Con Report: Quinto, Nichols and Visitor At Starfest 08

Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) and Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura) took a trip to StarFest over the weekend to give Colorado fans a Trek treat. Quinto stuck with his code of silence but impressed the crowd with his respect for the role of Spock. And Nichols provided more details on her visit to the new Star Trek set. Nana Visitor also attended and and gave the ‘Niners’ and singing treat.

Con Report Submitted by Jason Moe


On Saturday Zachary Quinto started off by mentioning that the wrap party for Star Trek was held the night before, but he didn’t provide any details. He also said he had to drive 100 MPH to the airport Saturday morning because he says he turned his alarm clock off while he slept, so it sounds like he had a late night. He was extremely relaxed on stage and really went into a lot of thoughtful depth with his answers. He spoke a lot on the recent writer’s strike and how the potential actor’s strike is already shutting down productions in L.A., though he’s very hopeful that the actor’s strike won’t happen. Quinto did say his eyebrows are coming back so he hopes to be getting rid of his trademark glasses very soon. Also, he stated that he let his hair grow out a bit after playing Spock in order to “grow out” of the character before getting a haircut and moving on, saying it was in part because of the deep connection he felt with the role and the impact it had on him.

Zachary Quinto at StarFest (click to enlarge)

Nichelle Nichols
On Sunday Nichelle Nichols spoke about how Star Trek director JJ Abrams ‘snuck her’ onto the set while they were filming a scene on the bridge. She said they were filming a fairly dramatic scene and when she walked onto the set, the dialogue was something about the warp drive, and the entire scene completely stopped as cast members noticed her and everyone was apparently just in shock and awe to see her. She recalled how JJ just had a very mischievous grin on his face that he’d been able to pull off the surprise. Nichols talked about seeing the new Uhura, Zoe Saldana, in full costume and how “absolutely beautiful” she was. Nichols made it clear she very much approved of Abrams choice of Saldana. Nichols’ Star Trek visit didn’t end on the bridge, apparently she and JJ went to lunch and the director bounced ideas off of her and to make sure he was being respectful of the Uhura.

Nichelle Nichols at StarFest (click to enlarge)

Nana Visitor

Nana looked absolutely stunning. On Friday night she gave a cabaret performance (with her husband Matthew Rimmer, accompanying her on piano). Her final song of the night incorporated some hilarious DS9 lyrics that she wrote and she had the crowd roaring with delight – including one about Worf being sexy but “a real mental dwarf.” Not much new information from her, other than that her TV show Wildfire was unfortunately recently cancelled. Working on that show made her fall in love with New Mexico, where her family is now living. When asked if there were any pranksters on DS9, she replied that while she would like to say yes, they tended to be a bit more serious cast than the other Trek casts so pranks were few and far between.

Nana Visitor at StarFest (click to enlarge)

Pictures by Jason Moe

Klingon Wedding
Photographer Brian Reed caught pictures of a Klingon Wedding ceremony and more interesting crowd shots from Starfest, check out the full set at Flickr.


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There’s a lot to respect there!

Last weekend, someone posted that they thought ZQ looked like LN’s son. That would be ghrandson, no? Which made me think of that first photo young Leonard ever took with his first camera–that of his own grandfather. There was such a wonderful resemblanceI Gramps had the same eyes, the same smiling eyes. Amazing!

Yes, my mind runs in loops. Not always an advantage!

There is a similarity.

My wife and I were pleasantly surprised to see how casually Quinto was mixing with fans … for a fair stretch of Saturday afternoon (between his scheduled stuff), Quinto was just sort of scooting back and forth around the central con area checking things out, pausing to chat with folks, etc.

Some guests do this as a matter of course, some guests never do (appearing only for their scheduled events and then seeking privacy at all other times), so it was nice to see Quinto — at least for now — being able to enjoy the con on a more casual level for a while.

Quinto has much more singings to get use to. He is becoming a legend…

Whens a new trailer comming out ??

cant wait

:o )

I love Nana. She is a sweetheart.

Nichols is still looking gorgeous.

Cool! Zack is a leftie. I knew there was a reason I liked him (grin).

I cannot wait to go to a con again. It’s been to long.

Nichelle Nichols,

So far you have been the only one to go a little further than the rest, something about the warp drive :) No one can communicate better than you!!!

Glad it is receiving her seal of approval or at least Saldana anyway..

I can’t believe I missed this! I would have loved to see Nichols.

Other than snippets early on, have Saldana and Pine said anything about anything? Did they have a miserable time and will never do it again? Were they all tested to see if they’d spill the beans and Saldana and Pine blabbermouths and not allowed to do interviews?

Just curious.

I attended the con and was very impressed with Quinto. When I went up to get my autograph, he shook my hand and asked me my name. He not only personalized it but he made it a point to say something personal. My friends and I were all comparing but not once did he write the same thing twice and there were 4 of us. He didn’t scribble his name but took the time to write it out. He was roaming around the dealer room looking at items and was very unassuming and friendly. He genuinely seems to enjoy being part of the Star Trek universe and is respectful of the fans. I was very happy to see that the new “Spock” is a class act and a nice guy.

Nichelle is still so beautiful and I am glad JJ asked her to the set and asked her thoughts on Uhura. The more I hear about how JJ has treated the original cast, the more confident I am this is going to be a good movie.

What is the picture Zach is signing from? The shirt looks like it has a starfleet symbol on it.

arrrr… does a Klingon wedding count? I suppose as long as ya’ got tha’ license it no matter… if ya can live wit’ tha’ wedding photos down tha’ road when yer grandson asks, “Grandma, how come you had ridges back then and now you don’t?” Thankfully, the show Enerprise offers your explanation to yer grandkid…

also… I thought Nana and Alexander Siddig El Fideel whatever wuz married? Guess I be livin’ in tha’ nineties still… Trek aint exactly covered in Hello magazine ya know…


still waitin’ fur me eyebrows ta’ grow back as well…

Quinto specifically noted that because of the writer’s strike, he did not end up missing _any_ episodes of HEROES. Had the strike not occured, he would have missed 11 episodes.

#14 they were not married IIRC, but they do have a kid together.

I’m getting really, really, really excited for the movie and to see everyone in action. It sounds like it should be pretty amazing with all the blessings from the old cast and crew.

Nice hat, Zach.

I only hope Zoe does a fan dance in the new movie also.

Was this convention in Denver? Aurora? Littleton? Windsor??? Ay caramba, Bart Simpson! They really should advertise these things better. I’m just a hop, skip, and a jump away from these places.

I would have chilled with Quinto. Would have had him out to the house, taken him to get some Coopersmith’s Sidga Green Chile Beer over in Fort Collins and straight off to Washington’s Bar and Grill where there’s never ever a cover charge.

Quinto, next time you’re in town, ring the red phone for chrissake. You can get my private supermodeldoug at aol email address from either AP or JC™.



I can’t believe nobody picked up on the fact that you can clearly make out the new Starfleet uniform on the picture that Quinto is signing…flip the picture for a better look!

mike, I flipped the picture and see your argument…. but why would he be signing that?

Lettuce think about this more. I want to BILLieve™.



Nana Visitor is appearing in BG I’m looking forward to seeing this very talented actress work in a science fiction setting once again!

OMG !!! Quinto is a lefty!

This is not canon!

Oh, the humanity…. the humanity….

hitch1969- You can generally find out where any of the Trek celebs will be appearing, con or otherwise, by going to their fan websites. Google their names and you will be able to find easily. Quinto will be appearing in Tulsa in June and Toronto in July.

Denise, the fan site says Quinto will be “begging for mercy” while appearing in a secret room behind one demented fan’s rumpus room. That fan wouldn’t be someone you know, would it?

CmdrR#26- Man, I told them not to put that on his website – that was suppose to be our special secret. I suppose I will need to punish him severely now…

The picture that he is signing is this one:

it is a fan made quinto as spock image…not a real image

If Paramount had issued an official photo, dont you think we might have mentioned here ?

If anyone reading this forum has a copy of the picture Mr. Quinto is signing, I think I speak for everyone here that we would be most grateful if it could find its way onto the Internet 8^D

Thanks Anthony!

The A has a star, rather than the softball. Not canon!

That’s why I asked the WHY™ question to mike. I was basically saying the same thing that AP was saying about the picture.

Denver’s a cool place but not alot happens there. SO if I’m a celebrity, I’m going like, what’s there to do in colorado? Who is there to see in colorado?

The answers are nothing and nobody. And that’s where old h69 comes in. And I say to the celebrities, YO. I can make colorado not suck so bad when you are here. Let me show you some hospitalitah. And then they have a friend in Colorado and then going to Colorado doesnt seem so bad anymore. Oh, Colorado… hitch1969… yeah… maybe I’m up for a lost weekend of beer drinking and cow tipping.

And I know all about Colorado history, I can tell you all the stories about the cowboys and indians and whatnot. In fact Colorado is rich with culture. That’s what I keep telling myself anyways.



Vail and Aspen are pretty popular places in Colorado, especially among the glitterati. :)

I hope someone recorded Nana’s performance, I want to see it too! :D

Yeah, we got nuthin’ at all here in Denver. Just tumbleweeds and Coors.

Oh, and some world class museums, one of the best zoos in the country, lots of parks, some of the best shopping areas, theatres, symphony, all sorts of concerts all the time all over town in venues large and small, two time Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, two time Stanley Cup winner Colorado Avalanche, and the defending National League Champion Colorado Rockies. The Denver Nuggets are a work in progress, but they’re coming along.

Yup, we’re just a bunch o’ uncultured yokels ’round these parts. Nuthin’ to do but sit around and watch the cars rust. *burp*

I was honored to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with almost all the Starfest guests including Quinto, Visitor and Nichols. All were very gracious, kind and enjoyable to talk to.
Visitor and Nichols interviews are available to listen to on my website with Quinto’s, Adam Baldwin, and Anne Lockhart coming soon!

Denver Starfest is an absolute thrill to be a part of! i recommend everyone to swing by next year! Start planning for next April!!