ShatWatch: Raw Nerve Nimoy Clip & Pics + Shatner Talks Kirk Fight Moves

In just a month William Shatner’s new talk show Shatner’s Raw Nerve finally premieres on the Bio Channel. The Bio Channel has now launched, which includes some clips from his interview with Leonard Nimoy. [UPDATE: Bio has sent over some exclusive images of Shatner and Nimoy]. Plus The Shatner Project has a new video of Bill talking about some of his classic Shat Fu fight moves.


Raw Nerve coming soon
Raw Nerve premieres on the Bio Channel on Tuesday, December 2nd at 10PM. In each show, Shatner will get up close and personal with a different celebrity guest and try and touch a ‘raw nerve.’ Here is how the official press release words it:

In each 30-minute episode of “Shatner’s Raw Nerve,” Shatner will attempt to probe his guest’s most fascinating and sensitive subjects and touch upon a “Raw Nerve.” Part of the fun will be waiting for the “Raw Nerve” moments that you know will be coming. Shatner will explore life’s most intriguing questions, and unearth stories that are most surprising, revealing, funny, touching or bizarre. The show will be unpredictable, allowing Shatner to work his magic on each guest in his own unique way.

Promo poster for ‘Shatner’s Raw Nerve’

Mind Meld 2?
Each weekly show of Raw Nerve will feature an interview with a single celeb. The first ones up will be Tim Allen, Drew Carey, Jimmy Kimmel, Howie Mandel, Judge Judy, Valerie Bertinelli, Kelsey Grammer, Jenna Jameson, Jon Voight and (most importantly to Trek fans) Leonard Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy told TrekMovie that he and Bill had a "new and special and rich" conversation. He agreed that the Shatner Nimoy Raw Nerve will be like a follow up to their 2001 ‘Mind Meld’ DVD, and Nimoy noted that they "touched on subjects that were never touched on before." 

For more info and to see short clips from the Nimoy interview, visit the official site.

Click to visit Raw Nerve site and see Nimoy clip

UPDATE: more pics
Bio has sent Trekmovie a couple of exclusive shots from the Nimoy/Shatner interview (the air date is still unknown).


Shatner talks Shat Fu
In other Shatner news, The Shatner Project on YouTube has a new video with the man himself talking about his signature drop kick fight move from Star Trek.

Visit the Shatner Project for more

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Please tell me Nimoy won’t bring up the Shatner – Takei feud again.


I could really do without ever hearing from Shatner again. He has become quite the joke!

Mind Meld was superb.

Kelsey Grammar, of course, also appeared in Star Trek as Bateman of the Bozeman, and Tim Allen kind of has a Trek link with Galaxy Quest.

I would like to see him do this with George Takei. Maybe then they can sort out their differences! George always talks about IDIC, bout time he put it into practice!

lol dropkicks and headlocks!

Shatner is a legend and this should be a great watch.

I agree with Dalek it would be great for hi and Takei to work out their differences

I love this man.
(oh, and Priceline has never steered me wrong, thanks The Shat!)

He and Adam West are my personal dieties.

Re # 1

In fact if you ask me, that would make a great show, it would be more than interesting to have a “Raw Nerve” show with Mr Takei so they can both “air out” any bad feelings.

Adam West, woah, more nutty than a cake made of nuts smeared in peanut butter and in the shape of a nut.

Adam west could easily out shatner shatner, PLEASE get those two in a room together!

Shatner should interview Oprah.


Excellent choices for “dieties.” Add Ringo (save the recent “don’t send things” controversy, which was overblown anyway), and you’ve got the three coolest guys on the planet right there.

I’d love to see him demonstrate that drop kick on Boston Legal!!

And he still isn’t in Star Trek. :o

Just what we need…more celebrity interviews.

I’m not usually into this kind of show, but I’m psyched for this one. I love the idea of Shatner and Takei having it out on there. They really need that.

I think this interview was taped much earlier this year. I am looking forward to it, as again, I loved Mind Meld.

What. Is. Your. Favorite. Color?

What. Kind. Of. Tree. Would. You. Like. To Be.

Do. You. Enjoy. Snacks?

Jeez, Stanky, are you ever happy?

I’m looking forward to this show in general and to the Nimoy interview in particular. If it is half as good as Mind Meld then it will be time well spent, IMO.

How about the Kirk roll and Two Fisted Rigelian Death Rattle?

His moves are amazing! I hope Pine was smart enough to throw some of that style in to his portrayal. The knock out neck chop! The shoulder roll! The flying barrel roll that takes out two henchmen at once!!!! Brilliance!! Shatner is a god! He was totally aware of the material he was doing & the exagerration points needed to sell it! People rip on his acting all the time, but I think they are unaware of how celver the man is. Hell, name another actor with 4 hit prime time series under his belt & a successful movie chain!

See… so there was a reason for his little rants against Abrams and Takei. Just trying to get attention.

Takei is a hack.
Shatner’s contributions to the overall success of Star Trek will always
be greater to those of Takei, reguardless of how they were acomplished or received by the supporting cast. So, stop whining and enjoy.
Still waiting for a picture of the big E and “old” Spock.
Can Obama make the next 6 months go faster?

How about Shatner & J.J. Abrams? J.J. could explain to him why he’s not in the movie!

no sock for spock!

re: 17. nscates – November 5, 2008

“Jeez, Stanky, are you ever happy?”


Shatner is SEW KEWL©…

I love that arrogant sonuvabitch. And thank God he’s not in Trek 11.



Shatner: Why am I not in the new Trek movie.

JJ: Well, Mr. Shatner, frankly, you couldn’t be in the movie cause you’re character died.

Shatner gets up and beats JJ to a bloody stump.


“I Am Not Wearing Socks.”

Shatner obviously has a great relationship with his daughter(s)…

You gotta give him props for that.


re: 6. 1701 over Gotham City, 8. Rod Of Rassilon

I would love for Adam West to be on with The Shat. They are two of my childhood heroes, and I have had the extreme pleasure of meeting both of them (at separate times), and they were both very nice and gracious. Both The Shat & The Bat shared a stage one time on the TV LAND awards. It was a hoot. They both played comedically off each other very well. I look forward to this show. If only Elvis were alive to be a guest. Oh well. Let’s write to the Bio Channel and suggest Adam West!

#3, You’re right! Somebody at TrekMovie needs to e-mail the producers with the Takei suggestion! RATINGS GOLD. I might contact them myself.

#20: I agree 100%.

Don’t forget that “The Bat” and “The Shat” both were seen together in the pilot for the never made series “Alexander the Great” before Star Trek… Pure Joy…

21. Negotiator – November 5, 2008
“Takei is a hack.
Shatner’s contributions to the overall success of Star Trek will always
be greater to those of Takei, reguardless of how they were acomplished or received by the supporting cast. So, stop whining and enjoy.

Takei wasn’t the subject. Why are you trolling for trouble ?

29. Krik Semaj – November 5, 2008

Don’t you have a better place to do that? It was old the first time.


Shatner? Adam West?? The same stage??? TV LAND Awards??!?!?

Link please!!!

Of course the whole “Shatner vs Takei” affair could just be a set up for Mr. Takei to appear on Mr. Shatner’s show ….


The Shat and the Bat…that would be the living end…
Somebody needs to book Adam West for Shat’s show, now.
BTW, Shat is in incredible shape and good health. If only I should be fortunate to look that good at his age. He is amazing.

Nah, if he really wants ratings he should interview Steve Guttenberg.


16 – hilarious.

I just hope Nimoy announces that he’s going to be in an episode of Boston Legal before its gone. =(

#19 If you have ever seen Chris Pine act , you will see he has the same movement as Bill , and also has that energy . I think you will see a performance in proximity in the new movie !!

I’m still disappointed that Denny Crane didn’t dress up as Captain Kirk for Halloween.

I wonder why they chose that strange way of positioning the chairs. I think I would find that a little awkward or distracting.

But I’m sure it’ll be an interesting interview.

(By the way. I’ve been reading this site for around a year and this is my first time posting. All the other posters just cover all my thoughts way before I even get the chance to type them!)

Ha ha Shatner beat up kids!!

35 Xai,
Biff Biff Biff.
OK I’ll Post something Treklike.
Star Trek Is Great.
How’s that?


In addition to the ‘Kirk walk’, what we need, in Trek XI, is the Kirk dropkick and the Kirk chop; and, perhaps, the Kirk slap (though, that wasn’t as impressive). It would be nice if whoever choreographed the fight scenes in the new film paid homage to TOS’ style of fighting. And if the powers-that-be feel the need to modernize even this, just increase the physicality. The dropkick, in particular, could be brutal and not at all corny or naff.

Shatner IS coolness defined.

And yes, get Adam West on his show pronto, I’d pay real money to see that interview.

Anthony, did you see this on the BIO website?

“I’m deeply disappointed that I didn’t share in George’s newfound happiness,” Shatner, who played Captain James T. Kirk on the show, said in a statement early Thursday morning. “But I am expecting a call from J.J. Abrams to tell me about the wedding.”

LOL! I love Shatner!!!