Toy Fair Report: Lots Of New Trek From Diamond Select has hit Toy Fair 2008 in New York City. Today we got a personal tour of the Diamond Select booth and a preview of what’s in store for Trek toy fans for the next year. The biggest news is new figures for Voyager and Star Trek The Motion Picture. But DST also showed off new MEGO and DS9 figures, lots of new Minimates and an Enterprise D. See below for more details and pictures.

New Voyager/Borg Series Figures
Diamond Select announced their first foray into the Delta Quadrant with a Borg assortment featuring Seven of Nine (Borgified), The Borg Queen and a Borg Drone. Each 7" figure will come with an enclave piece that will snap together to make a full piece with working lights. The Queen will also come with an accessory head with attached spine. They will all be released later in ’08 at the same time with a slightly higher price point due to the intricacy.

First Voyager & Borg Figures from DST (click to enlarge)

New “Motion Picture” Figures
Next year is the 30th anniversary of Star Trek The Motion Picture and so this fall DST will kick off the celebration by shipping new 7" TMP styled figures of Kirk and Spock. Hopes are that this will be the first of an entire line from the film. DST also announced two TMP Minimates (see Minimates section below).

First TMP figures from DST (click to enlarge )

New Enterprise D and ‘Future’ D models
DST showed off their new 1701-D ship toy coming in August. The ship comes complete with lights and sounds. They also hope to do an exclusive “All Good Things” version that will have a bunch of additional parts.

Enterprise D (click to enlarge)

More Mego
Diamond will continue the classic Mego line with more retro and  new ‘Mego-style’ figures. They showed off the new Chekov and Cheron set (which will likely follow the Uhura and Mugatu figures reported earlier). These will be followed by the recently announced Khan figure and an additional ‘new’ figure (possibly The Gorn, which was announced but not shown). The Khan and Chekov MEGOs are brand new designs from EMCE.  They displayed the figures in a classic bridge playset. Diamond said they hope to come out with their own playset, but were not committing to it.

MEGO playset and retro Charon with newly designed Chekov

More DS9 figures
Much of the action figure size output from DST this year will focus on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. DST announced series two for DS9 for late ’08 featuring Bashir, O’Brien, Kira and Martok. Worf and Gowron will be a two pack in early ’09.

New DS9 figures (click to enlarge)

More Busts
DST have already done busts for the five captains. This year they will add Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk and TOS era Commander Spock. They will be released in June and July for $45.00..

New busts (click to enlarge)

More Minimates: TOS, DS9, TNG and TMP
Diamond introduced a bunch of new Minimates for 2008 (in addition to the previously reported TOS Mirror series). For 2008 we will get the following ‘2 packs’: Captain Picard and The Borg, Sick Bay Dr McCoy and Nurse Chapel, TWOK Admiral Kirk and Engineering Scotty, TWOK Admiral Kirk and Scotty, "The Trouble With Tribbles" Kirk and Yeoman Rand, TMP Captain Decker and Ilia, Gul Dukat and Captain Sisko, and finally Gul Dukat and Commander Sisko.

New Minimates (click for more Minimates pictures at

New 18" Figures announced
Diamond also announced (but didn’t display) a new line of 18 inch replicas with 21 points of articulation, detailed cloth costumes and sculpted accessories. The first two will (of course) be TOS era Kirk and Spock and feature authentic voices from the Star Trek films and television shows. DST also promise more from "40 years of Star Trek history.” This new 18 inch line represents the largest action figure offered from DST for Star Trek since gaining the license.

New prop toys announced
DST have already announced classic TOS-era phaser and communicator toys, both due out this year. The next prop toy in the line will be a classic tricorder with separate light up scanner piece. DST had a very cool prototype, but weren’t allowing pictures as it hasn’t been approved yet. They also announced a Wrath of Khan phaser with sound and light action that is planned for late ’08/early ’09.

More Toy Fair coming up soon
Next big stop for Toy Fair will be Playmates for the Star Trek movie toys, but still no idea if pictures will be allowed. Plus we will have a reports on Corgi/Mater Replicas Trek plans and a new Star Trek board game…so stay tuned to TrekMovie.comp>

UPDATE: Day 2 news
Toy Fair Report 2: Playmates Movie Toy Details and Trek SceneIt? Game


Photos: Diamond Select and Bill Edwards

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More toys!!

Those look really sweet. Especially the Ent – D! Thanks Tara!

I really got to start collecting again.

Yeah, 2009 is the 30th anniversary of TMP – cool! The figures look quite promising, and I‘m really looking forward to more TMP merchandise.

Thanks DST, and thanks Tara!

The female Borg are hot.

Yes, Yes , and Yes, bring on the trinkets I can trade some of my shiny gold rocks for!!!!! Can’t wait to see that Ent-D up close , it looks friggen sweet, and A Martok figure!!!! SWEEEEEET!!!!! I’ll get him and the Gowron Worf 2 pack and set them up with the rest of my Klingons . Toys……..TOYS!!!!!!!!!:))

Can’t wait to here about the Playmates toys:)

I hope they make a kirk where u can drink “beverages” out of his head, and smoke his hands. Yeah oh yeah that is what I call Dr. McCoy, don’t even bother with Boyce or Piper either. First

I love that the O’brien figure seems to have gone to weight watchers.


…but those 2 TMP figures are awesome, especially Spock. I know the designs weren’t exactly popular in TREK fandom, but I’ll always have a soft, gushy nostalgic spot in my heart for those TMP uniforms.

Woohooo! Awesome! I’ll be loving to get me some Borg goodies!

They need to get the other Charon (white on the right side) guy, too!

Heh… Kirk doing the stud move with the Rand mini-mate. :)

The Motion Picture really deserves a re-release on the big screen.

The detail on Gowron is amazing! Robert O’Reilly’s “bug eyes” are really captured in this sculpt! Hats off to the artists!

Damn these people for keeping my credit card debt going. Double dumb-ass on them!

Maybe the PTB at Paramount should use the 30th anniversary angle when launching/promotng Star Trek Zero?

See… Khan did meet Chekov — in MEGO land.

does anyone remember the borg and klingon german golthic figures from a few years ago really detailed want to know who made them ?

The Minimates are too funny. Bones’s hairy arms… Picard and Ilia each with a dimple where their hair should be… Kirk makin’ the moves in his green mod tunic. What fun!

OMG! Cheron AND Chekov! That’s so cool that they are releasing Mego crew members that were not released initially.

Could Sulu, Rand, and Nurse Chapel be next?

LOVE those TMP figs!
I tell you, those uniform designs were ahead of their time and they get better with age.
And I get to have my very own Alice Krige Borg Queen!
Oh my……

I have DST’s classic phaser and I love it. I have the classic communicator on pre-order and am looking forward to the tricorder and Star Trek II phaser prop toys.


A Tricorder!! Hot damn!!
Now if only they could get decent sculptors for the busts. They’re good, not great, and I felt the same way about the interlocking statues.

Kira in a Starfleet uniform, yay!

It’s kind of funny that Chekov is in Captain Kirk’s chair, and I’m glad they’re making him a retro figure too. That little Russian is finally getting the respect he deserves.

I want the Borg Queen! The attention to details is pretty amazing. And the Enterprise D with all the bells and whistles? Sweeeet! :D


Must… resist… lure… of…. toys….

The Ent D, TMP and Borg sets look seriously impressive.


Why don’t they get the Silly-Putty folks to market an Odo toy? Silly-Putty in a Rene Auberjonois shaped container…

TMP figures look sweet! They will look great next to the AA TOS and WOK figs! And did someone say TOS tricorder??

Borg,schmorg…I love me some TOS!!

Now if only the Scimitar and Nemesis E would get a model my life would be complete.

Any more word on the remimagined TOS figures from the new movie?

UUUJJJJJJUUUUUUUU yessssss ¡¡¡Voyager-figures and Enterprie-D

re/The “All Good Things…” ENTERPRISE:

Don’t make a “snap on parts to make the future Enterprise!” version. Avoid the gimmicks and just do a good, solid AGT ENTERPRISE.

Actually, although I admit it’s hard to see on screen, Admiral Kirk’s uniform from TMP isn’t black (or gray) and white; it’s a deep, deep sea green, and I wish Diamond Select had used that color scheme. Still, I’ll probably get it.

As we slide toward the 30th anniversary of TMP, what I’d like to see is a model of the Vulcan long-range shuttle SURAK, and a travel pod scaled to hold the character figures. Also, I’d love a good TMP phaser; the old Playmates one isn’t bad (much better than their TOS phaser), but it’s still too toy-like for my tastes.


It always made me nervous to imagine Leonard performing any type of surgery with those hairy arms! It’s like having Robin Williams as a dentist! Yikes!!!

Wow, those Kirk and Spock busts are rather… uninspiring.

And that’s great to hear about the movie toys. With the movie being pushed back, I was getting worried they’d hold off until NEXT year’s Toyfair to show them…..

I know! I love it because she was wearing it while she was with Garak and Damar trying to liberate Cardassia.


I agree that Kirk’s TMP Admiral uniform color is off, and the insignia looks like the patch from his Captain’s uniform, not the gold/brass pin from the Admiral uniform. Of course these could be prototypes, that will get tweaked before they go into production. That nitpicking aside they look great and I for one am glad to see TMP uniforms getting their due. I know I’m alone here, but I liked those uniforms in 1979, and I like them now. They always seem functional, practical, comfortable, and furturistic.

Wow! I remember when I had one of those bridge playsets! Spin the transporter, push the button, the figure was ‘gone’. Amazing! Of course, I was complaining even then about how inaccurate it was, including the painting of the Enterprise on the outside. Maybe that’s where they got the new movie designs from. >;>}


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Minimates. Can someone please explain why these things exist, and more, why they are at all popular? I’m all about people liking their toys, but I honestly DO NOT get these or their appeal. I’m not knocking if people DO like them, but I just can’t wrap my head around why they are made.

The Megos… well.. That’s another story. I love the Mego stuff. I’m waiting for a Mego Horta!

The retro figures are the bestest (yeah, I’m bringing it back to elementary school).


If you look closely at the enlarged Ent-D picture, you could make out an End-D nacelle and some kind of mount behind the shelf on which the Ent-D is placed. So, I think it’s gonna be a snap-on situation.

Holy crap! It’s Robert J. Saywer!!!

If you’ve never read any of his books, GO OUT AND CORRECT THIS OVERSIGHT IMMEDIATELY. One of the finest SF writers out there.

Also, a genuinely great guy with one of the most impressive SF toy (ahem, ‘collectable’) collections you’ve ever seen.

(Sorry, I don’t spend enough time around here, and had never noticed Rob posting here before. It’s out of my system now, I promise.)

Also, REALLY jazzed about the TMP toys coming up!

(And, like an idiot, I go and spell his name wrong… Apologies, Rob!)

The TMP uniforms are outstanding. I only wish that Kirk had not changed into his Blue lounge suit once he took command.

Wow, I don’t usually buy figures/toys since I tend to lose and break them despite my best intentions not to, but I might just have to get those TMP figures. I can’t even explain what I like so much about them. I hated the uniforms in that movie, and yet…the toys…nifty.

TMP uniforms were so much better than those Red/ Brown uniforms used through out the movie series.

1. Couldn’t disagree more about the TMP uniforms – terrible. The wrost of the ‘spirit of the 70s’ transported into the future. The red uniforms, on the other hand, were (and remain) TIMELESS and appropriately futuristic. (TOS and TMP uniforms were the worst of the bunch – everything after that has been fantastic).

2. The most exciting news out of this: An ‘All Good Things’ Enterprise! Yowzers. I’m not sure what TNG uber-fan they have working for them, but I appreciate it. I never imagined that the model would be made, despite its awesomeness. I may actually buy this.

3. Out of curiosity: Was there ever an Excelsior Class model made? I have these faint memories of a very hard-to-find issue that came out sometime in the mid to late 90s, for a single Christmas season, but was essentially sold out everywhere. Anyone know?

How about TMP figures of Kirk and Spock in white and orange “Memory Wall” spacesuits? And a TMP security guard, too! Or Spock in thruster suit.


tos costumes the worst of the bunch!

youre going to love the new movie then!