Star Trek Tour Premiere Interviews + Pictures

“Star Trek The Tour” kicked off Thursday with a press conference and gala party…and was there.

Shatner interview and press conference clips

Star Trek TOS set decorator John M. Dwyer

More Shat

Gala Opening Red carpet photos

Tim Russ and Will Wheaton

Arlene Martel and William Shatner

Patti Yasutake and Herman Zimmerman

More to come: A detailed review and guided video walk through of the tour will be up by Sunday. Until then check out our preview.

Star Trek The Tour opened in Long Beach today (Friday) and runs until February 17, more info

some images: WireImages

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Really Cool!

Nice beard wes!

Anthony–do you ever sleep these days? Great stuff!

Keep on Trekkin’……………….. :)

Shat looks like he’s having fun with this. He looks great, it’lll be a darn shame if the man isn’t in the film in some capacity. Can’t wait for that exhibit to come to town. Too bad the displays weren’t blinking, but I really didn’t expect them to for a portable exhibit.

Looks like a lot of fun.

What a waste to not have him in this film.

Boy that really reminds me “Star Trek Generations” when Kirk takes that long look at the empty captains chair on the Enterprise B.

Im sorry to say that Ive lost all hope of William Shatner not being in Trek 11 after not seeing his name on the new web site for Star Trek 11.

My questions are,,

Will he return in the next trek ?

Is this the last time Mr Nimoy will play “Spock” ,,,,,,,,,ever ?

Will we ever see a fix to that “Kirk Death Mistake” ??

Will we see Nimoy as”Spock”,,,save his freind,,, as “Kirk” said,,”you would of done the same for me,,”

Will we ever see Nimoy and Shantner on screen together again,,,to say that last goodbye ??

Im really looking forward to the next trek,, I just hope they dont bury the very essence that made it great

Can’t we just forget continuity and have Shatner back in a 4th season of TOS?
That was sweet the way you fell down Anthony, didn’t even say f*ck or nothin’.

OK, this is a somewhat cheesy promo event for a somewhat cheesy moneymaking endeavor, but I have to admit: seeing Shatner sitting in that chair, on that bridge, is making me all misty.

I have to say of anybody cast or crew who worked in star trek Herman Zimmerman has to be my favorite. I just freakin love the guy. I mean look at all the sets he dream up, and the way’s he ofund to save money for Star trek. I mean awesome sets on a Star Trek budget. Is it possible? yes, and Zimmerman made it happen. My fav has to be the Klingon Courtroom in ST VI. GREAT

oh NOOOOOO that question “whats your fav episode!!!!” i was cringing inside….
very diplomatic answer from the Shat…. how sick he must be of that question.
Where do they get these reporters.

And that fall Anthony… my daughter commented “oh hes very posh and didnt swear” lol!

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Abrams and crew will find a way to get Mr. Shatner in the film (after this writers’ strike is resolved).

Here’s why: Nimoy and Shatner have a contractual clause, “what he gets, I get. (so there!)”

Here’s a list (in no particular order):

* In the movies, Shatner got big bucks for salary, follow suit with Nimoy.
*Nimoy releases an album, Shatner follows suit (ow ow ow my ears– the difference here is that Nimoy can sing, Shatner… well…).
* During ST: TMP Shatner gets script approval; so does Nimoy.
* Spock has pointed ears, Kirk does too (in one episode).
* Nimoy directs a movie, Shatner does too.
* Both Shatner and Nimoy quest star on episodes of ‘The Twilight Zone.’
* Both Shatner and Nimoy (pre-TREK) appear in the same episode of “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”
* Spock dies, dammit, so does Kirk…
* Kirk gets the girl (more times than we can count); Spock does too (okay, once, maybe twice).
* Spock comes back, Kirk co… (oops, sorry Bill, you’re toast…).
* After TREK was cancelled, Nimoy moved over to Mission: Impossible; Shatner makes a few quest appearances on the same.
* Shatner stars in two horror flicks (”The Devil’s Rain” and “Kingdom of Spiders”) and Nimoy stars in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”
* Shatner has a nude scene with Angie Dickinson in “Big Bad Mama;” –oops, I think Nimoy avoided that one (grin)!
* Nimoy publishes a book or two, Shatner follows by writing quite a few novels penciling every single word (snicker).
* Nimoy narrates ‘In Search Of;’ Shatner narrates a number of documentaries for PBS and Discovery.

Methinks they are ying and yang– talk about being competetive!

I hope everyone takes this loving jab in the spirit intended as I think each of the two are super talents. “Star Trek” wouldn’t be what it is without either– and I do hope Shat makes some kind of appearance in the movie.

Want to feel old?

Wil Wheaton was a kid when he was a cast member of Next Gen; and how he is old enough that he could run for President (and I’m sure he’d do a better job of it than our current) of the United States!!!

I need my Geritol.

Re Doug #12
Pretty good stuff there Doug,
but dont forget the singing endevers of Mr Shatners “Rocket Man” or
Nimoys Ballad of Bilbo Baggins.

Im sure they must of gotten afew dollers for that too,,, *giggle*

Gees If I could ask Mr Shatner one question,,it would be,, didnt you read the script to Star Trek Generations”,,,to the last page.

Im always left wondering why he would read,,, Fall off cliff,,,say something dumb,,,end movie,,,

“Ok,,I’ll do it,,,”




[Will we ever see a fix to that “Kirk Death Mistake” ??]

People die.

If you live a life of danger going into the unknown, the odds are you will die before your time. As it was, Kirk lived a full life of discovery and adventure and was able to fit more into his [fictional] life than perhaps any human had up to that point in history. He had to go sometime and he did it in a fight to the death with the lives of others on the line.

I’d say it ain’t bad! Kirk could have died a hundred times over, yet he always came out ahead. To have him come back would really mess with canon!


Did you see SHAT in front of the GOT?!?!?!?!? [more shat, pic 3]

Pay the man, Shirley…

Aahh, THE Bridge. Those marvellous interiors, sounds, views – and the right man in the Captain’s Chair.

William Shatner where he belongs—–sitting in his captain’s chair aboard the original Enterprise bridge.

JJ Abrams can keep his 150 million dollar ‘revisioned’ turkey, these simple still photos are purer Trek than anything he can snake oil us!

Lt. Iowagirl? What happened to Ensign?

18. I agree.

A Boy And HIs Chair. The Shat still wears it like he belongs there.

“ABRAAAAAAAMMMMMSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ;-)

re 18: Yes where he and that set belong……..a museum. They had thier place in time……and now like all relics…….need a nice place to be kept and looked at.

I love TOS and Kirk but I will be first in line on Dec 25th 2008.

#17, #18, #21 I totally agree. The right man in the right chair.


Why oh why did Bill sign that contract for VII?

That’s it #7 SirMartman!. That is why there is a heavy reference on Menagerie. Spock will save his Capt. And William Shatner has already visited JJ Abrams for the shoot. They will use time travel to save Capt Kirk (you would have done the same for me).

Shat needs to be on a plywood set again, since he can’t be in the new movie why not an alternate series where the movies never happened?

re:7, 24

…this will be “The Search For Kirk.”

Just look at what Spock did for Pike (who was not even his “dear close friend” like Kirk was) …

Oh, and what old Trek episode was just this last fall on the cinema circuit?!?!? (Anthony, were there any pics?)

JJ says:

Remember Pike!

Know Spock!

Kirk is so important to the story we have his folks in the cast…

And Shat is still “in” enough with the Trek Powers That Be that he is front and center at the show…


It’s good to see Bill back in his old chair.

It’s where he’s always belonged.

As long as he’s on that bridge, the world looks like it just might be okay.

Thanks Bill.

“Am I going to beat Christopher Pine?”

“No, meet.”


Wow, a whole lot of “complaining” going on.

re: 28
Dang you, AJ. I wanted to say that! :)
Yes, seeing Shatner in that chair is better than a hundred Star Trek XIs.

Would be very cool indeed to see that bridge.

“6. VOODOO – January 19, 2008
What a waste to not have him in this film. ”

Surprising given that Nimoy is in it but truthfully I have confidence JJ Abrams knows what he is doing. Better to NOT have Shatner than to have him for the sake of having him.

Woah yes! To see His Shatness back in his rightfull place, His original Throne is an extraordinary thing to witness!

Shatner looks sooooo good back in the saddle again. Just like he had never left. If only the rest of the original cast could have been there as well. Talk about an impromptu ‘alternate’ TOS episode.
While I would enjoy seeing Shatner in the new movie, I tend to agree that just simply having him for the sake of having him would not be in the film’s best interest. Add him in only if his part truly would be crucial in some way to the story.

Hahaa. There you go all you Shatner un-dead. Get a last look at your beloved Shatner in his old rocking chair.

“Do you know which one is warp and which one is the phaser?”

Yikes. Totally had a flash to Shatner’s ’86 “SNL” skit. And not in a good way. :)

Shatner looks great sitting in that chair. Right where he belongs!

He also looks good standing in front of the Guardian of Forever…. Gee, I wonder if…… :)

So much for wishful thinking. Let’s face the facts: the Shat has grown really fat and he obviously has a severe hypertension problem. That is not perfect shape. A miracle that he fits in that exhibition chair.

Not to step on anybody’s toes here, but those were ALL stupid questions in the interviews.

I agree the questions were stupid. It did have the feel of Generations. Shatner so belongs on that bridge. It will be a shame if he isn’t in the movie.

Does anyone else think its wrong that Tom Cruise gets to sit on the real Captain’s chair, whilst Shatner has to sit on a mock-up created for a tour? For someone who is in awe of the man, JJ really is going out of his way to make all his pals welcome on this film and Shatner an outcast.

Great stuff Anthony! Thanks so much for posting it. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly when you fell.

I’m glad Shatner is not in it. I wish Nimoy wasn’t either. This belongs to the new group. The original cast are icons,but OLD icons. You can only go so far wth this. Most fans can’t wait for the new move (me included) with a fresh approach to the franchise. Wishing for the old cast won’t bring them back esp. Kelly & Doohan. At some point you have to let new blood take over. You don’t see any 70yr old athletes playing professional sports, and you won’t find any 70 yr old ship captains in the Navy. The idea of Shatner in the chair is ridiculous.
Before you write me off as some young new fan keep in mind I was 7 when TOS premiered
Bring on the new cast.

To all the Shatner Revivers,

I grew up with Captain Kirk.
In my 6 year old mind, when I grew up I was going to Captain a starship and I’d know exactly what to do because I’d already seen Captain Kirk do it.

TNG came on in an extreme low point in my life, I would watch it every Saturday with an 82 year old woman who was also a TOS fan and afterwards we’d talk about what crap it was and how we wanted it to be better – but we’d keep watching it.

But TNG kept me going because somehow it kept a spark of something going during a very long, dark time in my life. It told me stories I wanted/needed to hear/see told.

Generations was one of the most disappointing movie experiences of my life because they killed off two beloved characters, in my opinion ignominiously,Kirk and the 1701-D.

(not to mention Picard’s nephew…)

But at least Kirk had a good exit line and (having watched both my parents as they died) Shatner gave a pretty good simulacra of when the light just goes out. It was still a death that was hard to be moved by, and Kirk deserved better.

As I look back on it now, it was like the death of Hope.

I really think JJ & CO. are going to revive that hope.

But – to the KRM ( Kirk Ressurectionist Movement) what would be a plausible motivation for Spock to go back in time and prevent Kirk’s death? I’m looking for a logical reason that would make it totally different than what Janeway did in “Endgame”?

Poorly handled, Spock doing that very thing could savage another beloved character. His motive could not be selfish.

Thoughts, please…


I disagree. This is a perfect film to have Kirk and Spock ride off into the sunset together. Rather than leave Kirk dead under a pile of rocks for no reason.

It’s going to be a real letdown if Shatner doesn’t show up.


I disagree. This is a perfect film to have Kirk and Spock ride off into the sunset together. Rather than leave Kirk dead under a pile of rocks for no reason.

It’s going to be a real letdown if Shatner doesn’t show up.


I assassinated an adversary and was directly promoted to Lt.


The resurrection, if there is to be one, should be an organic one (older Spock’s time travel to stop Romulans causes a butterfly effect in his own timeline). It could all happen as the main story takes place without any explanation. Kirk (WS) could simply be there (24th century) upon Spock’s return. Hope is restored.

However, if the film does not involve time travel or some form of an alternate universe for the young cast then I don’t see how it could be done at this point.

It would be nice to see WS and LN interact as Kirk and Spock one last time on the big screen.

Hmmmmmmmmm, Shatner looks thinner and his hair looks longer, Now if only the sideburns were pointed. LOL

” 41. dalek – January 19, 2008

Does anyone else think its wrong that Tom Cruise gets to sit on the real Captain’s chair, whilst Shatner has to sit on a mock-up created for a tour? For someone who is in awe of the man, JJ really is going out of his way to make all his pals welcome on this film and Shatner an outcast.”

i wouldn’t call it wrong….just UNCOOL, maybe Shatner will be invited to the premier rather than the new bridge set!! i don’t get the outcast comment though?

still, it would be a nice gesture though,giving Shatner a tour of the new Enterprise :) even better, have him do the monologue for the movie :)