Quinto Feels Guilt Over Shooting Trek During WGA Strike

The LA Times has an interesting new interview with the new Spock, Zachary Quinto. The actor reveals his thoughts about the writer’s strike, describing first the disappearance of the writing staff from the set of Heroes as an “unexpected, unwanted vacation for everybody.” Then his transition to Star Trek also seems to have been difficult:

Compounding it is I ended on “Heroes” on Friday and started on “Star Trek” on Monday. To be working through this and to be required to work is also really strange. It’s a combination of feeling really fortunate and oddly awkward and guilty and weird.

Quinto also recounts how traveling between the time of his audition for Star Trek and when he learned he got the role was helpful to keep him grounded.

I had an audition . . . in April of 2007, and then I went away: I left town two days later for two months. I was in Europe and New York and all over the place. I imagine had I been in Los Angeles it would have been more nerve-racking. But as it was, I was traveling and having this life experience that allowed me to detach from the structure of Los Angeles. . . . Then I got back in June on my birthday, and when I was in New York my manager called and said they’re moving forward.

This trip was particularly revelatory for me coming off of the show and having such a crazy year in Hollywood. I say there’s nothing better to keep your feet on the ground than the weight of a backpack. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do for a living in the countryside of Germany. . . . It was about reminding myself of the place that I’m in in the world — not just in this town in this industry, in a much larger spectrum.

Read the full interview at the LA Times

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Man who cares seriously the guy should just be glad he’s got alot of work to keep him busy until well after the Strike is over.

Well I read that negotiations are resuming and there is now a “sweetened” offer being extended by the studios. Cross your fingers

I’ve been reading Qinto’s comments on Trekmovie.com for a while now and… hey, is it just me, but I like this guy. he is thoughtful, intelligent, even cerebral.

Remind you of anyone? :D

I never regret the work I get, I regret the work that slipped through my hands…

–Scott Xavier

It is better to work and make money than not to work.

Why have there been so many interviews with Quinto and so few with any of the other new cast members for the film? I’d like to hear what they have to say.

5. Driver – November 29, 2007 -True!

6. Why have there been so many interviews with Quinto and so few with any of the other new cast members for the film? I’d like to hear what they have to say.

I agree I want an interview with the new James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) we’ve heard absolutely nothing from him so it would be nice if we had something. Anthony get on that please.

#6 I think the main reason is that Quinto as Spock has been really the biggest news on the film (it was not only the first release, but it also got headlines everywhere). It also appears that Spock is the central character for the film. I would like to hear some other interviews though.

I really am liking Quinto. He seems very down-to-earth.

I was checking out our new Kirk pics and stumble into these

don’t think chris pine scrawny anymore..

check out his arms

early 2007


I hope d link works.

This just in:

Quinto had a roasted turkey panini for lunch and then washed it down with a chocolate Slusho. It was later reported that he had a granola bar as a snack. Stay tuned to find out what he is listening to on his iPod.

I think Quinto is doing an awesome job and I am glad that he is in touch with everything around him. Like Plum said- he is smart, thoughtful, compassionate, cerebral, and really good looking. Just like someone else we all know!:)

Nice work Mr. Quinto. Keep up the good work.


#12 I AM THX-1138 “This just in”

Shoe size, damnit!! That’s what we’re REALLY waiting to hear about!!

And you know why??

The bigger his hoofers, the more effective he’ll be KICKING ASS in his portrayal of a young Spock!!

Not to mention…..you know what they say…….big feet…………big EARS!

Hey, did you hear about the big fire down at the shoe factory?
Yeah, heartbreaking….400 “soles” were lost!!

Nice one number 14!:)

Heck, #12 and 14, I think that if Quinto doesn’t have exactly the same shoe size as Nimoy, Abrams should be fired. Such a canon violation would be inexcusable.

WoW! another Quinto colum? Who is he blowing for all the press?

Darth “Gargle” Ballz

#17 “Who is he blowing”

What, heaven forbid, are you suggesting?

There are a lot of BALLZ here. Big Darth sized, Harry BALLZ

Meh quintoshminto me want ncc 1701 design plus offical cast pics – it must b nearly time now……..any day now

17.Yeesch.That’s tackey

#11 J.D. Lee

But does he make for a good ‘Kirk’ ?

I still have my doubts…but Zachary is great.

#1:”Man who cares…”

Clearly *he* does – and good for him.

What?? They’re making a new Star Trek movie?? When did this happen?


He looks skinnier in this pic posted here, much more like Spock. NOT trying to nit pick, but he did have a chubby face in those photos we have of him in Spock gear.

Of course, that could be the lighting, makeup, etc. etc.

…Bah. Frack the WGA and their strike. When I consider all the other people in the entertainment industry who are now out of work because of this strike, my sympathy for the WGA and their extortion attempts becomes even more nonexistent than it was before the strike started. Carson Daly has the right idea. Accept free jokes from your friends, put your non-WGA people back to work, and don’t let the WGA – the “G” is for “Grinch” – ruin their Chrisnukkah or their rent payments!

#26 – So the writer’s should merely except that they are getting short changed and not get paid anything for certain sales of their work? Nope. This is what a Strike is.

Notice we have heard absolutley nothing out of our new Kirk – Chris Pine.
Why is the press letting him go under the radar???? Get TMZ on his ass. I want to hear what Captain Kirk has to say. His approach to the role, his Shatner feelings, his feelings on playing a character everybit as iconic as Bond or Batman.

pardon me for stepping off subject for a quick question:

What is the origin of “frak” (or “frack”)? Is is a gamer thing or a Battlestar Galactica thing? Or something else?

Just curious. Thanks.


Among the many varied selections found on Quinto’s iPod our sources found:

Avril Lavigne
Air Supply
P Diddy
Mahavishnu Orchestra
and the original cast recording from Oklahoma performing Surrey with the Fringe on Top

Size 12 Ugg Boots for those with “enquiring” minds.

Also a book about performing cranial vivisection found in his gym bag.

Oh cripes! Here he comes! Gotta go!

29.. Original Battlestar thing… Frack was the tv friendly scifi version of f*ck

Evil Big Darth Harry Quinto size Shatner eating sandwich Ballz!

I agree, I look forward also to have interviews with the other actors in the movie! But I think the main reason we only hear from Zachary Quinto for now is because he’s the only “bigger” castmember who has actually started filming… by “big” I mean the Big Seven ;-)

But I can’t wait to read what the others have to say about their role!

#11: Regardless of whether he has big arms or not, he has really piercing blue eyes. Women will swoon, as will some men. I think he’s a good choice.

There’s a likeability to him that’s very important for the Kirk role. Shatner had it, and I can see why Pine was selected.


Ah, thanks!