Cloverfield TV Spots

In just 17 days the JJ Abrams-produced monster movie Cloverfield (along with the teaser for some Star Trek movie) hits the big screen. The buzz on the film is heading to fever pitch and Paramount has released a whole mess of TV spots for the movie (7 in total).Check them out below.

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Happy New Year!
Won’t be seeing this- can wait for the Trek trailer to hit the web.

I’ve been into seeing this prior to knowing about the ST trailer attached to it. That will definitely an added bonus! I just feel a little weird though… I’ll be wanting to take a group of friends to see Cloverfield and then they’ll probably think I made them go to the movie just to see the ST trailer, lol. Oh well, I’m willing to live with it.


p.s. this is my first post ever here, coolness.

Yeah… there’s nothing about this movie that makes me want to see it except for the ST movie trailor… I guess I should just wait for it on youtube like zoomzoom.

It will start later in Germany (Jan 31), so the trailer will already be available (I hope) and so I don’t need to see Cloverfield.

Why not? Seems to be an interesting movie…

Although Cloverfield starts later in Germany, I love this film already. Silverexpress said it: The ST Trailer will be a great bonus!

The epic stuff looks great, but the personal stuff (“I’m going with you.”) looks and sounds lame. I hope Cloverfield delivers on it’s promise, but I fear the worst. Still, maybe it’ll be worth it for the Trek trailer.

Of course, I thought the same for the Star War Episode I trailer that ran with “The Waterboy.” Yep, I went to a theater to see Waterboy just to see a trailer for the crappiest prequel trilogy ever (though the preview looked great).

Happy New Year!

This looks to be a good movie. I’m looking forward to this.

No interest in things just because Abrams is attached to it somehow.

I’m sure this movie will be a nice surprise because I’m not expecting much from it. It’ll definitely be the best movie of January, there’s nothing else out!

Welcome to boards SilverExpress57!

OH MY GOD!!! That’s annoying…7 times over. Think I’ll wait for the Trek trailer to hit the web.

My new 62″ Toshiba is being delivered today. Got my HD TOS all ready to go. And my new HD Blade Runner. It’s a good day.

Who Cares?

Big Monster, buildings go BOOM. I would have been excited when I was 9 and my brain was much smaller.

With my older brain, the only feeling I had, other than general boredom, was that I had no empathy, just slight irritation, for the partying twentysomethings shown in one of the clips. OK if Monster go BOOM on them. But even that feeling was very slight.

However, like others have said, I can’t wait for the ST teaser to hit the web.

I can’t wait to see it myself, movie and trailer, that is.

I love the jerks who boast that they are not going to see this as some kind of statement like anyone cares what they think. What’s really entertaining is the delusion of power that some loser in front of a computer in a basement in a state that is most likely square shaped has about their importance in the world. If the best you can do is snipe at the work of others on a blog comments thread you are as powerless as you are pointless. This also goes for the types that regularly leave comments about the new trek film here like, “I’m not going to see this film. They can count my $9 (or what ever the prices are in the US now) out!” This coming from people who are spending time to comment on a movie over 1 year before it comes out. Talk like this is as unbeleiveable as the people posting it are unimportant.

#15 – must be the hangover talking … :)

Cloverfield seems disposable..Blair Witch meets Godzilla or something. I will await Glorious Quicktime.


Just about everybody who leaves a comment at this site has an opinion about the new Star Trek film, be it a positive or negative one. Hardly anybody is neutral. To sit there, as you say, in front of a computer screen in a basement while living in a state that is probably square-shaped and grossly overestimate your importance to the world by accusing people who disagree with your opinion of being “as powerless as they are pointless” seems to me a bit hypocritical.

The entire point of leaving comments on a blog is generally to state your opinion. Last time I checked this was still the United States of America. Everyone has a right to gripe if they want to, and since nobody has yet seen either Star Trek or Cloverfield, their assesment of the situation is just as relevant and/or accurate as yours.

All that being said, I’m really looking forward to Cloverfield. I think it’s going to be a kickass movie, and yes, part of the reason I think that is because J.J. Abrams is attatched to it. I gotta admit that I am to LOST what a Trekkie is to Star Trek. When it was announced that Abrams was directing the next Trek film I was ecstatic. The creative head of the greatest television series known to man directing another of my personal favorites? AND IT FEATURES KIRK & SPOCK? AWESOME!

That’s my opinion and I could care less what anybody thinks of it. (The bit about LOST being the best show known to man might be a bit blasphemous when said on a website dedicated to Star Trek, but hey, to each his own.) And I certainly wouldn’t criticize anybody for disagreeing with me.

There are much better trailers on this than what is posted. I would go see this movie, without any Trek connection.

How many times can you watch the Statue of Liberty’s head roll down the street?

I’m looking forward to the Trek movie, but Abrams hasn’t proven himself to me. In fact, his track record with me ain’t too good. Alias wasn’t of interest to me, I bailed on Lost after the first season, and Mission Impossible 3 was very average.

Still, for some reason, I’m excited about Star Trek.

Being a Godzilla fan, I’m very excited for this movie. The Trek trailer will be frosting on the cake.

I’m no fan of “monsters/animals/mutants” attack earth/city +
some Joe Average wants to save his wife/girlfriend (to be) or prove that his theories, assumptions were correct afterall….and save mankind.
I’m no fan of Abrams (didn’t like Felicty, MI 3, Lost at all)

I like Star Trek and I’m looking forward to the new film, but I’ll wait till the trailer reaches the web.

Since I have enjoyed Trek and Godzilla since I was a kid, this is a no-brainer. I’ll be there.

Hey, #15 must be a hoot to have at a party, don’tcha think? :)

Not to sound ungrateful, but I could care less about anything Cloverfield on this site. Other than Abrams, it has nothing to do with the world of Trek. Should we get the trailer there, that’s GREAT!! But, still has nothing to do with Cloverfield…
On the other hand… if it gets a crowd… so does the trailer!

MI:3 was a good Mission Impossible movie (although decidedly average as a film in general). Mission Impossible 2 should have been called “Super James Bond” — because that one didn’t even have the idea straight. So, good for JJ in keeping true to the franchise and its styles.

On the other hand, Transformers, which was written by Roberto and Alex, was tragic. It was neither a good movie nor a good transformer’s story. Why were there people in that movie? Transformers never had people. Plus, it made the robots too big to fit on the screen. Real disappointment.

I guess this means it’ll be a toss-up. Star Trek 08 could be crap. Or it could find the spirit of Trek and soar. All I know is that is has to be better than those other two movies.

How can you enjoy anything with that attitude?

You know, for Cloverfield not to be a Godzilla movie, the monster sure SOUNDS like the Big G.

Not at all my kind of movie so I will be skipping that. I look forward to the ST trailer via the web.

Not that anybody cares.

There’s something to be said about a “Popcorn Flick”…the kind of film that’s only good on a big screen, with big sound, and with a big Tub-o-Popcorn and a big Cherry Coke. Those kind of films are usaully a lot of fun to see (call it a guilty pleasure).

I still haven’t decided if I want to see Cloverfield or not, but I’m leaning towards seeing it, because it looks like it could be one of those “Popcorn Flicks”

#30 Captain Dunsel, I like your name! I just so happened to watch “The ultimate computer” today!

I just thought i’d throw that out there :)

“Transformers never had people. ”

Uhm, yes it did. The original Transformers had Buster and Spike Witwikcy.

Sadly, I do agree that it wasn’t a great movie. I don’t blame so much of that on the writing, as I do the directing. The writing was tight, and did a fairly balanced job of making a summer blockbuster type movie and something with some story. It could have been taken a bit more serious…I never want to hear Optimus Prime say “My Bad” again, but it was pretty darn good.

The direction ruined it for me though…and I hope Michael Bay doesn’t touch the next one.

re: 15
I don’t know of any states that are square. Some are kind of rectangular. Some are kind of irregular and bumpy. Some are flat on some sides and irregular and bumpy on others. No square ones, though.

This movie looks to be a high budget Blair Witch Project only it has a monster instead of creepy spooky supernatural crap.

The camera work, good lord. Ohh, yeah, just what I wanna see when I pay $12to see a movie: crappy camera work and, from that 5 minute thing they released, an annoying guy who just keeps going “Oh my god, did you guys see that? Did you guys see that?” Uhh, I’m pretty sure they saw it, it happened 5 feet away from them. Shut up, already.

Basically, this movie, to me, looks like a high budget “home movie”, however, it is a testament to how good Abrams is at marketing/hyping his brand of drivel.

Cloverfield looks like it’ll be a good Netflix rental for a Saturday night, but I’m not schlepping to the local multiplex for the sake of the ST trailer. That’ll hit the net long before that movie is out of the theatres. Besides, I like the benefits of a pause button – I can go pour another glass of wine, get laid, etc. and not lose my place or have to trip over the the three fatasses on the end of my row to get back to my seat. And I’ve put together home theatre systems in both the living room and bedroom that can shake the fillings out of your teeth. Our Dachshunds dive under the bed when they see Daddy turn on the DVD player. ;-)

#31 You just nailed “movies”. ALL movies should be popcorn flicks. There needs to be a sense of awe, coolness, and/or wonder. Otherwise you might as well put it on your TV. That’s the power of “going to the movies”. They are becoming the last shared experience in our lives. With a thousand cable channels to suit every niche, satellite radio, and middle school girls bringing ipods to school to watch their own videos at lunchtime, a good movie is about the only place humans gather to share anything anymore.

Movies NEED to suffer when seen on the small screen. (They need their pain!) If you haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm on a HUGE screen, you haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia. That is my gripe about not cleaning up and screening the Director’s Edition of TMP in real theaters. TMP needs the big screen. Even in its original (boring?) form, it passed the cool test.

Anyway, Cloverfield looks cool. Pass the popcorn.

“Last time I checked this was still the United States of America. ”

Really? I would have sweared that it was Spain, you know, in Europe…

XDD. Sorry. Just wanting to point out that Internet is the World Wide Web and that everyone else in the world is commenting too.

Also, it is 3 am here right now, so, my brain isn’t 100% aware of what I do.

I’ll be able to watch the trailer on the internet much longer than the movie is released here in Spain, but I’m interested in Cloverfield and will try to go watch it when it does.

Yes, but with all this debate about whether to see a movie on the big screen or on T.V….it begs the question…..

Is it a GIVEN that everyone here will go see ST:XI at the theatre, or are there some that claim to be devotees but will wait for the DVD?

Time for another poll……….

Even though I love the giant monster genre, I am just not going ga-ga over blending it with the Blair Witch style of filmmaking…

I might be in with those who wait to see new Trek trailer online…

re:39 Harrison Spheres
I will likely attend the thing, depending on what all I hear or see about it between now and then. I reserve the right to walk out early.

In general, there have been few movies produced in the past 15 years I have wanted to see at all, much less care if I saw them on the big screen.

I do enjoy going to the movie theater if there is the occasional movie that I am interested in seeing.

Stanky, if you go to the trouble to go to the theatre, buy your ticket and go in… seems doubtful that you would walk out early… your case it could be likened to somebody being unable to turn away from watching a trainwreck…… horrible as it is, you feel compelled to watch it! :)

35. Will – January 1, 2008
It may be your opinion, but if you haven’t SEEN the film, how can you critique it? Drivel? It may be…. but a more accurate review and opinion might be had AFTER you see it.

Stanky and Harry,

Do people actually walk out of movies anymore? I’ve seen some real stinkers, but I’ve never walked out. Maybe I’m lazy. I figure; I’m here, I paid, I’ll stick it out. I’m “glass half full” I guess.

Agree on the lack of good movies recently. That’s because producers and directors don’t adhere to my cool test.

#41 Stanky, you are going even if I have to buy the @#$% ticket and the duct tape to keep you there… ;-)

… but I’m not buying the popcorn or Diet Coke

Good old fashioned Monster movie. Nothing wrong with that, I’ll be there, looks like a lot of fun.

As far as the teaser goes….seeing the Trek images on a tiny 3″ window or if your lucky, a 17″ wide computer screen is nothing compared to seeing it on a 75 foot movie screen with THX surround sound. I’ll be happy to scrutinize the teaser over and over again later ( if it finds it’s way to an official site) but for first impressions, I want it on the silver screen.

Not sure I’m psyched for a monster movie. It could be well done. I might rent it. Anyone who sees it on the 18th and loves it, please drop a note in here. I might be swayed. (My in-laws will be living with us then, so the house will be ringing with Mandarin. hmmm, maybe a night out is a good idea…)

Cloverfield will be cool. Just wait and see. And while people might not like what Luke said, I agree, in spirit, with what he said.

People who say that something is not going to be good without having the slightest clue as to what it actually will turn out like are ignorant.

You can say that you won’t like it, or that it’s not your cup of tea, but to pass judgement on something that does not yet fully exist is to take a stupidly indefensible position.

To try new things is to be occaissionally disappointed and more often rewarded.

Wouldn’t it be wild if somehow we could orchestrate having the “core” thirty posters here at the same premiere showing of the movie when it comes out in December? Could you imagine the synergy/vibe in the theatre as the lights dim and the movie is about to start?

As Keanu Reeves would say, “Whoa…” :)