Happy Thanksgiving From TrekMovie.com

Star Trek always reminded us of the importance of family and friends, and so today we wish you all happy gatherings. Let us all give thanks to all that is really important in life. And give thanks that Star Trek is the gift that keeps on giving too.

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Thanks Anthony!:) You too.



Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Got an 18-pounder in the oven, being lovingly basted with a bottle of Liebfraumilch every 30 minutes or so. I reckon about three hours from now, we’ll have six adults, three dogs, and a grandkid sitting at the table, heads bowed in prayer.

I’m first:)
I thank you for this cool web-site. And thanks to Gene Rodenberry! You left us a great legacy!

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow posters!! :)

May everyone enjoy the blessings of family and the promise of a bright future.

Happy Thanksgiving to our American Friends! While we canucks polished off the bird a month ago, we always find this day a great excuse to do it all over again!

A big Thank You! to Anthony for the site! It’s always fun to visit!

And a big thanks to everyone who keeps up the banter in the comments section!

Happy Thanksgiving all! Live long and eat well!

Anthony, thanks for a great site!

Happy Thanksgiving from New Orleans to all on trekmovie.com.

Thanksgiving, a wonderful day that is not in need of a remaster :)

It’s thrirty degrees in Cleveland and snowing/raining and windy and my wife and I ran a five-mile race this morning.
We’re thankful it’s over.
Thanks for all your hard work on the site, Anth!

Peldor joi, fellow trekkies.

Happy Thanksgiving to all aboard.

I hope you all have your meatloaf transformed into a relishable turkey by now.

Happy thanksgiving from Pittsfield Massachusetts
to all of trekmovie.com

We dont do Thanksgiving in New Zealand,,,

but I’ll have a beer and raise a tost to the next Trek,,,

“To The next Trek,,,May Shatner be in as Kirk,,,”


From England- Happy Thanksgiving, to you all. :)

“If the crew has to eat meatloaf, I want it to at least look like turkey.”

Happy thanksgiving!

there’s real turkeys in the oven Sir

We don´t do Thanksgiving in Germany either, but: Ein fröhliches Erntedankfest an alle! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! =)

For some reason, people keep staring at me and licking their chops! ;)

Scotty…beam me up before I get carved! HAPPY THANKSGIVING ALL!

Im British so we dont celebrate thanks giving over here in the United Kingdom but i think that its a cracking idea. we should take time out to be thankfull of all that is around us. take time out to stand back and be thankful for what we have in our lives.

its a great thing that you have there. id like us to do something similar.
so happy thanksgiving everyone.


Live Long and Prosper.

Next year we will all give thanks for the movie we will be ready to receive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Like someone said above this time next year we will probably be going ape shit in anticipation!

Likewise, Thanksgiving is not part of our culture in Australia, but being thankful to God is certainly part of my life, so to all the Americans on this site, have a great one!

Thank you Anthony for all you do!

Every day’s like Christmas here, because you’re always leaving great “presents” for us. Daystrom is correct, if only we could open our Christmas 2008 present just a bit early! ;)

Quch lopno’!

Happy Thanksgiving from Mt. Horeb, WI

Happy Thanksgiving from Philadelphia

Happy Thanksgiving from my autumn residence in west central Illinois and my winter residence on Argelius.

Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago! I think the Tofurky’s ready.

Happy Thanksgiving all! ;P I give thanks for Star Trek!!

Happy turkey day, everybody!

Mute Knife wielding Andorian and Tellerite henchmen wish you happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a great one! Live long and eat leftovers!

17. “there’s real turkeys in the oven Sir”

Hey, wasn’t that Gene Roddenberry’s voice delivering that line in Charlie X?

May all your hearts and stomachs be full this year…

But not of the same stuff…


Live long etc.


(and yes, that was Gene Roddenberry saying “Turkeys, real turkeys!”)

_\\// Peace and Long Life \\//_

…umm, someone pass me a slice of the roast targ, please.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving from Atlanta, GA! And thanks for the good wishes from fellow Trekkers/ies abroad!

And thanks to Anthony and all the others who have created the very bestest Trek site on the web!


Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanis….zzzzzzzzzz })-|

Well we may not all get along as posters, some of us have different point of views like Klingons, Andorians, Romulans, Tellarites, or Vulcans, but that just fun banter. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! Always count your blessings and stay chipper, bad times last for just a whisper.

I had no idea that Gene’s voice was in any episode. That;s cool!

From Ottawa, Ontario

I wish you Americans Happy Thanksgiving! :)


Happy Thanksgiving all! And thanks to the hosts of this fantastic site!

Thanks also for the wishes from our friends up north. Go Red Wings!!! :-)

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to all from Wichita, Kansas!

Thanks, Anthony, for all your hard work on this site!

Happy birthday baby jeezus! I mean Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Happy birthday baby jeezus!! I mean Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Turning over a new leaf with a less pompous screen name. Thankful for my wonderful family, our health, and all of you magnificent bastards!

You just can’t beat a group of Canucks, Aussies, Kiwis, Irish, Limeys, and Yanks!
(I’m Anglosphericalcentric!)

Happy Thanksgiving all!

From Iowa, where the journey to the final frontier began, Happy Thanksgiving.

Also, a warm thanks to our Trek friends worldwide that sent greetings here. So kind.

“Sir, I put meat loaf in the ovens. There’s turkeys in there now… real turkeys!”

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Sorry to chime in so late. Had a great day and I hope you all did as well.
Thanks TrekMovie.com Staff for everything you do.