 


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They need some PA monitor speakers at stage right and left for better audio on the cam corder stuff.

watching these videos reaffirms one truth in the world:

William Shatner is the Man!

I guess we won’t know the definitive answer until the bloody movie finally comes out…

What a total “he said, she said” scenario!


Maybe J.J. should show him different ways of putting him in the movie and he can pick for himself.

bad audio…He did His legacy piece “It was fun” in Generations .now it’s old Len’s turn.

I can’t speak for others here..but I for one am tired of hearing that Shatner will not be in the next Trek movie. Ok we get it already. Nimoy’s’re not. Next story please!

Mike :o

Shatner seems to be haveing a great time NOT being in the film.

– W –
* Keep it up Bill, your far more entertaining then Britney & Paris *

Shatner never disappoints. Class. :-)

I don’t think they need him in the movie anyway. The whole thing seems to be about getting rid of Kirk. i’m beginning to believe there won’t be a Captain kirk in the movie at all; and if they save the Kirk family, he might not be the same TOS character in the new universe. (Like John Connor in the alternate T2 ending) He’s doing great without them and he might be glad he isn’t part of it .

If the new plot rumors are true why not have Shatner play Kirk’s father? Were the Romulans going back in time to kill Kirk or his Kirk’s father? I also read that 100% confirmed the latest plot rumor. Is Chud,com a reliable movie news source? I guess it wont be totally confirmed until Anthony backs it up it.

I keep hearing this rumor that Shatner won’t be in the movie. Any truth to this? I’ll bet that when word get’s out, Trek fans won’t even notice.

Can we get a transcript of that please?
For my money, there still seems to be a lot of energy put forth about “not” being in the movie.
Don’t rule out a final scene cameo.

Shatner is definitely the man, #2! We love him, and this has just convinced me that I’m in love with him. ^_^

If Shatner isn’t in Star Trek XI…something will feel as though it’s missing. It’s like watching a TOS episode without Kirk. >_> Ugh. We want Shatner!

This message goes directly to the owner and operator of the site: Not that he’ll care or listen…but
This is such a poor subject and posting. I question why you bothered? Ok…..Mr. Shatner won’t be
in the new film – so until you actually have some concrete news stating otherwise they I’d just soon
not hear it. So….he won’t be in the film – he has more $$ then most of us will ever have so whats the point of telling us that he won’t be in this film? Talk about beating a dead horse. Move on to something worthwhile already – something good – we all seen good material here before…lets see more!

What a collosal mistake if he is not in the movie. It’s terrible. But at the same time, when was this taped?

If Abrams has an ounce of brains, he’ll get Shatner.

Is Shatner still joking around or his he genuinely starting to act like an ass over this situation now?

Either way it’s a bit embarrasing watching him getting upset over this and going on about being an Emmy winner. Sort it out shat, you finally became cool, don’t ruin it now.

What’s truly embarassing is that he isn’t in the film at this time. He has a right to get upset. I’m still hoping Abrams was doing more than paying lip service given the negative reaction to Shatner’s absence from the film.

It’s not embarrassing that he’s not in the film at all. Kirk died in VII, he’s out. There’s no point in complicating the plot by having him in the film. I’d hate to think that JJ had to re-write and re-structure a plot to include an old Kirk just to please Shatner.

With all the talk of Mr Shatner, and web sites chatting about him not being in the movie,

I just wanted to say,,

Is throw your mind back to 1984,,

“The Search for Spock” was comming out,, and all the talk was if Nimoy was going to be in the movie playing Spock,,after all,,,he was,,,,
dead Jim !.

It was the biggest Sci Fi secret to keep under raps until the movie came out,and even then,, to keep people in their seats,, Nimoy was not listed in the opening credits of ST 3 as an actor to keep people guessing until the very last minute.
(However he is listed as an actor at the end of the movie)

Maybe this is another big secret build up,,,

lets keep in mind the story of :
Producer: Paramount Trying To Convince Shatner?
with the date of Aug 14th 2007
Re this link if u want a quick read,,,

also,, lets not forget,, Kirk said he would know when his time was up,,and that he would,,”Die alone”
( he wasnt )

and also,, Kirk always said,, He turns death,,into a fighting chance to live

and the famous quote from Kirk in ST Gen,,right before he gets sucked into the nexus,,
“Every Starship needs its Captain”

and how many times have you heard at ST Cons, someone saying,, “Anything is possable”

All Im saying is,, anything can happen,, its not over until the fat lady sings,,or in Trek terms,, its not over yet until the red shirt gets it!


“not over until the fat lady sings”
I hate to tell you this, but the fat lady is gargling and getting ready for her big finale…..

Actually, Kirk’s death means absolutely nothing. It’s sci-fi. There are a million ways the character can be written into the film, all plausible. Death need not be the end.

Too many people want to see this happen for such a long time. It’s a black mark on the franchise, and JJ has a shot to redeem it. He SAID he wanted Shatner in the film.

It would be nice to get an update from HIM.

Gotta love that when Shatner finishes talking about road rage, the next video offered is “Man pulls train with teeth.” I have no idea why, but that’s funny.

I don’t know whether Shat’s in the movie or not. I’m tempted to wait until someone else sees it, just so I don’t spend 2+ hours looking for him if he isn’t there.

Love the Shat. Just don’t think he’ll always be Kirk in the movies. He’ll always be Kirk to me, just like Connery will always be Bond. But, we as an audience also move on…

Brother Duane,,, usually agree with you but what does how much money someone has have anything to do with anything. Don’t be a Commie!!!
How much money Shatner has, Nimoy has, Anthony has, Duane has, The Lord Garth has or Anthony has has nothing to do with their love of what they do. Be happy for those who have money, more often than not they have busted their asses to aquire it. Shatner in particular has paid his dues and may have made more money for Paramount Pictures than any other actor. As far as I’m concerned bringing up someone’s income for no reason is like bringing up someone’s race or religion for no reason.

William Shatner certainly talks a lot, but doesn’t say much. For all the good memories he created in and for the Star Trek franchise, I think I’ve had about enough of his ranting and whining.

I hope the people in charge of producing Star Trek 2008 aren’t swayed by his lobbying the public. The more I see clips like this, the more it makes me sad to see Mr. Shatner. All indications are this is going to be a great movie. Mr. Shatner knows this and wants in. The producers I believe don’t want him in, and are trying to be as careful as possible to not cause waves in Trekdom.

Mr. Nimoy certainly didn’t act like this when he wasn’t in a Star Trek: Generations. As far as I see it, this speaks volumes of their character.

479 dtST

#21 StillKirok
“Actually, Kirk’s death means absolutely nothing. It’s sci-fi. There are a million ways the character can be written into the film, all plausible. Death need not be the end”

As I mentioned in a previous thread, this very attitude reduces death to a subplot. Death holds absolutley no purpose when you keep bringing characters back from the dead.

I can appreciate the desire of Kirk fans to bring the character back. But not at the real cost of future plots. November 18 1994, Kirk died when Generations was released. If Kirk must be brought back, at least it should not be back to life.

It’s hardly “embarrassing” for him to go onstage at a huge Star Trek convention and talk about not being in the movie. That’s what people paid their good $ and stood in line to see him for – to know what’s the latest with him and the franchise. What was he supposed to do when asked the question? Answer, “No. Next question…”? I don’t think so! This is SHATNER, baby! He’s a passionate man, not some shrinking violet. His intense charisma and the fact that he portrayed the most popular character in the history of Star Trek go hand in hand.

If he isn’t in the movie, then his current success is some *small* consolation to longtime fans of his such as me. It’s awesome to see him doing so well; out of all the Trek actors from any series, he’s very likely the one who LEAST needs this particular paycheck. He now has fame, awards, and financial success that I’m sure many of his fellow Trek actors can only dream about. But the man clearly wants in one more time. And if he isn’t in, it will be the first time in the franchise’s long and storied history that either the original Kirk or Spock wanted to participate, and were not allowed to. That sucks; we don’t need that precedent to be set! Let Shatner go out on top in what is looking to be a worthy film, just like Nimoy.

I’ll honestly be disappointed in Abrams if it isn’t so. But he and the writers have said the are trying hard to get Shatner in there, so for now I’ll have to take them at their word.

#24 pizza hotdog … “Mr. Nimoy certainly didn’t act like this when he wasn’t in a Star Trek: Generations. As far as I see it, this speaks volumes of their character.”

That’s because Nimoy was offered a chance to participate, and did not want to. The current situation with Shatner is the reverse of that. So it really speaks nothing of their “character”.

#25–Killing Kirk was stupid, and if Kirk’s death has to be reduced to a subplot, so what? His death meant nothing anyway. The number of people happy over a Kirk return will far outweigh the number of people who are upset.

Kirk’s death was a mistake that haunts the franchise to this day. Knowing the character has no future really ruins any future and past use of the character. It’s a severe waste.

Bringing the character back will only strengthen the Kirk/Spock friendship–which is one of the most important pieces of the Trek puzzle.

Spock: You came back for me.
Kirk: You would have done the same for me.

Kirk can be saved. It happened in the books.

We don’t need a consolation prize. We need Shatner as Kirk. One final time, where the two characters ride off into the sunset, onto the next great adventure.

THAT is a movie.

THAT is Star Trek.

Trekkies don’t “need” anything, any more than a three-year-old “needs” an ice cream cone.

#19:”It was the biggest Sci Fi secret to keep under raps until the movie came out,and even then,, ”

Actually, people who were following the making of the thing closely understood that Nimoy would be in it as Spock. It was effectively a “big secret” pretty much only on the press/publicity level.

This movie will be just fine and do just fine without Shatner. I’m sure that if he becomes reasonable they’ll find a place in there for him somewhere.

29. Dennis Bailey … “I’m sure that if he becomes reasonable they’ll find a place in there for him somewhere.”

And how do you know he isn’t being reasonable?? Care to share?

Anybody that uses the excuse ‘it’s sci-fi’ as a reason for bringing kirk back deserves to be shot. Lets have no more talk of it.

People who think this movie will do fine with or without Shatner are probably the same that think that Enterprise and Trek X did well.

Shatner is a money maker, and he’s still one of the top actors aroudn.

And #31, it’s sci-fi. The very nature of it allows for death to not be the end. Anyone with an imagination can think of a solid way to bring the character back.

And since no one here other than maybe Orci knows a thing about the negotiation, it’s pretty foolish to act as if you know whether Shatner is being reasonable. No one knows.

What I’m about to say may seen off-topic at first, but please bear with me: This past Saturday, I finally went and saw Transformers. One of my biggest reasons for seeing it was to get a gauge on the writing style of Kurtzman and Orci. That said, it was a good movie; not great, but good. I think we may get a good Star Trek movie out of these guys, but I’m not sure about a great movie. If Shatner can be brought in and used effectively, which in turn could make a good movie better, then I say get him on board. If they can’t think of a way to insert him, or if his presence doesn’t help the movie, then leave him out. I’m trying to remain open-minded to either possibility.

I would love to know how many blog threads have decayed into this tangent?
Paramount are you paying attention?


Anthony is sharing some funny videos of William Shatner. How is that a ‘poor’ choice for posting? It’s a Star Trek website. If you don’t care for it, just skip it. He’s not holding a gun to your head.

# 23 The Mighty Lord: Yeah….I can see what you’re saying except Mr. Shatner has no reason to piss and moan about his status or lack of in this current film. IF he can or wants to be in it then fine but to whine and carry out like a little schoolgirl sitting in the dark without a date before her first big dance. Isn’t his plate full enough as it is?
IF anyone else but you responded I would have said Ok and left it at that but you always been the true Master of what is cool and fine here in this forum. Time to move on already

What happened to the clip if Nimoy at the LV convention?

shatner is best lounge act in vegas!

Shatner is great at conventions. I saw him at a convention sometime around Generations. He told a funny story about being called back to re-shoot the ending and how they all hated being out there and it was hot as hell, etc….and then he had to go back and do it all over again…

As for being in the new film, I know things look a little bleak right now, but if I was going to bet, I’d bet Shatner will be in it. It’s just a hunch.

37 It dissapeared for some reason.

Brother Duane.. I hear you brother but pissing and moaning is what Trekkers do best and how much someone makes should have no bearing on the arguement as to whether he is in the film or not. Besides that Shatner is one of the most generous Actors in hollywood with respect to both time and money towards charitable organizations that really make a difference. If I were in his shoes I’d be campaigning to be in the film, all of us would. Now enough of this money talk I have to go treat the leather seats in my new Mercedes ML350.

#34 – If Paramount is paying attention, I’m sure they’re thinking, “Why are we sinking so much money into a production for these bunch of drooling lunatics? Have Legal contact Mr. Shatner about acquiring a restraining order against these crazies.”

Frankly, all of this masturbating at the altar of the Church of Shatner is an embarrassment to Trek fandom, and makes me ashamed to call myself a part of it.

Funny Stuff. Don’t know what is more entertaining, Shatner, on stage “griping” about not being in the movie, or posts like #36 who think he is really upset!

I hope they sneak him as an older Kirk at the very end, effectively erasing Generations from the timeline.

That would be the cherry on top what is, hopefully, an already delicous Christmas day sundae.

I actually think we should look towards the number crunchers at Paramount for pushing the idea of Nimoy being in the film—it makes sense. He (aside from Kirk) is the most popular character and what better way to kick off a reboot then with a time travel (or) flashback storyline.

Besides….Nimoy still looks great.
Shatner not only looks too old but his character died a few films ago.

I personally would like NO old cast members- you wanna start fresh then BOLDLY GO and take the risk. They never have forked over hundreds of millions for a TREK film anyway and if anything they know they will get the intial investment back (one final time?) and if it actually makes 150 million then they have at least 3 more films they can squeeze out of the franchise. Win-win for all.

I look forward to it in any case and leave Shatner alone already. He should also have the grace and class to put it to rest and allow Nimoy his final bow.

#30 Shatner fan,
StillKirok in 32 is correct… no one knows. Maybe it’s not enough $$ for Shatner, or high enough billing. Maybe it’s JJ’s production team being hard-asses and saying “no more resurrections”. No one knows. Some of the assumptions in here guess that JJ and co is at fault. It’s highly unfair to either side to assume they are the cause of a hold-up in negotiations, if any are still going on.
Someone mentioned “If Abrams has an ounce of brains, he’ll get Shatner.”
Oh come on…. let’s be mature.
I can see part of what Duane said. I too am tired of the Shatner in or out BS. I know there are opinions both ways. I wish it was done, so we can move on and not see this subject constantly appear in threads not devoted to it. (Yes, I understand this IS a topic on this thread.)

Shatner fans are often accused of hijcaking threads, making threats, staging boycotts, being crazy and embarrassing – everything short of terrorism. And yet, we have classy posts like #31 Ty Webb, saying that people should be shot, and nobody blinks an eye. Kudos to StillKirok for taking the high road and not lowering himself to the sub-moronic level of the original post!

Isn’t this kind of old news?

I don’t think this really means anything one way or the other.

45. Xai “no one knows. Maybe it’s not enough $$ for Shatner, or high enough billing.”

Exxxactly. No one knows. Which is why I called out Mr. Bailey on his quite definitive sounding statement: “I’m sure that if he becomes reasonable they’ll find a place in there for him somewhere.”

He sure sounds like he has some inside knowledge there. I don’t, but my assumption is that it’s a writing/plot issue. We shall see.

#32: “People who think this movie will do fine with or without Shatner are probably the same that think that Enterprise and Trek X did well.

Shatner is a money maker, and he’s still one of the top actors aroudn [sic].”

Yeah, that’s why his phone’s ringing off the hook with big movie offers – he’s “one of the top actors around.”

God knows, we can all recite the complete list of multiple EMMY winners through the years, because popularity for a few years in a TV series makes someone “one of the top actors around.”

I’m sorry that you feel badly that you’re not going to get what you want – but this continual angry fantasizing isn’t getting you any closer to it. :)

Got an answer for us yet, Dennis?