Bakula To Guest On Boston Legal

They were never able to get William Shatner to appear on Star Trek Enterprise, but now the Enterprise captain will be appearing on Shatner’s show. TV Guide is reporting that Bakula landed a guest spot on Boston Legal. Bakula joins other main cast Trek stars who have appeared on Boston Legal: Armin Shimerman, Ethan Phillips, and Jeri Ryan and of course Rene Auberjonois. has learned that Bakula has already shot his scenes, but unfortunately they are not with Shatner. However, Bakula does have scenes with Candice Bergen who he worked with on Murphy Brown playing her love interest.

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KevinA Melbourne Australia

Hooray More Scott Please


This actor is a fine addition to this show. He was a well rounded and talented actor on Enterprise and you can be certain that he’ll put forth the same dedication to this show. I only hope that he’s a recurring character. Show your support for him and the show won’t you? He deserves it.

star trackie

I like Bakula, seems to be a genuine good guy, but he was pretty bad in Enterprise. Great as a “aw shucks, happy-go-lucky” kinda guy….but way wrong for a commanding Starship captain. But I watch Boston Legal regularly and look forward to his appearance, I’ve yet to see a guest star, or regular, on that show turn in a bad performance..

Jim Smith

They should make him a Count the same day they knight Stewart and Shatner. Then he’d be Count Bakula. He he he.

ensign joe

I kept waiting for him to leap out of Enterprise…

I AM THX-1138

Oh boy.


Will he get to make strange references in his dialogue to his “past” like another Captain we know?

Bakula: “Hello Denny”.

JT Kirk posing as Denny Crane: “Jonathon!”

Other lawyer: “You know each other?”

JT Kirk posing as Denny Crane: “We both served in the … ummm.. Navy.”

Bakula smiles at Crane, and after the other lawyer turns away, Bakula makes the Vulcan salute and turns it into a wave as he leaps.

Oregon Trek Geek

My opinion of Enterprise has gone up substantially since sitting down and watching some of the Sci Fi Channel marathon from Thanksgiving. I’m one of those that stopped watching sometime during season 1. From what I saw on the marathon, the show deserved 7 seasons. I think Bakula played a good captain.


Yeah yeah, sure sure . . . . The more interesting guest spot would be when Red Shirt # 2 from TOS episode # 27 makes his appearance. That’s the one the fans have been chomping at the bit to see.

Heh heh heh.


Jupiter, they were saving that guest spot for you.


This is something I’d watch.

For a complete list of Star Trek performers who appeared on BL:

Any Trek names from tonight’s episode (airing in about seventeen minutes) will be added by 11:30pm EST.

Tony Whitehead

#7, that was too funny…good entry

The Vulcanista

#7, 13,

Ya know, with all the nods to Trek on BL, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something like that happened! Delighted, but not surprised.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

David (Enterprise should have wings AND flames on the hull)

#7 perfect, just perfect.

Caprica 6

lol@ #4 hehehe Count Bakula

Cox of Seagulls

8: I agree. It’s criminally underrated. I have to admit I’ve never seen Boston Legal, but with so many Trek actors appearing on I sort of feel like I’m being forced too now.

Kyle Nin

#3: “… he was pretty bad in Enterprise. Great as a “aw shucks, happy-go-lucky” kinda guy….but way wrong for a commanding Starship captain.”

He was only like that in the first two seasons. Half-way through the series, his character definitely changed (mainly because of the Xindi conflict). He became much less optimistic and more distrustful of aliens.


Bakula was great and refreshing on Enterprise. He embodied someone with a heart for adventure and an explorer’s spirit. Then as the series went on he saw how hostile and dangerous space really was and changed.

I’m not going to defend Enterprise anymore, it doesn’t need defending. It’s as good as any TV show I would put on my top ten list. Dexter, Batttlestar Galactica, Lost, Sopranos, The Office, etc.


Tis a Trek convergence!



It’s a conspiracy!
Trek actors are going to slowly take over all major television programs!


i hated quantumn leap, i thought he was going to be awful in enterprise, especially after the unimpressive ds9 and voyager and the lame feature films.

i was delighted to be so wrong, he was great, and so was the short lived series, especially the last season, pure trek.


I liked Star Trek Enterprise and btw is Enterprise canon to STXI?


Enterprise is canon and ST Xi is canon, it’s as simple as that.



We don’t even know if “Star Trek” is canon to Trek 08.


Thanks for the compliments
(steps into a nearby closet and you hear the fizzle of transport behind the door…)


he was great in ENT! most people who don’t like him as Archer haven’t seen all of ENT. many of them stopped after the middle of Season 2. he played the captain as he should have been played — inexperienced, naive, and yet when it came to the crunch: ready to do what was necessary to save the day. who can forget the torture scene on Anomaly, his scene with T’Pol and also Phlox in Damage, as Mirror Archer — friggin’ good stuff… it redefined him with a finer, twistier edge than I’d ever dreamed or expected.

and, hey, if VOY got its seven seasons, ENT should have, as well.

anyways, I wonder how many episodes he’ll film for BL. I can’t wait to see if he and the Shat have any meaty scenes together!


You said it indranee!


18 — “He became much less optimistic and more distrustful of aliens.”
19 — “Then as the series went on he saw how hostile and dangerous space really was and changed.”

For me, those reasons actually speak to why I did NOT like Enterprise, because that attitude isn’t Star Trek to me. Most of all I disliked the show for a portrayal of Vulcans that also wasn’t true to Star Trek in my view. Playing them as antagonists at best, out-and-out bad guys at worst really turned me off. We’re to believe these unlikable people are where the great, iconic Mr. Spock came from? It made me feel like Berman and Braga were trying to pull some kind of reboot.

I was psyched at the concept of Enterprise and bringing in Quantum Leap’s Scott Bakula seemed like a great idea. The last season was more fun with the talent infusion behind the scenes, but at that late point, setting things right seemed to contradict what came earlier. Under Berman-Braga, Voyager sadly also failed ultimately to live up to a good concept.

The best part of Enterprise is the production design as an attempt to be retro-Trek under today’s expectations. It helps make the show enjoyable on HDNet. Why they had to rip off the Akira, though …

Cosmo Kid

“They were never able to get William Shatner to appear on Star Trek Enterprise”…However Big Foot’s track’s and excrement were captured near by!
Sry for this posting so much but thank you for your time!