Man Wielding Bat’leth Robs 2 Colorado 7-11s [UPDATE: Surveillance Cam Image]

Apparently the economy is so bad, that a Trekkie has turned to crime. According to multiple reports from the Colorado press, a man wielding a Klingon Bat’leth sword robbed two different 7-11 stores in Colorado Springs, CO this morning. So far no one was injured, but the crook has not yet been caught. More details and a video TV report below. [UPDATE: Image of Bat’leth Bandit released]

Qapla’…now hand over the cash
The robber, described as "a white man in his 20s, wearing a black jacket, blue jeans and wearing a mask" robbed the first 7-11 at 145 N Spruce Street in Colorado Springs at 1:50 AM. The robber demanded money and left after getting an undisclosed amount of cash. According to reports, the clerk recognized the weapon "from the Star Trek TV series."  A half hour later the Bat’leth bandit struck again at a 7-11 at 2407 Union, but after the clerk refused to give him any money the robber (in a very un-Klingon-like move) fled the scene. Neither clerk was injured and the robber is still at large.

Here is a report from KKTV in Colorado

The Colorado Police have released a surveillance camera image of the robbery.

Bat’leth weilding robber bringing dishonor to Trekkies

UPDATE 2: Police consider Bat’leth deadly weapon
According to a report in the Colorado Springs Gazette, Police are taking this crime seriously. Police spokesman Lt. David Whitlock tells the paper:

If this individual is arrested, the charge will be the same as if he carried a gun. It’s considered a deadly weapon.

Whitlock also acknowledges that using this kind of weapon in a crime is unusual, noting he "can’t imagine it’s very easy to conceal.


If you are wondering, you can actually purchase stainless steel Bat’leth swords. offers a number of designs ranging from $30-$75. (TrekMovie does not recommend using Bat’leths for anything except honorable and ceremonial purphoses)


[Sources: Denver Post, DenverChannel, KKTV]

Thanks to Kevin, Salgado, and Ran for sending in tips.



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I’ve been wondering where Closettrekker’s been…

Man, what an idiot!!

Ok. That Klingon has No honor and will Never get to Stovokor. May His Flesh be eaten aline by all of the other Dishonerable Klingons.

At least he didn’t go beserk, copy Ledger’s Joker, and slaughter babies like the one in Belgium last week.

Yeah, This weapon was from Star Track! A Star Track looking sword. Imagine that. At least the second guy got it right.

At least he didn’t use one of the new phasers. Can you imagine his embarrassment when the stun to kill spin function jammed as he demanded the 30 bucks out of the register? Frankly, he could have sold the Bat’leth for more money than you’d get out of a 7-11…

This petaQ has neither honor nor courage.

Wow… what if someone else in the store had a gun? He would be in quite the pickle wouldn’t he? Not very bright.

Oh, our lost brother has turned to a life of crime. Let us fund this lost soul and bring him back to the fold. Roddenberry would definitely not approve of his actions. For shame, you have brought dishonor to the Trekkie name.

omg that’s awesome. i’d like to see him use klingon battle armor made from kevlar tho… that’d be the shiznit.

For His Punishment Ill put him in the Agoniser Booth for a period of no less then 24 hours. Then Ill give him to the Klingons and they can send him to Rurea Penthea where he will be forced to work the Mines for a Period of no less then 25 years and then he will be let go but he will havt to walk past the beaming shield with no coat and if he makes it then he will be released. Thats the way we do things in the Empire!!!

Ack! FIND this lost soul, not FUND! lol, my bad.


Someone’s going to Gret’hor tonight!

Truth truly is stranger than fiction.

Yet more proof that contrary to what we see at the movies, criminals are stupid.

I just woke up.

[reads story][eyes pop][eyes relax]

I think I need to sleep some more.

This is an embaressment to the Star Trek Community, especially with a new movie com ing out soon. If this goes national, this could hurt.

I can’t believe the stupid anchor said Star Track!!!

For the record, I am in my 40s and have a good alibi here in Windsor Colorado which is about 100 miles north of Colorado Springs. Of course it could have been me that did this though. I am working on my alibi as we speak. It should be ironclad by about nooner.

I bet it was someone that I know or hang out with that did this. I once dated this witch chick. serious… this was about 6 years ago. anyway. she would cast the spells and whatnot. so anyway, after tapping that a few times, i find out she’s married – to this dude who lives in Longmont who actually BILLieves that he is a Klingon. She said that he would get drunk and beat her, playing Klingon. Apparently she was unable to cast a spell strong enough to protect herself so they were separated at the time.

So I tapped it a few more times. But then she started talking this weirdo stuff about my kids and how she could see their futures and whatnot. I was offended and had enough of that mumbo jumbo. She was trying to manipulate me, I saw right through that. SO I broke it off with her. But she just didnt get it. She would call me at like 3 in the morning, crying, begging for me to take her back. I told her that if she was such a powerful witch, why not just cast a spell to get me back? Anyway this went on for about a week or so. I had just finally gotten enough of it.

Next thing I did was call up this Klingon husband guy in Longmont and tell him what his lil witchey woman had been up to. OF COURSE he wanted to battle me like any Klingon would. But he saw my honor and knew that I was an honorable warrior. So last I heard, she had gone back to him and gotten a major Klingon beatdown for cheating on him.

WHY do I share these stories with y’all? I guess that I just want to share a part of my experience with the trekmovies dot com, the good folk here who share with me so much. It’s like a giving tree, and we give until we get a Hurtz Donut™. I suppose so.



Ferengi Win?

#18. You are Not Guilty by order of the Imperal leader of the Terran Empire.

He needs to be sent to Rura Penthe for the rest of his natural life.

How dare he dishonor the good name of Star Trek fandom.

I realize it’s irresponsible to say so, but that is totally bad ass.

Since when is it dishonorable for a Klingon to steal? Genesis device, anyone? The DS9-VOY people are polluting these boards with their watered-down Klingon honor propaganda.

Kruge lives!

18 – That is one scary story.

Dude… That’s one crazy bitch. I really can’t blame her husband for turning Klingon. LOL

“No Rokeg Blood Pie flavored Slurpees? This will not stand!”

um, correction incase wifey happens across this, it was about 9 years ago, not 6.

before i knocked up wifey at the xmas party.

that is all.


His actions were without honor.

#22. Kruge did what he thought was best for the Klingon Empire. He did not just do it for himself. This Guy who Robbed the stores did it just for himself. So the distinction of this petty crook and Kruge simply does not work.

i’m surprised that the clerk kind of recognized the weapon!

it is irresponsible to say so……but this is a fun story.

The Klingons are here!

#22. While I do agree there can be honor in stealing something like a cloaking device or even plans to the Death Star, armed robbery is just wrong…..even for a Klingon.

Just goes to show, TNG fans take their show WAY too seriously!

Could have been worse, though, he could have been wearing a silly forehead and nose prosthetic!!!! ;)

At least he didn’t try to use a phaser toy, he used a real weapon. Not like this so-called “trekkie” who used a shoebox to try and rob a bank and said it had inside “a bomb like on Star Trek.”


If it was me, I’d rob the place using a Vulcan neck pinch from TOS! :)

HOLD THE PHONES!! I’ve been hit with some inspirado for draft 2 of “If I Did It, Jr”… what I am going to do is make the OJ, Charlie, F. Lee Bailey and Johnny Cochran characters Klingons in version 2. The Browns and Goldmans will all be Federation characters serving aboard different starships and deep space nines and whatnot.

I’ll make a call to JC and see if I can rent the “New Voyages” sets and turn IF I DID IT JR into an epic space battle! OJ, wielding a Bat’leth, commits heinous double murder. Maybe I’ll make the Nicole character into some sort of wiccan monster, and Ron Goldman can be a red shirt. Then OJ and Charlie flee the scene in their Bird Of Prey to rob some 7-11s with the Enterprise in hot pursuit!

Life imitates art, my good friends. Its where you get all the best stories anyway. ask the orcster. did anyone see fringe last night? as a rule, every episode of fringe begins on an airplane – you know, captain sully and boston harbor flight 1549 and all that. see what i am saying? real life is where all the true inspirado comes from.


Okay, Paramount is going a bit overboard with the movie promotion now.

28 Cap’n Mike: That’s a distinction without a difference. Klingons steal.

And if a Klingon is hooked on Crystal Meth, trapped in Colorado, or needs diapers for his kid, he’d steal from a 7/11.

Klingon honor is extremely overrated.

I have had enough of youuuuu!

That just cuts me up…..

Ha ha, I think this is funny as hell! I can remember that nutter from the early nineties who thought he was Highlander and the cops shot the sword out of his hands! Hope this guy continues to rob other stores and get away with it for my amusement!

Hey, we should take whatever promoting we can get! Star Wars had Stormtroopers getting arrested, we could use some Klingon criminals!

It was probably one of those sniveling and cowardly humanized Klingons that were around for a few years back during Kirk’s command. Those wimpy smooth-headed Klingons were just pathetic.

#37. You are Right. # 38 you are Wrong.

Scene: An interrogation room on Earth.

Detective One: Ok, pal. Let’s start with your name.

Klingon: Gowron.

Detective Two: Occupation?

Klingon: Leader of the High Council.

Detective One: That’s a pretty funny outfit you got on, fella. You from New Orleans? Mardi Gras refugee, maybe?

Klingon: I am from the Klingon home world! Son of Ja’Rod.

Detective Two: Ja’Rod? You mean like that guy that plays for the Yankees? I hate the Yankees.

Detective One: Look scumbag, we got you on two counts of armed robbery, one count of resisting arrest, and you tried to eat one of our K-9 dogs. You’re in big trouble, boy. Why don’t you play ball, and save yourself a lot of trouble?

Klingon: Detective Three was also stubborn. He, too, refused to listen. Now… he is gone. You need not make the same mistake.

Detective Two: Book ’em Danno.

Huh. I think the without honor part comes from the fact that after he was denied money at the second location, he fled the scene rather than eviscerating the clerk who dared challenge him. Maybe. :P

Still, this is just sad.

Freaking psycopaths loose! Just making trekkies appear more WEIRD!! Lucky, no ne was hurt. Next time, the dope should have used a lightsaber. Maybe he was promoting his version of the movie. JERK!

BTW, there’s got to be better Bat’leth makers out there than what’s offered on that link. Their Sword of Kahless especially is a little ugh compared to the DS9 version, which was just beautiful! (Y’know…for a weapon of killing and junk.)

Part of his parole should be reporting to his officer to be beaten by a pain stick once a week. Classic.

#37 – That was truly priceless… ROFL!

Look, I see alot of comments about how this reflects on Treksters but let me tell you as a Trekster living in Colorado, the brunt of the embarrassment is in the Colorado part of this. I mean who was it who was talking about Colorado meth heads needing diaper money or whatever? That comment stings because there are some folks out here who are like that. But I say they are only a few.

Let me, hitch1969, reassure the Star Trek interwebs community that most of us Coloradoans are exemplary citizens of distinguished merit. I am sure this is just a case of one bad apple happening here. It saddens me that Columbine and now this shape the perceptions of the good people living in Colorado such as myself, the Longmont Klingon, and his witchy wife. We are a decent, civil people of sound mind. God Bless us all.