Quinto: Planning To Immerse Into Trek – Worth Risking Heroes Role For

Zachary Quinto (Star Trek’s new Spock) has been doing some more interviews promoting the premiere for the second season of Heroes (Tonight NBC 9pm). Not much about Trek, but he did tell the New York Post:

The experience that I expect to have with Star Trek and, hopefully, many other films down the line is that you really get to immerse yourself more fully and take a lot more time in the exploration of the characters in the film, since the shooting structure is so different-the time you have to spend on each scene, and so on. What you lack in longevity you more than make up for in depth of exploration.

Quinto also told the paper that Star Trek was worth risking his Heroes role for:

I think anytime you leave one project to work on another, you have to acknowledge the risk. Things can evolve past the capacity to include you. Star Trek is a worthy thing to make that risk for. I’m really excited, but I also have faith in the creators’ [of Heroes] faith in me, and hopefully that will bring me back to the show when I’m done with this.

Star Trek laden Season 2 for Heroes starts tonight

Season 2 of Heroes featuring Zachary Quinto (Star Trek 2008: Spock), George Takei (TOS: Sulu), Nichelle Nichols (TOS: Uhura) and Dominic Keating (ENT: Malcolm Reed) kicks off tonight at 9pm. More at NBC Heroes site.

Other Quinto/Heroes interviews (no Trek)

Access Hollywood: Heroes Return 

Toronto Star: High Hopes for Heroes

Prime Time Pulse: Interview With Quinto

Winnipeg Sun: A Heroes Welcome


Preview for Season 2 of Heroes


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Quinto certainly knows how to give good “soundbite”…..

Hey, how about some content to those “FIRST” posts… Otherwise, what exactly is the point?

I, for one, am terribly excited about season 2 of Heroes. I watched the final episode of season one the other day as a prelude to the premiere tonight, and I found myself even more excited for the casting of Quinto as Spock. He is perfect for the role, and I can’t wait to see him donning the ol’ ears on the big screen.

He’s stepping up with Trek and other potential motion picture roles.Heroes is trending down and it’s TV.His problem;being typecast as spock and joining the convention trekkie cult circut.

Sorry… now that I have achieved firstness I won’t make a pointless post ever again.

I think it’s interesting that so much has been made about Quinto taking time off from “Heroes” (his character’s absence is going to be written into the show, right?) to do Trek. This must be one intensive shoot for that to be necessary… I mean, Steve Carell is in every episode of The Office and still finds a way to be in two or three big movies a year.

Mr Quinto will be taken care of on both fronts. So far there doesn’t seem to be a hint that he is an asshole, in fact Zach appears very polite and cooperative with everything. He may be the only reason to see the new Star Trek film for me as I recently watched Heroes for the first time on DVD this past week. At this point Quinto seems to be the only good idea about the new film. Everything else appears to be, well not a great idea. We’ll see in 08, but I’m not seeing this on opening night, which is a VERY big change for me.

Wow. Heroes is trending down. The top rated show from last year has it’s season premier tonight, and it is trending down. Does NBC know this?
Quinto should be thankful he getting out while he has the chance. If I were any of the other actors, I would get out now too. Who want’s to be in a loser show.
Maybe they could get guest roles on a winner – maybe Cavemen.

I'[ve said this before and again it goes without saying that the new Spock needs to REAL UP with that rambling and give me something real in terms of the communicado to the press. Really… who talks like that in real life?

DO you guys watch the Heroes? Never seen it.

When they get Shatner, I’m on board but until then I’ll just kind of read about it from afar. Not Nimoy, I said SHATNER.

=hitch out=

i think at this point it’s more likely we’ll see deforest kelly in the new film before shatner, hitch. but we will miss you at the opening…

btw: does anyone else feel the casting of mccoy is a crucial as kirk and spock? i always felt the trinity was where the magic was.


I do.

I for one am anxiously awaiting Xmas 08. Quinto seems to be a great choice for Spock but I will reserve judgment until I see how he presents the role onscreen rather than mindless speculation. and 10 & 11 McCoy is an essential part of what made TOS a classic I hope that whoever they find can be a good “Bones” as Deforrest Kelly but I hope he can bring something original to the role rather than just an inspired imitation.

Hey 11
I agree too…

and welcome back Mr. Orci. Now be a mench and let us know who you guys have hired for Kirk and Bones. Fan reaction has been positive for Quinto…why the hold up on Kirk and McCoy?

Zachary seems like a very thoughtful and introspective young man… what a perfect fit for the role of Spock!

#11 Confirmation of McCoy in the story, thanks Roberto! (like he wouldn’t be.)
Always glad to see you comment, Mr Orci.

#9 Hitch
What do you want him to say? I mean… what can he say? His role depends on not giving details early.
And as for Shatner…. we’ll see. That still remains a mystery. And if he’s not in it… give me your email and I’ll tell you how the movie went.

Just wondering was that Romulan time travel plot ever confirmed?

Also are the sets built? I know shooting starts in November? Or does that mean they will start building the sets and props in November? I was wondering if we will see what the Enterprise will look like?

Is anyone else surprised that there has been zero offical new about the older or yonger Kirk to this point?

The only “building” we have going on around here is the suspense of what the hell is going on…

#18–they just finished William Shatner’s clone, and got the rapid aging stopped at 25. Now all they need to do is download Bill’s brain into the new clone, and they will make the announcement. Probably first week of October…

I say bring on the spoilers, Harry. I want leaked images of the unis. Show us the phasers, the communicators. The Enterprise. Show me the Enterprise. Just please, please, please don’t change it too much. No gun turrets or cutaways.

Sorry Roberto, that’s how I roll.

11. Robert Orci

Please get Shatner!

#7 Tony….
You sound like you know a great deal of facts on the movie and it’s letting you down. What besides a few casted actors are you basing your opinion on? And who said Quinto was an ass?

17.I’m with you Craig.Somebody leak some scketches already

i hear the movie’s plot is about an older Spock going back to witness his first sexual experience!

The title? A Bridge To Pon Farr…..

woo, woo, woo, woo……

#5 “Sorry… now that I have achieved firstness I won’t make a pointless post ever again.”


Right on.

The more I hear from Roberto Orci in his comments, the better I feel. I have more and more confidence that Abrams, Orci, and company will do Trek the right way.

Glad to have fellow fans at the helm, Mr. Orci!

Your comments and presence in this forum are appreciated!

Nah, Harry, I heard it ws “Looking for Mr. Pon Farr”.

BTW, this place is going to BLOW UP the second a leaked picture of Quinto in the ears and uniform get posted. We’re so hungry for info that we are talking about Vulcan Canada.

Now you’ve gone too Pon Farr!!

#28 THX “a leaked picture of Quinto in the ears”

Having a nose for news, I’ll keep an eye out for the ears!

Ok….I realize that it’s Sept.25th, but the movie makers have to know or have a pretty good idea who plays Kirk and Bones. Don’t they start shooting in Nov? If they don’t have them cast by now, then they must not be crucial characters. Either that, or they don’t have anyone who will fit either role.

Now, I know that Spock is the main character for this movie, but to have Kirk or Bones play small roles–or maybe no roles other than by name alone–will be like the last few seasons of X-Files without Mulder. Or, that Bandit movie that was so bad that even Burt Reynolds–BURT “STROKER ACE” Reynolds–Burt “STICK” Reynolds– would not do it. Remember that one, crap sandwich? Jerry Reed with a mustache for an hour and a half at least.

I’m not saying Spock is bad mind you. I would be saying the same thing if they said it was a film just about Kirk or just about Bones. But a movie with Spock and no Kirk and Bones to play off of will not be a fun film for this kid.

I’m not writing the movie off. I’ll still see it. Hell, I rented the movie The Grudge–and the only grudge I was aware of was the one I had against the people who said this was scary or good– and I think that pretty much shows you that I’ll watch just about anything.

But I want Kirk and Bones and I want to know that they have some major play in this film. And for the people who all denied that Gary Sinese (spelling might be wrong) will play Bones they need to get their heads out of their buts and cast him in that role because it was just perfect casting, in my opinion. He would be great! I can hear him now, using his cranky Lt. Dan voice:

“Damn it Jim! I’m a Doctor, not a Crime Scene Investigator!”

All we get is Quinto will talk to Nimoy. Quinto will watch some of the old shows, but not mimic. Quinto is on Heros too. Quinto chose Pepsi over coke. Quinto gets fitted for ears.

Fitted for freakin’ ears!!!!!!!!! Well, I know this may be an exciting thing for anyone who has never seen what a vulcan looks like or anyone who has had his head burried in the sand for forty plus years, or so, but I kind of had a feeling this would happen.

I know I am ranting and I am sorry about being obnoxious, but it is because I don’t care about Quinto being fitted for ears. I want to know who is the next Kirk!?! Who is the next Bones!?! And will there be any space boobies shown!!!!!!???!!!!!

Christ I can’t wait to cream my jox while watching the teaser ;)

Zachary seems to be a fine guy, and I’m sure that he will be great in the role. My brats just made me catch up with ‘Heroes’, and it was a very entertaining show.

While some of us, myself included, may end up choking on our cereal at certain future reveals of J.J.’s and Scott Chambliss’s production design changes…I have no doubt that if the ‘trailers’ look good, which I’m sure they will…then most of us here will be in line come what may…

#11 Roberto Orci
I’ve fingers crossed that ‘Older Kirk’ somehow makes an appearance in your storyline, and hope you’ve written in a couple of nice lines for ‘Scotty’… ;)

I don’t know about you guys, but I think Connor Trinneer would make a pretty cool Bones. He already did the subtle southern accent so all he needs to do is darken his hair.

#34 you aren’t being serious? That will all just get too confusing!

#11 Roberto Orci

I see on http://www.imdb.com that you are writing a parallel universe story where a guy meets his double…mmm

I just would like to remind everyone that the script alone is not what counts. Nemesis had a wonderful script (yes it had – read it!!!) by a very very talented scribe who ALSO was a Trek Fan. In that case it was the disrespect towards the material and it´s extensive background by the director, that ruined that movie. Wether Bones, Kirk, or anybody besides Spock is in it is not THAT important (but since Chekov and Uhura are in it for sure I would not worry that much about not seeing Kirk and Bones).

All I am saying is: The script isn´t everything. It´s important, sure, but it is not the only thing that you should worry about.

The more I hear about this project the more my apprehension rises. I’m beginning to think the era of TRUE Star Trek is finally over. Yeah, they can use the title, the characters, and the premise but it may be truly dead.

Remember Rodenberry saying (and I paraphrase) the premise is about moving forward …about progressing? This is ANYTHING but that, so no one “get’s it” anymore it seems.


BTW #31 NotBob… I’m in total agreement with you on this… though you may not wish it. LOL

I was sitting with my parents, working on my laptop while they were watching heros. I heard a voice and said “hmm… that sounds like Sulu” and sure enough! haha. Why is it that after you watch enough Trek you start to think in Trek terms?


back at hitchworld, back in the old days of the Roth Army, way way back in the advent of hitch1969 as an interweb legend…. we had a slogan. That slogan was… “hitch1969© – always misunderstood.”

History repeats itself and re-proves the axiom here today the TrekMovies.com dot org. So I want to clarify what I said in post number nine, number nine, number nine, number nine….

No Shatner in Heroes = no hitch1969© watching Heroes. Haven’t even seen it yet and Denny Crane to y’all.

No Shatner in the Star Trek movie = OK by hitch1969©. Still gonna see it. Besides… he frickin’ died in Generations. Repsectah da canon, yo.

Just wanted to clear that up.



Mr. Orci, thanks for your comment.

No triumvirate, no magic! Of course, Bones is vital for the story, whatever the story will be…

And if you have a sense for magic and vitality, make the RETURN of Kirk canon!

Iowagirl, are you hot? And of course, legal age? Disease free? Ok, I’m flexible on the first one.

Bring back KIRK????

Preposterous and posthumus. He’s dead. What, are we gonna go plug some Borg nanites into him and have him walking about like a zombie?

Thats just plain YUCK. Shaun o’ the Dead kinda stuff there. denny crane.

=hitch out=

“have him walking about like a zombie”

And, these days, we would notice the difference how??

Harry Ballz, for shame… I think. Anyway dude I was simply making glans in cheek “refrenz” to Shatner’s written opus “The Return”, and not in any way commenting on the current state of Shat and all his Shatness.

The fact of the matter is that Shatner is hotter than ever. While I question some of his philanthropic ventures (could you imagine a Nicole Brown Simpson house for battered women?) still these things are allowed in my estimation because simply put, he is Shatner, not OJ.

Rules don’t apply to the great one. The one we call the SHAT™. And so it shall be, and so it shall be done.



That was not funny & not nice. Mr. Shatner does not walk about like a zombie these days; that’s why he was picked to lead Boston Legal – because he exudes energy & vitality. You should take back your comment and make nice.

Hey, back off of Harry, geeks. He makes a joke and you get your Shat panties all in a bunch. It’s a joke. He was KIDDING.

Honestly. Now go complain about next weeks remastered FX gaffes.

Thanks, THX….boy, one little zombie joke and they shat their pants!
When Hitch mentions “that Shatner is hotter than ever” I have to bite my tongue from saying that this a good thing as I like my ham well-cooked…..oops, was that my outside voice?
Heh, heh, heh……………..

#43 Hitch

Your comments about Iowagirl are out of line, joke or no.