ShatnerWatch: Talking Abrams, Saving The Earth, Making A Pony?

It’s another Shatnerific Edition of CelebWatch. This week, we have Shatner discussing his life, his career, and (again) J.J. Abrams. This report also raises several questions: Will Boston Legal receive any Emmy nominations this year? Can Shatner save the Earth from everyone else? Is Shatner really designing new versions of My Little Pony? The answer to one of these questions can be read below! 

Shat on Abrams and career choices
Shatner tells that he’s perfect content with his life and career at this moment… despite the fact that he won’t be in the new Star Trek film. Discussing the upcoming movie and its director, J.J. Abrams, Shatner – who recently caught Abrams’ M:i:III on TV – had this to say:

I was amazed at what a wonderful director J.J. Abrams is and he’s going to make a wonderful movie. I was just disappointed I’m not in the movie… because it is going to great.

In recent times, the Shat has become well-known for playing somewhat goofy roles (like Denny Crane or the Priceline negotiator) and, in essence, caricatures of himself. But exactly how much does Shatner have in common with his wacky media images?

This sense of comedy, which is the opposite of saying I’m funny — it’s almost metaphysical — you can’t quite put your finger on it, but when you see it you know it. I can’t be anything else but me but you can exaggerate aspects of your personality and it is in that area of exaggeration that I think there’s comedy. You’re ultra real as compared to trying to be funny.

Shatner: ‘Everything’s lined inextricably’
Discussing his autobiography, Up Til Now, with National Post, Shatner says that looking back on his life and career hasn’t left him with any regrets.

Life is cyclical. You’re up and then you’re down. And when you’re down, you think, ‘I should have done something else.’ But you can’t. You’ve done what you could do in the circumstances. Everything’s linked inextricably. Therefore regret doesn’t work. You can learn. But regret doesn’t work.

Shat also gave a clue as to when and how he will retire from the spotlight:

I’m going to drop dead. That’s when I’ll retire.

Sounds like a plan to me. In a separate interview, Shatner tells National Post on what he might have done had acting not worked out:

I might have been a writer. I enjoy telling a story. Even a complex one. I might have turned to that. For the longest time, when I was in Toronto, and doing CBC work, I wrote several dramas for television. And sold a few. And in fact met my first wife on one of them I was acting in as well as having written. And had I not acted I might have continued on in that vein. In fact, it’s probably highly likely I would have. But I wasn’t good enough. When I see these complex novels and real fine screenplays that have a multitude of levels and are so interesting, the ideas and imagination behind them are so good, I feel that I might not have done well.

The Shat also gave his thoughts on acting:

After you acquire the tools it becomes problem solving more than anything else. If you’re able to play the notes, it’s just what notes are you going to select. So it becomes, how would this character act here, what would his action or reaction be here? And where does that lead us to? Can I play more than one level…and that becomes a creative, interesting job.

Boston Legal makes the short list
The Television Academy has released its list of 10 shows being considered for Emmy nomination in Best Drama and Shatner’s current series, Boston Legal is on the list. New York Times opines on the list and Shatner’s show:

Though somewhat short on viewers, “Legal” seems to have a lot of fans among long-time Emmy types, drawn to the quirky drama with familiar actors like William Shatner and Candice Bergen.

Shat gasses about greenhouse gasses
Shatner did a PSA for the Sierra Club and it’s ‘2% solution,’ urging for everyone to do their part in bringing an end to global warming (see video below).

Hey, we saved the bald eagle, how hard can it be to save the planet?

My Little Shatner?
The Associated Press reported that Shatner and his Boston Legal co-star, James Spader, were among the celebrities who agreed to design new versions of the My Little Pony toys which would then be auctioned off for charity. The problem? Neither Shatner or Spader were aware of the venture at the time of the report. AP later issued a retraction noting that it had been confirmed that neither actor will be participating in the endeavor. Awww!

Artist rendition of mythical Shatner My Little Pony


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“goofy roles like Denny Crane”

Clearly written by someone who does not watch Boston Legal.
Or maybe you do watch and just don’t understand acting or drama.

Denny Crane is a tragic character.
I don’t think mental illness associated with advanced age is ‘goofy’.

However it is very possible that I should lighten up :P

This pony should be in the movie.

It’s time to gas up the Shatner caravan, because here we go again.

And away we gooooo…

(with apologies to Jackie Gleeson)

Shat… The Final Frontier? Interesting attitude on never retiring…

#1 He said “somewhat goofy”, not “goofy. It’s like saying “really proud”, rather than just saying “proud”. There’s no doubt that much of what Crane does is “somewhat goofy” at times. The character does it on purpose quite often, to throw other people off.

Say, I just finished “Star Trek Academy: Collision Course.” WOW! Bill and Co.’s books are always exciting and riveting. I was staying up wee hours to read it, something I haven’t doone in 20 years. I know that, in comparision to the next movie, it’s highly Alternate Universe, but it’s still a fun ride.

“I was amazed at what a wonderful director J.J. Abrams is and he’s going to make a wonderful movie. I was just disappointed I’m not in the movie… because it is going to (be) great.”

That is the classiest single comment from Shatner on the subject thusfar. I wish he had left it at that from the beginning. Maybe he needed time to heal the wound, but it is, nevertheless, good to hear him put it that way without any “buts” or the like…

‘somewhat goofy’ = iconic = somes like it, somes don’t

Hopefully, Bill Shatner will be working well into his 80s… 90s?… 100s?? He is the Negotiator, after all.

That pony is missing something.

It needs – a sombrero!

And possibly a Pez dispenser.

Long Live William Shatner!

SHAT WHO ??????????????
Never heard of him?
Have no interest in anything he will ever say again (ie: Roddenberry bashing in his book).
As far as this nobody is concerned, he no longer exists. }}:-[>

Come on JJ,,

Get Shatner in there !!

:o )

Denny 4 ever!!

I’m so glad Shat landed that role. he’s gone from a joke of an actor to being AWESOME. not awesome as being “THE SHAT!!!” (that’s a given) but awesome as in acting talent.

The Shattenhoffer is not in the next movie and he’s gutted! Geeeeeeeeeez!
I’m surprised the Shatmeister was quite so eloquent about his lack of appearance in ST ’09.
But just maybe he is……….

…………… we go again…………..





#12- maybe I can’t read…but I think you misspelled every word in that post…it’s suppossed to be spelled…”waaaaahhhhh wahhhhh waaaaaaa wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhh”…

You’re welcome.

You’re right, you can’t read.

I agree Kobayashi.
Thats a bit on the harsh side goofball.
Whatever way you cut it, theres always room for the Shat in Star Trek.
True its getting majorly tedious “Shat is, Shat isn’t, Shat’s pissed off, Shat doesn’t care, Shat loves JJ, Shat doesn’t”- but either way, whether he gets in or not, the most important thing is Star Trek lives and next summer one hell of a stupendous movie is going to be enjoyed by one and all!
Bring it on!


I used to be exactly like you guys, “The Shat is great, the Shat can do no wrong, Long Live the Shat.” He was one of my heros growing up. I always defended him against his critics who scoffed at his lack of talent. And I decried his co-stars who despised him. I WAS exactly like you.

But, now my eyes are wide open and I see him for what he is. A self-serving egotist who willingly trods upon the reputations of the greater people who surrounded him, just to sell a few more books to fools like y’all.

Without Gene Roddenberry the Shat would have remained homeless and sucking slime out of the gutter for nourishment.

To attack the man who made his career possible, more than 15 years after his death, is the act of an classless-coward-egomanic who does not deserve the devotion you all bestow upon him.

Go ahead, be stupid enough to fall for his manipulation of your pocket money; it’s your cash and he gets NO MORE of mine.

Does Nimoy ever stoop so low — NO! Did Nichols, or Doohan, or Kelly, or any of the others (who have had less success and need your cash more), NO they did NOT! Only the Shat and perpetual self-agrandisement did so.
He is the only one out of that entire cast and crew who has disrespected the people around him, and I have had enough.

He has LOST this devotee for good. For the first time since I started watching Star Trek in 1966, I agree with Takei: “Frack the Shat and the horse he rode in on.”

You are (as everyone should be) entitled to your opinion. Just because it opinions differ does not make them any less valid.
I must say that I certainly do not think that the Shat can do no wrong. I used to think that but know I dont. He can be an egotistical pain in the arse and never really seems to gain the respect from those around him because he comes across as a self-centred twat.
I think that was why I was so surprised how relatively humble his “quote” regarding his lack of ST ’09 part appeared.
I’m sure there are many more Hollywood stars who have acted much worse than his nibs and will continue to do so till infinity. I’m sure he has just as many positives to his personality as his negatives.
All that said and done, he has been and always will be Kirk.
Star trek will still be great with or without Pratner.

I really am tired of hearing about Bill.

commodore goofball
warning for trolling (eg posting just to get a rise out of people), please find some other way to amuse yourself



#2: The pony will be in the movie, along with a cameo by the Bill Shatner “Care Bear” design from 1984 and the “ripped-shirt Kirk” Cabbage Patch Doll from ’85 (every shirt is ripped differently – comes with certificate promising he loves you).

They’re just saving it as a big shock moment.

Add my vote to the moratorium on the Shat. We know he wants to be in Star Trek- so noted…

dude, i’m loving the Shat’s delivery in that vid.
his voice is calm, yet striking (appealing).
and with that no b.s. delivery its awesome.
i think this is the best video on global warming ever because

1 – it brings home that it’s not about politics (i avoided “Inconvenient Truth” BECAUSE it was done by Al Gore)

2 – it is not a overly slick presentation with an alarmist view (Inconvenient Truth … haven’t seen it, but thats the impression i got from the trailers)

3 – it is simple in its presentation of real practical things that we can all do.

Two Percent.

I like the sound of it.

Reduce carbon emissions by 2050? I think we can do it. We will do it.

dear god… Commodore 64 Goofie-ball! I don’t think our benevolant Site-Seer meant fur ye’ ta’ amuse yerself that way! Yikes… that be reserved fur tha’ chat… or lonely nights at sea dreamin’ o’ tha’ Shat and…

I saids too much…

Shatner wuz tha’ heart o’ Trek fur a long time… Times change. People can be very frightened o’ change. I trust JJ ta’ make a bonny film. I trust Shatner ta’ entertain me wit’ his non-Trek looneybird antics till he does drop dead one day. I trust Goofie-ball ta’ post that pic o’ me in a low-cut Versace evening gown tomorrow. God- now I’m sucked inta’ it! This Shat stuff is contagious… me apologies.


Ilia Probe: The carbon based units are destroying the Creator’s planet with their carbon based gas thingies.

Admiral Kirk acting as Captain Kirk: Carbon based gas thingies are a natural part of the evolution of the Creator’s planet. They are a necessary step in our growth as a species.

Ilia Probe: They are not clean burn…

Admiral Kirk acting as Captain Kirk: Oh shut up!

We couldn’t destroy the planet if we wanted to. Not everyone buys into the global warming nonsense. Too bad Shatner does. It’s all just being PC.

I heard that the pony will be performing in Equus on Broadway and will be turning a blind eye to Shatner.

Funny how Shat is talking about global warming and greenhouse gasses! No one blows more hot air than the Shat! Also, as for greenhouse gasses are also created by crap which, from what I recall, horses crap alot! :) So, why doesnt shat stop riding horses and turn them into glue! Just some stupid thoughts! LOL!

– But I wasn’t good enough. –

God, I used to love his big ego – what a disappointment…;)

– I was amazed at what a wonderful director J.J. Abrams is and he’s going to make a wonderful movie. I was just disappointed I’m not in the movie… because it is going to great. –

Either he’s had the wrong Bran Flakes this morning or he’s had a temporary diffusion of rationality – I mean, c’mon, one “amazed”, two “wonderfuls” and one “great”…Maybe he’s had sort of a mindmeld with Abrams (how on Vulcan could that happen?), maybe he’s been abramized…Anyway, I hope there’s a cure; this accumulation of Abramsisms is scary and intolerable.

Wake up Bill, it’s Shatner-Time again!

I’ve always considered Denny Crane more “eccentric” than goofy. He was probably a bit eccentric anyway but now with his “mad cow” taking hold, he’s off the charts. Best writing on television.

And thanks to Spader and Shatner both, for skipping the “My Little Pony” gig.

Anyone see the post in the article AICN had on seeing the footage. Someone on the board posted a spoiler about Shatner being in the movie. Also Patrick Stewart doing a cameo . They also said something about closure to the big three of kirk spock and mccoy. This sounded bogus. did anyone see it?

Have I mentioned Shatner is a demigod? lol…

#35, yeah I saw that talkbacker’s comments. Very cool if true, I have no reason to doubt it or believe it. I’ll just say if it is true, I won’t be surprised, just very happy. I don’t care about Stewart, but some closure with the big 3 would be nice indeed. Next May will tell the tale.

Shatner will have the chance to have a cameo in this film if he wants it.

Gotta say that I’m fed up hearing William Shatner going on about… William Shatner.

If he’s in the film great. If he isn’t, great. Essentially I don’t care either way anymore. As long as the movie itself is great.

And this is coming from someone who grew up with the character of Kirk being one of my childhood heroes.

What a bummer it is to grow up and get disillusioned in so many ways.

As always these are my opinions, go get yer own willya? :-)

Why are all these people going to a thread about William Shatner and then bitching because it’s about William Shatner??? If you are tired of hearing about him then, for chistsakes don’t read the thread. It’s that simple, people. I find the topic interesting and occasionally entertaining and I’m fairly sure that there are others out there like me. So quit calling for a moratorium of the Shatner topic. To quote Kirk : “That’s arrogant presumption!”

“I was amazed at what a wonderful director J.J. Abrams is and he’s going to make a wonderful movie. I was just disappointed I’m not in the movie… because it is going to (be) great.”

Mongo like when Shatner mans say this. I think this more accurate how Shatner mans feel about new movie. Mongo think that Shatner mans not express self well before and sound more negative than intend.

Mongo not read Shatner mans book. If Shatner mans say bad thing about Roddenberry mans that not good. Even if not get along when work together Mongo think not cool talk bad about dead. Nothing gained.

#32. Charles Trotter

“#31 Wesley — LO… hey…. that’s not nice. :-P ”

You crack me up!!

You too, Commodore Marc Goofball. Except I was smart enough not to risk the ire of the Anthony. Careful, man. We wouldn’t want to lose you. I know how you feel, but what can you do?

Haven’t watched a single episode of Denny Crane. Tuned in and heard Mr. Shatner do his thing and I lasted about 1.37548 minutes before I changed the channel. (That is almost an eternity in Android time…)

Nice “My Little Pony” nightmare version. When are they coming out, Anthony?




Most correct.

Look, there won’t be a moratorium of the Shatner topic. I know it will be tough, but you have to get over it guys…:)

#41 Charles Trotter

Thanks for clearing that up. It didn’t sound legitimate.

If Mr Shatner speak in a good way of star trek 09, i think JJ have give to Shatner a role in the last movie!!!!!!! i’m sure about it

Very interesting language Mr. Shatner used here…

Shatner said:
“I was amazed at what a wonderful director J.J. Abrams is and he’s going to make a wonderful movie. I was just disappointed I’m not in the movie… because it is going to great.”

I hate to be Mr. Conspiracy Theorist, but his language here is interesting. How could Shatner “be amazed at what a wonderful director Abrams is” unless he had perhaps…been *directed* by him??

“It is going to be great.”
How does he know this when he has claimed before that he knows “nothing about it”??

A. Shatner is NOT in the movie and was told by Abrams and his camp to cool the cruel rhetoric, and be a little more respectful in his language.


B. Shatner slipped up in his language, and IS in the movie.

#47—-“How could Shatner “be amazed at what a wonderful director Abrams is” unless he had perhaps…been *directed* by him??”

Perhaps you only looked at Shatner’s quote, without any regard for its context. Leading into the quote, the author provides the following explanation:

“Discussing the upcoming movie and its director, J.J. Abrams, Shatner – who recently caught Abrams’ M:i:III on TV – had this to say:”

Obviously, he is basing his opinion of Abrams’ directing abilities on what he saw on screen in MI3.

(on Shatner’s “It’s going to be great” quote)
“How does he know this when he has claimed before that he knows “nothing about it (?)”

He doesn’t. He is making a speculative judgement based upon the work he HAS seen from Abrams, specifically, MI3.

“I hate to be Mr. Conspiracy Theorist…”

Don’t worry. Even if that’s what you were aiming for, you were light years off course.

You know… if people stopped asking Bill about the new movie, he wouldn’t talk about it.

I’m pretty sure he’d rather talk about Boston Legal, charity work, his horses, his Dobermans, his friendship with Leonard, stage work, the new show he’s working on “Raw Nerve”…

There are lots of other things that are more important to him at this point in his life than being or not being in this new movie.

The people involved have moved on, maybe everyone else should too.

#50—“You know… if people stopped asking Bill about the new movie, he wouldn’t talk about it. ”

No question. But he will always be associated with Star Trek and Captain Kirk, no matter how many Emmy Awards he earns for other things—so if there is a new Star Trek film coming out (in particular, one featuring the character he portrayed for so long), he’ll be asked about it.

But yes, I think his latest response to the repetitive questioning about Abrams and the new Star Trek movie show that he is moving on. He’s no longer talking about “bad business decisions”, the level of creativity on the part of the writers, or his willingness/unwillingness to appear in a cameo role.

This was the classy response he should have made in the first place, IMO. Nevertheless, I’m glad to see it now.