ST: The Experience Update – Talks Still Ongoing

Last month TrekMovie reported that the contract for Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas was up at the end of this year and it was not clear if it would be renewed. At the time it was believed a decision would be made by the end of May, however sources tell TrekMovie that talks are still ongoing and the future is still undetermined.

Movie may have impact
Over the last year TrekMovie has received reports from sources varying from “it’s dead” to “it’s saved” so it is hard to really nail down what is going on. But the fact that talks are still ongoing is a positive sign. Apparently the fact that 2009 is going to be a big year for Trek with the new feature film along with all the marketing and merchandising is a big factor. According to a couple of sources, one possible scenario being floated is for the contract to be extended for a short period. However talks are very complicated with multiple parties including CBS, Paramount, Cedar Fair, the Las Vegas Hilton and others.

Regardless, a decision must be made fairly soon. A Cedar Fair executive in Las Vegas tells TrekMovie “by the of June we have to know one way or another.” Apparently they will need to close the venue down sometime in September if the contract is not renewed. This is due to the fact that the contract calls for Star Trek The Experience to totally vacate the Hilton by December 31st, 2008. However, TrekMovie is told that The Experience will definitely be up and running during the August Star Trek Convention regardless of any decisions.

TrekMovie will continue to monitor the situation with Star Trek The Experience and will hopefully have a report in early July regarding the future.

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