FanMade Update: Cawley Talks Phase II Production

In last week’s FanMade column, TrekMovie reported on the production of the latest episodes for Phase II (formerly New Voyages), but some things have changed and so producer/star James Cawley has given TrekMovie a new update on how the production went and what is next for this popular fan series. Plus he sent over some exclusive pictures from "Enemy: Starfleet".


Enemy Starfleet (almost) done
Last week we reported that the Phase II team were going to attempt to actually shoot two episodes ("Enemy: Starfleet" and "The Child"), however due to some health concerns for Cawley the second episode shoot was moved to the Fall. Cawley tells TrekMovie "I was just having some problems and getting a bit faint, I’ll be OK but we couldn’t continue shooting the second episode." Cawley did say that they got almost ten days of shooting in for "Enemy: Starfleet," featuring Barbara Luna, and there are just a few shots to ‘pick up’ left.

"Enemy: Starfleet," written by Dave Galanter and Patty Wright, tells the story of a Federation starship that was lost for eighteen years and resurfaces in the hands of a renegade alien named Alersa (Luna). Cawley calls Luna’s performance "wickedly fun" and says at one point the whole cast and crew spontaneously applauded after she did one of her key scenes. The episode was originally going to be directed by Kevin Rubio of "Troops" fame, but there were creative differences between he and Cawley regarding the script, most notably the length. Cawley tells TrekMovie that "there is no animosity, it was just a creative difference and we couldn’t strike a balance." Rubio also agrees telling TrekMovie that there are no hard feelings noting "it was a difference of ideologies and what we put first." The issue of episode length is something TrekMovie has brought up in past reviews. On these projects full of volunteers it is often hard to cut things, and even though the Phase II work has been best in class for fan films, episodes have tended to go over the traditional TOS episode length. In the end "Enemy: Starfleet" was directed by Ben Tolpin, who also is the new Spock for Phase II. Cawley said that Tolpin did a great job, noting "he is a real actor’s director and really drew out some of the best performances we have had so far."

Barbara Luna in "Enemy Starfleet"
(click to enlarge)

Moving towards TMP – moving back to more Kirk, Spock and McCoy
When it was first announced that New Voyages was changing its name to Phase II, it was indicated that the show would start to try embrace the planned "Phase II" show from the 70s and bridge the gap between Star Trek The Original Series and Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This will be very much evident in "Enemy: Starfleet" which will include 1970s Phase II designs for the hand phasers and many costumes (most of which are originals bought at auction). In addition you will see part of the new engineering set (including lots of guys in those TMP radiation suits). One of the biggest changes will be in the Enterprise herself, which will have undergone a bit of a refit between the next episode to air "Blood and Fire" and "Enemy: Starfleet." The new Phase II elements are based on original Matt Jefferies designs and the new digital Enterprise model was built by Daren Dochterman. Cawley tells TrekMovie he also hopes to create a ‘short’ that will bridge the gap between the next two episodes that will show the Enterprise getting its refit.

One of the things that got New Voyages so much attention was its use of big name guest stars like George Takei and Walter Koenig. Having veteran actors on board both raised the quality of the show while giving it a higher profile. However, this did come at a cost. As noted in our previous reviews,  in order to accommodate the big stars, New Voyages has downplayed the core characters. Cawley tells TrekMovie that guest stars will continue to be part of the show, but they will no longer be so dominant

Starting with "Blood and Fire" [which guest stars Denise Crosby], one of the edicts was we have to be about Kirk, Spock and McCoy. And this goes full bore with "Enemy: Starfleet." I am happy to bring it back to traditional Trek, but it makes things more difficult for me as an actor of course. We will always have guest stars it is a hallmark, but as far as doing things like we did with Takei or Koenig, I don’t think we will go that way again. 

Kirk with Luna in "Enemy Starfleet," back to being the leading man
(click to enlarge)

The Child is next
This October Calwey’s team plans to finish up the ‘pickups’ for "Enemy Starfleet" and then move on to "The Child," which was written for the original Phase II by Jon Povill, and was later turned into a TNG episode of the same name. The episode has been reworked by Povill to fit with the new Phase II. The original story was about an alien impregnation of Ilia, but since she is not part of the new Phase II crew, this will be done with a guest star (who will play a Deltan). Povill will also direct the episode (and is an Executive Producer) and he is currently casting his new Deltan. It hasn’t been decided if this guest star will go bald as the original Ilia did. Cawley says they aren’t looking for a big name ‘stunt casting’ and hope to find someone like the talented Christina Moses who played Sulu’s daughter in "World Enough and Time."

Cawley and Povill behind the scenes during the shooting of "Enemy: Starfleet"
(click to enlarge)

Blood and Fire showing at Shore Leave
Before these new episodes, Phase II still has to release the two part episode "Blood and Fire." Cawley tells TrekMovie he is bringing both parts to the Shore Leave convention this weekend in Baltimore. However the viewing will be a bit of a preview as all the visual effects aren’t complete (especially on part 2). Cawley hopes the final version of Part 1 can be be ready and online by September (or possibly or October), with part 2 following 3-4 months later. Cawley says that he hopes that both "Enemy: Starfleet" and "The Child" will be released in 2009.  

For more on Phase II, visit their official site.


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There is a screen in there from Star Trek: Enterprise!

Get well soon James Cawley.

your ship and,,, her crew,, need their Captian !

:o D


I don’t see it. The only unique display I saw had a “Voyage Home” look to it. My question is why didn’t they use Uhura? All of the other secondary characters have gotten a bit of spotlight; even Rand. Isn’t it time to give her character a little screenplay?

BTW I meant instead of casting a new Deltan character.

“Feeling faint” is not a normal function of the human body. I hope James has seen a doctor.

Very nice. Barbara Luna looks good in the part and is nice at comventions. She’s been in everything! I’m glad to see John Povill at work. His version of “The Child” was very strong, and I look forward to seeing it. If the rights can be obtained “Kitumba” would be an excellent show to do, as would “Savage Syndrome” or “Deadlock”. Is the engineering set the original round design from Mike Minor?

WOW! Frakin good eye dude! When I set up the consoles to reflect “Mesken” alien technology it was suppose to be a mish mash of Federation and Mesken, so instead of the same old blinkie TOS LCARS, there are distinctive Mesken panels which you can easily see, some slightly changed LCARS and yes, one Enterprise NX-01 era screen that is visible on the far left of the first picture in this article.

I don’t want to say why it’s a mish-mash cause that would give away to much of the story, but again wow I’m impressed you caught that.

Some very cool LCARS stuff coming down the pipe in future Phase 2 episodes so keep your eyes open.

-Charles “Scotty” Root

Mhh, that’s where Steven Miller’s costume ended up. Glad it’s in good hands! ;-)

I wonder if James felt a little funny doing that love scene with someone old enogh to be his mother. She is still a hottie, but it might feel a little weird… just wondering.

The thing I like to most about Phase II (and Exeter and OGAM) is that everyone is having a good time doing this…it makes it fun to watch.

It is a GOOD TIME…for sure its a dream come true…
But make no mistake This is some of the hardest work I have ever done..
It is very fast paced and it is very sit around and wait at the same time
but when you are needed …YOU ARE NEEDED!!! I monitor Audio and Video…(Well Ralph Miller does the Audio mostly but in his absence I will step in)..I have to make sure all cables are run and monitoring is up and running so by the time the camera is ready to roll …You can bet they will not be waiting for me…
Phase II Strives to produce the best looking video
ever seen we use broadcast waveform monitoring and vectorscope to
make sure everything is “legal” right on the fly..
and we will be ready to pick up and move it and do it all again in heart beat s notice
yes its fun and very cool working with people that were your childhood idols
but its not all 1 big party!!

Charles, out of curiousity: was that NX-01 screen from the Enterprise set, or did you end up making that one, too? I mean, what the hell – you guys loaned them a prop for ‘In A Mirror, Darkly’ – only fitting you’d scavenge one of their props, even if off of eBay, yes? LOL

You guys at Phase II do a terrific job. How the hell can you all afford this stuff?

A Deltan who doesn’t go bald isn’t a Deltan. She’s a Betazoid or something.

If anyone Phase II is looking for unsolicited opinions from bigmouths, this bigmouth’s vote is against a bald Deltan. It seemed arbitrary in TMP (I’m one of the few who actually like that movie in general!) and it worked more against than for the Ilia character. Trek has had a strange obsession with female hair, normally resulting in bad hair days, from Marina Sirtis’s ridiculous schoolmarm bun to that strange walnut whip thing they had Seven Of Nine stuck in and T’Pol’s awful boy wig. It’s like they decide to make a character hot (micromini skirt, inexplicable catsuit) then get scared they’ll get accused of sexism so ruin her with awful hair.

Really, there’s no reason for a bald Deltan. Everyone pretends the terrible pastel pyjama uniforms never happened. Likewise, let’s say bald Ilia was just “that film’s interpetation of a Deltan” and save some poor actress the ignominy of walking around looking like a feminised Kojak. No buns or catsuits either. But microskirts are fine with this viewer :)

Why the Child..again? There are plenty of Phase 2 ideas. Regardless of the fact that Povill is on board, I would have preferred to see something un-tried.

Brian – I’m assuming that the script calls for some sort of psi ability in the mother – that would explian why Troi was chosen as the mother in the reworked TNG version. So, neither Uhura, Rand, or Chapel would be as good a choice.

Oh, and BTW – hope you’re feeling better, Mr. Cawley!

Have I ever mentioned I love Barbara Luna? Bonita.

Looking forward to all this.

Delightful. Absolutely delightful.

Phase II is amazing in the amount that they do and the speed that they do it in.

Glad to see Phase II still going strong. I’m not sure it’s really necessary to do The Child since TNG already told that story, but it’s perhaps as close as we’ll ever get to seeing the story as originally intended. The wait is unbearable, and I’m really looking forward to Blood and Fire.

#1 – I see it too. It looks just like the computer terminals from “Enterprise”. If this ship has been lost for eighteen years, then I suppose it makes sense to combine a little bit of ENT with TOS being the major designs. It’d probably still be at the tail end of a “phasing out”, so to speak, of Earth Starfleet-era technology.

It’d be interesting to see if Cawley could confirm this.

What does the “lost” ship look like?

I have to say, that in meeting Barbara Luna, she is young and vital. She doesn’t seem “old” in the least.

I only saw part of the filming of her scenes with James in “Enemy Starfleet”, but the scene totally works.

Ben is a director of a type that wouldn’t have let the scene pass if it didn’t work.

You’ll have to see the episode to understand, but trust me. It works.

I don’t see how a Deltan can’t be bald. That’s like saying don’t make actors playing Vulcans wear those silly ears. I say find a good-looking woman who’s willing to go bald it or don’t make it a Deltan. Persis Khambatta was more successful as a model than an actress, but she wanted to be successful in acting and she was willing to do what was necessary.

Gorn Captain:

From what I can tell, it looks like the Cage Enterprise with some “upgrades” made by the aliens.

I only saw a poster with the ship on it. I haven’t seen any of the FX which I assume are still being worked on.

But, I liked what I saw. I think most fans will too.

It’s a nice design.

[#1] If memory serves, the new screens were by our very own Jeff Hayes and Charles Root

Viking the NX-01 screen is something we cooked up and YES please props to Jeff Hayes for doing all the Mesken background are, I did the animation of them.

Underpant Monster I understand the psi thing but they gave Uhura some special abilities in OGAM, who’s to say Chapel, Rand or Uhura doesn’t have some form of psi power. Gary Mitchell & Elizabeth Dehner did and they were human. It was merely enhanced in the story through creative writing. My point is that TOS had neglected characters within it’s ranks, most noteably the females, why not use them instead of creating someone new by merely adapting the story. Quite frankly why would psi powers be necessary for an impregnation? In TNG the child was using his life to understand and learn about humanity, not have mind chats.

If you’re reading this, I’ve been merrily making up new TOS ships, making your “Wolf 359” style fleet scene somewhat closer to reality.

Maybe you’ll get a chance someday to see my work, like say at my 250free web page.


I cast my vote for a bald Deltan.

Charles, the Mesken designs have a very Movie-era look to them, with the blue/green motif. I just figured it was another step bridging the gap between series. (: Looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to see more.

I’m really looking forward to Blood and Fire. New Voyages really has been a bright spot for Star Trek these last couple years.

Episodes go over standard length for two reasons; All TV aired episodes had to meet a rigid time standard which ceemed to shorten each season; two, if a good story requires 10 – 20 minutes more time it will likely get it at Star Trek Phase II.

Deltans!? Who saw any Deltans in these pictures. Deltans neither havd an exclusive on baldness nor sexuality. If fans want the same-ole, same-ole then they can wait for a new series on TV or watch the innumerable DVD versions of each episode.

There is also no reason a new alien species can not be iontroduced as long as they do not contravene known canon. The aliens in Enemy: Starfleet do not.

Well, write whatever. Maybe I should have commented on wales or something totally unrelated to Enemy: Starfleet.

A couple things:
The is NO OFFICIAL announcement that Blood and fIre will release in September. So let’s quash that rumor here and now! As stated in other sites the announcement will NOT be made nor a date truly determined UNTIL each part is fully ready and the appropriate producers and post production staff all concur that is ts ready. Then the actual date will be announced.

Blood and Fire is intended to be released as two parts with some time interval betwen the release of part 1 and of Part 2.

On the lighter side, the crewman in the picture with Luna is wearing a costume that was purchased early in 2007 from It’s A Wrap! Interesting tale is that James Cawley made that uniform 20 years ago!

Luna was a fund, pleasant and interesting actor to have present. She was relaxed, friendly and shared many hours with all of us at teh studio even when she did NOTY have to be there. Luna would just walk right up to someoen and striek a conversation. Ask about who one was and what one does at Phase II. CHate, kibbitz, exchaneg pleasantires, share life’s stores and show genuine interest and even shared much empathy with everyone. She is a real class act and a fabulous woman!

I’ve often been very critical about this production and its shamless use of stunt casting to up their profile. I always thought it unnecessary and hoped for more original ideas. It looks like Cawley and Co. are starting to do just that. This makes me excited for the future of this fan production.

I eagerly await these new episodes.

It was so cool to see him on the set, in uniform, on the bridge of the friggin’ Enterprise. As a fan, I can see that he is one of the people in this incredible relay race that is star trek who has carried the torch like an Olympian.

Hey Bob! Good to see you’re still around.
You mean YOUR Enterprise, I presume?
Can you give us any update info?

More Star Trek is always good news. Anything that isn’t televised Poker or reality TV. OK, so it’s on my computer and not my TV, I know. But if we watch Phase II or the other fan productions (OGAM, Exeter, etc.) en masse and show those who produce entertainment for those of us who don’t know how or would just rather watch, it sends the message. That being, more Star Trek.


It’s not just “more Star Trek”. It’s more CLASSIC Star Trek.

Without changes. Without people deciding for the fans that the original show 100% faithful can’t play to today’s audiences.

If Paramount were to release episodes like The Doomsday Machine, The Enterprise Incident, or City on the Edge of Forever on big screens…. They’d be surprised how many people would go to see them. Regardless of the “common sense” that says people won’t pay to see something in the theatre that they can see for free on their television.

The added atmosphere of a big screen, better audio and an audience full of fellow fans is not to be missed.

I saw the Doomsday Machine at a convention from a 16mm print, on a larger screen than any TV with an audience of 100 fans. It was an amazing experience.

The cheer that went up when Kirk steps off the Transporter in the final act sent chills up my spine.

Paramount hasn’t a clue as to the quality of product, and gold mine they are sitting on.

They keep trying to foist off knock offs leavened with crap on us. And they wondered why each movie drew less of an audience.

TWOK and TVH were really the only two movies that played like the original series. That’s because the respective directors “got” Trek.

Abrams, I think is going to give us something “Trek-like”, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be real Trek.

Paramount doesn’t get it.

Relics, Trials and Tribbleations, In a Mirror, Darkly were the highest rated episodes ever of post 1969 Star Trek. Maybe there’s a reason?

#9…. The vision of the future that TOS presented was one of a universe without our bigotry…and that should include ageism. The scene was marvelous and both actors rocked in their performances.

#14 (and others)…Jon Povil, who is an expert on Deltans and is credited with creating the original Phase II, said flatly that Ilia’s lack of hair was a choice she made, not a standard for Deltans. Jon said the definition of Deltan’s simply is exoctic and sensual. He’ll be casting our Deltan based on that.

Luna was indeed great!!!! She sat with us on the Grip Electric team numerous lunches, chatted, visited with us (even though we were all hot and sweaty from working under those hot lights), and even fed us – giving us each parts of her own lunches.

She’s not just a trooper, working in that hot weather and all… but truly a generous, kind, friendly, wonderful person.

Mr. Crawley,

Please take good care of yourself, No job is worth your health over. Not even Trek.


Mr. Crawley,

“Please take good care of yourself, No job is worth your health over”

Ain’t that the truth?

35 and 36,

Err, I’m not sure how to put this delicate observation in a public setting, but I would humbly suggest an escalation of a more diplomatic tone on a public board–especially from high-profile people. As an avid reader and poster I have come to appreciate the high standards and professionalism that Mr. Pascale et. al. have maintained and I look forward to the same high quality in the future.

Another way to put it is “Yo, what’s up wid’ that”?

I have a feeling that I should just mind my own business and not have commented.

I have a fan production I’d like to premier here soon but I’m afraid that it won’t get a very favorable response. It’s just video I had my neighbor kid shoot with my cell phone while I ran around the room with my models, action figures, and toys. I did make some really cool “FWOOOOSH” and “SHWOOOOM” sounds when something blew up or went to warp.


I have three toy Enterprises: The spiky Pilot version, the TOS normal one, and Enterprise-A.

I want to do a story about the frailty of life vs. the victory of the human spirit in the setting of a Mirror Universe crossover.

All male roles will be played by my six-year old son, and all females by my 8-year old daughter. The location shots will all be done by the pool here in Connecticut.

I’m charging my phone now.


That. Sounds. AWESOME!

We could have a fleet! I’ve got the regular TOS E, TWOK, a snappy D, and and EE. Plus my two Romulan ships and a D7! We could do a timeline crossover. I’ll bring my phasers and communicators and we’ll….I mean it’ll…..we could……’s, it’s………..

(THX has come to the realization the he is an uber geek. Nothing to see here. Move along.)

Charles – tip o’ the horns to you and Jeff for the yeoman work you do. I wish I had the time and talent. And pass along two words to James: apricot brandy. His head could be in danger of falling off, and a snifter of that every six hours will cure him of it. My dad swore by it, and so do I. :-)

Oh – Orci, I was wondering where the hell you went. You’re like a damn Nessie sighting around here. LOL