SciFi Sunday: Terminator, Watchmen, Marvel, Dragonball + Lost, Heroes, Red Dwarf, Stargate + more

There is lots of non-Trek genre news coming out of WonderCon and we have the highlights, including tons of stuff on Watchmen and Terminator Salvation. Plus Jackson in for Nick Fury, but is Yelchin in for Green Lantern? All that and lots of movie previews. In TV land we have Lou Diamond Phillips going through the Gate, an update on the futures of Lost, Terminator: TSCC, Smallville and Supernatural. And more previews.



Watchmen Panel/Roundtable Highlights
Here are some highlights from the WonderCon "Watchmen" panel and roundtable.  SPOILERS. (courtesy io9, SCI FI Wire and AICN):

  • The studio originally had an idea of doing an Ocean’s Eleven type cast, comprised of huge movie stars, but that ended up not happening. Snyder talked to Tom Cruise for a while, but he was busy with Valkyrie, and Snyder was never sure what role Cruise would play.
  • Snyder called the movie Depression-era cinema… It’s like a regular movie with 40 more minutes at no extra cost!
  • Patrick Wilson was the first person cast, Billy Crudup the last
  • The movie’s "director’s cut" is three hours and ten minutes, and will hopefully have a theatrically run in July. Stuff that didn’t make the cut includes extra violence, more blue nudity, Hollis Mason’s death, and some other "bits and bobs."
  • Jackie Earle Haley got the movie because he recorded an audition tape of him in his living room doing one of the psychiatric scenes from the prison. He also shot the scene where he’s unmasked and screams out “Give me back my face!”
  • The script that the studio gave Snyder, when he first agreed to do the movie, ended with Nite Owl killing Ozymandias by crashing the Owl-ship into him via remote control. Nite Owl even says a cool catch phrase immediately afterwards.

SCI FI Wire has more on the extended director’s cut. In related news, screenwriter David Hayter says that the film tones down the imagery of the final chapter because of 9/11.  Read about that aspect at io9.  Also, two of the film’s stars — Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Comedian) and Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach) — spoke with reporters about their roles in the film.  Leading up the film’s release next Friday, NBC, USA and SCI FI will be airing six character profiles, which will then be made available to view online.  The first of those — for Dr. Manhattan — has gone live and can be seen at Here’s the full schedule:

March 1: Clip montage featuring Dr. Manhattan airs exclusively during "National Treasure" on USA Network.
March 2: Clip montage featuring Rorschach airs exclusively during "Heroes" on NBC.
March 4: Clip montage featuring Ozymandias airs exclusively during "Ghost Hunters International" on SCI FI.
March 5: Clip montage featuring Nite Owl airs exclusively during "Battlestar Galactica" on SCI FI.
March 5: Clip montage featuring Silk Spectre II airs exclusively during "Burn Notice" on USA Network.
March 5: Clip montage featuring The Comedian airs exclusively during "30 Rock" on NBC.

And finally, here are the latest video clips from the film.

Two extended clips featuring Rorschach (with introduction by director Zack Snyder)

+ Another clip featuring Rorschack at Borders

University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios discusses "The Science of Watchmen"

Interview with Zack Snyder, discussing how he adapted the book

Astro Boy On Track for October Release + WonderCon Clip Description
After a brief halt in production, Variety reports that "Astro Boy" is back on track for its October 23rd release date after producer Imagi Entertainment announced it’s completed a $25 million financing plan.  Summit was on hand at WonderCon to debut a new clip from the film, here’s the description of it, courtesy SCI FI Wire:

The clip began with Astro Boy falling (apparently out a window), plummeting quickly towards earth. As he falls, flames shoot out of his feet. He has a bit of difficulty adjusting to his new power, but quickly masters it (it will remind you of the scene from Iron Man when he first tries out his suit). He flies all over town, the flames from his feet cooking an underdone steak at a restaurant. As he bursts through the clouds (in a scene that recalls another superhero film about a man in a cape) and revels in his new ability, he says, "Wow! This is cool! I have to show Dad."

Green Lantern (Animated Film) Hits DVD and Blu-ray in July
Warner Premiere, DC Comics and Warner Brothers Animation have jointly announced the animated straight-to-DVD/Blu-ray "Green Lantern: First Flight". The film becomes the fifth entry in the DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 films ("Wonder Woman", which releases this Tuesday, is the latest). The full-length animated film will be released on July 28th.  Via SCI FI Wire:

Christopher Meloni (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) voices Hal Jordan, aka Green Lantern. Victor Garber is the villainous Sinestro, Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) is Boodikka, and Michael Madsen is Kilowog.

Produced by animation legend Bruce Timm, Green Lantern: First Flight is helmed by Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman, Superman Doomsday) from a script by Alan Burnett (The Batman).

In the film, Jordan is recruited to join the Green Lantern Corps and placed under the supervision of respected senior Lantern Sinestro. The Earthling soon discovers his mentor is actually the central figure in a secret conspiracy that threatens the philosophies, traditions and hierarchy of the entire Green Lantern Corps. Hal must quickly hone his newfound powers and combat the treasonous Lanterns within the ranks to maintain order in the universe.

Terminator Salvation Panel/Roundtable Highlights
Here are some highlights from the "Terminator Salvation" panel at this year’s WonderCon. SPOILERS. (courtesy io9,, /Film, SCI FI Wire and AICN):

  • Director McG unveiled a new trailer (Note: The trailer will be attached to "Watchmen" next week, but it will actually debut tomorrow night at 4PM PT/7PM ET at Yahoo! Movies) and two new clips (click either of the above links for descriptions).
  • Kyle Reese is as close to the original version as Anton Yelchin could get him. "Who wants to see a Terminator movie where it’s not the Kyle Reese you know from T1?" asked Yelchin.
  • McG says that Reese being imprisoned at Skynet is Skynet’s newest plan: it tried to kill Sarah Connor and John Connor in the first two movies, and now it’s trying to kill Kyle Reese before he can father John Connor, and lure Connor and friends in to try and rescue him, so it can get all of them in one place.
  • McG mentioned he’s fighting to have a topless scene involving Moon Bloodgood stay in the film, and when asked by directly about the issue, McG said: "We never once gave a thought to rating. Do you think Christian would go in and go, ‘I need to tailor my performance to hit a rating.’ He didn’t want to do that, I didn’t want to do that. We would never do that. Now having said that, should the film be PG-13? ‘The Dark Knight’ is PG-13 and I would regard that as made without compromise."
  • McG is dedicating the movie to Stan Winston
  • Robert Patrick may be involved in the next film in the franchise.

Meanwhile, McG told SCI FI Wire that he’s still talking with Linda Hamilton about reprising her role as Sarah Connor and that he is also meeting with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger next week about some possible involvement.  McG adds that the governor has seen the movie and is speaking with his staff to see if his involvement would be appropriate:

"Truthfully, it’s not clear. It’s not clear. We’ll see where we land. I mean, he’s a very powerful guy, he’s got to do what’s right for him. You know what would be helpful is if all of us collectively put a little pressure in a couple of e-mails saying, ‘Hey, we think it would be a good idea.’ I mean, we’re not getting any blowback or any resistance; I just kind of respect that the guy’s the governor of the state of California, and he’s got to go back to his advisors and ask them, ‘Hey, is this a good idea?’ And you never know if they’re going to go, ‘No, we’ve done the numbers, and it seems to suggest that people will feel uncomfortable if the governor is dabbling.’ Who knows? Who are we to guess?"

The latest clips and images from "Terminator Salvation" follow below.

Cover photo of Empire Magazine [Empire Online]

New posters and production images [six more at Yahoo! Movies]

Clip shown during Academy Awards closing credits

New ET trailer preview

Abrams has ‘cool idea’ for Cloverfield sequel
During the "Star Trek" panel at WonderCon, director J.J. Abrams was asked about the status of a sequel to the 2007 monster movie hit, "Cloverfield".  Here’s:

We’re actually working on an idea right now. The key obviously at doing any kind of sequel, certainly this film included, is that it better not be a business decision. If you’re going to do something, it should be because you’re really inspired to do it. It doesn’t really have to mean anything, doesn’t mean it will work, but it means we did it because we cared, not because we thought we could get the bucks. We have an idea that we thought was pretty cool that we’re playing with, which means there will be something that’s connected to ‘Cloverfield,’ but I hope it happens sooner than later because the idea is pretty sweet.


Anton Yelchin In Consideration for Green Lantern?
Anton Yelchin, who in addition to playing Chekov in "Star Trek" this summer, will also be seen in "Terminator Salvation" as Kyle Reese, may be adding another high-profile role to his resume.  Latino Review is reporting that the producers of WB’s "Green Lantern" are looking at "every up and coming actor INCLUDING" Anton Yelchin.  The site reports that thus far, Ryan Goslin and Emile Hirsch have passed on the project and Yelchin’s "Terminator Salvation" co-star Sam Worthington is unavailable due to his role in "Clash of the Titans".  For his part, Yelchin was asked about the possible role during the WonderCon panel for "Terminator Salvation" and the actor said he knew nothing of it, adding:

I think I’m probably too young. I mean, no ones approached me, no one’s said anything to me. So I imagine I’m just too young. I mean, it’s a great character but I don’t know anything about it. … I haven’t heard anything about it."

WB Sets Release Dates for Green Lantern, ‘Deathly Hallows, Part II and More
Speaking of "Green Lantern", Warner Brothers has announced a release date for it and several other of the studio’s upcoming high-profile releases including the second part of ‘Deathly Hallows’, Louis Leterrier’s remake of "Clash of The Titans", Jimmy Hayword’s comic-book adaptation "Jonah Hex" and Christopher Nolan’s original sci-fi picture "Inception".  The release dates are below (click the date to get a look at the current competition):

Samuel L. Jackson Signs Potential Nine-Picture Deal to Play Nick Fury
Despite recent weeks of news suggesting Samuel L. Jackson was on the outs with Marvel Studios, the actor has signed an extensive deal — good for up to nine films — to reprise his role as the Marvel Comics character Nick Fury.  The movies include "Iron Man 2", "Thor", "The First Avenger: Captain America", "The Avengers" and their sequels, as well as the possibility of toplining a "S.H.I.E.L.D." movie.

Zack Snyder’s Thoughts on Adapting Dark Knight Returns
During Comic-Con panel for "Watchmen" last year, director Zack Snyder said that "he would love to see Frank Miller’s "Dark Knight Returns" made into a movie."  Following that statement, Snyder was joined by Frank Miller at an Entertainment Weekly panel and Miller told Snyder "You can do it anytime you want to Zack".  Fast-forward a few months later and FirstShowing got an opportunity to ask Snyder what he would do with the material if he ever had the opportunity to bring it to the big screen:

"I think the thing that’s awesome about Dark Knight, like Watchmen, is that it is a complete and total experience, that was unlike anything anyone has ever seen, and still is," Snyder said. "I think the big challenge for me would be — it’s so ‘montage-y’ and so media thick, that you just have to — that’s the techniques you’d have to develop and make work. But as far as the rest goes, the thing I’d be really interested in is that kind of Frank [Miller] narration over that cool action, that’s a thing we haven’t really seen in that context."


Battle for Terra [one more at SCI FI Wire]

The Book of Eli [Entertainment Weekly]

Dragonball Evolution

New promo photos [seven more at DB The Movie]

New stills [seven more at DB The Movie]


First photo[ShockTillYouDrop]



Promo photos [three more at Celebutopia]


Character poster art [AICN and /Film + one more at]

The Wolfman

Concept art by makeup FX artist Rick Baker [two more at ShockTillYouDrop]

Wonder Woman [four more at YourEntertainmentNow]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

French posters [Cinemablend]

Promo photos [one more at XMenFilms]

Deadpool Action Figure [io9]


Dragon Evolution

New clip from Korean TV show [one more clip here]

Video interview with Chow Yun-Fat (non-English) with clips

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Behind-the-scenes clip


New clip [three more at here and here and another at SCI FI Wire + new sneak preview at Yahoo]

Monsters vs. Aliens

Clip shown during Academy Awards closing credits

Mutant Chronicles

New movie trailer

Wonder Woman

New clip


  • New Line and Platinum Studios have announced that they are moving forward with a follow-up to "Friday the 13th". The new film “is expected to be not a sequel so much as a follow-up” and "is expected to use elements of the original franchise more as a jumping-off point than as a template.” [Risky Biz Blog]
  • Summit Entertainment is in talks with a select group of directors, including actress-turned-director Drew Barrymore, to direct "The Twilight Saga’s Eclipse". []
  • Neal H. Moritz is in final negotiations to develop and produce a contemporary version of "Total Recall", the 1990 sci-fi action movie from director Paul Verhoeven and star Arnold Schwarzenegger. [THR]
  • The Kennedy/Marshall Co. ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button") and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way company are in discussions with Warner Bros. to remake the 25-year-old franchise "The NeverEnding Story". [THR]
  • Columbia Pictures has selected Michael Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind") to helm Seth Rogen’s "Green Hornet" project.  Stephen Chow was originally tapped to direct and is still attached to play sidekick Kato. [Variety]
  • Dan Aykroyd was in Boston recently to celebrate the opening of a new House of Blues and revealed that production on "Ghostbusters 3" may begin in late fall 2009: “Script is commenced early summer. Hope to be in production by late fall 2009.” [via AICN]
  • Warner Bros. has set Dan Lin ("Sherlock Holmes") to produce the DC Comics property "Suicide Squad".  The potential franchise is based on a group of incarcerated super villains and first debuted in a 1959 DC comic.  A series was launched in 1987. [Variety]
  • Director Alex Proyas ("Knowing", "I, Robot") says that his upcoming film adaptation of John Christopher’s sci-fi series "The Tripods" will be the first of an envisioned trilogy of films. [SCI FI Wire]
  • "Iron Man 2" designer J. Michael Riva talked about what happens in one of the first scenes in the movie: "The first item on the list read: ‘Tony, in the Iron Man armor, pukes in a toilet.’" That may indicate the start of the "alcoholic Tony" storyline from the "Demon In A Bottle" comic. [via CHUD]
  • Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment Group and Platinum Studios Inc. have announced that principal photography on "Dead of Night", based on the best-selling Italian comic book series "Dylan Dog", has begun. [via]
  • Michael Petroni ("Queen of the Damned") has been hired to write "The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader". Petroni takes over from screenwriter Richard LaGravenese, who worked on the most recent draft of the film. [Variety]
  • "Battlestar Galactica" writer Mark Verheiden has been hired to write DreamWorks’ original sci-fi film "Quartermain".  [THR]
  • "Knowing" director Alex Proyas says that his upcoming "Dracula Year Zero" could be his next film. [SCI FI Wire]
  • 2009 Oscars: "The Dark Knight" took home two Oscar’s last Sunday, one for supporting actor (Heath Ledger) and one for sound mixing.  "Wall-E" won best animated feature.  "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", however, took home the most Oscars for SF&F films.  The movie had 13 nominations, but took home three: art direction, visual effects and makeup.
  • Check out the new "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" Blu-ray box art.  The new set, a special "Skynet Edition", will release on May 19th.  It features multiple THX-certified high-definition versions of the film, an all-new 6.1 audio mix and more than eight hours of interactive special features. [SCI FI Wire]


  • While walking the red carpet at last week’s ‘Oscars’, director Jon Favreau told E! that Emily Blunt is officially out as the Black Widow.  As noted last week, the current rumor is that Scarlett Johansson is in talks to play the role. [via The Playlist]
  • Matt Damon has attached himself to screenwriter George Nolfi’s directorial debut "Adjustment Team", which is loosely adapted from Philip K. Dick’s short story of the same name. [Empire Online]
  • "H2" director Rob Zombie has confirmed that Malcolm McDowell will be reprising his role as Dr. Loomis: "he’s back and ready to deal with Big Mike.” [Rob Zombie]
  • Seth Green has been cast in Disney’s "Mars Needs Moms", Robert Zemeckis’ adatpation of the Berkeley Breated children’s novel.  Green is playing the lead Milo, a boy who stows away aboard a spaceship to rescue his mom after she was kidnapped by aliens. [THR]
  • Canadian actor Bronson Pelletier is joining the cast of "The Twilight Saga’s New Moon", according to the actor’s reps. Summit Entertainment has not confirmed the news, and his role is unknown. [Yahoo]


Lou Diamond Philips and Three Others Join Stargate Universe
The cast of SCI FI’s "SGU: Stargate Universe" has expanded by five.  The network has announced that Lou Diamond Philips, Ming-Na, Elyse Levesque and Alaina Huffman have been added to the cast of the new series.  Here are the character breakdowns:

  • Lou Diamond Phillips (Che, La Bamba) is Colonel Telford, a proud lifelong military man, who puts his faith in the chain of command. Stubbornly confident, he’s highly regarded by his superiors. He is the chosen leader of the ill-fated expedition.
  • Ming-Na (ER, Vanished) is Camile Wray, a human resources executive with the international oversight committee that governs the Stargate program. Now the highest ranking member of that division left stranded on the ship, she carries herself with a misguided sense of superiority over the other military and civilian survivors.
  • Elyse Levesque (Smallville, Men in Trees) stars as Chloe Armstrong, the daughter and aid of a U.S. Senator. Politically savvy, but with a wild side, she is considering following in her father’s footsteps, until she finds herself trapped on the ship. As tensions rise, her character will be tested and her place among the group revealed.
  • Alaina Huffman (Smallville, Painkiller Jane) portrays MSGT. Tamara Johansen. Unable to afford medical school, the Air Force was the best option for the strong-willed field medic. Faced with the mounting pressure and a lack of in-depth experience, she will be forced to rise to the extraordinary occasion of needing to treat the seriously wounded.

And in other casting news, producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed on his blog that Christopher McDonald will appear on the series premiere as the character Senator Armstrong.

‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Creator Addresses Fan Concerns
In a new blog posting on Fox’s official website, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" creator/executive producer Josh Friedman addressed fans’ concerns about the show and tried to assure them that the season’s final episodes will be well-received.  Here’s what Friedman promises will be seen/known by the end of the season:

–the resolution of the Riley story
–the resolution of the Jesse story
–a future story about Jesse’s Terminator–piloted nuclear submarine explaining how Jesse got to be how she got to be and how it relates to John Connor’s present and future
–the return of Cameron’s glitch in new and deadly ways
–much more Jameron (for those of you who like it)
–not too much Jameron (for those of you who don’t)
–an explanation of the three-dots
–Catherine Weaver’s backstory/origin story
–Savannah in mortal danger
–the revelation of Catherine Weaver’s exact mission
–a fight between Catherine Weaver and another Terminator
–a faceoff between Sarah Connor and Catherine Weaver
–a deadly attack on the Connors by agents of Skynet
–the death of a loved one
–the death of a loved one
–the death of a loved one

And as far as the show’s chances for a third season, here’s how Friedman handles the situation:

Every day early in the morning I drive my car to the Warner Bros lot. I approach the security guard and hold out my employee ID. He runs the scanner over it. If I hear the beep and the gate opens I say to myself: "So far so good" and go to my office. I will continue to do this until the gate does not open and I suggest you do the same. The show is on until it is off and while that could be next week, next season, or years from now, try to enjoy it while you can (assuming you enjoy it).

Much more from Friedman at this link.  Below you’ll find a new interview with Richard T. Jones, as well as a batch of new images for two upcoming episodes.

Interview with Richard T. Jones

Promo images from episode 17, "Ourselves Alone" [two more at The Sarah Connor Society]

Promo images from episode 18, "Today Is The Day, Part 1" [three more at The Sarah Connor Society]

Terminator and Dollhouse Still Performing Poorly on Friday Nights
The Friday night Fox Terminator/Dollhouse combo is not attracting many viewers.  Week three saw yet another decline for each show.  "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" drew just 3.42M viewers and a 1.2 A18-49 rating, down 11 and 14 percent, respectively, from its week ago numbers (3.86M, 1.4 A18-49 rating).  "Dollhouse" was a little more consistent, but still fared poorly, drawing just 4.13M viewers and a 1.6 A18-49 rating (-3 and -6 percent, respectively).  "Dollhouse" is down a steep 13% among viewers (-630,000) and 20% in the demo since its series premiere on February 13th.

Lost Begins New Phase + No Truth to Lost Character Departure Rumors
Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse say that last week’s episode, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", begins phase two of the season:

We’re trying to bridge this gap of what happened between the time the Oceanic 6 left The Island – and when John Locke left The Island – to when the Oceanic 6 decide to come back. The audience got a sneak peek of what the resolution to all this is last season, which is that Locke is going to die. We’ve seen him in the coffin. We know that his death triggered Jack to want to jump off a bridge and catalyzed him to get everyone back together to go to the island. Now we’re bridging the remaining gaps. By the seventh episode of this year [i.e., by next week’s episode, "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"], the audience will have all the pertinent data that bridges these events. And then we move into phase two of the season, and with phase two comes a new sense of sort of excitement and anxiety for us as writers because we’re changing the game again.

And in related news, recent rumors have surfaced on the net that Evangeline Lilly (Kate) would be leaving the show before it’s sixth, and final, season next year.  Well, the actress has spoken out about the situation, telling E! Online, "I am very happy on Lost and have no reason to look anywhere else for a home."  On the spoiler news side, TV Guide reports that we won’t find out why Ben is bloodied, what Kate did with Aaron, why Sayid is handcuffed and how Hurley got free until mid-March.  And finally, Fionnula Flanagan, who plays Mrs. Hawking, tells E! Online that we’ll learn more about her character later in the season:

"I’m literally waiting for the car to come pick me up because I’m going back to Hawaii to do another one." That episode, likely number 14 (of this season’s 17 hours), explores Mrs. Hawking’s many abilities. "I do know quite a good deal [about her now] from the episode that I’m just about to do. I know a great deal about her past and her present and her future. But I am contractually unable to tell you, or they’d have to kill me."

Below you’ll find the promo clip for next week’s episode, 5×08: "LaFleur".

The CW Renews Smallville and Supernatural
will live on for at least one more season.  The CW has announced that the hit series, still drawing, on average, about 4 million viewers a week (a very good number for a CW series) has been renewed for a ninth season.  The show will be joined in the fall with new episodes by fellow Thursday night companion "Supernatural" which also received a renewal (for its fifth season).

Q&A Session with Heroes Producers/Writers
Here are some highlights from Comic Book Resources’ (via HeroesTelevision) weekly Q&A session with producers/writers Joe Pokaski and Aron Coliete (SPOILERS):

  • We will find another use of Ando’s power by episode 20.
  • Claire will have talk about her own immortality ( the possibility she may never grow old or have to watch her loved ones die ) in the last chapter of “Fugitives.” With the only person alive who can relate. Yes. Him.
  • Matt can only connect with Usutu – although, the original idea was that he’d have access to the whole rolodex of future painters.
  • Daphne cannot time travel.
  • We have a feeling you will be excited about episode 20 – “Cold Snap” – written by our returning brother, Bryan Fuller. So dress in layers in three weeks. Episode 20 – “Cold Snap” will be very Tracy-riffc.
  • Peter and Sylar will have a battle in the last chapter of the volume. We don’t think you’ll like how this one turns out.

Lets hope fans find something to like about these upcoming episodes, because last week’s episode, "Cold Wars", drew a season low 7.07M viewers.  Rounding out this week’s "Heroes" coverage, here are the latest images/videos.

Promo photos for episode 18, "Exposed" [four more at The ODI]

Promo photos for episode 19, "Shades of Grey" [five more at The ODI]

Clip from Monday’s episode, "Exposed"

Promo from Monday’s episode, "Exposed"

Red Dwarf: Back to Earth Gets Extended
UK cable channel Dave has confirmed that the return "Red Dwarf" special "Back to Earth" will now be a three-part mini-series.  The three episodes will be shown on April 10th, 11th and 13th, followed by a "Making of" documentary after the episodes air.  You can check out a few behind-the-scenes images from the filming below:

Behind-the-scenes images [three more at Dave]

Groening Leaving Door Open for More Futurama Episodes
creator Matt Groening tells CNN that even though the fourth straight-to-video film "Into the Wild Green Yonder" is suppose to be the last, he isn’t quite ready to say goodbye:

“We have a great relationship with Comedy Central and we would love to do more episodes for them, but I don’t know. Maybe,” Groening said. “I think one of the factors will be how well this DVD sells, because of these troubled times where everybody’s gnashing their teeth and biting their nails.”

Speaking about the film, Groening said he’s content that they’ve offered “an emotionally satisfying conclusion” to the saga but “we did leave the door open just a bit in case we get renewed.”

Reminder: Reaper Season Two Premiere
Don’t forget, the second season of The CW’s drama "The Reaper" kicks off this Tuesday, March 3rd at 8:00pm ET/PT.  SCI FI Wire interviewed star Bret Harrison, who told the site that the season will be "more about the guys’ relationships":

 "Sock [Tyler Labine] falls in love with his newfound stepsister. Ben [Rick Gonzalez] is falling for a demon who was sent to attack Sam, and he doesn’t want to tell Sam that it’s the same demon that tried to attack him. I think overall the show is much more right now, at least in the second season; it’s more about the relationships and these characters evolving."

To learn more of what’s in store, including a good deal of spoilers, head on over to SCI FI Wire to read the rest of the interview.


Doctor Who

Filming photos [two more at Planet Gallifrey and several more at Doctor Who Forum]


Promo images from episode four, "Gray Hour" [four more at Multipleverses]

Promo images from episode five, "True Believer" [three more at SpoilerTV]

Life on Mars

Promo photos from episode 14, "Coffee,Tea or Annie" [25 more images at SpoilerTV]


Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Sneak peak from season finale, "Game Over for Owlman!" [one more here]


Click the image below to watch a clip from Monday’s episode, "Chuck Versus the Beefcake"

One more clip at this link


Inside the Dollhouse Featurette: Joss Whedon [three more featurettes here, here and here]

Kyle XY

Promo from Monday’s episode, "Tell-Tale Heart"


New trailer for episode 15, "Death Takes A Holiday"


Sneak peek at the season two premiere, "A New Hope" (March 3rd)


  • Tricia Helfer talks about the possibility of a spin-off series based on her "Battlestar Galactica" character(s) in a new interview with io9.
  • Lindsay Price ("Lipstick Jungle") has joined the cast of ABC’s drama pilot "Eastwick", which is based on the 1987 feature-film "The Witches of Eastwick".  Price will play Joanna, one of the three young witches in the series… [THR]
  • …She joins Jaime Ray Newman, who was the first actress to be cast as one of the three witches in the series.  Veronica Cartwright, who co-starred in the 1987 feature, also was cast in a supporting role. [THR]
  • Fox’s drama series "Fringe" is moving its production from New York to Vancouver.  The series actually filmed its pilot in Canada, but production was moved to New York at the start of the season to take advantage of tax incentives, incentives that WB (its production studio) apparently applied too late to qualify for, causing the move to Vancouver… [Variety]
  • …Also, co-creator Roberto Orci says to keep your eyes on background characters as there may be a new "Observer" character, and this time it may be a female. [E! Online]
  • Michael Ausiello has seen the final episode of the canceled ABC series "Pushing Daisies" and writes about it at EW.
  • Season two of Showtime’s "True Blood" will barely resemble the book source material. [The Vault]
  • The CW has announced that Steven R. McQueen (the grandson of Steve McQueen) has been cast in the network’s vampire drama "The Vampire Diaries".  McQueen will play Jeremy, lead character Elena’s "outcast cute younger brother". [THR]
  • Read what Bridget Regan, the leading lady in the syndicated sci-fi series "Legend of the Seeker", would like to see in season two. [SCI FI Wire]


In case you missed it, be sure to check out Friday’s weekly BSG column to get your fix on the latest BSG news, images and videos.  And speaking of videos, check out the promo for next week’s episode, "Islanded in a Stream of Stars", below.


The Curious Case of Benjamin Batman

Jimmy Kimmel in The Curious Case of Benjamin Batman

Dante’s Inferno

Video game trailer


  • The first issue of the new "Buck Rogers" revival comic series hits newsstands in May with a 25-cent preview issue, and series creator Beatty previews the series, and the preview, in a new interview with Newsarama.
  • A rare copy of "Action Comics #1", the first comic to feature Superman, was put up for auction this past Friday.  The unidentified seller says he bought the comic in 1950 when he was 9 years old. Price? 35 cents.  The auction will conclude on Tuesday, March 13th. [Yahoo!]

SCI FI RATINGS (2/2/2008 to 2/8/2009)

Source: The Nielsen Company

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Wow, that’s a lot of info to digest! Thanks, Anthony and staff!

don’t thank me

lots of sci-fi goodness, thanks!!

Guys, when describing how watchmen could have gone , you could kind of ruin how it does go. Spoiler tags plox.

I have a feeling that next weeks Galactica will be the best so far this season. The ships destruction begins! Can’t wait for these final episodes. Tons of great info in this post! Thank you!

Dark Knight Returns, Hell Yes!! I don’t give A Rats A$$ About Watchmen, But I Really Hope They’ll Do DKR. That would Rock.

Just to point out, Red Dwarf will be on 10th, 11th and 12th (not the 13th – this is when the make of epiosde will be on)

It could take a week or more to enjoy all this info, if you want to blow our minds, next week just have even more stuff than this week. You could be creating a new Illness, labeled sensory overflow of information. But that’s to big of a name so who wants to invent a new name of this illness, a one word name will best fit, hopefully it could make the NEWS or at least a paper or magazine and make TREKMOVIE even more popular.

• Battlestar Galactica

last fridays episode was a giant improvement over the previous two duds/borefests. Next fridays ep looks to be even better! Im not ready to let go of BSG yet!!! the Cylons being allowed free reign on the Galactica is a sad sight. i know some person likes it, but the Starbuck story is very annoying and I’m amazed they’ve dragged it out this far.


its been a huge borefest so far. If it gets cancelled I won’t care that much.

• Dollhouse

sad about the ratings, I knuw FOX said they had different expectations for Friday nights, but how long will they allow themselves to lose money. It’s still a business. The episodes have been improving after each installment. I will very surprised if it gets a renewed for a 2nd season.

• Cloverfield 2

I got a big frakking headache during the first movie. I really enjoyed it but i only saw it 1 time in the theater and that was enough. I’m getting nauseous just thinking of that experience.

• The Watchmen

I must be the only person not in love with the Watchmen. I just don’t care, sorry.

They’d be nuts not to keep Sarah Connor going after the new Terminator film comes out. Best thing would be to do a mini-relaunch on the back of the movie, even though they’re independent timelines!

• StarGate: Universe

remember when Lou Diamond Philips was an A-lister and famous? Now he’s on a stargate show. Poor guy.

Oh yeah! And Rimmer’s a hard-light hologram again?!

True Blood is an amazing show. If you want the latest news on True Blood check out

Everyone dogs Heroes. Why? It’s a good sci-fi show in the midst of crap like the Bachelor, American Idol, and all other “Reality” shows. I’ll give you last weeks episode was dull, (everything happened with HRG, Nathan, and the government pretty much the way I thought it would happen) but you can’t have every episode be a gem. It’s been pointed out many times here (a site for Star Trek) how many Star Trek episodes stink and I agree. So people like KING OF ALL BLACKS should sit back and enjoy good sci-fi when we get it or all we will have to watch is “Reality” show.


I would very much like to konw when the new Red Dwarf will be available Stateside. I know, it’s kinda the same problem many European fans have with American franchises. Thanks for the update!

Rimmer, what happened to your hair, Ace?

Its a travesty that Knight Rider pulls in more viewers than Sarah Connor Chronicles! No way Fox can afford to renew this fantastic thrillride! Love the characters, but the show has to work in some more action, because…Um…that is what the Terminator is known for??? Too many subplots, lots of extra characters, little action, banished to Fridays…equals: CANCELLATION…another brilliant-but-cancelled offering. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show, but I shouldn’t be this confused so early in its run! LOST is okay to be confused, its been on for over 4 seasons, but Sarah Connor’s posse are just halfway through season two? And why bring back Cameron’s glitch??? Did it. Season premiere. Why revisit old stuff?

Haven’t watched Dollhouse because I am waiting for the eventual DVD release it’ll produce in the summer, WHEN NOTHING IS ON TV!!!!!!!!!

futurama should be revived as a series, but by dvd subscription… i would buy one. even though ‘benders big score” was not very good at all.

how can us yank’s tune into the new red dwarf eps?

i’ll get ’em on dvd, like everything else, i almost never watch telly, i get everything on dvd. i hate commercials.

they shoulda used kryten-like makeup for lt cmdr data, that way brent can age all he wants, and still look just like the first time we saw him.

the rest of the dwarf cast has aged too badly… a bit pudgier, and foreheads a little larger… dan jules looks fabulous as always!

i meant, they have not aged too badly… which is more than i can say for myself!


Since you mentioned the ABC version of ‘Life on Mars’ you may be interested in the premiere of the British sequel ‘Ashes to Ashes’ this Saturday night on BBC America. It’s not as awesome as the original ‘Life on Mars,’ but it does feature the one, true Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister.


I agree re: Watchmen. I didn’t read the comics, and the trailers and TV spots have been less than inspiring. For every 2 insanely huge reviews, there’s at least one total pan. And some of the good reviews even imply that it may only appeal to its base from over 20 years ago.

Just as an errata, the Action Comics #1 auction ends on Friday, March 13th. Not on a Tuesday.

#9 — re:• The Watchmen
“I must be the only person not in love with the Watchmen. I just don’t care, sorry.”

You are not alone. Nothing in the previews or clips make me want to see Watchmen; it LOOKS just like another superhero movie.

Yeah, folks, I know the graphic novel is awe-inspiring, flips the genre on its head, and is SO frelling much better than anything else ever created. Yeah, I hear that the same-old-same-old heroes are SUPPOSED to be that way, that’s the point, blahblahblah…

But the marketing of the film has done NOTHING to show this. Every commercial and preview makes it look like just 2+ hours of rehashed ideas. And at today’s tickets prices (and with today’s theater audiences being incapable of watching a film without answering their cellphones or talking incessantly), there’s no way I’ll spend money to see the film.

I’ll the graphic novel someday, and I’ll probably love it from what I’ve heard. But the movie? Meh… And I’m predicting that most of America will think the same. First weekend, around $30 million. Quick dropoff, with a very disappointing final take. (Hey, everyone else makes predictions, so I’m taking a shot at it.)

Thanks to Rosario T. Calabria for this news-packed update!!! Next time, can you try to squeeze even more information in? hehehe…

Please keep Zach Snyder away from Batman. He may do a fine job with Watchmen (remains to be seen) but Batman is in the best hands right now. Don’t rock the boat.

If they really wanted Terminator SCC to survive they’d pair it with Fringe on Tuesdays. They don’t, so they’ve attached it to an unproven and troubled new show on Friday nights. I love Whedon, but man, he’s not making it easy to get into Dollhouse. I even love most of the actors invovled, and I feel totally flat after every episode. Terminator, however, I feel there’s a new twist, a new side to everyone each week. The worst part is hearing the fanboys whine about the lack of explosions or naked women.

Also, a remake of Clash of the effin’ Titans?? Seriously? Have they ever seen the original? It was a joke in 70s! I watched it as a 7 year old kid and knew it was bad. Maggie Smith must uncontrollably wince every tie someone mentions it.

#2 Thanks

This is one of the reasons I love your site, brilliant and very informative.
Any news on the possible BTTF remake? I watched all 3 over the weekend, back to back and I realy don’t see why.


I think that’s fair enough, considering you haven’t read the book. A lot of the ads and commercials haven’t done a whole lot as far as showing the plot, or really getting people familiar with the characters, who unlike the other superhero franchises are very contained, and new to many who haven’t read the book. Though I believe the featurettes have done a little more of this.

Granted, for those excited about the movie, they really don’t need to do that, as the adaptation isn’t about the plot. If one only wanted the story, they could read the book and be done with it.

I hope that once you get to reading the book you’d like to see a film adaptation of some sort. (granted, how good or ill Mr. Snyder’s adaptation is remains to be seen, but I’m optimistic from everything I’ve seen thus far). :)

#23 … “Please keep Zach Snyder away from Batman. He may do a fine job with Watchmen (remains to be seen) but Batman is in the best hands right now. Don’t rock the boat.”

I don’t know…I think Nolan has done a fantastic job, but seeing TDKR on the big screen would be unbelievably awesome, and I think Snyder would do it justice. It’s a story the “Nolanverse” would never tackle, because it’s not “realistic” enough. But I have doubts Warners would ever greenlight a movie version of it anyway (among other things, Superman comes off quite poorly in the story).

“Also, a remake of Clash of the effin’ Titans?? Seriously? Have they ever seen the original? It was a joke in 70s! I watched it as a 7 year old kid and knew it was bad.”

You must be young, and not a Ray Harryhausen fan. Before CGI, Ray made some of the greatest fantasy films of all time, Jason & the Argonauts probably being his finest. The man is legend of cinema and a genius.

– It’s coll to hear again about actors like Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Patrick…

I love Reaper, I’m glad it’s back. Hope CW can get the word out on this show, it funny as hell (pun intended).

Ugh, I really don’t think T:TSCC is going to get another season. I really like the show and the characters, but its sitting on death row. I enjoyed dollhouse as well, but Friday’s isn’t a good spot for them.

Last week’s episode was pretty cerebral, and I think most of those who did watch it didn’t enjoy it. Summer Glau’s character has been MIA for about 4 episodes now if not more. I think they need to get some action back in there, but I have no idea how to get some more viewers.

I’d hate to see another Firefly happen

this page is an effective advertisement for flashblock


I haven’t read “Watchmen” and the ads make it look cheap and derivative. The slow-mo shot of the dude flying out the window, the bad-CGI blue naked guy, the kissing in front of a mushroom cloud…the prison break-out. Just not appealing at all to me.

Isn’t True Blood on HBO, not Showtime?

Remake Fever is about to claim another victim. Total Recall is perfect the way it is. Please don’t update it.


SFP, just because the storyline and acting in COTT was questionable, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate certain aspects of the production. I was not commenting on the stop animation/special effects by Ray Harryhausen. I am, indeed, a fan. His work in Jason, Sinbad, Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, etc. was and still is impressive. It’s the actual acting contained within the film that I’m panning. Jason and the Argonauts is a far better picture overall, with a much stronger cast. I often think poor Laurence Olivier must spin in his grave whenever someone watches COTT.

As for TDKR, it would be interesting to see that made into a film. However, Chris Nolan has such a firm grasp of what works and doesn’t work with Batman right now, and I’d prefer to stay with his steady hand. Zach Snyder simply doesn’t have the resume. Chris Nolan is a film maker; Zach is a movie maker. There’s a tremendous difference between the two. Now, it’s possible Zach will show us some real skills with Watchmen, but going on his only two films to date – Dawn of the Dead and 300 – I’d say he’s not ready for that material just yet. DOTD was a by-the-numbers remake and 300 – while visually astounding – was a rather soulless production. Watchmen might be a game-changer, but it remains to be seen.

What exactly does “contemporary version of ‘Total Recall'” mean? I assume “contemporary version” is the latest euphemism for “creatively deficient remake” but it could mean that the movie will be set in the present day instead of the future.

I agree with you all who say that they have no interest in “Watchmen”. I don’t either. Never read the graphic novel…hell, never even heard of it until they announced this movie and everyone started going ape sh*t over it.

I’ll probably be dragged to see it by a friend, though, in return for him going to Star Trek with me for the midnight show.

I never do.

34 – Contemporary seems to mean “more up to date sensibilities”, broadly speaking.

In some cases, such as Battlestar Galactica, it works.

In others, maybe not so much.

Who knows?

Nice to see Red Dwarf again,, Im looking forward to watching that


There is a direct correlation between those who have never read Watchmen and those who don’t care about it. Everyone who HAS read Watchmen knows full well why it’s worth going apesh*t over.


As Usual this was a fvery entertaining and informative scifi sunday. So much to see and so much going on. This is a great time for Scifi and I for one am very glad.

Trek Minus 67 days and counting!!!!!!

BSG has had a few tedious episodes, but overall its been a great show, good stories, excellent acting and huge productions standards i’m going to miss it whens its over.

Heroes however has been a labour to watch and enjoy.
I loved the first series, snored during the second and wept during the third {and not from great drama}
Heroes has been all over the place looking for direction and given Tim Krings comments about dip-sh!t fans, well i wont morn seeing the back of heroes or Tim if its cancelled.

Shatner Fan Prime nailed it. My wife could not have cared less about Watchmen, and was to the point of leaving the room whenever I would bring it up because she was tired of hearing about it.

Then she read it. Now SHE won’t shut up about it….and I love it. :)

And the commenter claiming a 30 mil opening weekend for Watchmen? There’s no way that’s going to happen. It’ll do much better than that, and when word of mouth takes hold…watch out, because it’s going to really take off!

The original Total Recall was really not that great of a movie… and this is coming from a pretty big AHnold fan. From today’s perspective (I saw the movie for the first time 6 months ago) the sets are cheesy, the extras are cheesy, there’s an UNREALISTIC amount of blood… A contemporary remake would do it wonders. I liked the story itself.

I’m pumped for Watchmen. If you read the novel, you’ll be pumped for it too. I’ve got my fingers crossed :)

I like Heroes. The first season was amazing…and the subsequent seasons haven’t been bad enough to drive me off (it takes a LOT of bad to drive me off!) but…

“Peter and Sylar will have a battle in the last chapter of the volume. We don’t think you’ll like how this one turns out.”

…if this means that Sylar dies, I am SO DONE. I’d still be able to sleep at night if Peter died.


The Universe has ways to correct itself.
Peter should have died at the end of season one.
Sylar will kill Peter, merry the cheerleader and turn into something like Dr. Manhattan, but with funny boxers.

Ok just with regard to Dante’s Inferno, we all know that at no point in the (rather good poem) does he weild a scythe and start taking on the massed legions of Hell right?

I just read another horrible review of Watchmen (New Yorker) which paints its demographic as “19-25 year olds who believe the world is run by the Military Industrial Complex.”

The numbers will paint the story of this film, but the producers have taken quite a chance in adapting a superhero story for film that does not appeal to children, and hence will generate no family business. During the recession, this will force many to await DVD rental or PPV. 40-something males and college-age geeks is not a demo worth a $100m investment in a film. And it’s not a date film, either.

Merchandising will be limited to adult collectors and new purchases of the graphic novel.

It also doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun. Dark, gritty dystopias are yesterday’s news, and it’s time to do something new.

#47 … “It also doesn’t look like a whole lot of fun. Dark, gritty dystopias are yesterday’s news”

The Dark Knight, as much as I enjoyed it, was one of the most humorless films I’ve seen in awhile. Apparently there is still a market for “dark.”


I would tend to agree, but look at the insane business Dark Knight did despite not being ‘a family film’ and being a rather dark subject matter, too. I’m not sold on this adaptation of Watchmen, but it might surprise us all.

I am.. content. lol