More Star Trek Images: Enterprise Crew + Nero [UPDATED]

TrekMovie is not the only website to get an exclusive new image from the Star Trek movie. In fact there are five more.
UPDATED: All five images are now up, showing the crew in various locations plus one of Nero.
See below



Bridge crew!
UGO’s image is of everyone but Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise. Goto UGO for more.

The crew of the USS Enterprise (click to see much more)

Spock is still working on his emotional control
You don’t want to get Spock angry! AICN got a great shot of Kirk (Chris Pine) getting a new kind of pinch from Spock (Zachary Quinto). Goto AICN to see more.

Kirk and Spock (click to see much more)

Here’s Nero got a shot of the villain Nero played by Eric Bana.

Nero (click to see much more)

JoBlo also talked to Star Trek producer Damon Lindelof about the image, here is part of what he said about Nero’s crew.

I think that perhaps they look like pirates in a way that they are tattooed and don’t wear uniforms but in my own brain, I look at pirates as people who kinda hang around and they rob other ships and they’re more interested in booty, plunder and pillaging and those sorts of things. Especially since the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies, they’re sort of a fun-loving drinking lot. None of those things would describe this particular group of non-Vulcans. These guys have a very specific mission. They’re not interested in material wealth. They’re interested in something else entirely.

See the rest at

UPDATE: Kirk on Ice
IGN was given an interesting shot of Kirk getting out of some kind of pod in some kind of frozen location.

Kirk gets chilly (click to see much more)

Damon also talked to IGN about the icy Kirk, here is one tidbit:

This is right around the midpoint of the movie. One of the things that’s at the heart of the Trek universe… is the idea of the away team. The idea that it’s not just about people shooting around in a starship, but they also go down to these planets..
See the rest at

UPDATE 2: Kirk in the chair
Possibly the best for last MTV gets a shot of Kirk in the Captain’s chair, with the irascible Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) at his side.

Kirk in command! (click to see much more)

Here is part of what Lindelof had to tell MTV:

When asked why Kirk was wearing black instead of the standard yellow captain’s shirt, Lindelof said that the black uniform was, in fact, a captain’s uniform — and the color was “significant” to the story surrounding this scene.
See the rest at

UPDATE 3: Sulu
On Friday Yahoo Movies updated their gallery and it includes an additional photo of Sulu (John Cho).

Sulu looks concerned (click to see much more)

UPDATE 4: More Spock
On Friday AICN got a ‘cutting room floor’ image from EW.

Spock looking airbrushed (click to see much more)

The USS Kelvin
And in case you missed it, here is the exclusive image Paramount gave to

And here it is…

Exclusive effects shot from ‘Star Trek’
(click to enlarge)

and one more image of the USS Kelvin from Entertainment Weekly

Click to bigify


…and that is all the new images…for now.

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That… is… cool!

YES!! ::passes out from excitement::

Seriously, I didn’t need this all at one time!!!! Parmount coulda showed this time little by little. I’m freaking out!!!!! AHHHHH!

Lol, is that Bones?

Anthony, you are on a roll!

Thank you! I owe you latinum!

Oh… My… God… LOVE that crew image.

I’m not diggin Yelchin’s curly hair, but if that’s the worst of it, I’m happy!!



Damn, Zoe looks exactly like Nichelle. Sweeeeet.


Looks like Nero has a full ear on one side but not the other (judging from the poster released earlier).

This rocks quite significantly

OMG OMG OMG….can’t…breathe…feel faint…..

Note on the Viewscreen behind the crew, it says “Warp Factor”. I think the cast all look pretty good in this shot.

Looks like Nero has a full ear on one side but not the other (judging from the poster released earlier).

I filled the cup!

Oh my god! That looks amazing!

Oh my…finally some really cool images.

The crew shot is REALLY cool. TOS reborn and a major relief. Scotty lokks rather clueless though…

The other pics are meh…

Nero looks exactly like Shinzon as a true Romulan with tattoos.

That Kalvin shot is a glimpse of an SFX f*ck fest aka Nemesis II – The Wrath of the Viceroy…okay, he seems to be trapped in some sort of H.G. Wellsian time capsule…

And then there is Spock, played by Sylar…there is no logic in that…

So far, nothing more but a mixed bag…

Apparently, they’re going warp factor 4.306 according to the viewscreen?

Yay!!! Finally! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Carol Marcus is in the movie!

Wow! I wasn’t expecting this today. Not so much feeling the new weave in the tunics. It doesn’t look very good on the command ones at all.

If that’s the bridge I am in fact seeing with all the weird blue lighting and far too removed look from from the original to even be recognizable… eh. Maybe I’ll catch this at a matinee at the cheap theater four months after it’s released.

Looks great. It looks futuristic. I really like the idea of the T-Shirt under the uniform. It works well. But Nero looks like something out of Harry Potter.

I think I just might die.

Gee whiz! Am I glad I had today off from work. It would have sucked to come home late in the evening and be the last person to see all of this wonderful stuff!

I’m looking at all these new pictures and my head is just swimming! That shot of the crew is amazing. Sure as shine-ola looks like Star Trek to me!

Oh, I am one happy, happy Trek fan today!

Oh whatever, you’ll watch it on the day of release.

@23: Harry Potter? WTF? It’s a plain copy of a succumbing Shinzon in my book…even the lighting seems to be a 1:1 replica of Nemesis on this picture…

Worst uniforms since… ever 8[

I love how, just like the Original Series, everyone seems to have the little departmental insignia within their Starfleet arrowheads.

Major props to the designand wardrobe guys, I’ve very impressed. Looking at Simon Pegg at the back of that crew shot, the costume looks pretty much an exact match for the original TOS costumes. If they can do that with the ship and everything else, I’ll be incredibly impressed.

Nero looks BADASS in this pic!!!

The crew looks great!

One small complaint…chekov’s hair is not so good. But everything else? WOW

Oh…my…god…! Damn…this is… sooooooooooooooo… freakin´ … awesoooooooooooome!!! Ahhhhhhh! OMG! OMG! OMG!
Is that a tear in my eye?

The cast picture is great. I love it so much, I see Scotty back there looking just like Scotty. I can buy it. However, It cannot be that difficult to make something look like Trek, the trick will be to make it… right.

what a great day…it just keeps getting better!

Spock should be taller than kirk…

This was a significant part of the style of TOS characters….

Is this new spock taller than the new kirk?

I guess we assume that these photos are late in the film, as we ALL know Sulu should be in blue (astrophysics), and Scotty and Spock (and Uhura) in gold.

(Ducks and hides)

Seriously, what possibly could the next image be….. wait, could we get the Enterprise today too????


They’re okay, I guess.
But still –

Quinto is 1.85, Pine is 1.84. But calling their heights significant is in my opinion a bit… let’s say over the top.

So does Kirk just walk around in a black shirt for the entire movie or what?

Awesome images though!!

One more picture added….and there is one more to come!

Okay, the arrowheads are a bit too small…

Really, I mean seven years ago everybody complained about stuff like that when Enterprise premiered…now we’re getting a complete reboot and no one seems to critically care…that’s a good sign…

I want this movie to be a hit…but I have got my problem with some of the details revealed today…

Nonetheless, this is a start…hopefully for the best!

Fascinating. These “new” uniforms are like as “updated” as the Superman suit from “Superman Returns”.

Whoa check out Karl Urban as McCoy, he’s doing the De Kelley arms crossed!

Is it me or does NERO look a bit like…SHINZON.


Karl Urban IS Bones. Ingenious casting.

22 – Don’t be ridiculous.

JUST SHOW US THE DAMN — uh — oh, well, thank you!

They look fantastic. Better than I could have expected. Wow. Brilliant costume design. Just awesome.

39 – One can only hope
37 – Maybe they gave Spock some lifts?