Pegg: Relax, Trekkies!

A couple more press outlets caught up with the Star Trek’s Simon Pegg at the Empire Awards on Sunday (see previous story). He told the BBC “It’s a great script and it’s going to be a fantastic film. So I think, Trekkies relax!” Pegg tells the UK Sun that it’s “amazing fun” to be playing Scotty and also discussed Abrams, life on the set, ‘getting wet’ and literally following Doohan to the finally frontier.

Regarding the film’s director and his handling of the film, Pegg says:

JJ Abrams is directing and he’s a wonderful man. He’s so committed to it being a proper Star Trek movie. It’s so faithful and so on the money that the fans are going to be very happy.

Pegg says he’s not the only funny person on the set — even Spock cracks a few jokes!

Filming’s going very smoothly. I had such a great time. Everyone is very funny. When the cameras roll the laughter has to stop but off set it was a scream. Zachary Quinto from Heroes [who plays Spock] is just a great laugh.

In discussing a scene in his upcoming film How To Lose Friends and Alienate People, Pegg revealed a small tidbit about his role as Scotty:

I’ve stripped off so often I’m bored of it. I’m 38 now so I can’t really get away with it. I’m not naked in Star Trek but I do get slightly damp. That’s all I can tell you.

Following Doohan…all the way
Pegg recently reiterated that his portrayal of Scotty in the new Star Trek film is a tribute to the character’s original performer, James Doohan. It now appears that Pegg is willing to follow Doohan’s footsteps into the final frontier… literally.

At my funeral anything will go dress wise. Don’t feel a need to wear black. And I’d have Tomorrow Never Knows by the Beatles playing. It’ll get everyone a bit psychaedelic – waving their hands in the air. And James [Doohan] who played the original Scotty was fired into space, so I’ll have to do that with my ashes too.

More from Pegg at the BBC and The Sun

Simon Pegg attends the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards 2008 Drinks Reception held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on March 9, 2008 in London, England. (Wire Image)


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I need to make arrangements to have myself put into a photon tube and fired out of the space shuttle. Ashes in space would be good too. How much does that cost anyway?

Sounds encouraging at least! Very upbeat. Thanks Charles!

1 alot !!

#1 Well…according to the Boston Globe… costs 995 to 5300 Dollars.. :-)
Its in an article from 2006 about Doohans space burial

of course without the photon tube

#1, you’d better hurry though, there’s only eleven more shuttle flights before NASA retire it!!!

I’m terribly happy to know that they get along well and have fun. (Precisely the only news that I originally asked to have regularly)

The best cast relationship the best saga we’ll have (Remember TNG and how they all get along). I hope they have the chance to have fun all together doing Star Trek lots of times (and also hope them all successfull carreers doing other things so they don’t get burnt up and want to make lots of Trek gigs)

It’s Trekkers! :P

Spock has been known to be intervertly funny, it’s always in the delivery and timing that has made Spock a funny character. All that Straight face then he says something you wouldn’t expect, catching you off guard.
His interaction with McCoy is legendary.

A sign of a great movie in the works is the laughs going on off camera…I hope there’s a blooper real with some of that stuff in it!
They better be documenting the making of this film!

Thanks Simon!
That were some great tidbits. Can’t wait to see you as Scotty

Haha the idea of Quinto, in his pointy ears, cracking jokes is hilarious just to think about!!

@8 – No it isn’t…


#7 i dont think all of them got on well, i seem to recall something about Brent and Michael (Data and Worf) not seeing eye to eye???

Great interview! Simon Pegg is a really funny guy as well as an excellent actor. I can’t wait to see him in action as Scotty.

Well, “Trekkers” are the ones who came to Trek during the 90s spin off wave, especially NextGen. They are the ones still taking themselves too seriously.
“Trekkies” are the followers of the original cult and its movies who are able to laugh at themselves from time to time…I’m a little bit of both, I guess…but these days I’m more of a Trekkie since the spin off days are over for now…

To #8 – Nooooo, it IS Trekkie. Those of us who remember watching Star Trek TOS in first-run episodes have always been Trekkies. The term Trekker came later from a younger crowd who got hooked on the show in syndication and found the original term embarrassing. I, personally, embrace it.. No matter which term you prefer, I’m just glad there are so many fans and glad I’m part of it.

Simon’s interviews always excite me. He seems genuinely thrilled to be part of this project. I can’t wait to see him honor Mr. Doohan with his performance.

Well let me coin a phrase right here and now and call those who will be into the NEW incarnation of Star Trek…….TREKSTERS.

You heard her first kids.

Well, if we take what Chris Pine says very literally, maybe we’ll be


Now Pegg tells us how the cast be good and jolly
And to worry abouth the movie would sure be folly

Well Scott and Spock never got so close as brethren
But what a comedy team they were among tha Galileo 7

Pegg assures us “thar’s no need to shun the film in apathy
Even though JJ has Kirk’s middle name as Timothy. ”

And when Pegg dies he’ll be shooting into space
So his nude body not be stinkin’ up tha place

Maybe V’Ger will then find him and think fondly for awhile
About him as Scotty, Pine as Kirk, and Ernest Borgnine as Mr. Kyle

arrrr… I kidd… think he’ll be bonny as jolly Scotty…

“Relax Trekkies” is a phrase a number of people who post here should take to heart.

I hope Pegg gets to act drunk
[and maybe that’s how he gets “slightly damp”…]

oh, and re #8:
I think I am a “TREKITE” and I’m feeling a bit “TREKISH”…

I’m looking to see all the new “Treknology” and hear al that “Treknobable”.

Dear JJ,

I’ve got a request. Can I get to see Simon Pegg wet AND naked? Maybe he’s getting bored of stripping but I sure don’t get bored of seeing him strip. :D
Strip Peggster! ;)

#23: Maybe they can toss in a bonus strip reel on the DVD … crank up David Rose’s “The Stripper” and set it in the engine room …

But a little Zoe in there for the fellas, please :)

-TREKKER is the word..i don’t like trekkies…they are too…TOS ..purists…

(K)night: You didn’t do: “First”! Shame on you. That’s a wonderful tradition!

*Slightly* damp? They were filming outdoors during the recent SoCal rainstorms! It’s a wonder they didn’t get electrocuted!

And As for Trekkies vs. Trekkers–I heard that the Trekkers were just what Trekkies called themselves after they grew up!

I’m starting to like this guy more and more.

And what’s the deal with gettting “damp”????

Lets face it the more we see and hear about Pegg the more he’s seems like the right fit for the part of Scotty. I will tell one thing as popular as he is right now after he does the role of Scotty his popularity is going to soar even higher.


”And As for Trekkies vs. Trekkers–I heard that the Trekkers were just what Trekkies called themselves after they grew up! ”

thats cool i dont plan on growing up anytime soon .

And according to Gene Roddenberry the most outstanding human beings where ones who never abandoned their childhood :)

I totally agree

Oh my god. Can’t get away from the Trekkie vs. Trekker debate! In my opinion, “trekker” is sort of like “tom-ah-to” (as opposed to “tom-ay-to”). NO ONE says “tom-ah-to”. Seriously. Let’s call the whole thing off (and by off I mean Trekkie).

that be tha cost of an ordinary funeral anyhow

no worries- I gots a lot of bottle rockets to help anyone up, up, and away.
Conversly, we have Virgin Galactic ta look forward to- open tha airlock and dump out Aunt June fer free

I prefer ta be known as a Trekite or perhaps a Kirk Nerk / Scotty Grotty…

#19 is it wrong to comment on yerself?
“And when Pegg dies he’ll be shooting into space
So his nude body not be stinkin’ up tha place”
no comment- just like tha word “nude”…


for god knows what reason….i have added a trekkie/trekker poll

in the UK no one says tom ay to
We all say tom ah to…

Simon say: RELAX! LOL! He’s cool… And while the feuds continue about ies vs ers, the Klingons, Borg or Dominion make thier strike! KA-BOOM!

I am a trekker.

I had my doubts about Simon Pegg as Scotty but now I feel he may just get away with it. I’m not saying he’s not a good actor, because he is.

Here’s something really funny he was in. It’s from a old British tv series called Big Train I forgot he was in it.

I always just go with Trekkie… I may be seen more as an er, because of my age, but I prefer ie. I like that description above, ers are taking it all too seriously, while ies are more laid back etc. Nice way to put it! But in the end, who cares, we ALL love Trek!

Decloaking . . .

Dearest Kayla, in reference to #32.

I’m trying to be overtly nice here because I jumped into you a bit too harshly once before, and I apologize for that.

That said, back in the dark days when Trek was dead, after the cancellation of TOS and before TMP, “Trekkie” was an extreme insult! We Trekkers, as Gene Roddenberry named us, were struggling to create a marketplace for the future Star Trek. We bought James Blish’s original book series, calendars, and attended the first conventions — all the while being excoriated by everyone we knew. Being labeled a “Trekkie” in school meant having every bully trying to kick off on our geek a**.

Fortunately for me, I grew up in the military so physically defending myself was second nature. A lot of other “Trekkies” we not so lucky and suffered the scars of physical abuse and psychological humiliation at the hands of our classmates.

I know it’s hard to believe, but once there was a time when loving Star Trek, as we all do, was totally UNCOOL.

If you young kids today want to call yourselves “Trekkies,” then that’s your choice. But, to us “Old Ones,” Trekkie is a deeply offensive term — the “N-word” of Star Trek. Lo these many years later, I’m still at this very minute getting pissed off just thinking about it.

So, if those of us who made everything Star Trek you have known since TOS was cancelled — possible — then I think you should respect our (your elders) right to call ourselves tom-ah-tos, uh . . . “Trekkers.”

Excuse me; I have to go vent some warp plasma.

Recloaking. :-{

#31 Sarah James with regard to to Gene Roddenberry observation, I find myself in agreement with him on that one. As much as i may criticize the man a lot of times his observations of people and and the world are right on the money. I ve read things over the years good and bad about him Gene Roddenberry Tyrant or Saint?, maybe a little of both. If you are in visionary business maybe you’ve got to be both to make things happen in the world.
In the final analysis no one is perfect , at all.

#39, Post traumatic TREK syndrome… Yikes. An appointment with Troi ought to help you.

I get the distinct impression that Abrams, Pegg,Pine the rest of the cast and the studio are slowly but surely winning the public relations war with trek fandom. That may be another possible explaination for the added 4 month delay of the film. TThey are trying to get as many fans on board as possible. I could be wrong on this and I could could be reading to much into things

Decloaking . . .

To: #41 noirgwio.

“Post traumatic TREK syndrome,” now that’s actually funny, lol. And I’d love an appointment with Mirina Sirtis 24/7/365.

But, I bet you’re not old enough to have seen kids really getting beaten up just because they were “Trekkies.”

The intensity of my statement was intended to stress why a lot of us “Old Ones” are so vehement about being “Trekkers.” What I can’t stand is people telling us we have to be, or should be, one or the other.

Star Trek is fundamentally about choice and the consequences of our decisions. That is the ‘subtext’ of virtually every episode.

We are who we are, the lovers’ of Star Trek. We are the last people who should be trying to stuff each other into a set mold. I don’t condemn anyone for calling themselves Trekkies. I simply expect the same respect in return.

#16. Ensign Ro nailed it right on the money. She is a first generation Star Trek fan. I bet she was in High School or an adult when she discovered Trek. I was six years old when “Man Trap” premired. I saw the first run as well. Roland is absolutely correct, I’m second generation. I got turned on to Trek during the first run of syndication. It was the first generation calling themselves “Trekkies” that got the second generation calling ourselves “Trekkers.” But, they missed out on all that I described. Gene Roddenberry was aware of what was happening to us. That’s why he pushed Trekkers so hard, and Nichelle Nichols as well.

Call yourself what you will — proudly!

Just don’t tell me what you think I should be. I’ve written this so everyone understands why we Trekkers feel so strongly.

I done with this issue — peace.


#44, It’s all good. My point is the same fundimentally… Why argue who is what? We all love Trek, is all that matters. My parents were of that first generation too, but just because they didn’t tell stories of ridicule, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Maybe they had it too, and made me feel my love of Trek was okay cuz they wanted me to not go through that? How very Trek of them! =) I dunno… But whatever, Trek-forever!

To Commodore Lurker…kind of…

My earleir statement (see post #16) I stated that I watched TOS in first-run episodes. I was definately a Trekkie…and a skinny redheaded on top of that. So, yes, I’m very familiar with the regular butt-kickings young fans like us received after the shows cancellation. I also fondly remember very excited discussions with my first-grade classmates when the show was originally airing. However, I do understand what you were talking about…and trust me, I can produce the “scars” to prove it. I merely stick up for the term “Trekkie” now mainly in defiance of those D- bullies of yesteryear. But, as you say…call yourself whichever term you like…it all boils down to one thing…WE ARE STAR TREK FANS AND LOVE IT!

I do enjoy your posts on this site…keep it up.

@44 – Fellow Old One

I am almost exactly the same as Trek, give or take a month, so I was in that playground, with the “I Grok Spock” badge(well, maybe not THAT badge but I read Heinlein too), or playing ‘Captain Kirk and Klingons’ more often than not…

So sure, being ripped to shreds by children about being “a STEWWWPID TREEEEKEEEE” or worse was part and parcel about growing up. And I plainly remember that it WAS a term of derision, aimed at the get-a-lifers who were, it would seem, quite obsessed about something stupid and embarrassing.

It wasn’t something you’d own up to when trying to get girls, for sure.

But I’m well over that now, and I think you should be allowed, if you want, to free yourself of that old childhood pain.*

I get a kick out of calling myself a trekkie and am now much older, much wiser and can do it with a glint in my eye.

I didn’t ever called myself a trekker since it was a distancing of it, a giving in to the judgement of others a it said “well, I’m not into it ALL that much, not really… yeah you’re right etc…”

Can’t be doing with that.

So I get where you are coming from, but there was an awesome SF short story by Ray Bradbury, (I’ve had to track it down as I type) called “The Utterly Perfect Murder” which when I read it in my teens, gave me some of that perspective on the whole thing.

One of the many, many reasons I read, watch and love SF.

If you hate the term, fair enough… but I’m old too, and I’m cool with it now.

(* disclaimer: I Am Not Sybok, he’s the other one…)

Wow, never realized the seriousness behind the whole trekkie vs. trekker
debate. I learn new things every time I come to this site.

#48 Denise Its is truly amazing to what level that some fans take it as seriously as they do. Being a long time trek watcher and sci fi fantasy fan , I ve been discovering just how much i don’t know about Trek. Thats why i love this site so much and i would not have missed it for the world. Its fun going up against people who don’t have the same point of view on these things that i Do. I love the debates and the occasional free for all knock down drag out verbal battles that break out from time to time.