Trek Remastered Schedule Change

CBS has updated their syndication schedule for the next two weekend’s of Star Trek Remastered. “Mudd’s Women” which was to air this weekend, now air’s next weekend and this weekend will be a repeat of “Conscience of the King.” “The Cage” (the unaired TOS pilot), originally scheduled for next weekend, is now off the schedule entirely, but it may get back on the schedule in the future.

SFX Reel for “The Conscience of the King”

Click for full set of Screenshots

Preview of Next Weekend

“Mudd’s Women” – Harry Mudd gets a ship

14 Left
There are only fourteen episodes for TOS Remastered yet to air in syndication (two of which are currently available on the Season One Box Set). Here is a revised schedule until the summer repeats.

Weekend of



The Conscience of the King (R)


Mudd’s Women




Assignment: Earth


Court Martial


A Private Little War


Whom Gods Destroy


The Mark of Gideon




The Lights of Zetar


The Way to Eden


Requiem for Methusaleh


The Savage Curtain




The Omega Glory (R)


The Cloud Minders


Spectre of the Gun


The Empath




Turnabout Intruder

(R) = Repeat. The five weekends from 8/9 to 9/6 are all repeats. ( Full Revised TOSR Schedule).

Trek Remastered will continue in syndication for the 2008/2009 season and it is possible “The Cage” will be mixed in with what will be all repeats by that time.


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Okay….Thanks for the update. Thwe Cage was one I actually wanted to see


Aaaah Man! I was looking forward to the remastered Cage. It would have been awesome! Poop on a stick!

Well, Mudd’s new ship looks interesting.

Perhaps a sign they are giving them more time for the FX?


That’s a nice thought. Why would they take it off indefinitely, though? Just throw it on a DVD/BR? That would be a bummer!

I guess we shall see…..

3 — Hope so, too.

Did Harry have a ship before? Thought it was a bad optical, rather than a model, but I thought it was there.

What is going on with this whole remastered thing? Ay caramba. I don’t want to be negative, its been great but seriously, what is going on?

This project was large and in charge when they started it. Are they even going to finish it? How close are we? Is it losing tons o’ money? Did the format war kill it too?

Reminds me of a time back in the early days of old hitch1969. Grade 10 Spanish teacher comes to me and says “Luz, (that was my spanish name) Luz, we have a great project that we want you to lead.” Turns out it was an extracurricular® where we would go to the grade schools and teach Spanish to the 6th graders. I was pretty fluent at the time and pretty much slept off my hangovers in this class but felt honored to be chosen. SO I ramped this thing up, prepared lesson plans and advised the other teachers… did all this work. Got all motivated to “do no harm” as the hypercritical oath and the Bible tells us and all that.

Well it turns out that 6th graders are little effing brats. I could not deal with that on my hangovers. And so it just turned into this weird thing where I put on a filmstrip every week and dozed off. They learned nothing, I taught nothing except what not to become when you are a teenager.

Now, my oldest son is …. yes a 6th grader – and the more things change the more they stay the same. I cannot deal with him on my hangovers. So I tell him to play Xbox while I surf adult websites. I teach him nothing, he learns nothing except what not to grow up to be.

So you see… of course the techMology has changed. In the 1980s it was filmstrips. Today, it’s the interwebs. But the bottom line here is in both cases the promises and hope in the beginning sort of … I dunno. Do you folks know what old h69 is saying?

Of course we can also see the parallel with ST TOS remastered. IF close your eyes and look real hard, of course you can.



I really like those remastered episodes. what would gene roddenberry say if he could see this? i think he might be proud.

Where’s “Mirror Mirror”? I Netflixed season 1 and it wasn’t there and it’s not here either. It’s the mother of all episodes as far as I’m concerned. So where is it?

#8 Mirror, Mirror was in season 2.

I’m dissappointed now. I was really looking forward to seeing “the Cage.” Why are they taking it off the schedule?

I imagine “Requiem for Methusaleh’s” ‘Flint’ will get a new castle this time; instead of borrowing one from the rather inhospitable Kaylar! “Savage Curtain” presents a lot of challenges; the lava planet, and the morphing of Yarnek could be very interesting. I do like the faithful nature of the project (due in large part to the Okudas; whom I admire much), but the inconsistent results are often frustrating. That, and the prohibitive price of the DVD set kept this Trekkie from buying these. But, I thank you very much, Anthony Pascale, for the VFX reels. Nice to see what I’m missing!

Ah, guess the remastered Star Trek didn’t catch on with syndication too well. Oh well. Looks a hell of a lot better on DVD anyway! (Remastering Star Trek was a dream of mine since DS9’s “Trials and Tribble-ations”.)

Let them take all the time this project needs. If “The Cage” airs later and the result is more polished CGI, then that’s not a problem. I’d rather wait and get a better product, then some of, what seems to be, rushed CGI to meet a specific date.

Take your time guys and do the original series proud!

As long as Assignment: Earth is shown as scheduled.

5 – 24 -08!!!!!!

Anthony, is there any information about what happens to Star Trek Remastered after the summer?

Will it air at the whim of the syndicated stations, or be off the air or continue to air as part of a plan from Paramount because the CW stations are under Paramount directions?

Regarding The Cage, I wonder if it’s off the airing schedule because it was never aired originally and will be in the DVD set’s instead. Just a guess.

Thanks for all the great Trek info!

#3 “Perhaps a sign they are giving them more time for the FX?”

Don’t hold your breath. My guess is the episode couldn’t handle all the cuts neccessary to pare it’s run-time down to around 45-50 minutes. The original episode is around 70 minutes long. Even if it does eventually air I bet there’s not one visible change from what we saw in “The Menagerie” 2-parter.

Prove me wrong CBS-D, but I’m betting you’re throwing in the towel.

my guess is they are doing some more work on the cages fx. i hope they fix it and get it right and make it look realy kool.hopefully they will get all of these on the blu ray that way we can all watch it in high def. i seen the 2 par menagerie on the big movie screen and that was so kool to see star trek on the big screen.

“My guess is the episode couldn’t handle all the cuts neccessary to pare it’s run-time down to around 45-50 minutes.”

I’m pretty sure a pared down version of “The Cage” has been running in syndication with the rest of the series for several years.

Bottom Line: Star Trek Remastered is not getting great viewing numbers. No TV station wants to take up a 1.5-2 hour block with something that isn’t being watched when they can easily fill it with high-number reruns of prime-time shows. They lose money otherwise. Question answered.

Nobody’s watching anything – Star Trek or “high numbers reruns of prime tiem shows” – in the graveyard slots that Star Trek Remastered has been broadcast in. How many die-hard “King of Queens” fans are going to stay up til 4 a.m. to watch a rerun of that jewel?

This is the same thinking of why the whole Remastered project was done in the order it was rather than by original production order. The hope was to reinvigorate viewer interest in Star Trek by showing the most popular episodes. This however did not work as well as they had hoped and thus all the syndicated Star Trek went to the LATE-late night time slots when only the graveyard shift and insomniacs were awake. Oh well. Maybe they will do a “STAR TREK – THE ORIGINAL SERIES: REMASTERED SPECIAL EDITION” on Blu-Ray with all the Proper CGI effects to the max. Then again… maybe not. I can dream though.

I think Izbot is correct, the pilot was 64 minutes long. To cut out nearly 15 to 20 minutes of material could make the story hard to follow.

And I don’t believe I’ve ever seen The Cage air, except as a 2 hour or 90 minute special with a host doing introductions, background and trivia about the episode.

20. It would be interesting to compare the numbers on those two and see which really gets more viewers. I think most people however see the poor quality of the transmission of the Star Trek Remastered and go “oh, its just that old Star Trek show” and change the channel. Both version look the same on the TV. Its on the DVD/HD-DVD that the difference is Really noticeable. Even HDTV transmissions don’t do the DVD versions justice.

So is it confirmed that TOS-R is continuing in Syndication in 2008/2009?

WTF??????!!!! I knew it … was written in the stars!!! I am so pissed that The Cage is not even in the schedule!, C’mon now! First the jerking with the movie, now the final screwing with taking off The Cage. I bet someone was reading my ideas and decided that this might work??? I hope they give the Cage that extra special touch that i always spoke of!!:)

I dont know..All in All I am very disappointed with the latest developments in the TREK universe. I hope there is an article about Why they took The Cage away?? Oh! I get it, maybe there is some BIG compettion in syndication that they want it to compete with.

Pretty sure The Cage is already done, as you’ll recall they had to do a good chunk of The Cage footage for The Menagarie which was done last year and is on the Season 1 DVD/HD DVD set. So I believe there was an interview with the CBS-D team where they said they just went a head and did The Cage as they did The Menagarie since most of it was already slated to be redone.

I think, in all fairness, Star Trek Remastered will be ignored by the majority until the next Star Trek movie. Right now, most people aren’t even aware of the remastering, even fans.

Watch for Court-Martial. In the briefing room scene when the court comes on board ship, the film stock on the remastered dvd is so bad it pulses in brightness. Disconcerting to see this with the new fx. The film stock on the same episode from the dvd release in 2004 isn’t flawed like this.

I truly was looking forward to the opening sequence being remastered. Here’s an idea: How about a special behind the scenes footage of deleted scenes being added to The Cage from 1964/65! Maybe audtions for the roles…Jeffrey Hunters’ thoughts on the role of Pike..there is something like that wriiten, I have seen it once…Gene Roddenberry’s pitch to the networks..Just some quick brainstorming..CBS-D or Paramount one of you big-wigs is making some STRANGE decisions with no explanation to the die-hard fans..maybe you feel like you dont have too, but it’s our time and money that keeps this franchise alive! Just a thought……

29. Paramount does have a plan: “Star Trek” by J.J. Abrams

It’s easy to ignore TOS-R…especially when they show it at 3 am if at all!!!


I’ll bet they pulled The Cage to market it in the DVD promotions… possibly for getting you to re-buy Season 1. We’ll see.

31 – you got it, of course.

When Star Trek was on the SciFi channel The Cage was cut to the same length as the other Star Trek hour long episodes. But I bet The Cage remastered goes right to DVD on it’s own the full length version first.

#29 sad to say that all those extras probably wont happen. I have so many star trek specials and clips from shows like E! network , scifi channel and entertainment tonight..and none have ever seen the light of day since their original broadcast..i think its about money for people who worked on the show, and bigwigs are not willing to cut them in. If your a star wars fan, its almost the screen tests no specials..however with blue ray on the horizon, the excuse that there is “not enough room on the disk ” wont work can only hope!

Looking foreward to “the way to eden” Brother!

Why are they re-running Conscience of the King?? While it’s not a terrible episode why not rerun one with a little more action like Doomsday Machine, Day of the Dove or The Man Trap instead??

#25. Batts

Batts, Batts, your blood pressure!!


Is it possible ‘The Cage’ was pulled so the FX team could confer with the new Trek movie folks and maybe try and bridge the gap a little? Or is that wishful thinking…

Everyone keeps saying, “I hope they’re delaying it til they get the new fx perfect” but I’m telling you: All the fx in “The Cage” that could’ve been enhanced or replaced were already done in “The Menagerie”. There are no new scenes or shots unique to “The Cage” that didn’t appear in the 2-parter that aired as Remastered episodes ‘way back months ago. The only thing they could do differently would be the opening credits.

CBS-D has given up on the idea at readying the original pilot for syndication. It’ll never air.

Although I’m not entirely happy with the whole half-assed “remastering” project, I love the “Conscience of the King” FX reel because of that LOOONG fly-by pan of the Enterprise! It’s absolutely beautiful; very cinematic. The original Enterprise is the single best spaceship design ever created by mankind. It’s PERFECT in every sense!! Every tiny detail and curve and proportion…”redesigning” that incredible form is the stupidest endeavor anyone could partake in. This is true from TMP onward to Abram’s movie…seriously, it doesn’t need to be redesigned. You can’t improve perfection! You only put out a really sh*tty version that should never see the light of day.

See what I mean, Katie!

Your soothing influence….I am pressurizing!!….temps returning to normal. Everything is good now. You are right, I need to WOO-SAH!!

Thanks my logical friend :)

I’m drunk and falling asleep to The Undiscovered Country, but has anyone ever realized that Kirk wears a Veridian patch on his back and then in Generations he died on Veridian III? Just throwing it out there haha

I heard He was trying to quit Veridian altogether so he used the Patch, sadly
Veridian is what killed him. :)

maybe they are waiting for the movie to come out first before they remaster the cage,so they can tie it all in with the star trek history we will be seeing in the movie.

My God! Does this mean that the scheduled screening of “The Cage” was just an ILLUSION all along!

steve623 wrote:

> Nobody’s watching anything – Star Trek or “high numbers reruns of prime
> tiem shows” – in the graveyard slots that Star Trek Remastered has been
> broadcast in.

Remastered Star Trek is broadcast twice on Saturdays — 11 a.m. to noon and 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. — in the Fresno area of California. In the Stockton-Sacramento area, it is shown once at 4 p.m. on Saturdays.

I would have to confer with zzbluesman. With Mr. Pike as a key character in ST11, they may save “Cage” for a special occasion.

Tune in on channel 65 at 3AM after the Ginsu knives.

@ #4
There exist three different versions of the pilot!!!!
“The Cage” will maybe dropped on a bonus disc in the Season 3-Set with the Original-Version in Colour and black/white, and the Remastered-Version!!!!
A bonus like the two tribble-episodes (TAS & DS9) on the Season 2-Set!!!!

re: 30. M33 – April 18, 2008
“29. Paramount does have a plan: “Star Trek” by J.J. Abrams”

and what a fine plan that is…

#12 Thomas Jensen – “Let them take all the time this project needs. If “The Cage” airs later and the result is more polished CGI, then that’s not a problem. I’d rather wait and get a better product, then some of, what seems to be, rushed CGI to meet a specific date.
Take your time guys and do the original series proud!”

Thomas says it all for me – – Thanks for the Update Anthony.