Celebrate ‘Fringemas’

It is been a while since we have done an update on Fringe, the new show from the Star Trek team of JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The genre mystery series returns January 20th with new episodes, and if you want to get caught up, FOX has created a fun Walterific ‘Fringemas’ video recap of the first season so far, see below.


More Fringe at FOX.com/fringe


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And a merry Xmas to all!

And to all a good Fringe.

“Walterific,” let me posit that.

Fringemas, Shatcember…I don’t know if I can take any more.

Everyone get ready for JJabramsuary

Are there even any Phasers in the Fringe show?

3, Jason,
I believe it would be J.J.anuary.

And I think I like “Fringemas.” It has a nice ring to it.

Fun show! Break out the Fringeltoe….

I think that William Shatner would be great as guest star in the Fringe, as Walter’s best buddy from nut house. :D

Holy crap, all those scenes were familiar except for the frog thing and the guy jumping out the window – I think I missed an episode!!

*goes to Fox.com’s Fox-On-Demand*

#7 – If William Shatner is on “Fringe,” that would be…BEYOND epic!!

J.J., Roberto, Alex: Put Shat on the Fringe, as Walter buddy, now! :D

Thanks for the update on Fringe, but honestly, it’s December 21 and there’s still no review on “The Cage” Remastered. This site was originally set up to report in particular on the remastered episodes, yet in the last month there have been reviews on everything except the remastered TOS. Just saying.

Best first 10 comments I’ve seen in three years of TrekMovie.com browsing. Brilliant.

So far, I absolutely LOVE this show! Every episode has been very entertaining.

Will we get a present for the original date (Dec 25)? Something like the first 11 minutes or so… :D

I need to watch more but from what I saw it seemed JJ was ripping off the X Files

I’d rather watch Lostmas.

What’s with the cow on the Christmas card? Is that part of the show?

I haven’t seen it as I don’t have TV right now.

Been watching this show since the first episode and love every minute of it. Great characters and a great storyline, keeps you guessing the whole way through. Sci Fi fans give this one a shot!

effex, are you serious? I hate seeing this shows lack of reasoning and lame stories. Pasey from dawsons creek has zero story plot, he’s just a lame excuse for a b rated actor to give the show some credibiolity. I couldnt care if any of these people live or die, but then again every week is some lame science experiment of walters which he doesnt fully remember and honestly I dont care about. MAKE ME CARE ABOUT these characters as I do with jack from lost…

Shat on Fringe is actually a great idea. I can think of a great cameo for him.


#4 NX01, give Walter time, he’ll come up with one if he didn’t already invent a phaser and put it in a drawer someplace…

I like that idea – a Star Trek/Fringe hybrid. Of the dozen or so shows over the past 4 decades that Star Trek has returned to present day Earth – somehow some of the future technology was tapped into by scientist. Hmmm… four decades of Star Trek… seems to me that Drs. Bishop and Bell have been “developing” strange new technologies for about… FOUR DECADES!

If only Bishop had knocked-out Astrid Farnsworth with a Vulcan neck pinch instead of a syringe full of sedatives. Oh well, just a thought.

Thanks for the great holiday treat, Mr.Abrams, Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman.
And ‘Happy Fringemas’ to you, too.
Looking forward to the show’s return in January.
(What I orginally dismissed as an “X-Files” ripoff has since surprised and delighted me with its originality, and its unique characters.

If you put as much care into Star Trek as you have in Fringe…
we are in for a hell of a treat this May.

Happy Holidays– and thank you again.