Quinto Talks Ears, Abrams and Nimoy

We previously reported some of Zachary Quinto’s comments on Star Trek from his promotion of the new season of Heroes. A newly posted interview seems to contain some of the same comments from a conference call with the actor, but has some more, including comments on the ears, Nimoy and Star Trek director JJ Abrams. Plus a Quick video promo of Quinto looking Spockish.


Excerpts from Suicide Girls

Question: How do you think you look in Vulcan ears?
Zachary Quinto: You know what? I feel like it pulled together really well. The makeup and hair department on the movie did a phenomenal job so I’m really excited to see that put together.

Q:What advice did Leonard Nimoy give you about playing Spock?
ZQ: I think getting to know him was one of the greatest honors of this experience. Having him involved and having him available and supportive was great. I have the utmost respect for him as a person. I feel really so honored to know him. We had many conversations and he’s given me not just one nugget of advice, but it’s been the unfolding of a friendship and a support system. That’s really how I feel about it.

Q: Did he specifically influence your performance?
ZQ: I really felt like my relationship to the character was specific to the text that I was playing and to the world in which the character is being created right now, this time. I didn’t feel beholden to Leonard other than the origins of what he created obviously, but I think the whole project was based in that philosophy. So it wasn’t a problem.

Q: J.J. [Abrams] commented about what a great job you did on Star Trek, adding things he didn’t even notice until post-production. Do you know what he was referring to?
ZQ: I think as an actor we’re sort of oriented towards our character’s journey. As a director you’re looking at the whole picture and so in a lot of ways my relationship to the character was more specific on a day to day basis than his was and now his is more specific since he’s in the editing room looking at it and piecing it all together. So I think that’s sort of where that line is.

For more check out the full intervie at Suicide Girls.

Practicing his Spock?
Doesn’t Zach appear a bit Spockish in this NBC promo?



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Ryan T. Riddle

I am looking forward to Quinto’s performance. Oh, yeah, I’ll be childish too–


That One Guy

Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… Spock… EARS!

Denise, where are you?!




A flash of “Spock”,,,,

Cant wait to see more,,gees Im hanging out for the new Tralier


Yeh I’ll follow suit and be childish too,,,,

Fourth !


I feel confident in mr Quinto’s handeling of Spock, nice coments on how he was influenced Nimoy.
it’s off the point but considering the current financial situation it might be a good thing Star Trek XI isnt being released for another 6 months- i dont see a lot of people spending up big on movie merchandise this christmas- which is only a couple of months away.

Sci-Fi Bri


i’m a child and don’t know how to count!

Star Trek will rox my sox off!

i’m gonna rock out with my spock out!

Denise de Arman

TOG#2- You will have to excuse me a moment, as I am busy licking my monitor…


Now, as you were saying, EARRRRRRRRRS!


Do I detect some ear love here??

Because I must join the club. :) Something about those ears makes a profile so much hotter…

I can not wait to see this and see him–I was looking at screencaps from the series the other day, and there was one of Leonard that looked EXACTLY like Zach!!! It was awesome.

That One Guy


Join the club! There’s this little bar at the top labeled “chat.” Click on it and scroll down.


Commodore Redshirt

Another day, another actor-writer-crew member with another non-disclosure of non-information while we all chomp at the bit while we wait for something of substance from JJ’s Trek.
I wonder if we’ll see a promo trailer or behind the scenes pic or anything before thanksgiving?
My guess is “no”.
Oh well..

The good news?
Star Trek Lives!
Only 210 days left…

The Vulcanista


Yes, yes, yes. But those EARS!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-)

Anthony, when I saw that commercial the other night, that was my initial response too.




:) Man, I can’t wait to see him as Spock!!!!!! Really looking forward to his take on the character.


Hm, Mr. Quinto doesn’t answer one of the questions asked – very sad.


Quinto resembles Nimoy’s TOS Spock so much even when he is playing Sylar – look at Episode 3 of the current Heroes season, for example. Or has Spock already influenced his Sylar performance? In any case, I watched that episode 3 and the following day I watched ‘The Tholian Web’ by coincidence, a Spock-heavy episode, and I was struck by amazement about how similar the two can act.


“Quinto resembles Nimoy’s TOS Spock so much even when he is playing Sylar”
I had that feeling in the first episode of Heroes in which he appeared. But I saw that one after I knew, that he’ll be playing Spock… don’t know, if I would have made that connection either. And now I’m looking at Heroes, too and I’m wondering how much Spock is in Sylar, too. Btw: I always thought, that Sylar would be a great name for a vulcan. ;)

“Question: How do you think you look in Vulcan ears?”
His answer should have been: “Cuter than without.” :D

Trek Nerd Central

From the start I thought this guy was brilliant casting. It’s like he was genetically engineered to play Spock.


jeeez! Who left this slobber all over the thread floor???



And we have recently learned on Heroes that Sylar has this inner struggle, trying to fight his animalic ‘hunger’ for other mutant’s powers… fascinating! During the first two seasons he was just plain evil and sinister.


Zack is an intelligent actor. I guess I don’t expect that…at times. But his assessment of what JJ “meant” is keen.

The Underpants Monster



Noticed that Quinto can raise one eye brow in that promo video. Now I feel a lot better – he’ll be great.

admiral R

We’ve heard this before, if you want us to get excited about this thing show us the trailer!

Joe Schmoe

Overheard at a secret screening of the new Star Trek movie at the local theater:

“If that Spock feller didn’t have those dang gum pointy ears, he’d looked like that Sylar feller on that superfriends show.”


Only time will tell if Zack can match Nimoy’s creation. Just remember about anyone can buy some ears. It’s not the ears, name or even the script, it’s what is between those ears that count. If the media hype and fan endearment are as grand as Spock’s impression to the world that Lenard first gave in the 60’s he may even endear the Great Bird of the Galaxy’s blessing from Heaven. The money may help but remember money is only paper or numbers but Love is the truth.


FYI: Anton Yelchin has been voted into the current Heeb 100.



When i saw this commercial my first thought was more Michael Phelps-ish than Spock-ish.

Denise de Arman

CmdrR#18- Sorry, I used all my paper towels to clean my monitor… SLOBBER…SLURP…

Denise de Arman

Uh oh, there goes more drool… TOG, do you have any extra paper towels or whathaveyou…

montreal paul

I know I am a little off topic… but i just bought the Iron Man DVD… the Trek teaser was on it. Not a new one but the already released one. It was nice to see it on my screen. :) Gave me goose bumps :)

Oh.. and I have been watching Heroes this season with my eye on how Quinto will be as Spock. I look forward to seeing him in the role!

Commodore Redshirt

RE: 29. Denise de Arman
“Uh oh, there goes more drool… TOG, do you have any extra paper towels or whathaveyou…”

Have you seen the ads for the “SHAM-WOW”?…
(camera guy stay with me… we can’t do this all day)
That should dry up the drool… after all it worked on spilled cola!


#31 – No, but have you heard of Head-on? It’s great, apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead. Head-on: Apply directly to the forehead.
(ok, I’d better stop before I get banned.)

Krik Semaj



It must surely be close to promotion time. Worryingly, I have seen on eor two “buzz” lists as voted for my mainstream joe P, and Star Trek failed to make it onto either, instead the lost was domintaed by the likes of Transformer 2 and Termintor 4.


33: Just curious: What is your estimate on the number of people in this forum who find your biff-posts funny?

Brett Campbell

35 – Complete agreement with you about the Biff inanity. Plus, what the hell is it supposed to mean, anyway?


His slick hair looks good! =)

Trek Nerd Central

Check this out, fellow ear people: The New York Observer’s cover story positing Obama as Spock and McCain as Kirk. It quotes Nimoy. And the illustration’s a riot.


Nimoy will always be Spock. Quinto will play the character well but most will easily note the differences. Just take it as a pass through the Guardian of Forever into a slighly alternate reality….

The Underpants Monster

Y’know, I don’t even need the GoF for it to be OK if there are differences. I’m not the same person I was when I started out as a young woman, and I haven’t been through half of what Spock has.