ST09 Tidbits (T-70 days): New Nero Image + Premiere Tickets Contest + Bad Robot Sighting + more

The tidbits are coming fast right now. Our Trek minus 70 day edition starts off with a brand new image from the Star Trek movie. Also this afternoon, Lenovo announced a new contest that could send you and your friends to the Star Trek premiere. Check all that out below.


Say hello to Mr. Nero
The April issue of Total Film Magazine (on Sale March 5th) features a big Star Trek cover story that will have ‘expansive looks at Trek past and present.’ And just this afternoon they are showing off an exclusive new image from the new Star Trek movie of Eric Bana as Nero having a chat with Kirk and Spock.

Eric Bana’s Nero gets in the face of Kirk and Spock

Bana is also quoted at Total film, saying of Nero

He’s intent on mass destruction… sometimes brooding, sometimes lacking self-control. I knew he was someone I could have a bit of fun with.

The Star Trek issue of Total Film, comes with four collectible covers as well. More info, higher res images and quotes from Zachary Quinto (Spock), Zoe Saldana (Uhura), and Chris Pine (Kirk) at

Total Film goes Total Trek for their April Issue

New Contest: Win Tickets To Star Trek Red Carpet Premiere
Paramount’s promotional partner Lenovo (the ones that gave away the Kelvin laptop) has another Star Trek sweepstakes, and this time it is even better. They are giving away two prize packages:

  1. A trip for four to the red-carpet Hollywood premiere of Star Trek
  2. A trip for four for a Zero G flight

The ‘New Frontier Sweepstakes‘ is open now through May 8th, however the drawing for the Star Trek movie premiere trip will take place on April 3 (entries received after this date will only be eligible for the Zero Gravity Flight prize). There is also a way to increase the odds of winning by inviting friends to enter the contest as well. For more details and to enter go to

Lenovo could send you to the Star Trek red carpet!

Bad Robot sighting
In our review Countdown #2, the second issue of the Star Trek prequel comic which came out yesterday, we neglected to mention that artist David Messina dropped another one of his Easter Eggs into on of the shots (on page 22). Many friends and readers emailed us to point out our omission. So, if you look closely at a meeting between Spock and Picard on Vulcan, you can see a robot off to the right, notably a Bad Robot (the mascot of JJ Abrams production company, also named ‘Bad Robot’).

The Bad Robot has to sit in the corner!

Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Uhura (via Warhol)
Resident artist Thorsten Wulff has his second entry in the ‘Star Trek cast as pop art’ series (see previous Tidbits for Spock via Shepard Fairey). Today it is Uhura’s turn…reimagined through the eyes of Andy Warhol. 

Uhura…famous for far more than 15 minutes
(click to enlarge)

Thanks to everyone who send in links (there are too many to name, but we love you all)

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Nice image! Looking forward to the update in an hr!


Nice – but the man in the view screen looks a bit too human to be a cold Romulan

It looks like you can see through Nero’s face.

Cool picture. But Nero looks like the Magrathea representative from Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. “Good Morning, Captain Kirk, we appreciate the interest you have in the Romulan Star Empire, we hope you appreciate the two thermonuclear warheads we have sent to greet you. Have a nice day!”

first? sweet, i like the distortion of the view screen.

Im hoping in next weeks new trailer, they put in alittle more of Nero. Im a Eric Bana fan and im really curious on how his performance is going to be. Looking at the pic, I can not tell if the new view screen is suppose to be 3-D? It has the look that it could but im not sure.

Looks good, the view screen looks pretty nifty also!


YAY!!! At least Spock doesn’t look waxy/plastic for this cover. lol

Thanks, Anthony! Contest entered

Shouldn’t Spock would have the technical expertise to set the correct aspect ratio on that viewscreen?

It’s like being at Grandma’s house with her 4:3 ratio TV picture stretched to fill her new 16:9 screen.

sorry im giving it a thumbs down.

Looks kind of like a sneering bodiless head in space. Hmmm … kind of cheesy. But it’s out of context, so who knows?

Wow…I just read Countdown #2 and I totally didn’t notice the bad robot in that panel. I guess I was too distracted by the Enterprise-D model on the opposite side of the frame.

Isn’t that our ORIGINAL Enterprise in model form there? What does that portend or mean? The way it was before time was altered?

OK, I see now it is the Ent D. My bad, couldn’t tell at first with that small image. Shucks.

I am going to enter now! Thanks! cool little bad robot cameo. hehehe.

Why is Kirk (Chris Pine) taler than Spock (Zachario Quinto)????
I believe the so called supreme court hasn´t done his homework on this one since Spock (Nimoy) is considerably taler than Kirk (Shatner).
Annoys me and will influence the dynamic of the scene a bit imo.
The Pic is strange, Nero face is disproportioned, looks more like a balloon

# 3 — Strangely, I had the same thoughts.
#21 — I think its simple perspective, look at the trailer again when they’re side by side and the voice over says something like “just depends what choice you’ll make” (something like that) and you’ll see that Spock is a little taller than Kirk.

Cool stuff, I love the Bad Robot sighting… very cool!

Also, the Warhol Uhura is pretty sweet.

Nice work Thorsten!! Love the Warhol Pop style!

21: Sigh, I’ll walk you thru this ok? It seems obvious that they are getting away with the ‘perfect’ view screen know how whenever they view the crew of another ship via their viewscreen, its always a ‘picture perfect’ image, camera set up in just the right place ect? Well it seems here that its more realistic in that the settings for Nero’s camera isn’t so picture perfect as a federation starship, just as if you where gonna have a web cam chat to someone their camera might not be in perfect working order?

Get me?

Also it looks like the view screen is holographic in some way.

Hello? Is this thing working?

Dear Anthony, I have tried to post a comment in the section about the uniforms, but it is rejected. I am curious as to why? Have I done something wrong? It says that a duplicate post was deleted.

So the main viewscreen is now a really bad heads-up display with lousy anti-reflection coating.
OK fine.

Love the robot, though.

Anyway, this looks cool. Can’t wait for more.

it looks like there are sparks and thingsin nero’s ship, so maybe it’s the ol damaged ship scenario, and nero’s image is therefore twitching, and we just got the bad stretch twitch. anyways, i love that viewscreen, it looks so 60, yet sleek and modern, too cool!

It looks like the screen has reflections on it, like a window. I don’t think I like it.

Every pic of this viewscreen loons like they forgot to coat the screen with anti-glare. LOL Doesn’t Starfleet have HD??

My god people….1+1=2? The view screen is not 3D and it is probably distorted because there is interference with the transmission…c’mon, how many times has that been on Star Trek. Go watch the trailer again to see what the view screen looks like i.e. when they drop out of warp in the debris field….no 3D, no hologram, no distortion.

@ 14 I agree, I don’t understand people who stretch 4:3 to fit a 16:9 tv and think it looks ok, I would rather watch 4:3 with the black bars.

Thorsten does it again!.

I think the “viewscreen” photo is begging for a caption contest.

1. Kirk: “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the bad-assest one of all?”

2. Spock: “We;re running a special on the extended warranty for this baby…Take 2 years, and we’ll throw in a Blu-Ray player.”

3. Kirk: “He looks really fat, Spock. Why must you watch everything in widescreen?”

4. Nero: “You now have three Earth time periods, known as minutes!”

Kirk: “I saw this one last week, Spock. Let’s watch Battlestar.”

Slowly my guard is dropping on the new film! I think I really have an open mind as to what JJ is going to give us! Warp Speed ahead….Come on MAY!

Not to spoil anything, but for the people who have read Countdown #2 I have to ask: After what happens to a certain planet on the last page, why doesn’t Nero use time travel to fix it instead of taking it out on Kirk and Spock in the upcoming movie?

This could be a mute question if the remaining two issues of Countdown explain why….

slowly you stalk the the forums worrying about who gives a fug
Trek gets better and better

Face to face eye to eye this movie gonna rock

39. Olley Olley Olley

old news.. go check a few articles back.. you missed the discussion then.

Thorsten, great job on the Uhura Warhol!! I was just mentioning Warhol on the boards today with someone. How freaky is that?!? Looks great!

concerning the new Nero image:


big “F’in’ deal. in the sweepstakes. I hope i win. I like the new images of Nero. Looks to be great.

Just checked the official rules for the Trek tickets contest and, AS USUAL, it’s only for residents of the U.S.A.!

Funny how these companies are quite happy to take money for their products from anybody around the world, they just don’t want to extend the courtesy to entering any of their contests!


That Nero pic reminds me of Holly from Red Dwarf, or the big giant head from Third Rock From The Sun who was played by…. ;)

and for my fellow UK & Ireland readers: Gamesmaster! All he needs is the monocle.

it looks like there’s some serious plot exposition going on in that shot too, hopefully not along the lines of last weeks BSG (which I still thought kicked ass, but then again I’m one of the few who liked “Black Market”); “show, don’t tell”, rule 101! not that i’m advocating the Michael Bay school of film making with Trek of course…

[joke] Cue Bob Orci with a wonderfully glib comment at some stage… [/joke]

Yay, I’m with you on this one Harry Ballz (#44). Another contest for only the United States. :P Thanks guys.

Very interesting. Bana looks great as Nero. I’ve love the Black and White shaded photos of the main cast (on Total Film) since they first came out. Especially the one of Quinto as Spock. It is interesting that Pine’s Kirk and Bana’s Nero hold the same pose in those shots.

Thanks for all the updates!

Regarding Nero’s floating head on the viewscreen……anybody remember the villian’s floating head in The Last Starfighter?

That effect was cheesy then and this effect is cheesy NOW!

One question for those who have read Countdown… does the Federation know that Romulans look like Vulcans before they see Nero? Is that an issue for the humans like it was in TOS’s Balance of Terror?


With the distortion in the thumbnail , it almost looked like Nero was the Face of Beau from Dr.Who for a minute . LOL!

Bad Robot ! No Earl Grey for you!!! LOL!