Star Trek Shows Up On Jeopardy!

Last night one of the categories on the game show Jeopardy! was “Star Trek Jargon.” All of the clues were answered on the show correctly, with three being answered by the overall winner Max Zarou. See the questions below…the first reader to answer them all correctly wins a 2008 Star Trek Calendar.

Here were the questions.

The type-2 of this weapon had a max power setting of 16 & could be set to heat, disrupt or stun

This Star Fleet missive prohibits interference with other civilizations

This device briefly converts a person to energy, beams the energy, then reassembles the person

When Spock checks chronometric data he’s looking at measurements of this space-“this” continuum

This crystal regulates matter/antimatter reactions that provide energy for travel faster than light

Win a Calendar
First person to answer all correctly in the talk back below will win a 2008 Ships of the Line Calendar, courtesy of Pocket Books. Remember to make your responses in the form of a question.

UPDATE: Congrats Gord for for your quick responses

More Jeopardy! Trek
Proving that it is deeply ingrained in popular culture, Star Trek clues show up on Jeopardy! regularly both as a category and within other categories. For example, in September of this year the show had a Double Jeopardy category “COMPLETES THE STAR TREK EPISODE TITLE.” Trek actors have also shown up on show reading Trek video clues including Jeri Ryan and just last week one was ready by Enterprise’s Linda Park. And last week Voyager story editor Lisa Klink wrapped up a 5 win streak on the popular game show. More Trek on Jeopardy! at J-Archive.

From the Dec. 4th show…the clue:
“The letter “shin, which begins one of the Hebrew names of God, inspired this Star Trek actor to create his famous hand gesture”
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Prime Directive

Damn. Beat me to it.

What is a phaser?
What is the prime directive?
What is a transporter?
What is time?
What is dilithium?

(i noticed Charles neglected to phrase his answers as questions)

what is a phaser?
what is the prime directive?
what is a transporter?
what is time?
what is dilithium?

What is a phaser?
What is the prime directive?
What is a transporter?
What is time?
What is dilithium?

Rats… too slow. :-)

Prime Directive

Do I win?

First–Hand Phaser
Second–The Prime Directive
Third–The Transporter
Fourth–Space “Time” Continuum
Fifth–Dylthium Crystals

That’s all my answers!

i think we all know the answers…this is pre-basic Trek 101…now an entire Star Trek Jeopardy…that would be interesting


You guys are all nerds : )

When Spock checks chronometric data he’s looking at measurements of this space-“this” continuum

Is this strictly true? Isn’t space-time just basically “stuff.” The universe.

Alex: Yeah, I’m pretty ashamed of myself. :-) I swear, I’m not here all day!

Back in the mid-70’s Trebek hosted a show called the $128,000 Question. I remember a young man in his early teens being a contestant and his category of choice was Star Trek. He didn’t go all the way but I think he did rather well. I know he did better than I did.

Trebek had a mild heart attack on Dec 11th. He is back home, and scheduled to start taping more Jeopardy in mid-January. Merry Christmas, Alex!

What is cardiac arrest?

Awww nuts

Congrats Gord! Excellent save!

For $1,200.

The answer is:

“A Nerd.”

Now we need Shatner, Sean Connery and Gilbert Gottfried on a combined Tonight Show/ SNL version of “Jeopardy!”

wicked bad gas

#23 – Haha.

Hey All,
Even though I’ve been watching Trek since the 60’s and enjoyed all the series, and movies, I know lots of you know Trek in microscopic detail, beyond any knowledge of mine. Why not make a Trek quiz for frek fans? Put a strain on our neural nets… just for fun.

OK wiseguy… how can a Romulan warbird travel faster than light with ‘simple impulse’ power?

Er, it catches a good headwind?

No wind in outer-space. Sorry. :D

What is a kiss, Captain?


Romulan Warbirds use a forced quantum singularity. The use of this confined singularity can occasionally cause time shifts into the future. A warbird could thus appear in a different point in space in an instant. The resultant appearance is that it moved faster than light.

Now my head hurts.

I’d love a “real” trek quiz, but it would be sullied by the ability to rapidly find answers on the net. Nevertheless, go for it! Good fun if nothing else.

Being a trivia freak (Ken Jennings is my hero!), is there any chance someone has a link to that “Completes the Star Trek Episode Title” round? That sounds quite awesome.

What Is Kebert Xela.

Did I do something wrong?


Come on Charles Pratt go this right and he was first too. He desvere also a award(as Gorn). Congrats to Gorn too but still Charles Pratt beat him to the bunch.
for me i got 4 out of 5 right.

I thought the “simple impulse” warbirds were the BOT/Deadly Years ones, and that they were not warp-capable, implying there was some kind of “mothership” nearby. Then there was the D7 warp era, then all the quantum singularity stuff in the 24th century. I wonder what they’ll be driving next Christmas?

The Romulan BIRDS OF PREY used simple impulse engines in BOT.
The Romulan WARBIRDS were big, green, mean, and warp capable and seen in TNG.

Excuse me now. I have to go re-tape my glasses!


I watched that last night, my wife just shook her head and kept calling me a dork

And how did Charles Pratt not win?

#38 – He did not state his answers as questions, as the instructions reminded everyone.

#37 – That’s ok. My kids call me a geek.
Do you think Roberto Orci’s wife calls him a dork or geek?

I still think the format of Jeopardy is dumb – “What is…. ” always sounds like a question, not an answer

Ugh. Because he surely didn’t know the answers..

#39 But I assumed what a “question” is was sullied by the statement:

Here were the questions.

The type-2 of this weapon had a max power setting of 16 & could be set to heat, disrupt or stun

Which should have read:

Here were the clues.

The type-2 of this weapon had a max power setting of 16 & could be set to heat, disrupt or stun!

Nit-picky? Maybe… but I’m biased by my overall dislike for the rule anyway as I see it as one of those: “Uh uh uh.. you didn’t say mother-may-I..” type of things…

I mean, isn’t: “Phaser?” a question? And since the above points out that in this context questions don’t have to have question marks at the end then I say Pratt’s response is correct.

Not trying to flame but it does stick in my craw a little bit.. oh well.. Bring on the trailer!!

I remember Susan Sackett on Jeopardy! several years ago. For some strange reason she did not acknowledge her Star Trek connection. I forget how she described herself or what she chatted with Trebek about, but I recall feeling she seemed to go out of her way to not mention having worked for Roddenberry.

Lots of people who worked for GR don’t have good memories of it. Ask Sandy Courage for instance

I want a Type 1 TOS phaser for Xmas (the small ‘radio’ one) – yeah thats right – a real one

Boy i hope theres gonna be some BIG Star Trek news this friday – i sense a spy shot of Nimoy in full Spock garb coming….

The Prime Directive

Yes, that’s my final answer, Regis.

The questions on Jeopardy! would have been easy for anyone who regularly watched classic Star Trek. Now, for some tough Star Trek trivia, see this post in my blog:

Robert J. Sawyer

yeah, those are freaking hard.

If you’re nerdy enough to be on jeopardy, you’re nerdy enough to answer those questions.

I know those answers and I’m pretty sure I didn’t know the answers to the rest of them.

Final Jeopardy:
Who is Kebert Xela?

Kebert Xela. Someone needs to spend less time watching Family Guy and more time learning stuff.

according to google

Hey there, I’m the guy who was on Jeopardy this week for the Star Trek category.

First off, apologies for saying “diLEETHium”, when it clearly is diLITHium.

Secondly, Jeopardy is a game of answers and questions. you won’t get any points if you don’t say “What is…” It’s the same kind of nerd-love that distinguishes a Romulan warbird from a bird of prey, so how about some respect for OUR geekiverse?

Finally, #32: Go to this site ( for an archive of all episodes, clues, answers, contestants, and search for Star Trek.

Happy holidays, and may the force be with you (j/k)

Nice work Max… oh, and btw everyone, a Romulan BoP may indeed go faster that light as demonstrated in the classic Star Trek ep “Balance of Terror”. Yes, it’s a warp engine powered with a ‘simple’ impulse engine (fusion). After all, the Romulan Bird of Prey does have warp nacelles. They are right there!

At least, that’s my theory based on seeing that ep a hundred times. :)