Urban: Bones Still Irascible

It appears that Karl Urban (the new Dr. McCoy) is doing the rounds for CBS’s mini-series Comanche Moon in which he plays a Texas Ranger and of course reporters are using the opportunity to talk Trek. Urban told TV Guide that he is “not allowed to say” whether or not he will be delivering McCoy’s trademark line “I’m a doctor, not a [blank],” but he did talk a bit about the character of McCoy.

From the article:

Urban tells TVGuide.com: “The movie is very, very faithful to the spirit of the original series and the characters that were created in the ’60s.” For example, Urban’s Bones “is the lovable, irascible humanist that he has always been [and] a good friend of Jim Kirk.” That said, he believes “J.J. is going to reinvigorate this franchise in a fresh and exciting way.”

Source: TV Guide

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Looking forward to seeing McCoy again

Burbon and beans!!

Sounds good, but I’m still weirded out by the fact that this Bones looks tougher than the new Kirk & Spock put together.

Hopefully, the chemistry between Quinto and Urban would be fantastic, just as Nimoy and Kelly was in the movies. I believe the McCoy character is the third pillar of making Star Trek great.

I just have a feeling that Urban will make a great McCoy… the fact that he gets that Bones is still “the lovable, irascible humanist that he has always been”, gives me confidence. I can’t wait for Dec ’08!

Cant wait to see a fellow NZer in the next Trek,,


New Zealand

(Palmerston North)

Isn’t he REALLY tall? I remember Kelly being shorter than Nimoy and about the same as Shatner, but this guy is like 6’4″ isn’t he?

7 – Urban is 6′ 1″, Quinto is 6′ 2″, Pine is 6′ .5″ .

Pine, Quinto and Urban are all within one inch in height of each other, with Zach at 6’2″, Urban at 6’1″ and Pine at 6’0″.

I’d say that’s not too big a difference.

I love Karl Urban as an actor and an action star, but I feel like he’d be limiting his potential as Bones. Bones is a great character but never gets into any fights, which is what Urban does best.

Shatner was what, 5 11 in lifts?

Since part of the movie will seemingly be taking place before McCoy graduates, I’d like to see him tell someone he’s a [blank], not a doctor.

karl is 6.1″ and chris is 6.1 1/2″

William Shatner is 5’9

Leonard Nimoy is 6’1/2″

DeForest Kelly was 5’10”

James Doohan was 5’8″

George Takei is 5’6″

Walter Koenig is 5’6″

Nichelle Nichols is 5’4″

Here try these

William Shatner = 5′ 9½”

Leonard Nimoy = 6′ 0½”

DeForest Kelley = 5′ 10″

James Doohan = 5′ 8″

George Takei = 5′ 8″

Nichelle Nichols = 5′ 5″

Walter Koenig = 5′ 6″

Chris Pine = 6′ 0½”

Zachary Quinto = 6′ 2″

Karl Urban = 6′ 1″

Simon Pegg = 5′ 9″

John Cho = 5′ 10″

Zoe Saldana = 5′ 7″

Anton Yelchin = 5′ 9″

I think we’ll see a more physical/action oriented McCoy this time.

Boy, you give a Trekkie an inch………………….. :)

I don’t doubt that in his younger years, McCoy could have been good in a fight. He frequently looked like he’d be comfortable in one.

#15 – haha …

Christ! where do you people dig up these stats? Right down to the half inch. Better be careful though–the Shat and Nimoy may have lost a half-inch in their old age.


I’ll have a mint julep please. . .

#12 “Since part of the movie will seemingly be taking place before McCoy graduates, I’d like to see him tell someone he’s a [blank], not a doctor.”

That would be hysterical!

. . . best drink you can find “This Side of “Paradise.”

If McCoy is a med student, we might him dating Emony Dax….

I’m not sure why some perceive Urban as being such a tough guy compared to De Kelley. Kelley was playing a doctor in Star Trek but was he not a villain in many Westerns? Must have seemed strange to see a heavy playing a good doctor at the time for some. But Kelley pulled it off. Why couldn’t Urban pull it off. Kirk was never a Mad Max type of character anyway. Pine doesn’t need to look like the road warrior compared to McCoy.


Right on! I agree.

Before Star Trek DeForrest played villians in many westerns…He was typecast just like Urban….

I had always wonder what the reaction bck in 60’s were like when they found out about Mr Kelly’s new role in Star Trek…dismay? confusion?surprised?

Lets give Urban a chance to prove himself before we judge…he is of course an actor..

Agreed. So freakin what if these versions of Spock and McCoy happen to be a little bit buffer? The fact these guys bear more than a passing resemblance to the original actors is good enough for me.

And it’s not like Quinto and Urban are a couple of Arnold Swarzeneggers walking around. lol

JD wasnt trek looked at as a serial western in space for kids? Like lost in space I guess, only less campy.

From the article:

“Urban told TV Guide that he is “not allowed to say” whether or not he will be delivering McCoy’s trademark line ‘’m a doctor, not a [blank]'”

I really think that this hyped secrecy is idiotic; didn’t we all know how Lord of the Rings would turn out, and that didn’t hurt the box office.

If it’s good, it’s good; hype won’t change a thing.

Then again, is that what made Harry Potter so big, the secrecy on the plot? Maybe I’m one of the few that found a lot of the answers to that mystery disappointing.

Hey, what about The Hobbit movie news?

Interesting thing about this height stuff…

About ten years ago, I attended a showing of Leonard Nimoy’s photographs featuring the photographer himself. When he was being introduced to the attendees, Mr. Nimoy came and stood right beside me (for a lifelong Trekkie, that was a surreal moment, believe me). But what I noticed is how short he was. As Spock, I always pictured him as towering over everybody. But I’m 5’9″, and he was barely taller than I was. Maybe he has shrunk with age, but at that time there was no way he was 6 feet.

I hope they get McCoy right as he was my favourite TOS character, second overall to Picard! Damn shame DeForest passed away.

#25: I had always wonder what the reaction bck in 60’s were like when they found out about Mr Kelly’s new role in Star Trek…dismay? confusion?surprised?

From what I’ve heard, the reaction was essentially “WTF”. But it clearly worked. Now it’s the other way around- try to picture Bones as a bad guy shooting people in cold blood.

Agreed with #30. He’s pretty much my favourite Trek character. They’d better not mess him up.

“10. Sean – December 21, 2007
I love Karl Urban as an actor and an action star, but I feel like he’d be limiting his potential as Bones. Bones is a great character but never gets into any fights, which is what Urban does best.”

Bones threw some punches in The Original Series. Check out “A Piece of the Action,” for one.


*AHEM* McCoy could also swing a mean (if reluctant) blade, if you check out ‘Bread and Circuses’ and ‘Day Of The Dove’. He dared Khan to cut his throat in ‘Space Seed’ – and won. He put a phaser blast into the breadbasket of his pseudo-squeeze, Nancy The Salt Vampire, in ‘ The Man Trap’. He had no compunction about shoving the emitter of his assault phaser up the flared nostril of Ambassador Nanclus in ST:VI. He actually had to be restrained when Kirk threw down with that ‘nad-kneed hominid in the same movie.

Make no mistake – McCoy could be an ankle-biting SOB when agitated. ;-)


Back in the 60’s we didn’t have the Internet where we could discuss every bit of information in detail.

My main source of entertainment news was the weekly TV Guide. I used to save my pennies so I could rush to the store every Tuesday to buy the mag for 15 cents. The magazine had a little news flash section at the front of the magazine with cyrptic little blurbs about the entertainment industry.

Now we have so much information available that’s update constantly. It’s mind-boggling.

Also, in the 60’s there were only two rating periods – Fall and Spring. So TV shows that started in the September would at least make it until the December ratings before it would be cancelled and replaced by another show in the “second season” in January.

These days, I hate to get attached to a new series because the overnight ratings can get a show cancelled after one episode.

I’m still mourning the lose of “Journeyman” on NBC. A great series. Already cancelled.


Sounds like they’re all enjoying this, which is good news. I’d love to think (imagine, trust, fake myself out) that they’re actually close, as opposed to the Shatner-blaster attitude of many of the TOS vets.

Anyway, Best of luck to all!!!! (Including the audience)

These guys are too tall to play the roles.

I will not pedal flesh!

#37 is absolutely right! What kind of stupid casting is this? Not only are their heights all wrong, their eye colors aren’t the same! This movie is going to suck!

if there is no feeling,, no best friend felling,,this wont work,,, piss on 150 mill,,think about,,, jj needs to make that connection,,,,,might feel like an off broadway-high school play,,,fuc—————————-kinda ,,,whatever

Always remember to subtract an inch from “official” heights of actors.


Scott B. out

Mr. Pascale (and Mr. Urban)…thank you for helping me to improve my vocabulary. I had to look up the word ‘irascible’ to find the exact meaning (although I had a general idea what it meant from the context). I’m going to use that word every chance I get for the next month or two.

….and, I will boycott this unless they use special CGI effects and “forced perspective” to make Urban, Pine, and the others appear 3″ shorter. I’m sure if there are other fans out there as irascible :) as I am, then there will be many others boycotting over this height issue. ;)


“Bones is a great character but never gets into any fights, which is what Urban does best.”

What the heck does that have to do with anything??!! First of all, Karl is first and foremost a wonderful actor and no, fighting isn’t necessarily what he does best. He sort of got thrown into the action type of movies at some point in his career but that’s certainly not how he started it. I really wish people would start looking at his entire body of work and actually watch some of his pre-LOTR stuff before typecasting him like this. I’m convinced that he will do a great Bones and that his rendition of the character will be very faithful to the original one.

A huge Karl Urban fan

#10- This will be alot youger McCoy. “Bones” may have not gotten into many fistfights (though I think he did in “Mirror, Mirror”–it has been awhile), but he was never a coward. With that said, let’s not typecast Urban as a shoot ’em up/ brawler action guy. perhaps his acting talents are more diverse than that.

I am really liking the casting of Urban. I thought he was great in LOTR, but admit to having reservations about his portraying the good doctor.

His comments have me standing in his camp. I think he gets it.

And, Jackson, I think that rather than employing any CGI or in-camera effects, the film makers are going to build the sets 3 inches larger.

Which I believe should be the title for the new film:

Star Trek XI: 3 Inches Larger!

(good thing Harry is in Cancun)

Young McCoy: “Damnit, Jim…I’m not a Doctor, yet, but I did stay at the Holiday Inn Deep Space Express last night. Hey, I heard Carol Marcus might be in the sequel. It never rains, but it pours…””

Young Kirk: “As a med student, and someone who has recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Deep Space Express, you–of all people, should appreciate the dangers of opening up old wounds.”

Young Spock: “Fascinating…”

Young Kirk: “What’s that, Spock? Speak up, man.”

Young Spock: “This may sound illogical, but I’m not sure we are supposed to have met at this time.”

Young McCoy: “You green-blooded, inhuman…”

Young McCoy: “Damnit, Jim. I’m not a doctor yet, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Deep Space Express last night. Was that Carol Marcus? It never rains but it pours…”

Young Kirk: “As someone who has recently stayed at a Holiday Inn deep Space Express, you-of all people-should appreciate the dangers of opening up old wounds…”

Young Spock: “Fascinating…”

Young Kirk: “What’s that, Spock?”

Young Spock: “Were I to invoke logic, I would be forced to come to the conclusion that the three of us probably should not have met before now.”

Young McCoy: “You green-blooded, inhuman…”

Young Kirk: “Are you alright, Spock?”

Young McCoy: “He’s dead, Jim.”

Young Spock: “I’ve been dead before. Or have I? Fascinating…”

Young Kirk: “I’m confused. What about you, Bones? Do you have a clue as to what he’s talking about?”

Young McCoy: “Helluva time to ask. Bourbon and Beans?”

Young McCoy/Kirk/Spock: “(singing)Row, row, row your boat…”

Bones was several years older than Kirk and Spock, so how could he go to the academy with them?? He’s supposed to have had a non-Starfleet life and career before he signed up to serve.

And Karl Urban will be fine – he really can act.

Having just watched “A Taste of Armegedon” for the first time I must chuckle a little at the concerns for “cannon” with the new movie. I mean, how did we ever swallow the change from “Vulcanians” in an episode such as this and then accept that “Vulcans” became the standard later. Did Spock not remember what his people were called? Sometimes, you just have to chalk some stuff up to simple human error or a work in progress. :)