The Collective: NY Comic Con – Tricorders, Gorns, and Sulus, Oh My!

At the New York Comic Con this weekend, Diamond Select Toys has revealed their (previously announced) Original Series era Tricorder toy, the final piece of DST’s TOS ‘landing party’ set. They also announced their seventh retro action figures set to be of Sulu and the Gorn, both of which are new designs (but in the MEGO style).
Images, details and pre-order info below.

Scan for readings
The TOS Tricorder replica is a detailed toy featuring sound and lighting effects from the show, and a removable scanner. DST’s replica toys feature great playability (such as the communicator’s hailing feature) and good detailing.

The DST Tricorder will be available this October, and can be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth for $39.99.

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder Replica
(pre-order, available October)


The Tricorder is meant to be a companion to the already available phaser and communicator, completing the troika of landing party ‘Star Trek Tek’ items.

The phaser and communicator are available now from Entertainment Earth.

EE Exclusive Star Trek Original Series Communicator Replica Star Trek Tek Classic Phaser




[also available w/ bronze handle – $27.99]


Sulu and the Gorn
DST also announced their seventh retro style MEGO action figure set will be Lt. Hikaru Sulu and The Gorn. Sculpted and designed by EMCE Toys, Sulu (pictured below) is the third “original” retro figure, who along with the previously announced Chekov and Khan, was never released as a MEGO figure in the 1970s. There is no picture of the Gorn available yet, but has been told by EMCE Toys that the Gorn will feature a redesign and better detailing, improving on the original MEGO action figure that was basically a brown lizard in a Klingon costume.

New MEGO-style Sulu,
(click to enlarge)

The release of these originals expand the line and shows the confidence DST has for MEGO figures which are proving popular with critics and in sales. Chekov and Cheron (series 6), and Sulu and the Gorn (series 7), are going to available for preorder within the next few weeks.

The five previously announced series of retro Mego figure sets are availble to order (or pre-order) now at Entertainment Earth. 

Retro Series 1 Kirk & Klingon Action Figure Set Retro Series 2 Spock and Andorian Figure Set
(out of stock,
pre-order for September)
(available in stock)
Retro Series 3 McCoy & Romulan Action Figure Set Retro Series 4 Scotty and Keeper Figure Set
(available in stock)
(pre-order, available in May)
Retro Series 5 Uhura & Mugatu Action Figure Set Retro Series 6 Chekov and Cheron Figure Set
(pre-order, available in August)
(not yet available for pre-order)

DST is also doing a stand-alone retro Khan figure in June, available exclusively from PlanetX. You can reserve yours via email, more info at



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Pretty cool!! Hopefully they won’t make the Gorn look like that T-rex in ENT.

Well, I saw the pictures, so now I must buy…

Hmm. The Keeper looks an awful lot like the Balok mannequin…

if the communicator is any indication of the quality, its going to be a great piece. The diamond communicator even gives master replicas a run for the money and for 1/20 the price. I will purchase a couple of these. the phaser was pretty standard as far as the phaser toys go.

Can’t wait

In fairness to the Art Asylum (and now DST) phaser, it’s quality and accuracy is light-years beyond any previously released phaser “toy” -especially the Playmates one from the ’90s. And the DST communicator is really nice. I have that one and the Las Vegas “Star Trek Experience” exclusive one that I think is supposed to be based on the Master Replicas version, and they both have things to recommend them. Hard call on that one. The MR tricorder is really a thing of beauty though. That would be hard to top at the price point, but we’ll see.

And Purolator, I think the “new” Mego/Emcee sculpts have all been based on the work of mego customizer James Brady, and his Gorn sculpt is very TOS-like. You casn see it here:

I don’t thnik you’ll be disappointed.

For the rather steep prices these beautiful prop replicas are going for (not to mention the quality of their construction), I hardly think the likes of the landing party Phaser, Communicator, and Tricorder qualify as “toys.” I’d classify them as “collector’s items.” Or just prop replicas – and if you consider them prop replicas, then they’re pretty darn cheap compared to the Master Replicas versions.

I mean its Sulu and all, but Baby blue Tricorder and Phaser????????

Must. Pre-order. Tricorder.

That’s simply all there is to it. It looks great and for $40, it’s right in the old affordable wheel-house. I have been pleased with AA/ DST and this is going to be the icing on my landing party collection. I do hope that they can get in on some of the movie stuff, particularly the tech items. They just seem to do such a great, affordable job on these things. It makes me feel like a kid again, and that is priceless.

Now I shall send up my rally cry once more for BSG stuff that is along the same lines as the Trek stuff i.e. ships and gear. This is the last season and I’m worried that it will come and go without any really good collectibles. A Galactica, a base star, and the vipers, at the very least. Please, please, please DST.

And John, thanks again for the great stuff

“I mean its Sulu and all, but Baby blue Tricorder and Phaser????????”

Mego made them baby blue back in the ’70s too.

#5 — Damn, those are NICE!!!!

I wish those were available for purchase! It would put me right back into the action figure collecting mode again (I quit after Playmates lost their license in the 90’s)…


And btw, has the tricorder available to preorder for $31.99.

$39.99. Now that’s a fair price! THANK YOU for not jacking us around by our heart strings.

Love toys. Have a baby. Big conflict — unless I buy them for him and then make sure they stay in really good condition for when he’s middle aged.

That’s NOT the actual AA/DST Tricorder. That’s a picture of a Master Replicas Tricorder.

DST is also doing a stand-alone retro Khan ….”

I’m as retro as they get, baby! :-)

When did the Mugatu wear a uniform?

khan looks like hes wearin pajama’s

That looks like an HMS Tric.

Is the Tricorder going to be the correct size? Surely it wont be like the out of scale Playmates Tricorder… Any word on this?

Given the accuracy of phaser and communicator, I cannot conceive of the DST tricorder being an child-sized mini-me like the cheapo Playmates version.

The Mugatu didn’t wear a uniform until he was drafted into a private little war. After that, it was pants all the way.

I see these and all I can think is: DAMN! Why didn’t I hold on to my original Mego figures when I was a kid? I had Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the Klingon! I kept them in good condition, too. They vanished one year; I suspected a ‘space/time anomaly’ or a ‘gateway to an alternate dimension’. The more likely scenario; my dad pitched them into the trash when I was at school one day! But that tricorder is pretty sweet. “Oh yes, it WILL be mine….”

I think that is indeed Balok’s alter ego rather than The Keeper.

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

The Landing Party items are forever beautiful.

The AA Communicator is VERY close to the Master Replicas in terms of look, feel and operating features–particularly surprised me that the flip grid was metal and that the moire disc spins. It’s also louder than the MR and boasts numerous sound clips that were not offered on the MR version at all. For 30 bucks I think it’s amazing.

And I fully expect the tricorder to compete very well with the MR version as well. The MR tricorder is beautiful but it does not hold a hand scanner and it makes only one sound–I’ll wager the AA version will make several. Anyway, I’ll be very happy to own them all. And if you think a $40 price tag means these don’t qualify as toys, I’ll just say I don’t think you’ve been to Toys R Us lately…

Just what I’ve waiting to hear more about! Based on the picture, the tricorder looks great. -And a removable scanner?? Even better than I would have hoped for. As I also do consider the previous DS gear to be just as good as prop replicas, I’ll enjoy making a custom stand for the tricorder to accompany the phaser and communicator.

I can only repeat what has been said here many times: This Tricorder looks awesome, and what a good price! And with the removable scanner device- a dream come true!
Is this picture already a picture of the toy/prop replica, as I think it should be, or is it a picture of the original prop? You can’t tell. On the picture it looks as if the silvery parts are actually made of metal.

Making the new movie is already worthwhile when that lead to these wonderful and reasonably priced replica pieces being produced. During the Nineties, when we had the heydays of Trek merchandise, I had always been waiting for some good TOS items, especially the tricorder and the communicator. But we only got these somewhat crappy Playmates pieces. The Playmates phaser is not bad, but the other two – ugh! It always seemed to me that they took much greater care in making TNG toys (replicas) and TOS was -understandably- neglected. But now, after 15 years, finally the time has come.

Using the Wizard of Oz ‘Oh My’ reference in news headlines is rather tiresome. I wish content producers would stop doing it.

That Tricorder is a thing of beauty. I can only hope that it isn’t delayed or anything!

is it me or have they made that Sulu doll a little more colourful than usual?

Not sure about the colour of his phaser and bag. Canon? (sorry)

That tricorder is the cat’s pajamas! Count me in for a couple of those!

I have already bought the 2 communicators and 2 phasers and the size, feel, sound and detail of those items are perfect. I’m from Toronto Canada and have done all my orders through Entertainment Earth and have had no problem what so ever. Very fast service. 2 tricorders have been pre-ordered. I wonder if they can replicate a full size bridge?

The Mego aliens are faithfully recreated — they simply reflect the typical state of marketing inaccuracy for Star Trek stuff in the ’70s.

Who else who went nuts for Star Trek as a kid in the ’70s lived with the huge letdowns of Trek-licensed stuff like the inaccurate AMT Exploration Set and the Mego blue communicators and tricorder? You’d just pine for toys that looked like the props in “The Making of Star Trek,” but for a kid of limited means who had only what was available in the toy departments of places like Two Guys and Sears, it was almost nothing but disappointment.

There is some nostalgia for that stuff now, but the inaccuracies were so annoying, by the time I hit my teens I had the angry feeling of being used as a fan by Paramount, which licensed anything with abandon. So I passed on a lot of Trek toys back then, or sometimes I would try to adapt them in a kid’s way with model kit paint to make them more accurate.

Not only did AMT issue that bad Exploration Set that looked more like the cartoon series’ props, but they apparently licensed the molds, so we were subjected to crappy Remco and other knockoff brand “utility belts” that were even worse. Those items also reflected a lot of Trek merchandising that duplicated atrocious artwork like the Gold Key comic’s cockeyed Trek logo and other bad art done for a mediocre board game. Flopped pics of Kirk or Spock or both were common.

Among all this, Mego’s crew action figures were great, and I had then all plus the (even if it was inaccurate) bridge, but I couldn’t stomach the brown-uniformed Klingon with his red phaser or any of the other totally inaccurate aliens and never got those (the Romulan release was so limited, I didn’t know of it then.) I also took a black pen to each of the plain foil insignia and drew them in! I am sure I was not alone in that!

Once I even tried in a crude boy’s way to scrape the raised gridlines off the AMT Enterprise, which by then had been bastardized into the white-molded one with the green saucer domes, shitty sagging nacelle setup, oversized deflector dish and inaccurate font decals — the “build the entire fleet” BS. I love the Polar Lights kit and the Diamond Select Enterprise for having no grid lines of any kind. (Someone please get the Air & Space Museum to properly restore the original model to get rid of that grid airbrushing!!!)

It took going through the original crew movie years, the TNG-dominated ’90s and into post-‘Enterprise’ dormancy and pre-‘Trek’ 11 for things to come full circle to the original coming front and center again and production of the fairly accurate toys I always wanted. (I have bought prop replicas in the intervening years.) I just wish I could run into my grandfather’s backyard and play “landing party” with them like I used to pretend in the early-mid ’70s.

~~ end nostalgia transmission, thanks for your indulgence ~~

Wow. The tricorder for such an affordable price. I like the things I’ve gotten from Master Replica, but to think what I’m getting now for so much less. Cool. That looks too good for $40.00.

I agree with Mage on #13. That must be a pic of the MR version.

Well the tricorder in that photo is a thing of beauty. I would like the see the actual tricorder being sold before I pre-order anything. Having worked for a brief time in the toy industry, I know how these products can get way off track by the time they reach the stores.

At the Sci Fi Grand Slam there was a former model maker who was selling his own kit to make a communicator. Did anyone here get one?

…Is it just me, or is Sulu’s pants flares a bit too high compared to the other guys? Or is this the special “high water” uniform?

Pretty soon I’m gonna need a bigger house….

And while we’re on the subject of tricorders – Anthony had up a poll for the futuristic Star Trek device we’d like to see come to life and tricorder is my all time wanted thing. Instant scan and verification of all ills. No more waiting in a doctors office. No more guessing games and informed, educated yet seldom right, speculation on what it is that’s ailing you. This would be my vote.

Must . . . have . . . tricorder . . .

I don’t like the Mego toys too much. There’s a store here that has some of them and I would’ve bought Bones but it looks NOTHING like him. (but then, how many figures of him DO? *headdesk*)

I always thought the Mego McCoy was a pretty good likeness of De Kelley.

Y’know the one prop nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has every properly done?

A hand laser with a telescoping barrel.

The closest they get, including, is a sliding ring or rotating barrel, but nobody ever duplicates the telescoping action.

I think one o’ those, with a “Cage” era communicator in a two pack, would sell very nicely. (hint, hint…)

Re#33: In spirit, I’m with you, I had the same reservations as a kid about the quality and accuracy of Star Trek, later Star Wars, toys… but as an adult who’s finally aware of the actual world beyond the toy aisle, I can appreciate how consumer products make it to market and the compromises that make things less accurate, either for safety, bottom line, or heck, greed. I remember always wanting the MEGO’s, but never having, except for a second hand shirtless Kirk. I think we always made do with what we had, but our imagination always filled in the blanks, while our idealism railed against the mediocrity. On Topic, the Tricorder, Communicator, and Phaser all look very tempting, and as others have pointed out, the price point is quite desireable. :-)

The product shot that’s shown here is actually an HMS prop currently available through

I’m buying one or two of these as soon as they release pics of the actual production model.