Paul McGillion Lands Star Trek Role

In September broke the news that Stargate Atlantis’ Paul McGillion auditioned for the role of Scotty for the new Star Trek film, but of course in the end the role went to Simon Pegg. However it appears that wasn’t the end of the line for McGillion. has learned that the McGillion impressed the film makers with his audition and they found a different role for the actor. No details yet on his role, except that it is a small speaking part.

McGillion has actually already finished shooting for the film, which took a few days back in November. It appears he will be in a scene with Chris Pine (Kirk). Since Simon Pegg had not started working yet, there will not be an on screen meeting between two.

After first broke the news that McGillion auditioned for the role of Scotty there was a large outpouring of support from the fan community, but it is not known if that factored into the decision to give him a role. A source told that JJ Abrams was impressed with McGillion’s audition and even though he picked his MI3 co-star Simon Pegg for Scotty, he still wanted to find a place for Paul.

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great, could bring the gaties to us :D

kind of liked this guy more than pegg. to me he feels more like scotty, but what can you do?


Could he be Gary Mitchell???

Good for him. I like the guy.

Jeez, it’s looking like just about EVERYBODY in Hollywood has a part in this movie.

Nothing against Pegg, but he should have been Scotty.

Can you say, Finnagen?

I don’t watch any science fiction except Star Trek, so I don’t know who this guy is, but I hope he helps makes the new Trek film as beloved as TWOK.

Finnegan! Yes!!!
(10th, BTW, i think…)

Still think he should have been Scotty, but I’ll go see this film now I know he’s in it. Yep, I’m that big a fan!!!!

Great! I love this guy. Too bad he isn’t Scotty though…

I’m thinking Finnegan myself… “How are ye, Jimmy beye?”

#6: …except Shatner. Hee, hee!

Terrific news!

You know, with all the changes that are going on, I hope I don’t end up being as disappointed as I was when I came out of the cinema after seeing Superman Returns, for the first and only time at the cinema.

Early new year 2009 will tell I guess, or whenever it opens in the UK. Certainly there is no way I would be able to see it Christmas Day, family stuff and all that.

Great, I’d far rather he was playing Scotty but it’s still great

Can you picture the look on the Shat’s face if it ends up that EVERYONE IN HOLLYWOOD BUT HIM is in the new movie? Yikes!! :)

This cast just gets better and better each day, doesn’t it?

I am feeling a Grand Epic scale of a movie here. Where does the casting end? I hope doesn’t stop here.

Finnegan might be good. How about the Federation Captain role”?

Scotty’s Dad, at the Graduation

Funnily enough I was just thinking about him today, and what would happen if Simon was replaced. Strange. But I’m happy he didn’t get the complete boot!

Thanks Anthony

Defintely happy to hear that Paul got a part. He was excited, and loved to tell everyone at Dragon Con 07, about the possiblity of playing Scotty. It will be interesting to see what role he did land.

Good to see he made an impression, he should have been cast as Scotty IMHO. Pegg, I haven’t seen so he is an unknown to me. It’s a bummer in a way that Paul did get a part (if it is small). It probably lessens the chance that Scotty could be recast in a sequel as Saavik was with Kirsty Alley / Robin Curtis!

He plays the great great grandson of the love child that Kirk and I had in an alternate timeline.

yup, this guy should’ve been scotty by a LONGSHOT

Simon Pegg is a good choice, even if it seems out of left field. He’s a terrific actor, and though he’s mostly known for comedic roles, I’m willing to bet he’ll impress us with his take on Scotty. I doubt Paul is crying over spilt milk, so I don’t see why we should either.

He does look a lot like the guy who originally played Finnigan in “Shore Leave”. It wil be interesting to see what comes of it.

Kigs :)

I like Pegg as Scotty. Why is everyone so sure that he’ll suck?

A little off topic, but I just saw the UGO video of the alien-choreographer who they basically establish played a Romulan in the movie. And it’s interesting how he agrees that the movie will be “fantastic” and that JJ Abrams is “brilliant.” It seems that virtually everyone who has an in with this new production is utterly convinced that this will be a success, and I just have to say that it’s reassuring. I’m sure that, historically, there have been complete flops despite peoples’ confidence in the people at the movie’s helm, but something about this movie seems different. I dunno. I think we all will be delightfully surprised.

Also, has anyone read the SciFi magazine interview with Orci? It’s excellent.

I went from enthusiastic about this film (because of Paul McGillion) to indifferent and now I’m warming up again.

I can’t help wondering who he will play and a couple of the possibilities suggested above have my thoughts whirling.

Ok, Abrams. I’m back in line for my ticket.

*coughs* I meant whom.

Looking at the above photo, he looks like James Doohan. I can believe he is Scotty!! This film is making me nervous!!


Love ya, Paul!

“Jimmie-boy, you’re an old man. But me, I’m still twenty years old!”

No Finnegan for McGillion. Besides, Finnegan is Irish!


Yeah, he was all excited to land a role until they handed him the red uniform , to which he replied, “Oh bugger.”

I’m fairly certain that JFX online has photos posted of what they call the Star Trek Officer Uniform

300 quatloos says he’s Gary Mitchell.

#38: The link was posted in the “Star Trek’s Alien Choreographer” Thread.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

#39 Ah, good enough – just wondered why the link hadn’t been posted on the main site…

#4, #39 to old for Gary Mitchell

800 Quattloos that he’s Finnegan. He’s older than Kirk, an Upper classman. It may work that way.

This is good news, Indeed!
Isn’t he too old to play Gary Mitchell, or Finnegan, if Kirk is only in his late 20’s?

#16 – I am also afraid it will be like Superman Returns. The hero will get his girlfriend pregnant and then go into space, leaving her to raise their son by herself.


McGillion could be Finnegan: “So even you can’t save the Kobayashi Maru, can you Jimmy Boy?”

Yay for Paul.

To #9.
Jerk. :P


I just wonder when Paul has impressed JJ with his acting quality, why hasn’t he landed the role of Scotty? Can’t imagine his scottish accent was too bad :-)

“Finnagen! Whats been happening to my people!”

“I want answers!”

“Comin’ up!”

#47 Jan

Paul impressed J.J. enough to land a role in the film (which, if I had to guess, is Finnegan), but Simon Pegg apparently impressed Abrams more for the role of Scotty. It all depended on who Abrams thought was better for the role; he chose Pegg.

Out of all the other shows JJ has been a part of I am only really well familiar with LOST. He had to have had a big hand in choosing who played what character in that movie. and I think he was pretty spot on with most if not all of them. So I have high confidance that the actors chosen for this movie, are right for there parts. I think Peg will be a good choice. It will be a little wierd seeing his face with Scotty’s name attached to it, but I think his acting will help to over come that.