New Star Trek Trailer Online + Official Site Revamped [UPDATE: new TV Spot + Foreign Versions]

The wait is over. The new theatrical trailer for the new Star Trek movie is now officially online, with an exclusive at Apple Trailers, including HD. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is the second best way besides seeing it onscreen. In addition the official site for the Star Trek movie has been re-launched with a new look and some hidden features. UPDATE: There is also a new TV spot and some foreign dubbed versions.


The trailer was launched at Apple Trailers site for a first exclusive.

CLICK TO SEE AT APPLE.COM (various resolutions, including HD)

And is now on YouTube at 480p


Official site updated with new look + including hidden features
The official site for the new movie, (not to be confused with the unofficial home for all things Trek,, has been updated as well. There are new wallpapers as well as updates of some of the recent photos in the gallery. There are also two new ‘Easter eggs’ hidden on the site with some additional content. So go to the official site now and check it out.

Find the Easter Egg – win a prize!
The first persons to identify either of the new hidden Easter Eggs on the official site (where to find them and what the content is) in the comments below will be sent a new Star Trek film related prize by

Trailer seen by millions so far + profiled on ET tonight
The new Bond movie Quantum of Solace raked in over $70 Million at the box office over the weekend, which works out to about 10 million tickets. TrekMovie reported previously that some theaters chose to not show the trailer, but the vast majority did so at least 7-8 million people saw this trailer on the big screen (probably another half million or more watched the bootleg online over the weekend). Also tonight (Monday), Entertainment Tonight will be showing this new trailer, which should help reach that expanded audience.

More trailer coverage coming up
TrekMovie is all over the new trailer. Coming up we will be taking a closer look at the trailer and explain what many of the shots are, and we have additional trailer related articles planned as well. So stay tuned to



There is also a one minute version of the trailer, which is being called a ‘TV Spot’ (no word on when and where it will air, this might just be the one they show on ET tonight). No new content, essentially the same trailer, but the corvette part is removed. Check it out (via IGN) below:

UPDATE 2: Foreign version
Paramount has also created a foreign versions. So far we have idented a German dub and Brazilian (subtitled in Portuguese), both of which include an intro (in English) from JJ Abrams.



NOTE: if you spot another exclusive given out in your country let us know

And here is a French (dubbed) version (no JJ intro)

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