Jeri Ryan Increases Her Collective

On Sunday Jeri Ryan, Voyager’s Seven of Nine, welcomed Gisele into the collective, her first child with restaurateur hubby Christophe Emé. A rep for Jeri tells People Magazine “Both parents are thrilled, Jeri is resting comfortably, and Christophe is playing the part of proud new papa quite well.” Gisele Emé weighs in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces and is Ryan’s second child, joining Alex (13), from her first marriage. Congrats Jeri!


In the fall of last year, Ryan told Plum (a magazine for moms-to-be) how Alex took the news he wasn’t going to be an only child anymore:

He has been asking for a brother or sister for years. But I wasn’t thinking of how big of a big brother Alex would be at this point. I was thinking more about the fact that this was a new marriage and not wanting him to feel left out.

But the age difference hit home when I told him I was pregnant. His immediate reaction was, ‘You mean you’re having sex already?!’ Then I remembered that when I was 13, my best friend’s mom got pregnant and we were mortified.

Read more at Celebrity Baby Blog.

Jeri in Plum Magazine. (via Celebrity Baby Blog)


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hot look. just kidding

I take that back. Still hot

Oh, Tony’s going to kill me for that one…

I don’t know why I click on these links, since I honestly don’t care about celebrities, but maybe I just need a Trek news fix. In any case, congratulations to the Jeri Ryan family!

[Insert clever Borg joke here]

Congrats, Jeri! Oh, and happy belated birthday, as well. :)

Jeri Ryan is just one of those gorgeous women where you go…..m’yeah,sweet!

Jeri was the sexiest Borg in all the Collective and one of only 2 or 3 things I ever liked about Voyager.

Congrats to Jeri, Christophe, Alex and Gisele, hope baby and mum are healthy and happy.

Hmmmm……….many years from now, when Jeri may be forced to push her breasts together in a low cut dress in order to look her best, will she refer to it as having to “join the collective”?

Congratulations Jeri!!!

Congrats, Jeri!! You’re fantastic!!

Congrats Jeri! :D

Congrats Jeri!

She is 4 of 4 now…. I think you called Christophe that “resistance is definetly futile…”

Best wishes Jeri!! :D

Is it me or is Jeri Ryan yummier now at 40 than when she was on VOY?

Nice headline!

#1 – Why would you say just kidding? Can’t pregnant women be hot. Jeri cerainly is here in the photo.

– The woman who saved a whole trek show…!!!

You can still catch her on Shark opposite James Woods, assuming it didn’t get obliterated because of the strike :(

I always thought Jeri elevated the 7 roll well above and beyond (SAaB…another good show that got canceled…sigh) the simplistic desire of Rick Berman’s. My sister, who is very protective of what her children watch (mostly from a ‘This Film Is Not Yet Rated’ perspective – the whole MPAA has it backwards and too much of the wrong kind of violence is bad, and sex in and of itself is fine, so long as it’s not degrading or sexist…but I digress), will let her 10 year old watch Voyager and kinda likes that character, and that’s saying a lot :)

Well at any rate, grats.

whoa…she is still totally hot. Honestly, she’s hotter just as Jeri then she was as 7-of-9, IMO.

If ever another *TNG* movie is made…. TPTB would be FOOLS not to have Jeri Ryan prominently involved in it.

Because of her…we have Obama….but she’s still hot

Jeri, you will change diapers. Resistance is futile. (And stinky.)


” 20. Spiked Canon – March 4, 2008

Because of her…we have Obama….but she’s still hot”


What does she have to do w/ our pending 44th President?
He’s already married, and she’s not old enough to be HIS mother!

My favorite character in VOY was the Doctor.

I liked her character in ST, but I could care less about her having a baby.

Mmmm, Jeri.

She reminds me of an ex… :-(

I’m happy everything is going well for her. I met her at her first convention when I was 18 and she was so nice and outgoing to me and my friends. Which unfortunately you don’t always get from these appearences.

#22 thomoz,

#20 is right (well, at least right about Ryan & Obama).

#22 thomoz Jeri Ryan does have an indirect influence to Obama’s success. I think you can read about it in the archives or google it, but basically her ex Jack Ryan was up for a senate seat up in Illinois; yet, there were allegations from the divorce stating amongst other things he wante to go to sex clubs and all sorts of things. He dropped out of the race he was likely to win; thus, leaving a spot open for Obama. Obviously he won the senate seat, and is continuing his success.

I hope this does not constitute a “political” post.

Harry Ballz (#8) you have a strange mind!!!!!!!!

Spiked Canon —
It’s not so much what Jeri Ryan did, rather than what Jack Ryan did to her, that help Barack Obama get his chance. If you’re cheesed at anyone for that, talk to Jack.

Thank you, Irish Terran, that’s a great compliment!


what Jack Ryan did to her:
had Irish Republican terrorists attack her on the highway, almost involved US in nuclear sub war, almost blew her up when Baltimore got nuked…
I’d dump tha guy too.

(OK- that be bad to joke about a real guy who behaved real bad)


But at the end of the day Harry it still means you’ve got a strange mind.

Harry can’t help himself ever since the transporter accident.

(I like Harry. I’m his evil twin.)

So you admit he has a strange mind!

I find it strange that we’re discussing my strange mind!

(after transporter accident) “I’m Harry Ballz………….I’M HARRY BALLZ!!!”

stranger in a strange land, indeed

Nothing could be stranger
Than being born in a manger
Doing all those good deeds
Laying out different creeds
With that there’s no danger!

well she most assuredly looks better than Trip did when he was with child…

speakin’ of little borgs, whatever happened ta the borg babies of Voyager? When news gets slow as a squid in the sand, we could fire up a whole investigation o’ them there whereabouts… harrrr….

Jeri Ryan was great on Voyager and it would be great to see Ryan again in Star Trek :)

“The collective must grow.” And it did! I remember when one of my friends had a baby… great times…

Jeri, congrats!

I think Jery Ryan is a tad flat chested for my taste. Hopefully motherhood has remedied this ; )

Harry Ballz.
What a name!
I see you can Rhyme….. Or rap………. Or something like that…………………
Oh great now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s get back to discussing Jeri Ryan’s two best assets…..I like to keep abreast of these things!

OK, I’ve waited several minutes to see whether Anthony was going to delete Harry’s #46 comment. Since it’s still there…

Anthony, we need a poll:

Better floatation device? Data or 7 of 9?

Best Borg headlights? 7 of 9 or Borg Queen?

and one for the ladies…

Better in a toga, Kirk or Riker?

Hey, if Jeri Ryan was a singer, I could look at her voice for hours!

CmdrR….as to your poll……..the ladies should keep in mind the age of Kirk and Riker….when these guys were younger, I would assume the women would pick Kirk….if it’s now, with both men being old, fat and grey………never mind the toga, get these guys a matching pair of moo-moo’s!!!

7 of 9,
7 of 9
and even though no 3 doesn’t concerne her
7 of 9

I heard her that original name on the show was to be 36 of D.