Howard Stern Grills Shatner On Abrams, Star Trek Movie & Takei Feud

As part of his publicity tour this week, William Shatner showed up on the Howard Stern Show on Monday, and as usual, things didn’t stick to the usual promotional boilerplate. Stern needled The Shat on all sorts of topics, including the new Star Trek movie and the Takei feud. Some excerpts and a video clip below.


Shat on Abrams and Nimoy and the new movie
The interview started with Robin and Howard joking that Shatner ‘was not a big deal’ because he was not in the new Star Trek movie, which Howard ribbed him about, claiming he was upset, to which Shatner joked (bringing in a reference to Takei):

I’m really upset about it…but I really want to play I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Stern also asked Shatner on if he was or was not offered a cameo in the movie:

Howard Stern: J.J. Adams claims they offered you a cameo in the new "Star Trek."
William Shatner: I know he does.
Robin Quivers: They didn’t offer you anything?
Shatner: No. J. J. has got to be a wonderful guy and he’s a great…
Interupted by Stern:
Stern: I know J. J.
Shatner: Do you?
Stern: He’s a really good guy. He was very good to my kids.
Shatner: How’s that?
Stern: J . J . used to write for a show called "Felicity." My daughters loved it. We went to California and we were hanging out and he said he’d put them on the show. They sat in the background of a scene. It was very exciting.
Shatner: If that’s what it took, I’d have put his kids on "Boston Legal." (they all laugh)
Stern jokes: You know what J. J. said; he said he wants to give you free tickets to the "Star Trek"opening.
Shatner jokes: "That’s greaaaaaaaaaaat"!…

Howard later pressed, asking if it ‘bothered him on any level’ that Nimoy was in the movie, to which Shatner noted “not on any level” but he did joke about how he recently went to dinner with Nimoy and Leonard wouldn’t tell him what the movie was about. Howard (as he does) kept pushing saying it must be ‘awkward’ between the two, to which Shatner stated:

It is not awkward. If I were producing Star Trek…how would you put my aging, fat face into movie when I was lean and I was great back then.

On Takei Feud – and Shat/Takei ‘Raw Nerve’ Showdown
Howard then asked Bill about how Takei claims he actually did invite Bill to his wedding, after Bill said he didn’t get an invite. Bill joked:

No, he and JJ Abrams have got together to offend me, I can see it.

Howard pressed the issue saying that it wasn’t a joke and he played the video Shatner had up on The Shatner Project where Bill talked about Takei in a very unflattering way. Bill said he just doesn’t understand why Takei is so upset, noting:

I am serious in that, wouldn’t it be better to leave this life without any animus anymore.

Bill said that he and Takei and A&E have agreed to do a Takei episode of Raw Nerve, where they will finally bury the hatchet (or maybe keep hacking each other).

Catch Shatner on HowardTV
Starting today Howard TV On Demand has excerpts of the Shatner. Here is a clip

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The man!

Denny Crane!

Shat News!

Bill should have been in this movie. I will always be sad about that. Its a great shame.

Mr. Shatner could pull off a older Kirk, he looked good for his age on the last episode of Boston Legal.
Now it would have been funny if George Takei would have been one of the people taking over the law firm in the last episode.

Wow… Takei appearing with The Shat on Raw Nerve could be some serious Must See TV!

I’m glad Shatner is not in the new movie.

Woohoo Shatner!!

ok back to the continuum I go..

Takei won’t be as brave on Raw Nerve. Remember, he never said a word when Bill interviewed him for his Trek Memories books. Only Nichelle had the backbone to tell him in person.

Except there was never a role offered to Shatner that we know of. Come on Howard!

The ‘Original’ Rocket Man.

#9 Krikzil.

I don’t know about that. I don’t see shatner playing softball on this one and likely Takei will respond to pointed questions.

I hope someone records it. I’d watch that episode… the rest of it I could care less about.

While I won’t be disappointed if he’s not, I still think we might see him in it anyway. I never would have thought Majel Barret would have been.

Cpt Kirk was brought back to life in the novels written by Shatner, he and the other writers firgured out a way to bring him back to life and carry on for many book sequels. So why not do the same for the new movie?

Some nod or connection to the new film with Shartner would have been great, but it is up to the producers and directors who star (cameo) in a film, of course the actor has to agree to do it.

#6 : Who will survive?

@ 13: Majel Barret was probably just added now during post-production when they did the sound editing. That was easy to do.
Unless they secretly shot something with Shatner (with both Shatner and the producers denying it) or unless Mr. Shatner agrees to do some kind of voice-over I guess it’s highly unlikely that he be added now.

Shatner is not looking good in that clip.

Oh here we go again! JJ explained all this already.

“It is not awkward. If I were producing Star Trek…how would you put my aging, fat face into a movie when I was lean and I was great back then.”

I have just decided that William Shatner is always right.

hey, who is the real ‘Greg UK’

I want bill in this movie

Great Britain

Shat is da Man!

The feud is a joke. It’s just a way to keep them lively. Remember there is no such thing as bad press in Hollywood.

Shatner > Takei.

Denny Crane.

When we all thought it was a more Old Spock centric film we thought Shatner could appear in the end bookend “born again”, eg new timeline, but I guess not now.


“Unless they secretly shot something with Shatner (with both Shatner and the producers denying it) or unless Mr. Shatner agrees to do some kind of voice-over”


#19: “It is not awkward. If I were producing Star Trek…how would you put my aging, fat face into movie when I was lean and I was great back then.”

In my opinion, this is the quote that should satisfy all the “Kirk in ’09” people.

I actually laughed out loud when I read it; it is classic Shatner. It is also true. One of the reasons that Brent Spiner said that he wouldn’t continue with the role of Data was because that while the android character was supposedly ageless, he himself was not, and thus having Data walking around with a cane and talking to anyone who will listen about the good old days on the D would have been unbelievable.

The same goes for His Shatness. If you had him in a cameo as Captain Kirk, you’d have to explain why he was so aged and, in all kindness to His Shatness, a bit, well, paunchy… especially since he is supposed to have died :S

Old Spock I can get, as he isn’t dead and Vulcans live for yonks. Old Kirk that has been resurrected because fifty year old, die-hard Star Trek fans can’t survive without him, I just can’t.

Mad Cow!

If there is no secret Shat appearance in this movie, then he can certainly be in the next one. I’m not concerned. HOW they put him in the next movie I don’t know. That’s what they pay the writers for. However, #23’s idea is beautiful, and could be used to explain Kirk’s presence in the next movie if not this one.

The feud is I think a joke too. They seemed very happy and friendly during the roast of Shatner last year.

Shatner played a human character, and humans age, even in the 23rd/24th century. At the end of the day, with the script already written, there wasn’t enough room in it for scenes with Shatner. You have to spend time establishing his presence in the film. Although I certainly feel they could have easily explained his appearance by claiming that old Spock altered the timeline. Then you have Shatner team up with Nimoy and everyone else to do whatever. I know J.J. said all they really could fit was a slightly larger than cameo role, and Shatner insisted he wouldn’t do a cameo, I think he actually would have. Especially if he got to play Kirk, and Kirk was established as alive. If nothing else, J.J. passed on a guy who’s always on TV or radio, could be promoting the film.

“i don’t know about that. I don’t see shatner playing softball on this one and likely Takei will respond to pointed questions.”

Xai–I hope so, as long as it doesn’t really devolve into a real nasty fight. (which I rather doubt) The whole thing is just all so, well, odd.

“I hope someone records it. I’d watch that episode… the rest of it I could care less about.”

Yes, definitely must see tv. Course, what I’m waiting for is the NIMOY interview!!!!

Denny Craine. Im Cookoo for Coko puffs.Denny Craine. Im James T Kirk and I want in the Movie!!!! Im Capt Kirk!!!! IM Capt Kirk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ok We need the Shat in the new Movie.


Yes, if they placed Shatner in the post-TNG, ‘Old Spock’ timeline (supposedly the normal timeline) then his age wouldn’t be much of a problem.

Apart from the fact that he’s dead.

So really the only way to get Shatner as Kirk into the movie would probably have to be in the altered timeline. As it is set before TOS, then having an older looking Kirk (say, as he starts the traditional five-year mission, or something like that) played by the very old looking Shatner would have looked a bit out of place.

Of course, if they had Shatner play Kirk’s Dad, or similar character, then all would be well. Or perhaps even using some of that X-men: Last Stand-style de-ageing CGI whizzbangery that they used on McKellen and Picard. Oops, I mean Patrick Stewart.

That could work? For a short scene, it wouldn’t be too difficult…

Shatner is finally typecast. Not as James Tiberious Kirk, but as Denny Crane. In my humble opinion, the latter is a much more interesting character, even if Shatner didn’t have to act as much to play the fictional character this time around. I hope that Shatner’s next role is even further removed from the Kirk character. Nimoy will die with “In Search Of” on his tombstone … Roddenberry and Doohan’s tombstone will read “Upper Stage of Earth suborbital launch rocket,” and Takei’s, Nichols’, Barrett’s, Koenig’s and others will read “made by Star Trek, unmade by Hollywood typecasting.” But Shatner’s will always read “Denny Crane, don’t forget ‘da name.”

And I love it.

Man, if loving Shatner is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

If a man loving Shatner is gay, then I’m gayer than a Mazda Miata.

I’m glad he isn’t in this movie, because in so many ways this looks like tribute to Kirk and Shatner both. If they’ve really, truly pulled our legs [and what could be more Kirk than a colossal ruse?] I’ll jump for joy and weep at the same time.

I think Shatner should take his funds and buy the Trek franchise and make Shatner Trek.

Closettrekker will be here in the morning to set you all straight like a sunday school teacher!

I love this man. I hope his ‘aging, fat face’ is around for a long, long time. And, much as I would have loved to see his Kirk one more time, he’s absolutely right – Chris Pine is taking us on the journey that leads into the Kirk of TOS. The young, yummy, horny, kick-ass, shoulder-rolling JTK Himself. I’m okay with that, it’s forward momentum. Into the past.

Interested in the Shat-Takei matchup, I’m just hoping George doesn’t do that pithy-comment-chuckle-chuckle-chuckle thing he’s so good at.

and re: the Boston Legal comment – obviously blahblahblah Chinese not Japanese blahblahblah BUT – it would have been funny to give Denny a line about Asian people having a problem with him and not understanding why.

An even better idea would have been to not NEED a finale at all, though.

Bringing Shatner’s Kirk back to life is just way too convoluted a story to try and spin into one movie, a movie where they are trying to reboot the franchise with a new cast, no less. It would have been a ridiculous idea to bring Shatner into this movie.

Face it, he’s dead, Jim!

Now, if Kirk had not died, it would have been a much easier thing, and then I think they would have almost been obliged to include him.

As such, I wish people would just let Kirk lie. RIP, Jimbo, and all that.

Let’s give Chris Pine a chance with the character!


If they do a sequel, I hope to God NONE of the original actors are in it.

The new crew needs a chance to fly on their own, thank you very much.


I didn’t like that CGI de-aging stuff they used in X-Men. I didn’t notice it too much the first time I saw the movie, but once it really registered, they just kind of looked like walking, talking wax sculptures or something….


Love or hate him, he tells it like it is. And I love him!

Captain Dunsel

In case you haven’t heard,

Bettie Page has died.

Not TREK related, but still sad news.

Wow, who knew she was still alive?

Howard Stern: J.J. (Abrams) claims they offered you a cameo in the new “Star Trek.”
William Shatner: I know he does.

They’re both wrong. Abrams never said that at all. Both of these guys apparently need a refresher course in “reading comprehension”. Either that, or they’re both far too comfortable putting words in other peoples mouths.

Well, we know Shatner is a master at that.

Only 46 posts so far, but so far, no cannon! Let’s keep it up, folks.

Saying that the scene written for Shatner amounted to a cameo, and reminding the public that Bill himself asserted that he would not be satisfied with such a minor role (“I don’t do cameos”), does not equate to saying that a cameo was ever offered to him.

If Stern or Shatner thinks it does, I would have to question their intelligence.

Shatner is basically calling JJ a liar, and quite publicly at that. That’s is completely irresponsible, especially for someone of his public stature. I don’t care how genuinely disappointed he is. That’s no excuse. He should be ashamed of himself. But he isn’t. He should have corrected Stern. But he didn’t.

I would discipline my kids for doing exactly what he’s doing. I don’t tolerate dishonesty in my house. And here he is, doing it for a nationwide audence…again.

Howard Stern is a p*tz. Say old schtick. Does he ever do anything remotely new? (as evidenced by this interview). Takei’s on: Bring up the feud (Make a gay joke). Shatner’s on: Bringup the feud. Have some random hottie of the moment take off her top. Takei’s on again: Bring up the feud (Maybe make a gay joke). Shatner’s on again: Bring up the feud. Have some other random hottie of the moment take off her top.

Big f’ng YAWN!

48. I have a theory. Your handle is “closettrekker.” Who do we know who has been publicly stating that he is indeed not a Trek fan to get newbs into the fold (but is he REALLY a fan in hiding?). Who is pilloring Shatner for lying about a certain someone’s offer for his role in the movie.

I expose closettrekker as none other than J.J. Abrams, hisself!
Decloaked. Defrocked. DeKellied! (Whatever that means) ; )