Takei Talks Heroes, TOS-R and ST08

Today seems to be Sulu Day. George Takei may not be appearing in the new Star Trek movie, but the man who originated Sulu still has some thoughts on his past life and the future of the franchise. Regarding why The Original Series seems to be ‘hot’ again (with Trek Remastered and the new Star Trek movie), Takei cites Gene Roddenberry’s vision. He tells Dreamwatch…

It’s Gene Roddenberry’s core philosophy I think. With each succeeding spin off series I think the producers got a little further and further away from Gene’s philosophy: to look to the future as a bracing challenge.

Takei draws a distinction between Trek and his latest work on NBC’s Heroes:

Star Trek was so optimistic: we were able to work together for our common good. On Heroes, we explore more the grey area. Those with powers don’t necessarily work together. There are those who let their human fallibilities come into play, and use their powers for that. The powers are an exaggeration of what we all have: it’s how we use those powers that make society better or worse.

Regarding the new Sulu, John Cho, Takei expressed confidence and revealed that he knows a bit about what we can expect:

We’ll see how good an actor he is! He has one spectacular scene that’s going to be wonderful.

Regarding the film’s director, Takei thinks he can rise to the challenge:

I’ve had conversations with J.J. He has some real daunting challenges. When Star Trek first came on, the technology was just mind-boggling. This compact device, they flip it open and they can talk…. That’s gone now. The mobile is a nuisance in our society. How do you create that reality for this jaded 21st Century audience? But he’s a very inventive and creative guy!

Check out the full interview at Dreamwatch

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