VegasCon 08: New Star Trek Movie Posters With Four New Cast Images [Hi Res UPDATE]

Just like they did last year, Paramount has chosen Creation’s official Star Trek convention to give fans a new poster for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. Actually they are giving fans eight posters; the four that were given out at Comic Con and four new ones in the same style but with the rest of the main crew from the film. TrekMovie has a first look below.



Here they are
Just like with the Comic Con posters (which are also being given out), the new posters form the Star Trek delta emblem when put together, but each is a large sized poster on its own. The four new Star Trek posters feature (clockwise from upper right below): John Cho (Sulu), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), and Karl Urban (McCoy).

Four new Star Trek posters

The following are some glare-free versions of the posters, but admittedly still not perfect. They are a bit cropped as well to remove the edges.

Higher res pictures of four new Star Trek posters (click to enlarge)

Old school is back
This second set of posters makes the design of the new crew uniforms even more apparent and confirms what TrekMovie previously reported about the uniforms, specifically that they are very similar to the Original Series uniforms, but comprised of two pieces (undershirt and overshirt) and also have small ‘delta shield’ Starfleet emblems woven into the fabric.

Fans get two
At Comic-con fans were officially allowed one poster each (meaning you only get one cast member), however many fans just kept coming back to the Paramount booth until they collected all four. Here in Las Vegas, to ensure everyone gets something, a two poster per person rule has been put in place. It is likely that these posters from both Vegas and San Diego will be hot collectors items.

Posters being prepped to hand out to fans

More From Vegas: is the only major site giving full coverage for the Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Check out these other stories:


TrekMovie wants to thank JJ Abrams, Paramount, Creation and Richard Arnold for making these new posters happen this weekend. 

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Cool! Can’t wait to see the better res photos! So it looks like the Starfleet Emblem is embroided into most, if not all, the uniforms?

Is it just me or does Yelchin look like Bashir at first glance?

Pegg looks great as Scotty. neato.

#4 – I didn’t recognize him personally haha. But I’ll know who he is now ;)

Though I have to say John Cho reminded me of Garret Wang (Harry Kim) at first. Though it’s not a knock or anything. First time seeing these people is all, but as I say, I’ll know who they are now! Great.

they don’t look like who they’re supposed to be…. not even Scotty, this is either just them as Actors without the Rest of the Makeup or lame versions of the Characters. The first Poster looked like the Characters more.

8, agreed, 100%

This looks sloppily put together compared to the first poster. On the first they seemed to have really thought out the spacing of each photo, the way the different poses and angles of the shot played off of each other. This one looks to me like they just through them all together. Plus it kind of destroys the color coordination by having Sulu in the black-tinted square (unless Sulu becomes a villain in the film…lol).

Huzzah! New posters! I still don’t have one of the older ones!

#8 & #9- Agreed, I’m slightly concerned now. I’m sure I’ll feel better after seeing full body shots with their uniforms.

Yes Yelchin looks like Bashir at first glance, and Cho looks like Harry Kim, at first glance.

The outershirt-undershirt uniform design is a little more obvious in these.
I’ll be disappointed if McCoy doesn’t have baggy eyes.
Why do they all look so grim? Maybe that reflects the story, but it doesn’t seem appealing from a marketing standpoint.

Oh this is AWESOME!!!!

At first glance, Sulu kinda looks like Harry Kim.

#10 – I’m sure these were all done at the same time.

#14 – “but it doesn’t seem appealing from a marketing standpoint.”

I don’t think that matters too much. I think it fits in fine with the “retro” theme. Maybe they should all be smiling hippies then.

I’m sorry but I just don not see McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, and especially Scotty in these pics. Quinto looks absolutely dead on as Spock!

Hopefully this is just a poor angle and like said above, the full uniform shots will put this to rest.

Thanks, just watching Generations at the moment, still don’t know what to make of it after all these yrs? Have watched ST: 1-4 today, the movies finest hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow very nice!!!

19 – I’m sorry but I just don not see McCoy, Chekov, Sulu, and especially Scotty in these pics.

Stop looking so much for the old cast then. Nadda gonna happen. These are the people playing these guys now. So you see the new faces of these characters now.

yea this is entirely a reimagining of the franchise, so, dont expect to find something that is not gonna be there.

Pegg looks more like Scotty’s Dad.

let keep our judgement till we see them in full uniform and action the parts please, but yea they look cool enough , i admit , its harder to place who is who , then with the first posters . but still nice to see new ones

Why does Scotty have Tuvok’s hair???


I see some kind of stitching across the top of Sulu’s shirt…take a close look…like some kind of pleating…

Thanks for the early heads-up on these shots. Great to see that Simon Pegg without the lip-rug for his ‘Scotty’. Pity he looks so thin on top though….

Although I like the look of the ‘patterned’ fabric used, I still wish that the uniform tops had the original TOS all-in-one ‘neck collar’ look too. It’s a small thing, but I’d have preferred that small thing….

Will be interested to see if ‘Bones’ has the trademark TOS ‘pointed sideburns’ or not, as it’s hard to tell in these early shots. Again, it’s a small thing, but I’d prefer this small thing tool….

ahem, ‘too!…’ not ‘tool…’

Well, they didn’t have these there while I was there… *sighs…sobs…cries*

Oh man, those are nice. I hope Trekmovie has a contest where we can win some of those.

Pegg looks more like Tony Shalhoub as he did in Galaxy Quest. Granted that images is not very clear.

McCoy doesn’t look like McCoy. He looks like tough and mean.

Regarding Sulu’s photo, he looks good there. He may not look like Takei, but he looks tough.

And I don’t expect these guys to look like the original cast.

Urban looks GREAT as McCoy!

I’m not gonna pass judgement on these yet, as the initial pic appears to be taken at a fairly sharp angle. I wanna see the higher-res image first.

Is it me or does John Cho look like Robert Beltran (Chakotay)?

Karl looks vaguely like Wolverine in that shot….LOL

Yes, Pegg does look to thin on top!!! Just finished watching Generations and Shatners wig/rug still looks as bad as it did back then!!! I’m still not not going to get myself hyped up over this new Trek movie, I can still feel the kick in the ‘BALLS’ The Phantom Menace!!! And yes, Generations is still a SHIT movie!!!

Yelchin is the hardest one for me to accept. I don’t see anything of Walter Koenig in him. I think it’s the curly hair. Hopefully his performance makes up for it. I’ll stay optimistic until opening night.

#8 What??
Did Roger Moore like like Sean Connery?
Did Christian Bale look like Michael Keaton?

I will never understand some of these people. J.J. did not hire impersonators, he hired excellent actors to play ‘characters’.

I’m going to go take my blood pressure medicine and take deep breaths now.

There is an odd optical illusion w/ McCoy and the way the blue color interacts w/ his skin. If you look at the left-side of where his upper lip meets the rest of his face, the blue overpowers the skin tone and it almost looks like something is hanging out of his nose. Either that or my bifocals need replacing.

upon first review…it doesn’t appear that the ones given out were 27X40 at the Vegas con, I wish when I was in San Diego that these were available too, it may have lowered the impact on people trying to get Kirk and Spock. I feel really dissapointed now that we got Nero instead of SPOCK on the first set of posters…seems kind of odd having Sulu in a black zone with the main villan. Who else would freak out if there’s another set with Nimoy, Ryder, Greenwood……and SHATNER that would instantly send this movie into the stratosphere

I’m not sure what clock you use, Anthony, but it should read: “The four new Star Trek posters feature (clockwise from upper left below): John Cho (Sulu), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), and Karl Urban (McCoy).

Oh no! Simon Pegg doesn’t have Jimmy Doohan’s hair! Well, clearly this will ruin the film. DISASTER!

This one doesn’t grab me like the last one did. Maybe because these actors are farther from the original characters. I know Pegg has said he’s honoring Jimmy D, but he looks like he’s striking a goofy kind of pose for this poster.

Dunno. But, I’m more and more sure this Trek will not be a clone of TOS.

Sorry, but I was all confused at first when looking at the photos. From the story, it says starting from the upper-right. Shouldn’t that be from the upper-left? And, it does look something like (from upper LEFT going clockwise) Harry Kim, Tuvok, Julian Bashir, and someone else who looks somewhat familiar (and someone from Star Trek at that).

I agree with the previous posts that, on first glance, Cho/Sulu looks like Garrett Wang/Harry Kim and Yelchin/Chekhov looks like Siddig/Bashir. And Pegg doesn’t look like Scotty *at all*.

But it also doesn’t bother me. I agree with #21 & #38 in regard to the importance to judge the new actors on their ability to bring out the characters in their *acting* — it’s not a look-alike contest.

I also agree that Urban/McCoy really nails it. More so than Saldana/Uhura, for example. (Again, this doesn’t bother me really, but I have to confess that Saldana/Uhura looks more African-American than straight-up African, whereas Nichols/Uhura passes more as a woman born in a Swahili-speaking country).

I can’t be the only one who thinks Pegg’s hair looks funny. They could’ve tried to make it look a little more like Doohan’s hair.

can’t wait for the hi-res versions!
Finally, this franchise is getting the life sucked back into it!

So the red is Scotty? Scotty looks mean

I don’t get what they’re trying to do with Scotty. He looks absolutely nothing like James Doohan.