TrekMovie’s Star Trek Holiday Shopping Guide

The weekend following Thanksgiving is traditionally the big start to the holiday buying season and for Trekkies there are quite a few brand new Star Trek items to fill your stockings. TrekMovie has compiled a comprehensive guide to all the new collectibles, toys, figures, books, DVDs and replicas being released this holiday season.


New Trek items for Fall 2008…just in time for the Holidays
The following is a list of new Star Trek merchandise that has been released this fall, including re-issues. Of course there are many more Star Trek items available at retailers this Christmas season, we are just highlighting the latest. So make your list, check it twice, and wade into the Great Material Continuum and start acquiring.



Kurt Adler Captain Kirk & Spock Nutcrackers

[Kirk – EE: $33.99] [Spock – EE: $33.99]

Kurt Adler Commander Spock Fabric Mache Statue

[Entertainment Earth: $49.99]

Hallmark Christmas Ornaments (3 ornaments)

[TOS Communicator – Hallmark: $18.50] [USS Reliant – Hallmark: $32.00]

["Trouble with Tribbles" scene – Hallmark: $28.00]

all available now at Amazon and other retailers

Star Trek: Alternate Realities Collective Pack
(incl. Free Geordi LaForge from "Timeless" action figure offer)

[Amazon: $27.99]

Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3 Remastered

[Amazon: $66.99]

Star Trek: The Original Series Three Season Pack

[Amazon: $199.99]

all available now at Amazon and other retailers

Star Trek Comics Classics: Convergence (DC comics reprints Trade Paperback)
by Michael Jan Friedman, et. al

[Amazon: $11.43]

Star Trek Archives Volume 2: Best of the Borg (comics reprint trade paperback)
by Michael Jan Friedman, et al

[Amazon: $13.59]

Star Trek: The Key Collection Volume 6 (Gold Key comics reprint trade paperback)
by Al McWilliams, et. al

[Amazon: $15.61]

Star Trek Year Four: The Enterprise Experiment (comics reprint trade paperback)
by DC Fontana


Star Trek New Frontier (comic trade paperback)
by Peter David

[Amazon: $13.59]

[DVD-ROM] Star Trek: The Complete Collection (collection of Star Trek comics) by GIT Corp

[Amazon: $22.99]


BOOKS (Novels)
all available now at Amazon and other retailers

Star Trek: Destiny (trilogy)
by David Mack

[Book1 – Amazon: $7.99] [Book 2 – Amazon: $7.99] [Book 3 – Amazon: $7.99]

Star Trek SCE: Wounds (e-book reprint)
by Keith R.A. DeCandido, et. al

[Amazon: $10.88]

Star Trek The Academy: Collision Course (paperback edition)
by William Shatner, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

[Amazon: $7.99]


BOOKS (non Fiction)

all available now at Amazon and other retailers

Star Trek and Philosophy: The Wrath of Kant
by Kevin S. Decker and Jason T. Eberl

[Amazon: $12.89]

Star Trek BFI TV Classics
by Ina Rae Hark

[Amazon: $15.56]

Star Trek 101
by Terry J. Erdmann

[Amazon: $10.88]

Star Trek: The Collectibles Guide
by Steve Kelley

[Amazon: $16.49]

available now at Entertainment Earth, New Force Comics, and other retailers

Johnny Lightning Wave 5
(USS Enterprise from Star Trek III, Enterprise NX-01, Shuttlecraft with damage details, Klingon D7 Battlecruiser)

[Entertainment Earth: $24.99]

Johnny Lightning Wave 6
(Borg Cube with explosions, USS Yamato, USS Excalibur, Romulan D7 Battlecruiser from TAS)

[NewForce: $24.99]

Mego retro Uhura and Mugatu action figure 2-pack

[Entertainment Earth: $37.99]


December Pre-orders
Due to delays in production in China, many of the Diamond Select Toys Star Trek products planned for the Fall and Holiday season are now delayed until early to mid 2009, including the Wrath of Khan Phaser, the TOS tricorder, the retro Mego bridge playset and more. However the following items are available for preorder should arrive in December (but there are no guarantees).

Amok Time Kirk and Spock Action Figure Two Pack

[Entertainment Earth: $29.99]

TMP Kirk and Spock Action Figure Two Pack

[Entertainment Earth: $31.99]

Minimates Series 5 Assortment

[Action Figure Express: $25.59]

DS9 Series 2 Action Figures (4 pack)
(Bashir , O’Brien, Martok, and Season 7 Kira)

[Action Figure Express: $51.59]

TNG Series 5 Action Figures (4 pack)
(Nemesis Crusher, O’Brien, Ogawa, and Ro Laren Action Figures)

[Action Figure Express: $51.19]

DS9 Worf and Gowron Action Figure Two Pack

[Action Figure Express: $25.99]

Maltz and Kruge with Targ Action Figure Two Pack

[Action Figure Express: $25.99]

TOS Phaser & Communicator two-pack

[Action Figure Express: $39.99]

EE Exclusive Gold Handle Phaser & Exclusive Communicator 2-pack

[Entertainment Earth: $49.99]

available at Entertainment Earth and Master Replicas

Star Trek Mark IX Science Tricorder Prop Replica

[Entertainment Earth: $399]

Star Trek V / VI Assault Phaser Prop Replica

[Entertainment Earth: $499]

Available at comic and hobby shops

Polar Lights 1/1000 Enterprise NX01 Snap Together Model

[CultTV Hobbyshop: $13.95]

Polar Lights 1/1000 Klingon D7 Battlecruiser Snap Together Model

[CultTV Hobbyshop: $13.95]


DST Busts – Admiral Kirk & Commander Spock

[Kirk – EE: $44.99] [Spock – EE: $44.99]

Star Trek PEZ

[Amazon: $24.00]

Hamilton Collection Laser Etched Enterprise D

[Collectibles Today: $99.95]

Star Trek Dog Tags
(various characters available)

[Creation: $9.00]

Star Trek Stamps
(actual legal stamps from Antigua & Micronesia w/ frames) [PRE-ORDER]

[Star Trek Store: $39.99]

Rittenhouse Star Trek: The Movies in Motion Lenticular Trading Cards
(with Two Autograph Cards per box) [December Pre-order].

[SciFi Hobby: $84.00]



There are numerous websites with sales of Star Trek products this Thanksgiving Weekend.

EE has these Star Trek items on sale all Thanksgiving Weekend.

Book Closeout is a great website with incredible prices on Star Trek books. Some books arrive with a "black line" on the bottom from being discounted at stores, yet all are in otherwise new condition. This weekend, until Monday December 1st, there are incredible deals on Star Trek audio and text books. Plus, there is free shipping on all orders of $35 or more

Some items at AFX are buy one, get one free sale items with the sale ending December 1. Buy one for yourself, give one to a friend or charity this winter! Other items are one sale this week, at 50% off.

BOGO Items

Sale Items

There are many good deals at Big Bad Toy Store’s Inventory Sale, at various discounted percentages. Some items are in packaging that is labeled "Substandard" which means there may be creases or other imperfections in the packaging.

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