The Collective: First Look at 2009 Calendars

Is it 2009 yet? While the next feature film is 408 days away, Trek fans can get ready to start checking off those days with the new 2009 Star Trek Wall Calendars which are now available for pre-order. Just like 2008, there will be a Kirk era calendar and another in the popular CGI art "Ships of the Line" series. has got some details and sneak peeks of the two new calenders.

Star Trek (TOS) 2009 Calendar
Star Trek: 2009 Wall Calendar contains 14 total images (12 months + cover + centerfold). Month images are a mix from The Original Series and the TOS era films. 2009’s centerfold is of CGI image of the original NCC-1701 Enterprise and the USS Lexington fighting three Klingon ships by Rob Bonchune.

Cover for 2009 "Star Trek" Calendar

Star Trek Ships Of The Line 2009 Calendar
Like the TOS calendar, the Star Trek: Ships of the Line: 2009 Wall Calendar has 14 images. All the images are new this year and will feature several TOS Enterprises (original and refit), a TMP Vulcan shuttle, Shuttle Galileo, DS9’s Defiant, a Species 8472 ship, USS Voyager, a Klingon Bird of Prey, the Enterprise D, and a new TNG era ship designed by Andy Probert. There is also an interesting image for a warp field test of  a Constitution class ship (see below). The full list of CGI artists: Doug Drexler, Aurore De Blois, Fred Pienkos, Max Rem, Jose Perez, John Teska, Daren Dochterman , Michael Stetson, Mark Rademaker, Koji Kuramura, Andy Probert, Pierre Drolet, Sean Jackson.

Exclusive: Vulcan shuttle image used for cover of 2009 Ships of the Line Calendar

Exclusive "Constitution Class Warp Test" from 2009 SOTL Calendar
(click to enlarge)

Available for pre-order now
The calendars should be shipping in August, and are available for pre-order at Amazon now.

NOTE SOTL cover image at Amazon is incorrect (see above for final image):

Ships of the Line – The Book
The SOTL calendars are so popular that they resulted in a 2007 Ships of the Line (Star Trek) mini coffee table book, edited by Margaret Clark and Doug Drexler, with words by Michael Okuda

Ships of the line…the book

Trek Calendars…through the ages
It wouldn’t be a ‘Collective’ without adding a bit of a history lesson. The very first Star Trek calendar from Ballantine (the original licensee for Star Trek books) was in 1976 and there has been at least one calendar every year since. The early calendars had images and text by famous fan Bjo Trimble. Over the years each series also got their own calendars (while they were on the air and maybe a few years after). Most feature films got their own calendars as well. From 1997-2007 Pocket offered a ‘Stardate’ day to day desk calendar. The Ships of the Line series started in 2001 and has run every year since. From 1996 – 2006 there were at least four Star Trek calendars every year, with some years having up to six. For the last two years the number is down to two (TOS + Ships Of The Line). 

The first Trek calendar

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These look great!


I love this stuff. I really like how they expand the ST universe especially. I don’t need to see another TOS Enterprise rehash. Show me the new stuff!

Shuttle Shuttle Shuttle !!!!! And knobs and buttons !!!!!!!!

Agreed, these first images look very promising. :)

I look forward to picking up a copy or two of my own…but I’m pretty sure I can wait a little while longer to order, until there are slightly less than nine months to go before the year in question.

’09 already? Vulcanista! I asked for ONE Marguerita. I shoulda been suspicious when I saw the straw sticking outta your bathtub. But, how could I resist?

i had that ’76 calendar, what 11 year old boy could be so excited about a bloody calendar? i sure was… now i’m looking on ebay for one!

YES. I have that 1976 calendar! It’s still in great condition, too, probably worth a few bucks but only after they pry it outta my cold, dead hands :D

By the way, AICN has some photos of a shuttlecraft and other things up right now, better head over there before they get yanked!

Had the ’76, too. And any poster I could find. Was SO jealous of my friend’s brother who had the cutaway E.


I’m guessing you had the vintage Spock poster, where he’s holding phaser and standing in front of the Galileo 7. That one’s still awesome!

I had that 1976 calendar as well… Can’t remember how many times I studies that cover to figure out what the communicator really looked like. :) Can’t wait to see how the SOTL calendar turns out… it’s always fun to do and see what the other artists came up with.

Are you sure that 76 was the first year?? I will have to look, but I think I have one from 75. I remember that it was black and I think the front also has Kirk and Spock.

one can never have too many calendars! :)

#11 – hmmm… that sounds like the 1977 calendar.

Curious… why does -anybody- buy anything except the SOTL calenders? They’re beautiful.

Daren, I’ve enjoyed your SotL images from the calendars. What a cool gig. I always enjoy the Original Series images most in those calendars– it’s as if they are filling in a lot of what I was always hungry for when I was watching the show over the years.

I’ve bought TOS calendars since 1977. My biggest gripe about them are the very static photos they pick every year. Too many close-ups. A bit bland.

So this year, I created my own ST calendar with more interesting images gleaned from TrekCore. Each month is dedicated to an episode, with a large main image, and three smaller images from each episode. And I get to write a funny caption for the main image, and put obscure Trek actor’s birthdays on the dates. :-)

Scott B. out.

I’ve been getting the SOTL calenders for Xmas since 2004, and I love just looking at the creative CGI images. I hate when they throw in the TV screenshots though, ’cause they’re of such low quality compared to the new ones. It seems they only started doing this with the more recent ones.

I really love that Constitution test shot. I’ll buy the calendar just for that!

Oh yay! 2009 Calendars! That means only 5 more months till Star Trek comes out!

It’s like some sorta subspace wind-tunnel. I like it!

That Warp Test is awsome. I hope JJ treats us to something like that in the Movie. Imagine seeing the Enterprise rumble the factory, shaking the earth and blacking out half the city with power spikes!!! Awsome!!!

Damn! I was hoping the centerfold in the first calendar that John mentioned would be Shirtless Spock in the Space Nazi episode, the name of which escapes me at 12:53 a.m., EDT.

I am sure Denise would concur. She might even know the episode I’m referring to.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Vulcanista: “Patterns of Force,” if I recall correctly.

If I were a true nerd, of course, I’d know the production number. I hang my head in shame.

That warp test tunnel looks so realistic, I think they might actually have tested a Boeing 787 scale model in that thing….

I wonder what the in-universe explanation would be for those swirly lights. The scale model itself wouldn’t be capable of creating a warp field, I don’t think.

Thanks, James! It’s one of those titles that I can never relate to the episode itself.

Oh, well. Still no Shirtless Spock on a calendar.

*le sigh*

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Vulcanista#24- I sigh with thee… perhaps one bright, glorious day will bring us a calendar with our beloved in all his shirtless glory.

Decloaking . . .
Still Have the 1976 and the 1980 TMP is sitting right beside me as I type!

I’m just going to start saying first even if I’m not. Grow up!

heh if you look carefully at the warp test picture, near the top left corner are Spock and Kirk

I have the 2008 TOS one and ‘Ships of the Line’. Can’t wait to see the new ones next year.

this warp test pic looks great …

I have that first calendar. It was so exciting to buy it, as a teen! I have all of the TOS ones since.

Where’s the effin Stardate calander??

I’m pissed off enough they didn’t make one for this year. They better have one for next year or I’ll punch them in the face!

I have the Star Trek V calender ….. sorry.

I like that pic of the “warp field test.” Just like doing air flow tests on today aircraft! Farging Brilliant!

I wonder how long it will take for people to mistakenly attribute an image from this SotL calendar with Abrams’ film, such as the case with the “Koerner-prise” from the 2007 SotL Calendar.

I still have my 1976 TOS stardate calendar. My poor mom asks me every year if she can throw all that “stuff” out.

I have the Ships of the line book and its awsome!!!!

That episode with shirtless Spock (with green injury marks) was “Patterns of Force” with the inimicable Skip Homeier. (also in Way to Eden)×21/PatternsOfForce0103.jpg

not with Skip Homeier. But *with* green lash marks!

Daren, a tip of the cap to you and the other fine artists on TSOL. Coming from someone who can barely make his photoshop program do what he wants, I certainly appreciate the artistry. My wife and I own a gallery and I would personally love to have these on the walls as prints or giclees. I get the calendars and I have the book. They need to make a new book as I haven’t seen one other than that which I have.

awwwk no…

What am I gunna do wit all these calendars? Spend tha day lookin at what day it be?

so many have I…
… my PETA calendar, my East Anglican Steer Herders Society calendar… my Navy calendar… my Hail Our Queen Forever calendar (awwk dunna want that centerfold, no offense, mum.. at least it aint Krige all slimy and black) my Futball calendar, my Shoot ‘Em Up NRA calendar (firearms are a no-no here though), my GoBots 1985 calendar (I just re-arrange tha dates to make it work year after year) my…
Well ya get tha picture…

Speaking o’ pictures, why doesn’t Spockboy make a calendar of his photography?


The thing I liked about the earlier calendars was that the entire top page space was filled with the photo. Now, they shrink down the photo and us only about 3/3 of the page area or less. What a ripoff!

Come on, folks… make them full page again!

I meant 3/4 of the page…. small.

I may have to get the ships of the line calender…… so very very awsome!

#11… Mike… the one pictured was the first one released nationally by that company, but Lincoln Enterprises (Roddenberry’s company) had made one the year before and sold it through their catalog.

Wish I had it also, what a collector’s item!

My only regret about the 1976 calendar, is that as a young teenage fan, I wrote in many of the little circles what ST episode I watched on TV that day (when in syndication). I could kick myself for that now. I didn’t know about collectability yet, I just loved it.

If you have the calendar still, consider it an archive from your childhood, reminding you of the great times you had watching Trek. That, in my opinion, is worth a hundredfold what you’d get selling it on eBay. You can always find a “new condition” one, but it’s just a meaningless (and expensive) out of date calendar. Yours is a time capsule.

Love the Ships of the Line stuff. Awesome work!

I wondered what “ships of the line” means, and apparently the specific reference is to the type of naval engagement in which maximum firepower is achieved by firing broadside, i.e., straight sideways. Like, if you have a row of cannon on both sides of a ship, you can’t shoot straight forward or backward. Accordingly, a fleet engagement would involve ships strung out in single file (the “line”), and maneuvering as a group so as to all fire sideways simultaneously at an opposing fleet.

I remember a WW2 TV documentary which used computer animation to depict the “Crossing the T” maneuver, which is the classic and optimal way to defeat an opposing fleet: if your fleet is the top part of the “T”, you can fire all your broadside guns at the opposing fleet, which can’t do a thing because it is pointing straight at you.

Fascinating, but obviously starships would not assemble in a line and fire sideways.

It’s a great term, but it still begs one of the most intriguing questions that has NEVER been depicted satisfyingly onscreen: what would a deep-space starship fleet battle look like, if it followed the laws of physics? Everything on Trek or Star Wars seems much too slow — I mean, video of modern jet dogfights look faster! Also, with those kinds of speeds and with long-range weapons, you’d never really see opposing ships at the same time — they’d never need to come within visual range. Even if they did, at those speeds they’d be in view only for a nanosecond.

So, how would *you* depict a space battle with proper physics?

starships aren’t jet fighters. the best battle scenes were in TWoK, just because of the sheer size of the ships and environment of the battle. Mass is still mass, and those ships don’t do barrel rolls etc in combat.

As dismal as it was shown in the Ultimate Computer, that’s probably more like what it would appear in clear space. No sane commander would use weapons with a 10,000 mile range (phasers) at point-blank. Khan did it as an element of surprise.

Remember the adage, phasers for sublight, photorps for warp.

I had all the STAR TREK poster books from the 70s; man, I loved those. Synopses and info, plus every “issue” folded out into a giant poster. Had a couple of the THOLIAN WEB ones, of which I got one framed.

Lost ’em all to Katrina, alas.

#49.. my heart goes out to you.