More Star Trek ‘Mistakes’

GeneralGrin of YouTube has a 2nd set of Trek’s flexibility with continuity (click for part 1)


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Man, this site moves at warp speed!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Thanks, Anthony. I needed a laugh.

Hahaha the part with the Chinese finger trap is amazing!

“I seem to be at a…”functional impasse.”

Now I’m going to curl up into a ball and cry.

these videos are the best. cannon schmannon…
all of the comicbookguys can complain all they want but i don’t care,give me a re-designed enterprise that looks _futuristic_ for Star Trek XI

Very good, thanks for posting!

Although a better contrast in appearance for the episode “The Pegasus” vs. the Enterprise finale is Troi instead of Riker. If memory serves.. we only see her at the very beginning of the TNG episode where she is assisting Picard in selecting a winner of the Captain Picard Day contest. There, her hair is poofy and very curly, consistent with her appearance throughout all of Season 7 of TNG (after the first few episodes). But her hair during the Enterprise finale, strangely enough, is almost a perfect match for the way it appears in Star Trek: Nemesis. Hmmmm…..

“This was the first Enterprise. Consitution Class.”

And it always will be the first.

Quite amusing, this guy must know the episodes backwards to remember some of this stuff.

Its a TV show people. You can’t sit down and write the entire canon. You can’t anticipate whats going to be writen. Get a life :P

Canon? Who needs canon? Give me a Trek where “Strangers From the Sky” and “First Contact” co-exist in peace and harmony. ;)

I have come to the conclusion. Star Trek franchise really need a reboot .

There are some that are true, but I feel this one is even more of a stretch than the last one. Most of them could have a logical and reasonable explanation!

One could always argue, that the Constitution class Enterprise was the first [b]Federation[/b] built Enterprise, whereas the NX01 was the first [b]Human[/b] built Enterprise.

Suffice it to say, Trek has so many inconsistencies, it’s hard to say what is and what isnt canon. As Johnny Ice suggested: Trek needs a reboot :P

If the new movie creates an alternative time-line, then we can have as many mistakes and inconsistencies as we want.

funny stuff, although i’m sure some of these could’ve been explained, maybe worf thought of phase pistols differently than phasers, or maybe the Enterprise-D was refit with new doors so they couldn’t as easily break if someone is thrown through them. And in regards to warp 10, if 10 is the theoretical limit, how can the Enterprise-D in “All Good Things” go Warp 13 or whatever? Nothing’s perfect

The last one was the best.

LOL this entire film will be a goof and an inconsistency.

#13, actually the sailing ship was the first HUMAN built Enterprise. THen came the aircraft carrier, then the space shuttle, some other random one we’ve seen in diagrams, and then the NX-01

I already explained the Pepto-Bismol blood in another post.
Voyager and Enterprise don’t count.
Unintentional variations are one thing, blatant disregard is another. The names at the end say it all!

Star Trek has continuity that’s at least as good as Red Dwarf.

lol they should do one of JUST errors where Enterprise fits into the continuity. they’ll have to split it up into about a dozen parts to fit it all in! :P

Notice how Sisko doesnt say its the first non Federation ship Enterprise just first Enterprise and the Temporal Cops say their have been six and they didnt say non Federation either. I also love it when Worf says their are no phasers in the 22nd Century and Also Picard with disasterous first contact with the Klingons and what Archer says.

15. T2: Most of “All Good Things” took place in alternate timeline, so, the Enterprise going warp 13 doesn’t technically count. If that explanation doesn’t work for you, there’s another one that sort of goes hand in hand with it: the warp factor scale was changed (like it was sometime between TOS and TNG because Kirk’s Enterprise went over warp 10 on a few occasions) making warp 10 no longer infinite velocity. Of course, the warp 10 as infinite velocity was a retcon, but it’s still canon anyway.

The number of ships called enterprise has bugged me since “enterprise”

#23, thanks for clearing that up, that always confused me. maybe someone can clear this up, it’s got to fit in there with continuity, in a loose sense. how is the voyager technology upgrade explained? in one episode, sometime in the 2nd season, we see the phasers, tricorders, and simms beacons all change to the standard federation issue back in the alpha quadrant. the phasers switch from TNG to the boomerang, the tricorders move up a mark, and the flashlights go from square lights to simms beacons on the wrist…how did that happen if voyager was not in contact with starfleet? (Not to mention how in the episode “Fury” they flashback to Janeway/Kes using the boomerang phaser, yet in that time period the technology hadn’t upgraded yet)

:D Hilarious. I do think that the last one can be easily explained though. There have been more than 6 Enterprises according to trek canon by the time of Trials already. If you included the Space Shuttle Enterprise and the one you could see in the recreation deck in TMP. I assume Sisko and the agents meant Federation Enterprises.
Great video though.

yeah, Jeryl.

#21, those incosistencies would make a nice Fan Collective Box set, don’t you think? I’d pay for it.

Anthony is buttering us up for the inevitable redesign of the 1701.

STARSHIP class!!!

Guys…you all seem to forget…

it is not continuity error… it’s ALTERNATIVE TIME LINE!!!
[so does that mean Shat’s in?!?!?!?!?]

As long as you don’t screw up the big things, it really doesn’t matter if there are small continuity errors here and there. Does it REALLY matter in the grand scheme of things how many ships named Enterprise there are? It’s certainly not worth calling for a reboot over, and throwing away 40 years of history.

There is not a series in existence, not a single one that doesn’t have continuity errors of some sort. You should feel lucky that the Star Trek continuity is as solid as it is.

Will this rebooted Movie prove to be one big mistake I wonder…


I’ve got a gut feeling these people “get it”…
It wont be quite what anyone expects and yet I think it will work… just a gut feeling…

I want them to boldly go where no spin-off has gone before.

#34 redshirt

I truly hope you’re proved right, but my gut seems to have a different feeling at the moment…

Maybe it’s that curry I had last night.

#18 James: “actually the sailing ship was the first HUMAN built Enterprise. THen came the aircraft carrier, then the space shuttle, some other random one we’ve seen in diagrams, and then the NX-01”

Ya, but you don’t see the NX-01 on the wall display where Decker points out “All those vessels were named “Enterprise” in Star Trek: The Motion Picture now, do you?

Star Trek Enterprise – Enterprise (NX-01) Beta Class (but not first)
Star Trek TOS – USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) First constitution class


The NX-01 and the TOS Enterprise were both Starships of Starfleet. I fail to see why it wouldn’t be regarded as the first.

Regardless, naming the NX-01 (Even the whole series) ENTERPRISE was a stupid idea.

Enterprise makes my skin crawl… it was laclustre, dull, in inventive and stuck about as much to canon as the Enterprise-E’s decks!!

even holy TOS had mistakes:
stafleet / uespa / space command / space central / star service
which organization were they in? XD

The look on Riker’s face at the end says it all. Oh, Brother!
Just try not to sweat the small stuff.

NCC-73515 has a valid point :P

Sisko calling the Constitution-class Enterprise the first definitely implies the conversation is limited to Federation ships. I don’t have a problem with that.

I’m not an Enterprise basher, in fact I like the show, but it does suffer from more than the average number of violations of canon. It has been a long established fact of Star Trek, from TOS on, that Vulcans are stronger and faster. Archer should not have been kicking butt like that.

Don’t forget the Trill.

In TNG they had weired heads, no spots, and couldn’t use the transporter because it would kill the symbiont.

Doesn’t have much in common with The Dax we all came to love and know does it?

Sorry i forgot, if Archer still had Suraks Katra in this scene. This could be the reason. But this does not matter, because Archer is a starfleet captain. Starfleet captains are some kind of heroes ;)

#36 they wayted to put a shot of the NX01 in that scene with Decker in ST1 but time and shot framing prevented them from doing that. That would have been an okay tie in with Ent.

I’d like to point out that 99% of these continuity errors are post-TOS. So the post-TOS writers were just sloppy.

I still think the best mistakes were in the last set of mash-ups of Spock finding the newest, hardest substance known every other week. I’m still waiting for my first copy of “Hard Substances Magazine” though.

First of all, nearly all of the borg errors have to do with the growth of the species. There was a lot of change going each time a starship ran into the borg — particularly Enterprise and Voyager. This is a species where one little change reveals new facets of the species in its on-going attempt to adapt and realign itself. Frankly, the borg stuff is only a mistake if you ignore the stories that led to them.

Which brings up my ultimate point. This entire thing is playing on a general lack context. To name just a few:

> Data’s door was programmed specifically so that his cat could not escape. What does that have to do with the teleporter door?

> When someone is specifically intending to play loud music, he or she would absolutely establish a dampening field around his or her quarters because in the time of Star Trek, people respect their neighbours. Find that quote. I know it’s out there somewhere.

> Data and Picard are in Sickbay when their door is being battered. Geordi was thrown out of temporary crew quarters. I would not expect those doors to be built with similar resistances — just as I don’t expect the cargo bay doors and the turbolift doors to be the same.

> Of course the Ferengi barter with gold. To them it is worthless. Others seem to like it, so they tempt others with it. After all, what gives something value is scarcity — and Ferenginar is full of gold. So how useful it it, except as an item to be used to get more valuable substances.

> Yeah. In TNG they needed two people to set auto-destruct. In TOS, the Search for Spock, they needed three. Makes sense that Picard could set it himself in Nemesis if that is how the procedures are developing.

> Phasers are not phase pistols. Just as Phasers are not Disruptors.

Anyway, I’m done here. Don’t just take people’s word for things. Understand it yourself.

Inconsistencies exist, but then again, Roddenberry was upset when they started placing ranks on officer’s uniforms in The Wrath of Khan. He didn’t like those kinds of tight-nit rules.

#37. Syöppö

Star Trek Enterprise – Enterprise (NX-01) Beta Class (but not first)
Star Trek TOS – USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) First constitution class

I stopped watching Enterprise soon after it started so I don’t know exactly what you mean when you say it’s “Beta class but not the first,” but surely if it’s registry is NX – 01 it MUST be the first of its class as, in all other Star Trek stuff that I’m aware of, the first vessel in a new line is given the experimental tag NX before being upgraded to NCC. I don’t know what the case is with that show though and seeing as they felt it necessary to ignore so many other things I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw the old registry system out too.

Anyway, to the point; the TOS Enterprise wasn’t the first Constitution class. The USS Constitution NCC – 1700 was the first Constitution Class. That’s all I really wanted to say but the NX thing confused me.