TrekMovie’s New View Of The 2nd Star Trek Character Posters

You knew this was coming. Following on from our previous ‘new view’ of the original Comic Con 2008 Star Trek teaser posters, TrekMovie now brings you a ‘decolorized’ version of the four new posters which were revealed at Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas. Now you can get a better look at Cho, Pegg, Urban and Yelchin.   


The following poster is also a fake
Again, TrekMovie must point out that the following image IS NOT an official poster from Paramount, and is in fact, a fake. Once again, TrekMovie’s resident artist Steve Moss has taken high resolution images from the official Star Trek site and done his Photoshop magic to see what each character might look like. Clockwise from upper left you have John Cho (Sulu), Simon Pegg (Scotty), Anton Yelchin (Chekov), and Karl Urban (McCoy). version of the new Star Trek Poster
– colorized by Steve Moss
(click to enlarge)

Steve used a mix of the original poster with images of the actors and some educated guesswork. The ‘delta shield’ patterns you see on the uniforms was not added, but the exact colors may not be the same as we will see in the final. In this version of the poster the two part uniforms (first reported by in July) are much more apparent.


And in case you missed it, here is Steve’s version of the first set of posters. version of the Comic Con Star Trek Posters
 – colorized by Steve Moss
(click to enlarge)

Find out more about Steve Moss at his Retrograde Imageworks website.


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Nice job again, Steve!


Looks great Steve! I love the colors and textures in the uniforms. I hope the real colors are this vibrant and rich.

From everything I’ve seen so far, actor-wise, they’ve nailed it. I really believe these actors can inhabit these 40+ year old roles and invest them with a new vitality and earnestness.

37 weeks and counting…

Crap, this guy is great with PS!

When do we get a 2nd trailer??

woop ee!!! yelchin doesn’t look like bashir any more.

and so that’s what Scotty’s hair looks like. much nicer.

These are fantastic!!!! Great work Steve.

Steve is a magician!

Very cool, and yeah a little less Bashir like.

about scottys hair: damn i guess the shat aint the king of the bad rug anymore

These “true color” images are great. I think they’re better than the actual posters. They give a much better indication of the characters these actors will portray. Well, they do to me, anyway.

I’m also much more comfortable with the two-shirt idea for the uniforms when I see them more as they’re meant to be.

Okay, now we’ve seen most of the major players in this movie as their respective characters. So I have to ask…

…you knew this was coming…

…when do we get to see the Enterprise?

I was always sold with Urban as McCoy, but now more so. Mad props Steve.

pointed sideburns!

I remember seeing a pic of Simon Pegg attending a movie premier during the production of STAR TREK. In that pic, he had dyed his hair black. I, along with others that post on this sight, thought this was because Scotty’s hair was black in TOS. I know that this new version of the poster is technically a fake, but his hair appears to be orange/red. I took a second look at the original version of the poster and his hair does appear to be a lighter color there as well… Meaning it is not dark/black.

Did anyone else notice this? What does this mean?

Oops, typo. I meant *site*.

this site covered Pegg’s darker look:
his hair wont be as dark as Doohan’s, but darker than his usual blond look

Are you going to give us a small tutorial on how you did this? I have had limited success trying to recreate what you did with the images, and I would love to read your tutorial.


Theres something wrong with the yellow uniform. It has a strange color balance.

My gess is that the original one is a bit darker and with a bit of a mustard tone.

Wonderful work.

We know it’s a (sort of) fake. You just like linking to Senator Vreenak, don’t you?

Man, I LOVE that CHEVRON fabric. Totally awesome.

I love that the pattern on the uniform is lots of little delta shield logos to reinforce that these are Starfleet uniforms.

Wow Zac really looks like Spock.

Keep up the good work.

I really enjoy the two part uniforms. They might look very well on the big screen: classic TOS taste but modern fabric and feeling.

Is that Chekov in the lower right?
Looks like he’s gonna die in this one.

Do we really need to see his character in this movie with Kirk being so young? Perhaps it will be in an alternate timeline?

We need a plot description here someone.

Good point about the ship.

But I am sure Steve did not render that one.

It will be interesting to see if in the movie, the skin tone for Spock is matched as well as Steve did here on the fake. If they are going to give Spock that little greenish tint in the movie, like Steve did here, I don’t think we have much to worry about.

It looks great, but I think you’re wrong. All their shirts should be red. I think they’re not wearing their Enterpise uniforms here, like Spock did on the other poster.

What does the rest think?

I love those updated TOS-style uniforms. They look magnificent! I can’t wait to see the entire uniform.

I did some of these before…. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK! Of course I was inspired by the work of the Trekmovie guys:

after watching and meeting Quinto ath Vegas con I have to say that I am more comfortable with different actors playing them now. I feel more confident that JJ Abrams will do a good job. Quinto was nice to talk to and made me more at ease when I asked about the film, he also understands the character which is great. I am feeling better about the film.

my only remaining concern is that I have heard that they are making Pike the first captain instead of April. If they are making books canon surely this should be made canon.

I’ve been looking forward to the “true-color” version of the new Trek movie poster since it first came out. The uniforms look great and, based on how they were described in a previous TrekMovie article, they will probably look better than the classic TOS uniform. Every time I hear, or in this case see, something new about this movie I get more and more excited to see it. Still almost a year to go!

looking at these uniforms they do look quite good, i’m still not sure if they look formal enough for officers on a starship, but hopefully once we see the hole thing they will, the look a bit like the uniforms used in the matrix, but great work on the poster, hope these r the true colours.

Is the movie ready yet? :D

Thanks Steve! Great work!

@ NicholasAngel – Great job on your versions. The skin textures are very natural. I love seeing all these reworked pictures of the actors. Makes the upcoming film seem much more reel………real.

Here’s a good comparison between the old and new crews…

I didnt create this.

Of course we know that the little chevrons are not Starfleet, but only Enterprise symbols…
…but do they know? Or rather, do they care?


I think that in this revival of TOS the delta symbol will be extended to represent Starfleet as a whole (see the starfleet academy photos with flags bearing the delta). Much more consistent and homogeneous, in my opinion, since it is recognized as an iconic symbol of Star Trek.


Its an oversite i think but I think its an oversite done on purpose for the mainstream audience

does that mean the other starflett ships have their emblems stititch into their uniforms?

A source has told me that the best way to take this film is a two fold approach, my source predicts hard core fans will prob be the most disappointed with the film.

But as I said I have now warmed to the cast as I found Quinto really cool.

Very Sad imitations of the ‘originals’. I don’t hold out much hope for the feature film. I fear it will flop. Myself and other die-hard trekkers of my acquaintance are NOT going to see this piece. Opening night we are planning to stay home, with some munchies and brews and watch the ORIGINAL series on DVD as an homage to those cast members who have crossed to the final frontier.

#43 “Myself and other die-hard trekkers of my acquaintance are NOT going to see this piece”

It’s you right to do this. I hope you didn’t go to Nemesis, too, because in my opinion that was Star Trek at its lowest :-)

Nice job! You can practically hear “Dammit, Jim!” coming out of Urban’s mouth. Still a bit confused about why they took so much trouble styling the other characters and not Scotty, but the overall effect is still pretty damned awesome!

43. This movie’s not for you, then. And that’s fine. More room for me in the theatre on opening day.

Honestly, it’s like…how many people have played Sherlock Holmes in TV and film over the years? People argue over whether Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett were definitive (I vote the latter), but the point is these are ROLES, the ACTORS are not the CHARACTERS, and therefore it’s perfectly OK to let other actors have a crack at interpreting them.

If Shakespeare’s audience were the same as you, they’d be reliving their memories of seeing Richard Burbage playing at the Globe as opposed to, you know, allowing the WORK to live on for centuries.

Honestly! Some of you need to expand your cultural repertoire a bit. Maybe you should actually, you know, act in a play (NOT a fan production) or make a movie and then you’d understand how things work.


I find it slightly bemusing that long-time TOS fans would refuse to even try the new movie. If it’s great, it’s a bonus. If it sucks, the untarnished original is still there to enjoy–no harm done. Two hours of your life on the off-chance that the first bit of ‘TOS’-style Trek in nearly two decades will have some good bits. Seems a fair swap to me!

A year before its release no-one can know enough about the film to say whether it will succeed/flop. I suspect we’ll all have a very different impression of the film by the time that watching it becomes an actual decision.

Some might as well hang a sign on their head that says “Formerly Open-minded Trekker; Now Closed For Business.”

With all due respect #43, I think going to this film (which in a way is an “homage” to the originals) is the best way to pay tribute to TOS.
If the franchise remains dead, then we all lose. Die-hards like myself killed ENT and after seeing it in reruns, I was ashamed of myself for turning my back on what turned out to be great Trek.
I am seeing the new new movie regardless of my reservations, fears, spoilers, etc.- I am giving it a chance. I will be disappointed if I see canon thrown in the dumpster, but I have a feeling the new flick is going to surprise and delight A LOT of people, die-hards included . . .

Star Trek Lives!

Look fantastic! Nice work!