ST09 Tidbits (T-59 days): Heroes Preview?, New Game?, Spock Fu?, Nero Wart? + more? [UPDATED]

It has just been four days since our last ‘ST09 Tidbits’ and the bits are just piling up. We got news of some kind of Trek preview during Heroes tonight, a possible Star Trek related game, new comments from Abrams and Quinto, more shots of that Enterprise model, more info on the trailer, and even more…check it all out below.


Star Trek Preview on Heroes tonight [UPDATE: Just the trailer]
Over the weekend on Saturday Night Live there was a Heroes promo commercial focusing on Zachary Quinto which announced there would be a special preview of the new Star Trek movie during Monday night’s show. It isn’t clear if this will be new footage or just the new trailer. Paramount has started advertising on the NBC Heroes site, where you can now see the full trailer. If you aren’t a regular Heroes watcher it is worth putting into your DVR queue just in case. [UPDATE: Paramount have confirmed that they are just showing the trailer on Heroes tonight, so nothing new, but it is more exposure for the movie]

Tonight’s episode "Shades of Gray" (airing on NBC at 9 PM) seems to have a focus on Quinto’s character, with Sylar finally meeting his father, played by John Glover (who played Lex Luthor’s father on Smallville and appeared in the Deep Space Nine episode "Invasive Procedures"). [NOTE: if you have or have seen a link to the video for the SNL Heroes Trek commercial, let us know.]

Tune in to Heroes tonight to meet Sylar’s daddy – and see a Star Trek preview

Star Trek movie: the game?
Late last week Paramount Home Entertainment released artwork for an additional insert to go into the April 28th Star Trek Season One Blu-ray set. The insert sheet promotes the new Star Trek SceneIt? DVD game on one side (see our preview of that) and something called "Star Trek D.A.C" on the other side (see below). TrekMovie is trying to get the skinny what ‘DAC’ is and we will provide an update on it, hopefully soon. 

Star Trek D.A.C. promo sheet (click to enlarge)

Get a closer look at new Enterprise (display model)
Last Friday TrekMovie was the first to report on the new Enterprise models on display at the Arclight theater in Hollywood. Of particular interest to fans was the one that was fully detailed (including lights) by the Quantum Mechanix. QMx thanked us for the publicity and have pointed us to to a special section of their website showing off detailed images and QuickTime movies (even showing how the Nacelles pulsate). QMx promises even more details about the project moving forward, so look for another update on this cool project.

Get a closer look at the model for the new E

No Spock Fu
Speaking of Quinto, in an interview snippet, the new Spock talked about a scene that he trained for, but never happened, in the new Star Trek movie.

Quinto: There was originally in the film a sequence that was, I think it was, like, Spock against like six people hand to hand. And so I spent a lot of time learning this particular form of martial arts, and … then, literally two days before we were shooting it, J.J. was like, ‘Yeah, we’re not going to do that. We’re not going to do that. It’s going to be a gunfight.’ And I was like, ‘OK … ‘ It’s actually worked out better, though. J.J. is always with a mind toward balance. And I think he understood in the context of the film what it needed, and it didn’t need that in that moment, and so it changed.

A gunfight, JJ? We want to see Spock open up a can of Vulcan whoop-ass, but I guess he saves all his ass whoopery for Kirk. Speaking of Kirk, if Chris Pine does not do a signature Kirk Fu move…we are going to scream!

Spock doesn’t need no guns to make his point

Abrams on Bana’s ‘crazy’ transformation
In a comment to the Australian press, director JJ Abrams talked about how their native son Eric Bana was transformed into Trek’s new villain Nero:

He hasn’t done anything like this since Chopper. I was so excited when he agreed to do it. Eric had to be a bad guy in a space adventure…That was the job description. He had to shave his head, put on face tattoos, crazy ears and a huge wart. He just transformed, he did all of these great things. To me he became this character. Eric came up with this great voice and did all these things to a degree that there were a couple of people, directors, who saw the movie and afterward said ‘Who was that bad guy?’ When I told them it was Eric Bana they were like ‘What?’.It was so funny seeing people who would know him not recognize him.

Bana transforms for Trek baddie -warts and all

Trailer music to become available?  + Trailer via GoAnimate
One of the best things about the new trailer is the music. Like with the previous trailer, the music is not actually from Michael Giacchino’s score. In this case the music came from the group Two Steps From Hell, who specialize in music for trailers. The song is "Freedom Fighters" of their “Nemesis” “Legend” collection. Two Steps From Hell do not sell their music directly to the public, but in a posting on their blog, they said they may do so in the future.

And if you want to hear the music and watch the trailer again, but this time via the Star Trek QUOGS characters using the GoAnimate site, check this out (made by TrekMovie reader Roland). Trek Trailer – March 09


What have we learned?
Speaking of the trailer, yesterday TrekMovie went step by step through the new Star Trek trailer to highlight every little moment, but you never know, we can always miss something. Popular site Boing Boing also took a close look at the trailer and came up with their own "12 things the latest trailer taught about the new Star Trek


Thorsten’s Art Gallery – Have a drink with Scotty
Today’s entry from Thorsten Wulff’s ‘Star Trek cast as pop art’ brings us to Scotty, with one of Thorsten’s more subtle works, based on the famous Absolut campaign.

Drink up with Scotty
(click to enlarge)

Thanks to Shultz, James, Greg, Devon, Ulrich, and Wayne (and anyone else I forgot) for sending in tips and links

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