Ben Cross Is Sarek first reported that Spock’s father Sarek would appear in the new Star Trek and now we can report who will be playing him. After receiving a tip, has confirmed with a trusted source that 59 year-old English actor Ben Cross will be playing Sarek. Cross himself has seemingly confirmed it as well, as Star Trek is listed on his official site. Spock’s Vulcan father was originally played by the late Mark Lenard. Cross may be best known for his his starring role in the 1981 film Chariots of Fire. More recently the actor has seen in Exorcist: The Beginning and the BBC mini-series Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial. Cross will be playing across the 36 year-old Winona Ryder who is portraying Spock’s human mother Amanda Grayson.

Spock’s father Sarek has appeared a total of eight times over the Star Trek franchise (including four out of six of the TOS feature films). The first appearance was in the TOS episode “Journey to Babel” where it was first established he was a Federation Ambassador. That episode also revealed that Spock’s decision to go to Starfleet Academy instead of the Vulcan Science Academy created an estrangement between father and son. Sarek was last seen at the time of his death in the two part TNG episode “Unification” which also featured Leonard Nimoy playing Spock. More on Sarek at Memory Alpha.

Lenard and Cross…the original and new Sareks

Ben Cross has dozens of film and TV roles to his name starting with a small role in the 1976 WW II movie A Bridge Too Far. He has appeared in a number of genre projects over his career including starring as the vampire Barnabas Collins in the 1991 mini-series remake of Dark Shadows. Cross played an alien in the 1997 low budget sci-film The Invader in which he starred with Sean Young. Cross’ latest genre project was the direct-to-video Species: The Awakening where he starred alongside Star Trek Enteprise’s Dominic Keating. The actor also recently appeared with DS9’s Alexander Siddig in the 2006 TV Movie Hannibal: Rome’s Worst Nightmare and with TNG’s Marina Sirtis in the 2007 TV Movie Grendel.

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Tribute Video with clips from Dark Shadows

Trailer for Species: The Awakening

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