Simon Pegg Cast By E-mail

Simon Pegg is currently out and about promoting his new film, Run, Fat Boy, Run, and naturally, he ends up discussing Star Trek. In an interview with the Australian Herald-Sun Pegg reveals how director/producer J.J. Abrams offered him the role of Scotty and that he wasn’t sure he wanted it at first. He also talked about the ‘sc-fi’ nature of the new movie.

On how JJ Abrams offered him the part

We got on really well on Mission: Impossible 3 and then I got back from New York where I’d been shooting How To Lose Friends and Alienate People and I switched on my phone and there was an email that just said “Do you want to play Scotty” on the top which was the most shocking email I’d ever received.

Pegg explains that there was a slight bit of hesitation on his part which was quickly alleviated by Abrams.

I was slightly worried about tying myself into a franchise for nine years. It was obviously something to think about, but J.J. said, “If the worst thing that happens is we get to hang out every three years and have fun, what’s the problem?” I thought that was a great argument.

and on if Star Trek is ‘serious science fiction’, Pegg replied:

Very much so. It’s not at all ironic. It’s not a jokey take on the original series. It’s a faithful and loving instalment in the ongoing mythology of the show.

The article is in the Australian Herald-Sun (but is not available online, or at least not yet)

Run, Fat Boy Run starring Simon Pegg opened last week in Australia and opens in the USA March 28th. More info at the official site. And here is the trailer…


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