Nana Visitor Is Mrs. Voorhees In New Friday the 13th

Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor is headed into horror movie history. In a ScreenGeeks interview conducted at StarFest in Denver over the weekend, Visitor revealed that she will be playing Pamela Voorhees, the mother of Jason the hockey-mask wearing serial killer in the 2009 remake of Friday the 13th. Visitor also talked about her upcoming guest spot on Battlestar Galactica.

Visitor confirming she will be Jason’s mom in the remake:
[Friday the 13th SPOILERS]

I will be in it just long enough to get decapitated, have my fingers cut off and have him cradling my head.

She said she ‘prepared’ by getting a mold made of her head, which she said was ‘no fun.’

Visitor is stepping into the role first played by Betsy Palmer in the 1980 original Friday the 13th. More on the remake at the IMDB Page.

Palmer, the original Mrs. Voorhees

Visitors loves BSG …and Night Court
The interview covers other areas of Visitor’s career, including her various guest TV spots. When asked what shows she has guested on that she would have liked to be a regular on, she said…

Yes, Battlestar Galactica, I would have set up tent. I was really impressed with that show. And another one, and this was years ago, was Night Court.

Visitor will be seen in the 6th episode of BSG, “Faith” airing May 9th.

CLICK HERE to listen to the full interview with Nana were she talks about DS9, fans, working with Twiggy and more.

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That would be interesting, seeing her in that role.


I’m glad she’s getting the friday 13th role, i really like her and thought she acted well in DS9. Also i’m sure she’ll be great in BSG :)

Hey Anthony – –

We should take a poll to see if the fans prefer her as a redhead or a blonde. (BTW which is she for real?)


Wasn’t Nana also the mom in the first Chucky movie?

I guess that’s a niche.

I shouldn’t make fun. I bet she gets paid more for getting her head thwacked off just once than I’ll make this decade.

Decloaking . . .
#5 CndrR, you & me both bro’.

I believe the mom in the first Child’s Play was a different Trek star: Catherine Hicks.

The mom in the first Chucky movie was Catherine Hicks. She was Gillian Taylor in ST:IV: The Voyage Home. She also is the mom on the WB show Seventh Heaven (with ST:TMP’s Will Deckard)

The mom in the first Chucky movie was Captain Kirk’s whale-watching girlfriend, Catherine Hicks.

She is enough of a looker that she played Marilyn Monroe (in a nude scene) in a docu-drama once.

I’ll bet you $10 that she’s neither.

Nana Visitor has a starring role each night – in my sweetest, sweetest dreams.

Brent Spiner appeared in some “Night Court” episodes.

I still don’t see a good reason to remake the friday the 13th films. or nightmare on elm street, there already 11 films (if you count the freddy vs jason film , which i do).

as far as visitor: great actress and it’s work to be sure. I’ll bet the canon -ites are going to have a field day when the movie comes out.

Nana Visitor playing the role of Jason’s mother? what the hell is she thinking?

She was mentally counting the TRUCKLOAD of money they backed up to her door when they asked her to be in it…

didn’t Jason’s mum kill everyone?

No, no Nana – dunna hack off me head
Kira kill ya’s- campers be all a’dead
No, no Nana- fill us wit’ mortal dread
Nyri’s noogies arrrrr worse than Kruger, Fred


9 & 3 — Only one way to find out.
And I’m just the man to do it.

7 & 8 — yes, you’re right. I’m getting my Trekkettes mixed up.
Nana was on Wildfire, which my daughter loves.

awwwk— she get a nosejob?
Her ridges be gone!


#12 wrote;

“I still don’t see a good reason to remake the friday the 13th films. or nightmare on elm street, there already 11 films (if you count the freddy vs jason film , which i do).

as far as visitor: great actress and it’s work to be sure. I’ll bet the canon -ites are going to have a field day when the movie comes out”

…With May ’09 approaching quickly you don’t see any irony in what you wrote there? ; )

Another Friday the 13th? No more!


Worse another Hollywood remake. Is this another persons vision or a reinventing of the franchise? I lost count

While I don’t relish all the horror remakes lately (most have been pretty lousy, with few exceptions), Nana Visitor is one hell of an actress. And I’d be willing to sit through this just to see her try on the role. She’ll be dynamite. Probably the ONLY good thing in it. Can’t wait to see her in BSG. She could’ve been a regular in that show; her performance level is right up there with the BSG cast any day of the week. I would love to see her toe to toe with Eddie Olmos; even though her guest stint won’t allow it, as she’s in sickbay for most of it I hear. Too bad.

My expectations of this film are pretty damn low. I only really liked the first four original films, and remaking them seems a bit stupid, especially considering the (unplanned) story arc they had going over the first three.
Jason wasn’t even in the first film. The point was that his mad mother was taking revenge, and bringing Jason back was an idea they just had for a sequel.

Obviously they’re putting Jason into the remake of the first film now, which makes sense only in terms of film sales. Though it’s nice to see that Pamela Vorhees is in it still, and it seems doing the same thing. Perhaps they’re going put bits from the first two or three films into the one so the story – and Jason – develops better.

Either way, as low as my expectations were, they’ve just moved up a little thanks to such a great actress being in it.

Amen to that!

#14 yeah I guess enough money would be inducement enough to get her to take on this role. As Ive stated before why do we need a reboot this brainless slasher movie franchise? What can they possibly add to this franchise that would make it even remotely worth redoing?

Rob zombie involved…?


Ahhh. It would have been nice to have seen her on Night Court as a regular.

Nana Visitor has opened the door for trek actors to make the move into horror films.

Here is Shatner an opening.

Think ‘Freddy vs. Jason vs. KIRK!!!!!

#29. Shatner HAS done horror films; “The Devil’s Rain” and “Kingdom of the Spiders.” With mixed results; doubt he’d go back. His performance in “Devil’s Rain” is a laugh riot, however. I love it. Makes for a great at-home version of Mystery Science Theater: 3000. Halloween edition. Nana Visitor will be great in “Friday the 13th.” Like Meryl Streep doing a commercial for a kid’s cereal.

Nana visitor isa very good actress, Its ashamed that she wants to waste her time and talent in this abysmally bad movie franchise,which career wise she doesn’t need to do .Shatner was in The Devils Rain and Kingdom of the spiders because at that time his career was not exactly prospering, thus he needed the work. If I was an actor with talent, the last thing I would want is have my good name attached anything Mystery science 3000.

Her “Seka” hair color look is growing on me.

Some of you guys are acting like snobs.

I love horror movies, and I think its great when Trek stars act in them. Shatner has done some good horror flicks in the past, and I wish he’d do more.

I think its great that Nana is playing Jason’s mother.

I personally am sick of the whole remake trend (I’d rather see sequels) but I’ll still be there opening weekend to see the Friday the 13th remake.

#33 it isn’t a question of snobbery here the Friday the 13th films are just plain bad. If they good actual Horror films with actual acting and writing then there would not be an issue .These films are mindless at best.

#33. Penhall, forgive me for sounding ‘snobbish’ about Visitor doing the horror movie. That didn’t come out right; I should have used the analogy of Picasso painting a fence. Not “Friday the 13th” is beneath her. I love horror films, too. Very much. I meant that an actress of her ability should do the role effortlessly. And will probably outshine her cast mates. Even “Devil’s Rain” is not too shabby (has some great moments, too). It’s Shatner in that film that I found laughable. His performance seemed very artificial and hammy compared to the rest of the cast. But no, Halloween is my favorite holiday for a reason; it gives me an excuse for horror movie DVD marathons (much to my poor wife’s suffering). But I will say, with few exceptions like Guillermo del Toro’s stuff for example, they don’t make them like they used to.


I don’t care if it does sound snobbish, it’s my opinion and I am entitled to it. Nana Visitor is an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE actress! She was one of the most enticing people I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting, but to do a remake of Friday the 13th?!? The more of those they made the lamer they became. I honestly believe most people are going to see this remake and SAW (whatever # they get up to next) and go OMG not another one!

Didn’t mean to come off like a jerk with my comment.

I just really enjoy the Friday the 13th movies and I love Star Trek, so when the two collide its pretty cool for me. I think the Friday films are fun and mindless entertainment. Sure, they wont win any awards, but I still love ’em….

#37 actuall two good things did come out of the friday the 13th movie series.WQe got Freddy vs Jason which does have some entertaiment value like a wrestmania bout. and Mad tv Spoof Apollo the 13th Jason Takes Nasa. its on youtube.

I’m tired of everyone expecting every movie that they watch to give them the same feelings they got when the saw Star Wars for the first time. A remake of Friday the 13th is long overdue. I was kind of hoping that they were going to make a sequel toi Freddy vs Jason( I heard a rumor that it was going to be Freddy vs Jason vs Ash). Every story has merit in its entertainment value. Some more than others. If people think that most movies suck nowadays then they should start making movies themselves and see how “GOOD” their own movies are.

Hey, I wonder what would happen if Jason was let loose on the Enterprise…